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Mowden Hall School is an ISI ranked 'excellent' co-educational boarding and day school. We believe in allowing children to be children.

We are a vibrant, leading co educational preparatory school for children aged three to thirteen. At Mowden Hall, we aim to nurture the children academically, morally and culturally to help develop their confidence and sense of independence. In turn, the pupils discover talents, interests and values that prepare them for the next stage of their education and which stay with them for life. Mowden Ha

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At Mowden Hall, embracing neurodiversity is central to our ethos! Our staff receives comprehensive training on various neurodivergent conditions, ensuring every pupil's needs are met. Small class sizes allow us to understand each child's strengths and weaknesses, fostering a psychologically safe space where they feel valued and supported. We employ diverse teaching strategies and offer accessible resources to accommodate all learning styles. Read more at 🌈 πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈπŸ“š


Congratulations to Olly and Lotte on their scholarship news. Lotte applied for three scholarships and we are thrilled to inform you that Lotte has received all three awards; an outstanding achievement. Olly has also received a second scholarship for NSB. We are immensely proud of you. School for Boys


Wishing you all a wonderful Half Term break! We'll see you on the 26th February!


Art is a powerful tool for children's development, providing a means of expression beyond words. Through creative activities, kids communicate emotions and hone cognitive and emotional skills. Engaging with various materials fosters curiosity and enhances language abilities. Art also promotes social interactions and empathy, building confidence and emotional intelligence. In the realm of art, individuality is celebrated, encouraging self-expression free from judgment. Moreover, art aids fine motor skill development, benefiting academic performance. Integrating art into the curriculum offers a holistic education, nurturing creativity and essential life skills. Art isn't just a hobby; it's an integral part of shaping well-rounded individuals ready for the challenges of tomorrow. read more at,


Huge congratulations to our Prep School handwriting competitors! Special recognition to the winners captured here (a few of winners missing today). πŸ†πŸ–‹οΈ


Our School's Podcast Club is gearing up for something special! 🎧 We're on a mission to uncover the heartbeat of Mowden by interviewing a diverse range of staff and pupils. 🎀 From sharing stories to learning what makes our school unique, we've got a list of fascinating individuals lined up, along with some thought provoking questions. Stay tuned!


Childhood isn't just about preparing for school, it's about building the foundation for life. These early years are crucial for fostering grit, critical thinking, and social skills - qualities that will empower children to thrive in whatever path they choose. Book your visit today,

Mowden Hall School Mowden Hall School is an ISI ranked 'excellent' co-educational boarding and day school.

Photos from Mowden Hall School's post 14/02/2024

A fantastic afternoon of sport for our pupils! House Hockey matches for the boys and House Netball matches for the girls!

With close games played across the board, their dedication and progression in the sports was on full display!


The Year 6 production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is picking up pace, with technical and dress rehearsals on Wednesday and Thursday. The final details of music, costumes, lights, and sound effects will add the extra touches of magic. Performances are on Friday - a great way to lead into half term!

Photos from Mowden Hall School's post 13/02/2024

Our Year 1 pupils have been using different media to create artwork for their current Geography topic: Animals Around the World! They used a mix of paints, pencils and pastels to show a chameleon changing colours!


Crepes and waffles in cookery club for Shrove Tuesday πŸ₯ž


Discover the Explorer Within at Mowden Hall School!

Why embrace exploration?

At Mowden Hall, we recognise that critical thinking, problem-solving, and the application of knowledge are essential for progress.

In our Pre-Prep, we foster imaginative thinking and cultivate resilience in the face of challenges. Our aim isn't to have students merely adhere to routine timetables; instead, we nurture curiosity, ignite connections between subjects, foster independent thinking, and promote confidence in self-expression. Collaboration is key, as we encourage students to work together to achieve their aspirations.

The spirit of exploration permeates every aspect of our school ethos.
Join us on this exciting journey of discovery - our open week runs from the 4th - 8th March!

Mowden Hall School Mowden Hall School is an ISI ranked 'excellent' co-educational boarding and day school.


Our U11 boys had a brilliant afternoon of hockey as they played in the IN2 Hockey Tournament! They played several games over the afternoon, and learned a great deal about how to play and improve as a team!

