Mechanic 247

Mechanic 247

Confidence for humans AND their horses: turn your fear into fun with workshops, confidence kickstart

One to one coaching, and small group workshops to build and develop confidence for horse and human.
5 day Hacking with Confidence courses available on the Ridgeway or at your own yard
Confidence on the Beach courses also available!

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Phi vụ c.ư.ớ.p ngân hàng của thiên tài IQ 200


Vì ngăn cản con gái theo trai mà nhấn chìm cả lục địa


thanh niên học đàn tre học được luôn bí kíp võ công thiếu lâm


Review phim : xa vuong chuyen kiep


Hang Tần Lĩnh Long


Đây là cách uống rượu đến từ thiên đường - Rót rượu đã hết hạn 72 ngày để uống


Amazing technique Broken front axle repairing


Amazing skill suspension system repairing and replacing


Accidental repairing cement bulker fully damage repairing py pakistani craftsmans


See How Huge Gearbox Made in Factory


Amazing Manufacturing process of Gearbox


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Riding in the French Classical tradition is not just about a hobby on horse back or a day out in the fresh air.

Classical work demands-- and offers-- so much more. I am daily awestruck- more- filled with gratitude- at what the engaged interaction with the horse offers the honest rider. Both horses AND riders are so beautiful at the core.

To ride well means to be in control of another larger animal.

"In Control".

As a riding mentor I find that students subscribe to one of two forms of thought around 'control.' There are riders who think that taking control means "And now I will become the most dangerous animal in the room",
or there are riders who think that taking control means "be so weak and sweetly appealing that the most dangerous animal can't waste its time on bullying you."

Riders are stuck being either the bully or the victim. Each is the mirror of the other but they’re both stuck in the same paradigm.

In the form of work we practice at Blue River Farm we learn another option that leaves that old grotesque lurching dance of opposites to wither on the vine.

The rider discovers that effective leadership means listening so profoundly that you can find the opening to guide the connection in a healthier, stronger, more beautiful direction than you OR your partner could imagine alone.

It’s bigger than ‘riding’ and it’s bigger than ‘being nice to your horse’ and it’s bigger than ‘haute école’… it’s the best in the horse and the best in the human being finding and calling out something truly extraordinary in the other.

We are as an animal a seriously skillful listener, we come pre-installed with deliciously sensitive sensations, and we also have a tendency to block out the most sensitive of our connections to the world in favor of what we already ‘know.’ We want certainty. We are drawn to shutting the door and tying the knot and bolting things into place:

This Is What’s So. (WHEW! I can stop engaging! I don’t have to feel all that uncertainty and I don’t have to wonder any more. I. Know.)

But if anything the last few years have taught us that we had better wonder, and we’d best wonder effectively and with deep curiosity and with our whole hearts. We better wonder and ask questions and be ready to hear new ideas and to surf changes out of a deep, honest sense of principles—not out of a code of righteous arrogance but out of a sense of humbleness at the enormous potential all around and within us.
We had better know that we have NO idea what the whole picture is, we are personally inconsequential… and at the same time (like all living beings) we are as worthwhile as the mountains or the stars themselves, we are only made so small by our blindness, our unconscious biases and our limiting beliefs. Not by who we were born to be.

And we can, and really truly now we must, get seriously good at being present right now to what’s here, in this moment, and to acting with integrity and balance and compassion into the right here right now.

So the thing is that this work tends to do that. It's riding horses. It's also cracking open the lock box we have around fear and courage and balance and leadership. And this world NEEDS that box unlocked. We NEED to stop siding with bullies or with victims. We NEED to be better than that-- and we are.

When your deepest study is about perfecting dynamic balance, truly controlling yourself and staying present and whole in potentially life threatening situations, AND we're doing this study while in the presence of something we love as much as we come to love our horses...
something intense and truly real starts to happen.

And that reality? Yes, it gives us a wonderful riding experience. But also...
That being present to what is so can bring us truly home.

This is a good thing.
Even if you just want a day in the fresh air...
You'll find we see your beautiful self, and you are truly home here.
Come ride with us.

~Mary Anne Campbell
[email protected]


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Several people sharing this as a “fun” video

First: the boy is wearing spurs and jabs them into the pony’s sides right at the start
Second - does the pony look like it’s having fun?

Hate it when videos like this are shared by people who should know better

Remember - take a closer look and see if the horse themselves is having fun. If not then it’s not a “funny” video - it’s just abuse



Libby is our latest arrival, coming to us in October 2020. She was found starving with only a starving greyhound to keep her company. When she first came, she couldn’t “speak horse” and it took us six months before we could turn her out with the rest of the herd. Until then, she would get chased away as she didn’t know how to relate with other horses. Now she is a full member of the herd and hangs out with Maverick and Manuela. She loves her training and all the extra feed we give her to make sure that she grows well now.
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Do you train at Liberty?
This photo for me sums it up quite well.

Here I am introducing Merry to the Saddlechariot. He has seen it complete before and thought it pretty scary, so since then we have broken the training down into chunks of introduction to the shafts, getting him used to the noise and the feel of them touching and bumping him. Then the chasis, wheeling it around, especially behind him where it will ultimately be.
This session was with it complete again and seeing if he is ready to have it in position and the shafts either side of him.

At all times, as he was at liberty, he was free to leave, which is really important feedback. It tells me when he is ready, when he is comfortable, uncomfortable and definitely when it is too much, so I can adjust my training strategy to suit.

Had he been in the harness, or even in a halter and line, at this stage, then the feedback loop might have been lost. If the halter had been on, I would have been tempted to use it to restrain him if he moved off, that means I am then making him put up with an uncomfortable situation rather than letting him go at his own pace. He did leave a few times, then he thought about it and came back, which was his choice.

Sooner or later with horses (usually sooner in Merry's case) it would have got too much and he would have had to move but it wouldn't have been a gentle moving away it would have been a big deal, he would have gone over his threshold, causing a very negative experience which would have been even harder to overcome 😟.

Do you wonder why horses sometimes blow up for no apparent reason? Often the signs are there, but without good feeback then the signs are often damped or missed. Some horses react differently on the halter than if at liberty, my mare is a great candidate for this. It doesn't mean she is more comfortable with situations it means that her feedback loop is suppressed. But when she goes over the threshold it is big and it is dangerous, I learn't this the hard way until I knew better (actually it was her teachings on this that have been very valuable in me learning this 😂).

After this training session which I kept quite short, I wheeled the Saddlechariot out of the training arena and left it there for a while while I got on with some jobs. The horses were in the training area which is grassed, they also had access to the yard, the loafing area and a large paddock which I had just opened up for them. Not only did they hang around but Merry stood for about 15 minutes at the fence next to the Saddlechariot, not eating (and as you can see Merry likes his food!), he was just hanging out there. I'll take that as a successful training session. 🙂

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Phi vụ c.ư.ớ.p ngân hàng của thiên tài IQ 200
Vì ngăn cản con gái theo trai mà nhấn chìm cả lục địa
thanh niên học đàn tre học được luôn bí kíp võ công thiếu lâm
Review phim : xa vuong chuyen kiep
Đây là cách uống rượu đến từ thiên đường - Rót rượu đã hết hạn 72 ngày để uống
Hang Tần Lĩnh Long
Accidental repairing cement bulker fully damage repairing py pakistani craftsmans
Amazing technique  Broken front axle repairing
Amazing skill suspension system repairing and replacing
See How Huge Gearbox Made in Factory
Amazing Manufacturing process of Gearbox
The Coblet Chronicles: the making of a classical cob





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