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The European School of Economics (ESE) is a private Business School without borders

The European School of Economics (ESE), is a private International Business School that offers unique business degrees, including Bachelors, Masters, MBAs, and certificate programmes, at its centres in London, Madrid, Milan, Florence, and Rome. ESE graduates are among the most competitive business professionals on the market, prepared for leadership roles in international marketing, finance, commu

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Photos from European School of Economics (ESE)'s post 14/06/2024

On the occasion of Florence's Fashion Week Pitti Uomo (Pitti Immagine), ESE Florence hosted a stunning event on Tuesday 11th June: ESE Florence's partners Aria Art Gallery Art Gallery and fashion, PR and event manager Cristina Egger organised the opening exhibition of the artist, Sossio Mosca's (Sossio Art) new project, entitled 'SELF TRANSFORMISM', showcasing his new collection of textile creations.

The evening was graced by the world's leading fashion journalist Suzy Menkes, known for her work at International, adding an extra touch of prestige, and elevated by a vibrant DJ set from Alessandro Egger, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

The European School of Economics, set in the historic building Palazzo Rosselli del Turco in the heart of Florence, provided a perfect backdrop with its beautiful spaces and the collaboration with Aria Art Gallery highlighted ESE's commitment to contemporary art.

Sossio's innovative artworks and foulards explored the concept of self knowledge, captivating attendees and sparking deep conversations relating to ESE's unique philosophy.

The event showcased the ESE Florence Business School as a hub of creativity and intellectual exchange, reaffirming Florence's legacy as a centre of artistic innovation and personal growth.

'The masterpiece of your very dreaming is you... The outer world is only a faded shadow of your inner creativity, a very pale manifestation of your uniqueness.' - Elio D'Anna, ESE Founder and President.

The evening was truly a memorable blend of art, fashion and discourse, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.


In this thought-provoking address to this year’s Graduates, Oliver Stone echoes the European School of Economics’s call for the second education to appear in all schools and universities, and give new directions to the world about economics and financial power. The acclaimed filmmaker shares his unconventional wisdom on education, life, and the urgent need for a global shift towards Nuclear Energy for a new era of prosperity and peace.

5 Reasons to Study at the European School of Economics | Student Reviews & University Rankings EDUopinions 14/12/2023

“In a normal university, they teach you to be a good worker, to never ask questions. At ESE, they teach you to believe in yourself, to ask questions and to think outside the box” - quote by ESE graduate Giulia Lucaj.

ESE is the School for Gods - an extraordinary higher education institute for critical thinkers and pragmatic dreamers, inspired by the mission and philosophy of its founder Elio D'Anna.

More reasons to study at ESE? Read the article from EDUopinions below. ⬇

5 Reasons to Study at the European School of Economics | Student Reviews & University Rankings EDUopinions 🎓 Here are the top five reasons you should study at the European School of Economics, from current students and graduates of the university.


Ivanna James is a highly motivated BSc degree student, born and raised in the border city of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Growing up amidst various ethnicities, she possesses a unique appreciation for diversity and a global perspective.

Her aspiration to become an entrepreneur and establish a holistic medicine company shows her determination and passion for creating positive impact through her professional endeavours.

Ivanna's decision to enrol at ESE Florence demonstrates her commitment to gaining knowledge and expertise in international business. The School's emphasis on human potential resonates with her deeply, indicating her interest in not only achieving financial success, but also in fostering personal growth and emotional fulfilment in her career.
Her interest in learning multiple languages is a testament to her belief in the power of language as a connector of people and cultures.

Ivanna's positive experience at ESE Florence is a result of her appreciation for the supportive environment provided by the institution. The small class sizes and personalised interactions with professors have allowed her to thrive academically and feel valued as a student.

Elio D'Anna

Photos from European School of Economics (ESE)'s post 17/11/2023

An enlightening day at ESE Madrid as our founder and president, Elio D'Anna, shared invaluable insights with our students.
His words resonate deeply: “I’m neither a lecturer nor a teacher, and my purpose is not to provide lessons or inject new theories, concepts, or notions into you. Instead, I'm here for one reason only: to enable you to ‘remember’ the future through Self-Remembering, that means the acknowledgment of yourself as the very creator of your own reality.”



Elio D'Anna, Founder and President of the European School of Economics, reveals the intrinsic relationship between our individual thoughts, feelings, and the larger economy.