Well done boys!


Our assembly this morning was led by Rev. Linda Hunter who provoked thoughts about Lent and how challenges we face day-to-day are a benefit to our development and growth!

Celebrations followed, with certificates and prizes given for House Points, Handwriting Competition winners and Sport!


Unlocking mysteries with the Deconstruction Club! There's nothing quite like the thrill of discovering the hidden screw that opens up the digital video recorder, revealing its inner workings!

Photos from Mowden Hall School's post 12/02/2024

Our boarders had a fantastic weekend!

A Saturday afternoon of cinema trips and "Sliding in the Dark" was a fun-filled way to kick the weekend off!
Sunday was spent over at Walby Farm Park, going down the affectionately known "death slides", seeing newborn lambs and having an amazing time around the farm!


Our Year 3 pupils enjoyed their trip to the Great North Museum: Hancock! They spent the day looking at the different exhibits, while learning a great deal about our history!


Let the games begin! πŸƒOur boarders are having a blast diving into the world of PokΓ©mon cards, where imaginations run wild and friendships flourish! Boarding at Mowden - a space where children can simply be children, bonding over card games and creating unforgettable memories together!


Our Nursery children enjoy exciting swimming lessons alongside French learning, engaging in Physical Education, and grooving to music. Plus, they explore the wonders of nature in our weekly woodland classroom sessions! Our specialist teachers encourage a love for learning and spark curiosity from the very start. πŸ’™


Our Year 6 treasure hunters were on a quest to uncover the secrets of multiplying decimals by integers! πŸ”’ From deciphering clues to unlocking hidden treasures, they mastered maths skills in the most exciting way possible!


Pre-Prep Parents, we're thrilled to invite you to step into your child's world and experience the magic of their classroom firsthand! Every Friday, we open our doors wide to welcome you in for a special visit.

πŸ“š Explore their learning environment
πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Meet their teachers
πŸ‘« Connect with other parents

We believe in the power of collaboration between home and school, and Open Door Fridays are a fantastic opportunity to strengthen that bond. See you there!


Childhood isn't just about preparing for school, it's about building the foundation for life. These early years are crucial for fostering grit, critical thinking, and social skills - qualities that will empower children to thrive in whatever path they choose. Book your visit today,

Photos from Mowden Hall School's post 07/02/2024

Our pupils have had an action packed week of sport!
Shown here:
- U10 ISFA Football Tournament
- U11 Girls' Netball Tournament
- U9 Girls' Netball Festival
- U9 Boys' Hockey Festival


Embracing the Sweet Side of Self-Care! 🍫. Our boarders indulged in a little pampering session with chocolate face masks.


🎬 Curious minds at Mowden Hall! Ever pondered who rules the roost – Mrs. Martin or Mrs. Knight? Take a peek into the captivating world of our Reception children and discover their favourite meals, the scoop on classroom adventures - it's bound to leave you smiling.


Singing has a myriad of benefits, and we believe in nurturing the artistic spirit in our students. Mrs. Martin (Head Teacher) is a staunch supporter of the Junior Choir. She not only loves singing herself but also understands the positive impact it has on students' confidence, teamwork, and overall wellbeing.

Photos from Mowden Hall School's post 06/02/2024

We would like to wish everybody a Happy Lunar New Year! Our Pre-Prep children have been making play-doh dragons and learning Mandarin phrases as part of their celebrations!


πŸ”’ Safer Internet Day Highlights! πŸ”’

Year 3: 🌐 Engaging in Google Interland, Year 3s have honed their online safety skills, learning how to navigate the digital world securely.

Year 4 & 5: πŸ’» Using AI image creators, Year 4 and Year 5 have crafted unique avatars to represent themselves online, ensuring their privacy remains intact while having fun!

Year 6: πŸ“± Exploring persuasive design in websites and apps, Year 6s have gained insight into the tactics used to keep users engaged, empowering them to spot and avoid potential online hazards.

Year 7: has been using machine learning to teach a computer program how to recognise kind and mean comments. This sort of tool could be used within websites and social media to prevent the use of negative comments.


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