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Your safe, simple and effective exercise program on a mini trampoline. Boogie Bounce is fun, funky a Boogie Bounce is fun, funky and motivating and so easy!

Operating as usual


With my pelvic floor prolapse and recovering from covid, the thoughts were there to put of the run to another day.
However thanks to the podcast I watched with those thoughts were silenced out with the thought ‘I just need to get out there’

I didn’t set a distance just a small time target of 25 minutes. I didn’t run the full time, I mixed it up with walking and I did feel like a rusty old car that’s been sat in a garage for a long time.

But I done it, managed to do 2.83km. Getting out cleared my sinuses which is a massive bonus and lungs after being ill, and I didn’t need to p*e. I am going to monitor my pelvic floor the next 2 days to see how it is, but on the actual run it caused me no problems.

Happy I turned one day, into day one. Can tick that task of my list and the fear of getting started has gone.


Happy national fitness day. - 2 weeks free to my private Facebook group ❤️

So many of us see exercise as a tool to lose weight or improve how we look, but it’s so much more.

Exercise is the most underused method when it comes to improving our health by managing and preventing chronic illnesses many of us deal with or will get at some point in our lives.

I believe a big reason for this is the way exercise is marketed by the big corporate companies and media, it’s no wonder people feel intimidated and this needs to change and my mission is to be a part of this change.

As a celebration for National Fitness Day, I would like to invite you to join my private Facebook group for free for the next two weeks. Included in the group are at home workouts, a workbook and a supportive group. After that if you like to join you can pay as little as £6.99 a month to stay. If you would like to join, just comment ‘Yes please Abbie’ below and I will send you the link.


Schools out for summer Bingo starts tomorrow!

Roll up, roll up! Grab your loved one, friends and cats and come join us for this summer holiday fitness fun. The aim of the game is to complete all 20 squares by the end of August. Each square has been designed to add a bit of positive well-being into your summer whilst keeping it light and fun.

Print it off, send to children’s iPad and keep a score together with the boxes that you tick. Don’t have children? Don’t need them, get your housemates or complete solo.

I will be giving away small prizes at the end of the month, for those who stand out to me when it comes to participating. So get the selfies at the ready, and be sure to upload your pictures and activities whilst tagging Abbie Dillon - Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, and at the end of the month I will give shout outs and prizes to those who stood out the most. (Things like sweets, free online memberships, and more).

And come join us as the fun begins.

(BTW feel free to share this post as much as you like 😊)


Boogie Bounce @ home is back.

Sign up to our community now to get access to live and on demand workouts, nutrition guidance for weight loss, and your very own ebook to help you on your well-being programme.

Join us by hiring your trampoline now! Just £50 for two months with delivery in the local areas.

Have your own trampoline? Then it’s just £15 a month for the first month and then after that £6.99 / £9.99 / £14.99 whatever you can afford.

Come and be part of a fun community whilst losing weight at the same time 🕰️ .

Photos from Boogie Bounce Orpington's post 11/06/2023

Boogie Bands at home 🏡 done ✅

🏋️‍♀️ A quarter of my daily steps target hit before 9am.
🏋️‍♀️ Legs, bums and tums worked

I followed my workout with this yoghurt from Graham's The Family Dairy. Protein yoghurts are always in my fridge as they are good way to hit your protein target, when you need something quick and easy after a workout. Whether your heading to work from the gym or have a little set of legs waiting for a cuddle.

Want to join out at home programme? It’s just £15 sign up fee which comes with your very own e book and then from as little as £6.99 a month. We operate on a pay what you can afford basis ❤️.

Plus did I mention we are adding boogie bounce this Friday to the mix 🏋️‍♀️.

Message me if you want to join 😀


Todays class - Boogie Bands at 7pm live on Zoom.

A fun low impact aerobic workout targeting those legs, bums and tums using a resistance band (optional).

Class is just £5 for pay as you go or become a member of our private Facebook group where you not only get access to this class but the opportunity to catch up as and when you like, our other online classes, well being challenges and your very own ebook. Your first month is just £15 and then goes down to as little as £6.99 a month.

All you need to do to join us send a PayPal payment to [email protected] and I will send all necessary links across.


➡️Here is what is going on this week at A Piece of Health.
Live classes.
Mon 24th @ 7pm - 7.30pm - Boogie Bands - A legs, bums and tums workout using resistance bands (optional)
Thurs 27th @ 7pm - Chew the fat - A 25 minute catch up where we talk about our successes and intentions for the week ahead, followed by a fun 20 total body weight 20 minute workout.
Classes are just £5 for pay as you go, or you can join our online community first month £15 then from as little as £6.99 after.

