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Gratitude Journal (Fireflies and Shooting Stars) 20/12/2021

Gratitude Journal (Fireflies and Shooting Stars)

Gratitude is such a hugely important element of life. So often we get caught up in the irrelevant by giving it more importance than it deserves and we lose track of what really matters; for me it’s love, unconditional kindness, compassion and living through my heart.

A daily practice for me is gratitude journaling and during the last decade it is a practice that I have encouraged all of my clients to follow.

I get asked on a daily basis what the best way to journal is - there isn’t a right or wrong way, it must always be the way that resonates with you, but sometimes we all need a little guidance on getting started and so I created the Gratitude Journal; Using mindfulness to focus on the good - which is available to buy worldwide on Amazon:

It is an easy to follow guide for those who are new to journaling and it adds a new perspective to those of you who are seasoned journalers.

It is a 6 month journal comprising of a day to 2 pages with 12 segments to complete daily, some you need to jot down in the morning and the rest at night before you go to bed.

Each of the sections has been specifically written utilising NLP, EMDR, CBT and Mindfulness techniques, allowing you to merge the mind, body and spirit whilst journaling with a structure.

The book layout and design has been created by my beautiful and talented friend Rajee Pattni, Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer and Director of Elite Graphics and Print.

Keep it by your bedside with a pen and enjoy your journaling journey!

Gratitude Journal (Fireflies and Shooting Stars) Gratitude Journal (Fireflies and Shooting Stars)



Happy new moon weekend Insta family!


Not long to go - all will be revealed soon enough 😁♥️😁

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Impromptu surprise visits to see your mum are always fab!

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True story for Thursday!!!


To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, CICD presents 'Pancham' a series of 5 free educational online seminars discussing various topics on Indian classical dance hosted by Nidhi Rupa Joshi.

Every Thursday starting from the 10th June till Thursday 8th July from 3 pm to 4:30pm.

The topic for our first session on Thursday 10th June 2021 will be ' Karanas of Natyasastra' - An introduction by Dr Guru Padma Subrahmanyam with practical demonstration by Mahati Kannan not to be missed by Indian classical dancers/students/art lovers and academics.

Karanas is a Sanskrit word, it means 'doing', it is the basic combination of Indian classical dance movements. It incorporates three elements such as nritta hasta (dance movement of the hands), sthaana (a dance posture for the body) and a chaari (a dance movement of the leg) ‘Natyashastra' is a hand book for Dance & Drama written by Bharat Muni 2nd century BC. It is suitable for all Indian classical dance styles.

Register for the event on Eventbrite, click the link below!

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Ooh a month from today...

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The weather may be sh*te but you know it’s summertime when you get the pink hair vibe!!

Thanks to the fabulous for her magic skills!!


ain’t this the truth though??

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Have you ever wanted something with your whole being but there are so many obstacles that it seems like you won’t get it, so you try to stop dreaming but you can’t make yourself stop so you just live with it quietly in hell?

Mental Health And Wellbeing are far too often taken for granted especially by those who do not suffer with any of the wide ranging ailments of mental health from depression through to schizophrenia.

We honestly will never know what it is like to walk in a persons shoes who is wanting to end their life, who is unable to function enough to get up and shower or eat, or even sleep or not want to do anything other than sleep.

So let’s all be kind to one another, let’s work at life through our hearts.


For most of us who work for ourselves it is so easy to not switch off from our work or business as it is also a passion and not just an income and for so many of us we have more than 1 stream of income or are building more than one stream of income so it is easy to be on the go all the time 7 days a week - which can, for many, mean insomnia and then putting your own needs last and eventually your body forces you to stop by giving you an ailment that can be debilitating and ultimately you’re forced to take time out. So I help my clients to understand the consequences of this and to start taking time for themselves without guilt.

Remember though taking time out isn’t always about packing your bags and heading off to the beach, sometimes time out is grabbing your beverage of choice, some snacks and a book of your choice, or listening to some music, or binge watching a boxset. As long as you are fully present with yourself without guilt.

