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GSquared Academy is the prestigious education department of GSquared Clubs. The academy delivers the

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Learn how to develop an ever more robust mindset for optimising potential as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Professional or Freelance coach.

We are delighted to announce the re-start of interest seminars with Andy McGlynn, and they’ll be running at

Date: 17th December
Time: 2 PM-6 PM
Capacity: 20 spaces

- Perhaps you’ve gone through some tough times recently?

- Maybe it’s a sudden trauma or alternatively something that’s affected you for a prolonged period of time.

- Do you wish you could get through better when life throws challenge at you and not become immobilised?

Limited space. Secure yours via the link below.



Protect you and your loved ones this winter ❄️


Book your personalised tour via the link in our bio.

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GSquared Health Clubs Open Day

Saturday 4th December - 11am

We are inviting all our amazing members to our community open day, Saturday 4th December 11am - 3pm. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you and give you and your guests the full GSquared experience.

Bring a friend, family member or colleague down to experience the club with you, get to know the G2 team and your fellow members whilst enjoying refreshments from Remedy Kitchen. We will also have various activities ongoing including Yoga, a ‘working in’ session, health and well-being assessments, our winter restore programme, and a presentation from our CEO and Clinical nutritionist, Andy McGlynn. There may also be a chance to compete and win a prize or two if you’re lucky…..

We would love to see you all there.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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The true meaning of the GSquared logo.

The concept of our logo came from the Japanese Kintsugi and the art of repair (the use of gold to repair broken pottery and ceramics).

Through using Kintsugi as a metaphor for healing ourselves, this teaches us an important lesson:

Sometimes in the process of repairing things that have broken, we actually create something more unique, beautiful and resilient. With that said, Kintsugi takes work and awareness in order for it to truly be healing.

This entire concept relates back to the missions and intentions of GSquared as well as the endless opportunities, facilities and dedication provided to our members.

A GSquared membership is the first step towards the new you. GSquared can be metaphorically interpreted as the gold used in Kintsugi and only has intentions of developing you in to the best version of yourself. Our dedicated team will devote their time to assisting you with this, as we believe in
improving all aspects of oneself; including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

As a GSquared member you will come to realise that the art of repair is something that matters to us the most; starting all repairs from the inside and working to the outside.

Head over to to book your personalised tour 🔗


Spinal Alignment Assessment with GSquared CEO Andy McGlynn

Head to the link in bio to enquire about our seminars or to book yourself a personalised tour of the club 🔗



The fundamentals of high performance personal training with GSquared Health Clubs CEO and Clinical Nutritionist - Andy McGlynn.

Wednesday 8th December
GSquared Health Club

Email [email protected] to secure your place.

Read what one of our PT Leaders has to say about our latest live seminar:

“We want to support you, to help you grow as a PT both individually and collectively as a industry.

With this in mind, we would love to invite you to our latest seminar - The fundamentals of high performance PT, with Andy McGlynn. Andy will share with you a range of knowledge and experience that is sure to resonate with you as a PT, more importantly it will open your eyes to what can be achieved in this profession. We can guarantee you will learn something to take away and apply in your own business, this is a great opportunity to up-skill with the support of one of the UK’s greatest Personal Trainers.”

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Our best-selling supplements are possibly the most essential to our overall health!

Our Wellness Greens come in Strawberry & Kiwi or Mocha flavour. Enriched with a multitude of quality, organic powder blends, each daily drink includes over 20 servings of antioxidising fruit & veg!

Our EPA-DHA blend is a favourite, as we've chosen the two most readily-absorbed forms of Omega 3 fatty acids. Pulling them together in one supplement, those taking EPA-DHA benefit from a healthier heart, reduced inflammation and enhanced cognitive health. That's not to mention the whole host of other benefits offered by these amazing vitamins.

Don't take our word for it. Try them for yourself.

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From growth and development to repairing and maintaining the body, protein does it all. Protein is the building block for most of our organs, muscles, skin, and hormones. The advised daily intake of protein is 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men, so which foods can you eat to get your protein fix?

🥚 🐔 For the meat eaters among us, you’re in luck - the obvious go to for protein is meat. Roasted chicken breast contains 53 grams of protein, with just 284 calories. If you don’t want to use up all your daily protein intake in one go, other options are eggs with 6 grams of protein each, as well as yoghurt and cottage cheese.

🥦 Pair that chicken with some broccoli or brussels sprouts and you’ve got yourself a protein-rich meal. If animal produce isn’t really your thing, your options aren’t limited either. Lentils have up to 18 grams of protein per cup at only 230 calories. Almonds and oats are also jam-packed with essential nutrients and have 6 to 11 grams of protein, respectively.