It is a call to an individual revolution, urging us to break free from negative emotions and fear, to reshape not just our personal destiny, but that of entire civilizations.


Anabella is a highly motivated and culturally diverse student hailing from El Paso, Texas, a border town that has exposed her to the unique experience of straddling two cultures.
Fluent in both English and Spanish, she effortlessly switches between languages, showcasing her adaptability and communication skills.
Having also a part of her family residing in Europe, Anabella's exposure to an international environment has broadened her horizons and fuelled her desire to pursue studies abroad.
Her decision to study business at The European School of Economics was influenced by the institution's philosophy of encouraging dreams and aspirations, and the allure of Florence's rich historical and cultural heritage.
Anabella's active engagement in the school community reflects her commitment to fully immerse herself in the holistic learning experience. She participates enthusiastically in every organised activity, demonstrating her dedication and eagerness to make the most of her educational journey in Florence.

Learn more at

Photos from European School of Economics (ESE)'s post 10/07/2023

The Graduation Ceremony 2023 was one to remember! We want to congratulate all graduates and certificate students again, and wish you the best of luck on your professional journeys.

And remember: "You will win the impossible through your inner being. You can change the outer world only through yourself. The slightest change within yourself will move mountains in the outer world." ESE Founder & President Elio D'Anna.

We were delighted to have Nobel Laureate Prof. James Heckman, Academy Award Winner Oliver Stone, internationally renowned opera singer and conductor Placido Domingo, and former member of the Spanish Parliament Albert Rivera as our guests of honor. Thank you once again for your presence and inspirational speeches.


We express our deepest gratitude for your profound and inspiring message. Your encouraging words have greatly resonated with our faculty, graduates, and their families.

ESE Graduation Ceremony 1 July 2023 by MNCARS Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia 30/06/2023

ESE💫Graduation Ceremony 2023✨

Join us celebrating the accomplishment of our graduate at the European School of Economics Graduation Ceremony.

Special appearances include Nobel Laurate in Economics, prof. James J.Heckman, ESE founder and president Elio D’Anna and the legendary filmmaker, writer, and producer, Oliver Stone, with the prestigious Vision & Reality Award for Storytelling.
Experience the vibrant ESE style and community coming together in the marvelous Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, celebrating achievements and building life long connection and remember: this is just the beginning! LINK:

ESE Graduation Ceremony 1 July 2023 by MNCARS Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Watch MNCARS Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia's ESE Graduation Ceremony 1 July 2023 on


The European School of Economics is thrilled to announce that legendary filmmaker, writer, and producer, Oliver Stone, will be joining as guest of honor at the upcoming Graduation Ceremony and Gala in Madrid.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the art of filmmaking, as well as for representing a truly independent voice on the global stage, the European School of Economics is privileged to present Oliver Stone with the prestigious Vision & Reality Award for Storytelling.

Oliver Stone's remarkable filmography, which includes acclaimed works such as Platoon, JFK, and Wall Stre and deliver thought-provoking narratives that mir
While his insightful exploration of historical events and global issues, such as with his latest documentary ‘Nuclear Now’, continues to enrich our understanding of the world.

In what promises to be an unforgettable event, Mr. Stone joins along with our other esteemed guests of honor: Nobel laureate Prof. James Heckman and Former Member of the Spanish Parliament, Albert Rivera as we gather together to celebrate this year exceptional graduates.

We look forward to seeing you all in Madrid!


Photos from European School of Economics (ESE)'s post 19/06/2023

ESE is proud to have hosted yet another high-level business professional for a guest lecture in the Luxury Real Estate course last week: Domenico Frascà, CEO and Founder of Frascà & Partners - geopolitical and political-institutional analysis and consultancy.

Frascà & Partners coordinates research for the public sector where they mainly focus on new technologies, defence and international security, as well as for the private sector, where they offer sector-specific business analysis and development strategies.

After an introduction on what entails, Domenico Frascà showed the importance of geopolitical analysis for luxury real estate and projects.
“Geopolitical risk analysis and constant business support with political-institutional analysis, as well as an exit strategy, are essential to secure your investment and to create a competitive advantage."

He furthermore discussed how to become a geopolitical actor as luxury real estate professional. How can your real estate business create value in society?
And how can stakeholders, strategic partnerships and network create new business opportunities?

Illustrated by various examples, Frascà showed that a multidisciplinary approach, multilevel monitoring and strategic thinking are key in a luxury real estate business’ success.