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Time to set your intention for May! Mine is I let go of my problems and make room for new opportunities.

What’s your affirmation for May?

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Happy Hanuman Jayanti for all of us who celebrate this auspicious day. May Hanumandada bless us with strength, resilience and purity of heart always🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Hanumandada is a symbol of strength and energy. Hanuman is worshipped for his unyielding devotion to Rama and is remembered for his selfless dedication to the God. Hanuman is considered the living embodiment of the Karma Yogi (one whose meditation and devotion are demonstrated through hard work or service).

Jai Hanumandada ki jai 🙏🏽🕉🙏🏽


This has to be THE best line ever written EVER!!

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If each human cell is considered to be a universe within itself and it is said that within each universe there are approximately 200 billion galaxies and it is estimated that the average human adult has 30 trillion cells in their body isn’t it mind blowing to know that we carry the energy of infinite galaxies within us?

So when someone tells you they love you with all that they are learn to value it because they are giving you infinity.


Dear people

STOP telling those who suffer with depression and anxiety to just get over it!

“IT” is not like breaking a nail or spilling a glass of wine!! Those living with anxiety or depression don’t just “get over it”! Just trying to function “normally” is a daily struggle! Add to that the pressure of behaving like nothing is wrong because they are consistently faced with ignorance and ignorant comments telling them to stop making excuses or to just get on with it!

Add to that the sheer desperation and inability to breathe when an anxiety attack hits AND on top of that putting on a facade of “ok-ness” just to stop any unsolicited comments or judgement from those who have NO idea what it feels like telling them to “stop being such a drama queen”!

Is it any wonder that su***de rates are so incredibly high!!!

To those who feel inclined to judge or tell those suffering to “stop being drama queens” or to “get over it!” STOP! Now step back and think for just a second how your words and judgement may affect the person you’re throwing this at? Could your words be the last that they choose to hear, could your lack of compassion be the push to them taking their lives?

To those suffering from depression or anxiety, I understand and I will listen to you without judgement - I will be your safe space!

Please share and let’s make an effort to release the judgement and start being a safe space for those who need it - you don’t know whose life you may be saving.

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Totally unexpected gifts from my beautiful and super talented - I’m so so blessed that we crossed paths thanks to the beauty, otherwise known as Mital aka . You are a super gifted vocal artist and a truly beautiful woman inside and out. Thank you for the beautiful gifts, you know me well - candles and chocolates a fave combo of mine ###

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Al fresco lunch! Ah it’s good to be slowly getting back to some semblance of normality (whatever that may be)

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See you later alligator...time for a break...we will be back in a few weeks with some fab new guests, more topical issues and a new time/day this space...

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Join and tomorrow at 8pm BST over on when they’ll be talking women’s health and mindfulness.


6 decades ago a young man from Kenya married a young lady from India - he crossed oceans to be with his future wife. They came together as a team, even when they were at loggerheads they stayed by each other’s sides. They held each other up through everything, 4 children, moving to a new continent, facing racial discrimination together and building a life and family. No matter what obstacles have been put in their path they’ve faced them together always side by side (even when they wanted to throttle each other). He was her strength when she lost her sister and mother, she was his strength when his mother had Parkinson’s and needed to be cared for 24/7.

They’ve overcome hardships, heartache, pain and loss and 60 years on still stand strong together.

They both embody humility, kindness and shedloads of compassion for all. They are a honest, truthful and loving couple and the most selfless of people anyone could be blessed to have as parents.

Our mum and dad show us daily what real love is, not the fairy tale of big promises unfulfilled but of the little things that matter the most. They have set the standard for us of what real love looks like.

Thank you for being who you are. Happy 60th anniversary to our world.