The best way to ensure a protein rich diet is with The Remedy Kitchen and their delicious meal prep plans!

Visit - for more information!

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🔋 Supercharge Your Life... and your clients' too!

🔋 After a weekend of top-rate training or catching up on your GSquared Academy course, keep the positive workflow going with our Supercharge Your Life Webinar.

🔋 Join us for a laid-back learning experience every Monday at 6:30 PM. We take a deeper dive in to GSquared’s holistic health approach, discussing everything from how to enhance your cognitive skills, to overcoming nutritional deficiencies. Find that ...

🔋 Keep yourself and your clients in peak mental and physical health by registering below:

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☀️ Stay healthy this summer with essential minerals and vitamins from the GSquared Supplement Store.⁠

☀️ While all of our supplements are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime, some are better than others in reducing the negative effects associated with dehydration, hay-fever, compromised gut health and sun damage from harmful UV rays.⁠

☀️ Our Wellness Greens are available in Mocha and Strawberry & Kiwi flavour, and both make excellent gut health boosters, as each daily drink includes the equivalent of 20+ fresh fruit & veg servings! Specifically formulated to include antioxidizing blends, both are great in removing toxins from the body. Though the Strawberry & Kiwi flavour is best for those seeking lots of Vitamin C or Beta Carotene, while the Mocha flavour is brimming with Potassium.⁠

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❔ Whether you've picked up one of our Personal Training Academy courses yet or not, you might have a few questions about what's involved in actually consolidating yourself as a professional Personal Trainer in the industry.

🧐 Studying the stuff is only half the journey - and we know that many Academy students can have concerns about exactly where their new skills will take them. We've got the answers!

👉🏼 Every Thursday, we'll be sharing some of our FAQs related to how you can make it as a successful Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach. Turn on post notifications on our profile if you're interested in learning more!

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🏥 The best way to prevent diabetes is by maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. In doing this, nurturing healthy habits and the ability to stick to them is a must.

For more information about diabetes, visit - this is where you’ll find some from all over the UK this week.

🏃🏽‍♂️ Reduce the risk of diabetes by enhancing your health at home with the GSquared Experience.

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The Supplement Store is the revitalisation station for all your vitamin and supplement needs!

While we selected these specific supplements for their renowned ability to enhance our cognitive, physical, and mental health, the range of supplements we offer are there to aid in post-exercise recovery too.

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This week is Diabetes Awareness Week. The challenges we’ve faced over the past year have made the research into both preventing and curing diabetes more important than ever, as those with diabetes are more at risk of developing complications from COVID-19. Common symptoms of diabetes can be:

👁️ Blurred eyesight
🛌🏻 More frequent urination, especially at night
🚰 Being thirstier
💤 Extreme tiredness
🤔 Losing weight for no reason

It is vital that if you think you or someone you know may have diabetes, you visit your doctor. Make sure you get tested, as leaving diabetes untreated can lead to serious health problems that eventually reduce life expectancy.

To help others avoid serious health conditions like diabetes, become a Personal Trainer with our High Performance PT Diploma!

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🌊 The 11 – 17 June is Oxfam Water Week��. Water Week prompts us to learn more about the damaging issues that various areas of the world face - as well as how we can make an impact by reconsidering the way we use water.

🚰 Water vulnerability is a huge issue that many populations face as the demand for water fit for human consumption is rising exponentially, which is also due to the population growing itself. We often take our access to safe water for granted - for many of us, it's just as simple as turning on a tap.

💦 That's where we can make a difference, in thoughtfully implementing water conservation methods that help save wasted water where it's absolutely not necessary. Keep an eye out for our posts this week as we look at some of the tips you can take on board in supporting Water Week.

➡️ For further information on topics like this, you can subscribe to our Academy newsletter at

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Do you know which foods you should avoid to maintain a healthy heart?

🥖 🌾 Refined carbs & white flour products - bread, rice, pasta - these raise blood sugar levels quickly and are also linked to diabetes. Whole wheat flour is the way forward.

🍪 Baked goods - often full of white flour and sugar, and related to higher triglyceride levels

🥯 Saturated fats - found in cream, yoghurt, butter, processed meat, and many other foods. These raise your low-density lipoprotein.

🧂 Sugar & Salt - sodium puts tons of strain on the heart.

🥓 Bacon - it's full of saturated fat, preservatives AND salt!