➡️ 21 Jump Start for Summer course begins - Our 21 day fat blast challenge starts this week. Our first week will be all about the planning and getting mentally ready as a team, before starting the challenge together - Exclusive to A Piece of Health members.
To be a part of this challenge you just need to sign up to a months membership of a Piece of Health for £15.
For more information on how to sign up just drop us a message.


🔉Thursdays online class: Chewing the Fat!!!

Come and join us girls for as chinwag, as we discuss all things health. Do you have a question about a certain food plan you seen? Struggling to tackle a small habit, need a bit of accountability? Then join us this Thursday - as we discuss a well-being topic from our workbook (which comes free with our monthly membership), followed by a 25 minute fun filled workout.

Just £5 for pay as you go or a part of our monthly membership for just £15 a month.

Interested in joining?? Drop us a message to book on now.


📣 Boogie Bands - Launching tomorrow night - 7pm via Zoom.

Boogie Bands is a 30 minute resistance band workout with a difference! Strengthen your glutes, legs and core to fabulous tunes and funky and easy to follow choreographed routines with high & low options for all abilities!

With 20 minutes of sassy dance choreography, followed by 10 mins of pure floor b***y & ab exercises, you will finish feeling utterly amazing and perfectly toned!

Boogie Bands is fantastic if you are looking for:

Toning and lifting your bum.
Toning and building strength in your legs
Improving balance
Improving core strength
Beginner and advanced
Sense of achievement by progressing through levels.

Just £5 as pay as you go, or £15 a month for access to our private Facebook group where you can catch up on missed workouts, access to our Thursday group coaching and workout as well as a copy of our e booklet full of mindset coaching tools to help you create healthy habits to reach those fitness goals.

To join us as pay as you go, you can book your spot via the link below or to sign up for the month drop as a DM for PayPal details.

We will blame it on the Boogie...

New Classes & Some Changes 👀 16/04/2023

New Classes & Some Changes 👀 Hello - lots of stuff going on this week, so let's get straight into it! Here are the new sessions - with direct links to book, for your comfort and convenience! 😜 EARLY MORNINGS ONLINE will now be at 6.30am, giving you a bit more time to slot it in and get it done before work or the school run! ...


This morning was bring your baby to work morning (my front room) as me and Ralph filmed content for our “Benchmark Workout” which we will be using every month for my crew to monitor their fitness progression.

The last 4 weeks I got let down massively when it comes to childcare and honestly thought I be out of work for while but then I got a great piece of advice from a fellow fitness instructor “Abbie turn your weakness into your strength” and that’s exactly what I did.

So if your a busy parent, working full time, struggle to get outdoors I get it. I get it, i am living it. My fitness programme I have built has been built on my own experiences and tools that I have come across over the years to help me not just fit exercise and wellness into my busy life but to do it with ease and enjoyment too.

For more information on how to join just drop us a message or to stay up to date with what’s going on with my classes and timetable you can follow my page A Piece of Health.

As community we support, educate and motivate each other and that is a community we all need.


Gang! I need a new Fitbit and not sure which one to buy and thought this be the perfect place to ask 😀
What do you use?? X


Trampolines are sold out x


Gang! We have 10 trampolines left for sale and we are selling them for just £30 each!! What a bargain.

We will be at the club NEXT WEDNESDAY the 22nd of March between 7pm and 7.30pm for collection.

Trampolines will only be reserved once payment is made.

If you would like one drop us a message and we can send you details on how to pay.

Be quick! X


Happy Friday Gang. We still have a few trampolines left for sale. Just £30 a trampoline.....A BARGAIN.

Ready for collection this Monday and Wednesday at Westcombe Park Rugby Club.

Trampolines will not be held without payment.


🥹 Gang due to low numbers we have had to cancel tonight! If you want to bounce the last two classes make sure you book on. 🥲


Gang!! We need bouncers for tomorrow for class to🏃‍♀️ run. We have just three classes left until shut down. Do you want to get one more bounce in?

To book your spot please follow this below link.


Morning gang! Firstly thank you so much for your kind words in regards to yesterdays post ❤️.

I just wanted to update you in regards to trampolines we have already sold 10 trampolines and have just 10 if you would like one do let us know. They will be ready for collection on the 8th of March the latest. They cost just £30 which is a huge saving to retail price.