We would like to thank professor Carlo Rocchi (studio Rocchi & Avvocati) for introducing us to Domenico Frascà and for this very relevant and inspiring guest lecture.


ESE Florence is proud and honoured to have hosted guest lecturer Eng. Giuseppe Vadalà as part of the Luxury Real Estate course. He focused on the potential of Italy’s ‘blue economy’ and the investment opportunities in sustainable coastal tourism, developing port infrastructure and Real Estate, especially for the segment.

With a career of over 37 years in the top management of and , and as Founder & CEO of To.Re.Ma.De. S.r.l., offering consultancy, investment and development services for large touristic and development projects, we could not have wished for a more qualified professional and expert on port infrastructure and luxury waterfront luxury real estate than Vadalà.

The business case examples he brought forward, such as the Signa Maris project promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture, and the Porto Antico in Genova, furthermore inspired the students.

Vadalà: “There are plenty of development and investment opportunities, particularly in indispensable related services such as waterfront Real Estate. Superyacht marinas could not only be an engine of urban regeneration, they also promise a high return on investment.”

We would like to thank Prof. Carlo Rocchi for providing our Luxury Real Estate students with this amazing opportunity to learn from and network with such a high-level business professional as Vadalà, and we thank Eng. Giuseppe Vadalà again for his inspiring insights on luxury real estate and opportunities in Italy’s luxury marina segment.


Meet Jeremy Jackson, an student at the European School of Economics, and follow his journey as he dives into the realms of the . With a 25-year background in technology, Jeremy shares why he chose to further his education and how ESE is shaping his journey in the tech industry.

In this candid testimonial, Jeremy emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and the value of refreshing skills in a rapidly evolving sector like . Having worked in the for decades, he is now focusing his research on emergent technologies in the metaverse, and contemplating his own .

Jeremy also provides an inside look at studying at ESE , lauding the intimate, personalized learning environment and likening it to an experience, "more of a Gucci or a Prada" compared to larger universities. He values the historical and cultural context ESE offers, particularly at their campus in Florence, which provides a broader perspective to his study.

Don't miss out on this inspiring testimonial, as Jeremy discusses his exciting plans and how the European School of Economics is helping him achieve his goals.

Photos from European School of Economics (ESE)'s post 19/05/2023

Exciting news! We're honored to welcome Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, Prof. James Heckman, as our special guest at the ESE Graduation Ceremony & Alumni Gala in Madrid, on July 1st, 2023!

This is your opportunity to celebrate academic excellence, meet fellow alumni, and engage with one of the leading minds in economics. Mark this special occasion in your calendar!

The Graduation Ceremony takes place at the Auditorium 400, Museo Nacional Reina Sofia from 10AM-3:30PM, followed by the ESE Alumni Reunion Gala at Palacio Santoña starting at 6:30PM.

Don't miss out on this prestigious occasion. Secure your spot today by registering promptly! We can't wait to see you there.

Event brochure download:

Photos from European School of Economics (ESE)'s post 01/03/2023

Congratulations Wael Nakhleh, ESE Florence Master (MSc) degree student, with this amazing job position at Coldwell Banker Global Luxury!

"I'm pleased to say that I've completed my six-month internship and have chosen to remain with my wonderful family at Coldwell Banker International.
After all the fantastic teamwork and personal accomplishments, I would love to continue growing and networking and become the international agent I intend to be. I gained a lot from this internship, both from the work itself and the people around me.

Ringrazio la mia scuola European School of Economics (ESE) Firenze e il team di Coldwell Banker Torino per tutto il supporto."

We have no doubts that you will be a great international real estate manager, Wael.

"The world is as you dream it." Keep on dreaming!

Elio D'Anna

Photos from European School of Economics (ESE)'s post 23/02/2023

We hosted Cristina Egger for a guest lecture and presentation of the Gianni Versace project 'Retrospective' yesterday.

Cristina started her career in in one of Versace’s showrooms more than 25 years ago.
Through her inspiring personal story and work experience in the international fashion world, we learned about Gianni Versace's early days, the golden fashion era of the '90s and Versace's legacy nowadays.

After her presentation, students and participants were invited to the book presentation of Santo Versace called , which took place at Nana Bianca's headquarters in Florence.

Santo Versace shared an inspiring story about the importance of passion and commitment that turned the into such a global success.