🥩 Red meat - lean meat is best if you are opting for meat like lamb and beef.

Learn more about staying healthy with nutrition - Their free from concept is the ideal option for those looking out for their heart health - no dairy, no gluten, no refined sugars.

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It's - so we're sharing some info on heart illness-related symptoms that you should become familiar with if working in any industry - especially in fitness!

♥️ Sudden Dizziness - weakness, breathlessness, and loss of balance can be a sign your blood pressure is way too low. This happens when the heart is failing to pump blood around the body effectively, and can be an emergency.

♥️ Left Side & Chest Pains - Pains associated with a heart attack usually happen on the left side, can radiate down the left arm, and are not overly brief. Pain can last a few minutes and may also feel like pressure, burning or pinching sensations.

♥️ Swollen Ankles - swollen extremities are a sign that your kidneys aren't filtering excess sodium and water, and this can happen with heart failure.

♥️ Lasting Cough - a persistent cough that emits white or pink fluid is cause for concern, especially if you have a higher risk of heart issues. It may be a sign of heart failure.

♥️ Irregular Heartbeat - Heart arrhythmias can happen for a variety of reasons, and range from a Trachycardic (fast) to a Bronchycardic (slow) heartbeat. You might also experience a 'premature heartbeat', which feels like a skipped beat, but is actually an extra heartbeat alongside the usual.

♥️ Another symptom worthy of mention is nausea, sickness, vomiting or heartburn, and women are more likely to experience this during a heart attack than men.

For more info on Heart Health Awareness, go to The British Heart Foundation's website. Save & share this with friends to raise awareness of symptoms that may indicate an issue!

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🌴 With gyms closed during lockdown, many of us grew accustomed to exercising at home. With the nicer months ahead, who’s to say we can’t still?!⁠

☀️ Physical activity outdoors is known to lower our blood pressure and heart rate, making exercise feel less strenuous and allowing you to perform at your best.⁠

🌴 With the GSquared online Experience, you can reap the benefits of exercising outside. Turn your garden in to your gym as the sun comes out, with up to 15 hours of content for just £6 per week. Link in bio!⁠


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CHD - Coronary Heart Disease - is often linked to Coronary Artery Disease, which is caused by an accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries that then hardens and causes the artery to narrow. Coronary Artery Disease causes chest pain and in severe cases, heart attacks.⁠

For more information on how you can help in the fight against heart disease, or for help with finding support for yourself or a loved one who is suffering with a heart condition, visit⁠

A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise are the first steps in preventing heart diseases such as CHD. Stay heart healthy by joining the GSquared Experience, so you can keep on top of your own exercises at home.⁠

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💪🏼 There has never been a better time to get into the fitness industry, as more and more emphasis is rightfully placed on the importance of our collective health and wellbeing. Most people who become a personal trainer are already experienced fitness instructors and have already gained their level 2 Fitness Qualification.

💪🏼 At GSquared Academy, we provide all the training you need, no matter where your starting point may be. Our High-Performance Personal Training Diploma is a combined course, providing not only your Level 2 Fitness and Level 3 Personal Training Certifications, but some additional extras too. The added bonus of our GSquared exclusive High-Performance Certification ensures you gain instant credibility with clients and colleagues alike.

💪🏼 Get a head start in your new career. Gain instant access to our revolutionary course content!

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♥️ “Our vision is a world where people don’t die prematurely from heart disease. We’ll achieve this by pioneering research, vital prevention activity and ensuring quality care and support for everyone living with heart disease.”
- The British Heart Foundation

♥️ More than a quarter of deaths in the UK are caused by heart and circulatory diseases - totalling at more than 160,000 deaths each year. Evidently, this is far too many. So, for British Heart Week, we’re looking at heart health to raise awareness of heart and circulatory diseases.

♥️ The most common type of heart and circulatory disease is Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), and this is also the biggest killer world-wide. This refers to the failure of coronary circulation in supplying circulation to the cardiac muscle and surrounding tissue.