Also don’t forget to book your spots for the last few classes to keep them running 🏃‍♀️. We need a minimum of 8 for them to run.

Booking link below 👇


🥲 A sad announcement - We are closing our doors on the 8th of March.

Boogie Bounce Orpington it is with a heavy heart that we will be bouncing our last class on the 8th March. When I took over this class I had so many plans, but one I didn't have was the arrival of my son :-). As well as the birth of Ralph, I took over this class on the back of the pandemic and now through a cost of living crisis and I just don't have the time needed to promote and get the numbers consistent to be able to keep running. As well as time, I am unable to bounce due to an injury which means all the work has been left to Sam, and this just isn't fair when she puts her heart and soul into the classes.

We are planning to hold our last class on the 8th, when the last membership package runs out numbers depending, so if you want to have a last bounce and have these classes run make sure you book on.

With the closure I will be selling the equipment so if anyone wants a trampoline I will be selling the trampolines for just £30.00. They normally retail at £100. I will be selling these first come first served so let me know if you would like one, trampolines will not be reserved without payment.

That just leaves me to say thank you all for the support over the last year or so, whether you bounced once or every week, every time we get a booking notification it means so much. I am hoping this is just a see you later rather then goodbye but who knows.

Best Wishes

Abbie and Sam


Happy Valentines 💌 Day from us to you!


This is your Sunday reminder to get those classes booked for next week. We have spaces left for tomorrow and Wednesday @ 7pm. Who’s joining us next week? X


We are running over half term ❤️❤️! That’s of course if Sam’s bike gets her up that hill!

Don’t forget you can book your children on if you want to come along (8+). Book your spot now to come and join us 😃


Lets talk Metabolism - What is Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is the medical term for a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) and obesity. It puts you at greater risk of getting coronary heart disease, stroke and other conditions that affect the blood vessels.

On their own, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity can damage your blood vessels but having all 3 together is particularly dangerous.

What can you do to reset your metabolic before it’s too late?
• Strength train. Incorporating some strength training into your workout routine is a terrific way to fire up your metabolism.
• Choose a cardio activity.
• Try a HIIT workout.
• Add protein.
• Say yes to spicy foods.
• Avoid alcohol.
• Use caffeine in moderation.
• Drink plenty of water.


Hello 👋🏻 Everyone

I wanted to update you all in regards to half term week 😃. We will run classes if the numbers are there. We do need a minimum of 8 people per class to run a class. Decisions will be made 24 hours before class time next week, so I will keep everyone posted. Any classes cancelled will be credited to a future class. If you are planning on coming please make sure you are booking on to avoid disappointment ❤️.

Best Wishes



Save the £ss where it matters! Save and hit those fitness goals by signing up to our Boogie Bounce monthly membership for just £29.99.

Boogie Bounce is a great workout to add to your weekly routine, if you are not a fan of the gym, new to exercise and want to achieve your fitness goals in a fun and social environment.

We have classes every Monday and Wednesday 7pm down Westcombe Park Rugby Football Club. To book your spot and membership just follow the below link.

We can not wait to bounce with you!


When you've had one of those days & you just can't motivate yourself to get to class, just remember your instructor goes above & beyond to make sure your classes run each week because that's the 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ service we provide here at Boogie Bounce Orpington 😍💪🏻🙌🏻 Found out last minute my partner was gonna be late home, so borrowed my teens bike & rode 25 minutes up hill to provide your class tonight! 🤣🚴‍♀️ Your welcome. 🤣 Hope I have enough energy to actually teach the class now!!! 🤪🤣😬🤞🏻


Gang morning!

I have been made aware there is a technical glitch on our booking system. I am going to get it all sorted today for you. In the meantime if you are looking to book and had issues let me know we can sort something out.

Best Wishes

Abbie x



Sunday's are the perfect days to get yourself in a positive mindset.
Book your fitness class, check your cupboards and freezer, plan your healthy meals for at least the next 3 days and get yourself ready for a great week ahead. You can do this!

If you are wanting to join us this week you can book a class by following the below link. Also don't forget we do have monthly memberships for just £29.99.


Happy Monday Everyone.

A brand new week brings new prospects and opportunities. ❤️

Take a couple of minutes to think about what you want to happen this week, and also what your grateful for 😀. You can do this!!

Have a good one ☝️

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Just one reason our members love Boogie Bounce!



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