ESE Florence's Arts Management business course, in partnership with Aria Art Gallery, prepares students to enter the international art world. Whether they are aiming to work in the physical art market such as art galleries, auction houses or museums, or in the digital art industry with innovative applications such as NFT’s, art gamification and the Metaverse.

Artist and photographer Isac J. from Mozambique took the course with us last term:
"Having the chance to go to different galleries, different museums - we went to the Biennale in Venice - that was all really amazing. I had the chance to see by myself how artists are working, what the business is about and how people approach art - what is the value behind it.
What I found here at ESE Florence was more than what I expected."

The next Art Management course starts on 24 April 2023 - applications are open:


Join us for a fascinating and insightful conversation with Professor Antonio della Malva, a leading lecturer on Operations Management at ESE, the business school in Rome.
Prof. della Malva has extensive experience in the field and will be sharing his insights and expert opinions. Get ready to take your understanding of Operations Management to the next level with Prof. Antonio della Malva.

Watch the full interview on youtube:

Photos from European School of Economics (ESE)'s post 23/12/2022

Here’s to Freedom.
Freedom from beliefs and superstitions,
from conditionings and identification,
freedom from all subjection and dependence,
freedom from conventional education,
freedom from mass media and mass-hypnotism,
freedom from all political and ideological tendencies,
freedom from your own fears, negative emotions and false ideas.

Be free and you will feel an unimaginable wealth and
certainty explode within. No longer a vessel waiting to be filled, but the sole dreamer and creator of the reality you’re living in.

Elio D'Anna

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• Hear about student life and extracurricular activities from current students & alumni
• Bring your CV and get useful tips on how to stand out to companies
• Book an English Placement Test to evaluate your current skills
• Obtain a partial scholarship for the next terms (January or April 2023) for a Short Course or Pre-Master programme!

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European School of Economics - ESE Open Day - 24 November 2022 Visit our centres in Rome, Milan, Florence, London and Madrid to attend presentations on our Bachelor and Master programmes, Short Courses, and ESE's unique educational philosophy. ESE Open Day - 24 November 2022



ESE is proud to be a sponsor and speaker at the 43rd annual conference by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the UK, taking place in London on Friday the 7th of October, 2022.
ESE will be joined by other renowned companies and institutions, such as Ferrero, Intesa Sanpaolo, Cambridge University, Bocconi University, among others.
The event will be dedicated to a topic that is very close to ESE’s heart, the Family Business and the Generational Transfer.

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About European School of Economics

European School of Economics (ESE) dedicates particular care and attention to each and every student. It has developed an educational system that places the individual at the core of its activity. From day one, lecturers and tutors guide student to focus on the achievement of his/her professional goals by creating tailor-made courses of study designed to orchestrate in-class learning with hands-on work experience.

The excellence of the faculty, the innovative teaching methods, the international environment, and the unique Internship Programme carried out in collaboration with over 1500 leading corporations make the European School of Economics graduates among the best on the new global market. This is reflected in one of the highest graduate employment rates in Europe.

The creative motto of the European School of Economics, Visibilia ex Invisibilibus,’ contains the very nature of its educational philosophy, and can be summed up simply by remembering: All we see and touch, all we perceive, the skyscrapers of finance, the pyramids of industry, the discoveries and achievements of science and technology, all we call "reality", is nothing but the projection of an inner invisible world, a world of ideas and values that runs vertically to the plane of our existence: the world of Being. The way we feel, and think, our aspirations and the uniqueness of our ideas, what we believe in, and our dreams are what determine our destiny.

Like in a cosmic laboratory, in the six ESE centres, from London to Milan, from New York to Rome, and from Florence to Madrid, a formula for undergraduate and graduate study is being elaborated to prepare, in politics as in economics, a new generation of leaders, incorruptible men, capable of facing the challenges fast approaching our civilization.

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Nuclear Energy and the Coming New Education: Oliver Stone powerful message to ESE Graduates
Ivanna James is a highly motivated BSc degree student, born and raised in the border city of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad J...
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Meet Jeremy Jackson, an #MBA student at the European School of Economics, and follow his journey as he dives into the re...
ESE Florence's Arts Management business course, in partnership with Aria Art Gallery, prepares students to enter the int...
Join us for a fascinating and insightful conversation with Professor Antonio della Malva, a leading lecturer on Operatio...
ESE Florence Season Greetings / Your Dream is the Mark!






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