To stay updated with our heart health advice, look out over the week. We'll be offering preventative tips and info on how you can help if you become a PT. ♥️

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Working in the fitness industry, you're expected to know it all when it comes to our health and wellbeing. We're on a mission to make sure you can provide clients with exactly the information they need, when they need it. That's why our 'Supercharge Your Life' webinar delves even deeper into the field of science and healthy living, led by GSquared CEO Andy McGlynn and his 18 years of dedication to the fitness industry.⁠

🤩 COMPLETELY FREE! Sign up for tomorrow's session! Every Monday at 6:30 PM!⁠⁠

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🌟 You can get your this week with just a few clicks, and the knowledge that you're signing up for something amazing.⁠

🌟 Take the chance this weekend to look through our courses, and you might find something that piques your interest! We offer the cheapest UK PT education available, with our High Performance Diploma available for just £19.20 per month.⁠

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Staying organised as a personal trainer is never easy, and we know this more than most. The best place to start is by resisting the temptation to say yes to everything. This isn’t easy either – but remember:⁠

1️⃣ You don’t need to work whenever your clients want to train⁠
2️⃣ Your work life balance is important too⁠
3️⃣ People can be just as flexible as you are - in terms of time, not necessarily exercise!⁠
4️⃣ Maintaining your own healthy lifestyle and mentality benefits you and your clients⁠

At GSquared Academy, we're helping aspiring PTs handle their work-life balance so they avoid PT Burnout from the very beginning. Register for one of our all-encompassing training courses today via the link in bio!⁠

For more details on keeping up with life as a PT, you can also subscribe to our newsletter for weekly insights!⁠

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It's ! 🤸🏽 The other day, we mentioned alkaline rich diets and the effort they involve. ⁠
For ready made health boosts that help alkalise the body, try some of the delicious Meal Prep Plans by ⁠ 🥒 With delicious plant-based options, The Remedy Kitchen introduces an intuitive way to eat based with roots in nutritional science.⁠ Their blog also has some great info for anyone in the fitness industry to have a read of!⁠

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It's JUNE! This is your perfect opportunity to start something new...

Apply to our High Performance Personal Training Diploma today, and you'll be making the first few steps towards landing your dream job. 👟

Come run with us.

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📹 With the last year having forced many to resort to online learning, you may be left wondering whether video training really works as a Personal Training tool. For an industry as active and human-centric as fitness, it might seem a little bizarre when we're so used to working directly with clients.

The answer? Yes! We've used video training resources for ourselves, so you can give it ago and see. We're confident you can do whatever you like with your credentials anyway, online or off.

📹 Give learning via video a try for yourself, with our 5 Steps to Success course. Providing you with all you need to motivate and take action with building a viable Personal Training business – from the CEO of Gsquared. Each of these 5 steps might make all the difference in a client signing up, or “thinking about it” and disappearing completely. Guarantee your success in building your client base today.

Timeline photos 30/05/2021

🌟 No career is ever easy... Especially the ones that keep you on your toes (literally). This difficulty becomes even more pronounced if you don’t know where to even begin. With our high-performance personal training certification, we can make the start of your personal training career a breeze.⁠

🌟 Accumulate years of experience all in one course, with training from our team of industry leading PT experts. Interested in achieving your dream job from the comfort of your own home? Follow the link in the bio to begin now. You’ll gain instant access to course content online, from just £19.20 a month.⁠

Timeline photos 29/05/2021

Wondering exactly what our High Performance Diploma involves? We've got you.

📜 Level 2 Fitness Instructor Certificate
📃 Level 3 Personal Training Certificate
🚀 5 Steps to Success Video Training
💪🏼 7 Point Functional Movement Screen Training
🍲 A trade discount with Nutri-Advanced
🥝 10% off
🆙 Additional assessment to formally achieve the title of High Performance Personal Trainer!
⭐ The GSquared stamp of approval and a written reference for your portfolio!

Start your new career for just £19.20 per month!

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What can you do for PT clients that have osteoporosis?

🏋🏼‍♂️ Learn different weight bearing or high resistance exercises that are best for building muscle, ligament, and joint strength.

🥒 Understand how to support clients with bespoke dietary advice that suits their bodies.

🍽️ Learn when to recommend certain dietary changes that may be working against your clients’ health. For example, high protein diets that cause high acid renal load are probably not good for those with osteoporosis, as this may decrease bone density.

By becoming a PT with one of our courses, you can help improve people’s long-term health and aid in the prevention of conditions such as osteoporosis. Help people !

Timeline photos 26/05/2021

Alkaline rich diets require a high level of effort, but for those with an increased acid load, they are so rewarding.⁠

🥦 To follow an alkaline diet, food groups can be compartmentalised into categories of PRALs (Potential Renal Acid Loads). This helps you keep track of how much acidity our bodies will have to handle.⁠

For healthy recipes to alkalise the body, try the 'Devotedly Healthy at Home' e-Book by ⁠

🥦 Full of delicious plant based options, it's ideal if you need to cut down on acidic foods, with plenty of healthy greens and smoothie recipes!⁠⁠

Timeline photos 25/05/2021

GSquared Academy was built on the notion that fitness education should be an accessible opportunity for all. Even accessible right from your phone.