It’s all too easy to look at your “strong” friends and think they’re ok and they’ve got this. Just because someone wears it well doesn’t mean that they aren’t crumbling inside. Everyone is so caught up in the recent trendy buzzword of that they’re totally overlooking what this actually means to the person trying to be ok about not being ok and living with the mask of ok-ness because they don’t want to make anybody else feel uncomfortable. Maybe you could start being THE safe space for someone to truly be ok with not being ok?


It’s ok to not be ok...

Join us this evening at 8pm 🇬🇧 over on

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Good to see I’m not the only one who has super relevant (though they may seem random) thoughts!! These are the answers to the conundrum called life and humanistic reasons of being!


Trans Ambassador, CEO and Founder joins this Sunday at 12pm GMT on to talk about her journey back to her true self.

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Absolute fact!! Being spiritual is not about wearing mala beads, white clothes, doing yoga and chanting om at everyone! Neither is it judgement or preaching! True spirituality is living authentically, being honestly kind and compassionate and being unconditional love. It’s a constant learning, applying and learning some more.



Join Rupal, Neha and myself on Clubhouse this evening at 8pm to talk about how it’s ok to not be ok!

If you’re on clubhouse then please do follow me and join in the discussion.

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Join this Sunday at 12pm 🇬🇧 on this weeks across and when she’ll be talking to Founder and CEO Katie Neeves. Katie is a truly inspiring woman and trans ambassador who is helping to educate and increase positive awareness for the and more specifically the transgender community. Leading by example and showing that true strength is having the courage to be who you truly are! We’re so excited about her joining us!


I'm discussing “It’s ok to not be ok!” with Rupal Rajani and Neha Galoria this Wednesday, 31 Mar at 8:00 pm BST on .

Join us!

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Empathy, kindness and compassion matter! Far too many people (coaches, mentors, healers, councillors) talk about “holding space” for their clients/friends/family to talk BUT more often than not those “spaces” are interjected with projecting their own perception and judgement into the situation onto the person in front of them. This then creates a claustrophobic box and a blocking of the throat chakra and also affects the solar plexus and the crown chakra which ultimately creates an even bigger imbalance and greater discombobulation for the one needing unconditional space. Remember when anybody opens their soul or heart to you their experience is solely about them, it has no bearing on you. Holding space is a sacred practice, it can only ever genuinely come from your heart chakra - if you want to hold space for another then please please remove your ego based projections and let them have the soul space.


Meera Dalal was only 25 years old when she took her own life due to the relentless barrage of domestic abuse she was suffering at the hands of her ex-partner. Her parents, sister and wider family have been left with an unimaginable void in their lives and questions that may never be answered. Daksha Morjaria Dalal, Meera’s mother has bravely co-authored her book Fall in Light, A Mother’s Story alongside Author and Political Analyst Saurav Dutt, to bring you the plight and awful treatment Meera was subjected to which led to her taking her own life.

Join me this Sunday at 12pm GMT over on The Double Fifteen Minutes when I’ll be talking to Saurav and Meera’s aunt Nillo Morjaria.


Timeline photos 22/03/2021

Join us this Thursday 25 March at 7pm over on when we’ll be talking all things zen, music and spirituality!

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Monday morning meditation - I love making my own candles, creating different fragrances and smells based on various healing properties - I started making my own candles back in 2015, up-cycling discarded teacups, coffee cups, espresso cups (yes you get the gist) some were online bargains, some were given to me and some I found in second hand shops - but then I stopped making them and all of my candles went into a box - BUT I pulled that box out a few days ago and ALL the candles still had their fragrances intact, still smelt beautiful - so today is as good a day as any to start using my own handmade soy wax vegan organic and eco friendly candles for my daily meditation alongside my trusted nag champa incense - an olfactory kaleidoscopic mosaic experience!


New episode now available on #spotify

Have a listen to my new guided meditation/hypnosis session on Spotify!

Warning only listen to this as you are falling asleep in bed or the sofa, definitely DO NOT listen to it whilst driving.

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Happy new moon weekend Insta family! #love#wholesomegoodness #happiness
It’s ok to not be ok...





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