That’s why our monthly payment plan allows you to earn your PT diploma, all from the comfort of your own home.

We offer the best possible start to your career with our online course. Led by our team of impressively qualified Personal Trainers who have decades of first-hand experience in the industry, you won't find course content like this anywhere else.⁠

Get started today.

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Eating healthy isn’t the only thing you can do to make sure your body works to the best of its abilities. You have to 🧠 THINK 🧠 about eating healthy too.⁠

Certain diets can help the body refuel and repair. Alkalising the body is beneficial, as it ensures the proper function of your cells and avoids the risk of developing acidosis.⁠

Keeping track of this gets even more complicated, as parts of the body require different pH levels in order to function efficiently.⁠ Stick to green foods - fruit and veg - if you need to limit your dietary acid load. 🥒 🥗 🍏 🥦 🥝⁠

To learn more about nutrition and exercise for Personal Trainers and fitness professionals, sign up for the GSquared Academy newsletter on our website!

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⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Supercharge Your Life ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⁠
Did you join us for our most recent webinar? Our Monday evenings have been revamped, with a new spin on all things wellbeing & wellness! We go live with CEO Andy McGlynn every Monday evening from 6:30 PM.⁠

Register now to book your slot. Learn more about energy, fitness, health, and how to fix the everyday things that get in the way of all three!⁠

Register here:

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Wondering about the differences between a Level 2 Fitness Instructor Certificate and a Level 3 Personal Training Certificate?

✔️ OUR TIP: To complete a Level 3 Certification, you'll need Level 2 first. Make the entire process a smoothly integrated one, by going with a combined Level 2 & Level 3 course!

✔️ Health, Safety & Welfare in a fitness environment
✔️ Supporting clients who take part in exercise & physical activity
✔️ Principles of exercise, fitness & Health
✔️ Anatomy & Physiology
✔️ Planning gym-based exercise
✔️ Delivering gym-based exercise

✔️ Anatomy & physiology for exercise and health
✔️ Applying principles of nutrition to a physical activity
✔️ Programming Personal Training with Clients
✔️ Delivering Personal Training Sessions

Our High Performance Personal Training Diploma includes both your L2 & L3 Certificates, and our exclusively additional HIGH PERFORMANCE bonus course. Apply to get started with your PT diploma now.

Timeline photos 21/05/2021

"In fitness, taking care of nutrition comes first.
Only then can our bodies cultivate the energy required for exercise." Despite knowing this, 20% of UK adults are vitamin deficient. Are you one of them?

Make sure you and your clients stay healthy with high potency supplements and vitamins that support your fitness endeavours. The supplement store has everything you need, from vegan EPA-DHA combinations to "Wellness Greens", a wholesome mixture of superfood nutrients formulated to replete your energy levels and fitness finesse.


Timeline photos 20/05/2021

The need to protect the natural world is why we have taken the pledge to donate £1,000,000 each year to the World Wildlife Fund.

Doing so helps support the preservation of nature and wildlife on behalf of GSquared. In turn, this helps protect the natural environments that support our mental health.⁠

Support our mission by learning with GSquared Academy.⁠⁠

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Manchester?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Realise Your Personal Training Potential With GSquared Academy

You can either choose to get qualified with a Level 3 certificate so you can learn to be a highly successful Personal Trainer and give yourself the best chance of success with our High Performance PT Diploma ™. Our course will give you the Level 2 and Level 3 certifications that are required for entry in to Personal Training but we will stretch you further by furnishing with awareness raising information that very few PT’s get access to throughout their entire career. This information has been compiled and created by GSquared Group CEO, Andy McGlynn. After 18 years on the frontline of PT, delivering outstanding results with clients particularly in the areas of health, wellbeing, recovery from illness and ailments, and with over £60,000 invested in courses / education (an average of £3300 every year) and an MBA, Andy has launched and operated National and International PT businesses which have all scaled beyond 500 Personal Trainers.With this solid, established and incomparable track record, he will give you the inside track, helping you to assert yourself as a PT and not just survive but really thrive in your new found career and calling.

GSquared Academy will give you the best chance at a successful career in Personal Training, guaranteed.

For more information on courses available visit or email us at [email protected]

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What separates our PT Diploma from the rest?
What can member expect feom G2quared PT’s
Become a personal trainer with GSquared Academy





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