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From Google EU HQ, London, Brazil and Vegas to Toronto. Bam Bam Boogie is a global afro-caribbean inspired dance fitness workout for everyone and anyone

Our Tech Professional/ Certified Personal Trainer Founder Bami Kuteyi moved to Dublin in September 2015 from London/ Toronto. A young bubbly professional passionate about fun, fitness and female empowerment but with no real options for her to express all of these passions in one place she took it amongst herself to create a program that is not only fun but effective. Celebrating diversity and encouraging participants to support each other all the while.

Operating as usual

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💛 Grand Rising Goddess, Happy New Year.

🌴 I have a last minute opportunity for you to join our “Nourishing the Divine Feminine Twerk Retreat” in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

📆 3rd - 8th May 2023

🌟 5-star all inclusive luxury resort with private rooms

🌴 Beach Twerk and Yoga Classes, full moon ceremony, luxury massages, sacred rest, private cenote tour, paddle boarding, group sister circles, manifesting workshops, confidence class, Self-Love photoshoot, group outings and everything else you need to start your journey of receiving all the abundance you deserve

🥗 All meals, airport transfers and ground transportation is included

🚨This final discounted spot is only available because someone dropped out last minute and has already paid towards their trip

💸 $1999 USD with flexible payment plan

✅ DM “TWERK RETREAT” to for more info


like… just look at me 🥹🥹❤️💗🌸

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Twerkfest Dublin is back and we are coming to you bigger than ever. 🔥
Scroll to see your favourite Instructors 🥳🍑

Super Early-Bird & Early-Bird Tickets are officially sold out! 🫱🏽‍🫲🏾 However, we do have standard tickets remaining so RUNNN & secure your spots! 🇮🇪

We have a full day of fun, b***y shaking and GOOD VIBES waiting for you.

Join us👇🏽
When: 5th of November - Saturday
Time: 1-6pm
Where: Liffey Trust Studios - Dublin
Book: Eventsbrite or Link in bio



I can’t believe it’s taken me over two years to finally share this project 🥺📹❤️

Quarantine Diaries Episode 1️⃣: Bami Smiles through the Depression - Mental Health looks different on everyone

This video was taken London, UK March 2020 during the first ever global lockdown due to the Panoramic.

Right when COVID hit the only thing I could do was pick up my camera and start recording what I knew would become historic moments. But what I didn’t realise is that me jumping head first into work and serving so many others joy during the pandemic that I would ever so slowly lose myself.

I’d battled with my mental health before but it never hit like this. This showed up in all parts of my body from not being able to eat properly, sleep or 💩💩💩 it was really taking its toll.

But regardless of this, everyday I would wake up and go into my then living room which I converted into a live studio and teach up to 8️⃣ online classes per day. Smile for the Camera and then Cry alone for hours.

I understand that we may not be currently going through what they call an official “lockdown” but this cost of living crisis coupled with all the other injustices going on is absolutely terrible for peoples mental health.

So I hope that through finally sharing this raw, unfiltered and unedited series someone else can be inspired to continue being here because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Other periods of darkness will inevitably come but at some point there will be a light to drive it out again ✨

And also check up on your happy, joyful and optimistic friends because they are the ones that are usually going through it alone and in silence ❤️❤️❤️📲📲.

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MY TOXIC TRAIT IS taking gorgeous pictures and keeping them in my camera roll 🥺🥺

Modelling has always been my dream since I was 4 years old and as soon as things started taking off I started getting anxious about self-shooting and posting again (the things that got me started in the first place) it’s called self-sabotage boo 🙃.

It’s day 4️⃣ of retreat and really it should be called the “get your s**t together retreat” because I finally feel like everything is aligning and I’m just getting that deep work done 🧘🏽‍♀️✨🔮

Another rebirth is on the way and I’m so ready for this Goddess energy to really get flowing in Libra SZN ♎️

If you have something that’s holding you back from stepping into your power babes you literally just have to take action there really isn’t a shortcut. But as soon as you do the universe will start opening doors, sending messages and putting the right people/opportunities right in front of you. All you have to do is be ready to recieve ✨💫

Love you forever,

Bami 7.0 xx


4️⃣ year old me would be so proud right now 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️

Modelling for a brand that not only supports body confidence and being yourself but also makes sure my big bold girlies are firmly in place all beach season and beyond 😍😍

My favourite thing about Curvy Kate | D-K Cup] swimwear is that my girls feel fully supported in everything they do.

❌ No nip slips
❌ No Double B**b
❌ No underboob

Just pure support and good vibes 😌😌 head to Curvy Kate | D-K Cup] link in bio to grab yours!

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As in a whole full page article detailing my story from Google 💻 to Global 🌍.

I’ve had 6 notable press features in the last 5 days and I literally cannot believe it 😧. I claimed 29 as my most ✨divine✨ year yet and it seems as though that affirmation over my life coming to fruition much much faster than I could have ever imagined.

Here are 3️⃣ tips that has helped me step into my power and follow my dreams:

1️⃣ Focus on yourself queen 👑. You’re giving energy to people who aren’t reciprocating it and leaving you feeling drained. Put that energy right back into YOU.

2️⃣ Create a vision board 🖼. It can be virtual or physical but seeing it everyday truly helps you focus on your dreams and bring them to a reality. Everything from my 2019 vision board has come to fruition this year ✅

3️⃣ Meet new people and try new things 💃🏾. It’s scientifically proven that to make life feel like it’s slowing down you have to try new things. A slower life is a more fulfilled life and you’re more likely to meet someone to help you bring your dreams to life ☁️

I hope these tips help and this post serves as your sign to keep chasing your dreams! They will come true 🙌🏾

If you have a business or side hustle, comment about it below so we can all support each-other ❤️⬇️

✚ FOLLOW for more Dance + Wellness content 🤳🏾

I really hope me sharing my journey with you makes a difference to how you start to see your potential and belief that EVERYTHING is possible for you.

I’ll be sharing more about my Journey with entrepreneurship, wellness, dance and spirituality on my close friends story all 🛣.

Hit the Link in my bio to join our conscious community today


✨DIVINE 2️⃣9️⃣ ✨

I feel like this is the year where I truly step into my ✨ divinity ✨ and eloquently share everything I’m learning along the way with the world.

I entered the pandemic at 2️⃣6️⃣ and slyly feel as though it did “steal” the latter half of my twenties. But in reality it gave me so much more than I could have ever imagined.

It gave me years of stillness with myself that I never would have consciously scheduled at 26.

Over the past few years:

✅I lived alone for the first time
✅Became a digital nomad
✅Tapped into my divine feminine
✅Started writing again
✅Started Therapy
✅Took a Summer Sabbatical
✅Separated my identity from my business
✅Manifested the life of my dreams
✅Shared more of my authentic
✅Started studying astrology
✅Started feeling whole again

So as I confidently Enter the last year of my twenties I just wanted to let you know that I’m just getting started. This is literally just the warm-up before the pre-game stretch.

Wanna celebrate my ✨divine✨ 2️⃣9️⃣ with me?

Join me in London on July 3rd where I’ll be celebrating my birthday 🥳♊️💅🏾 with a Bottomless Twerk Brunch 🤪🥂🍾!!

Come alone or bring your girls but just know it’s going to be a huge VIBE. Hit the ticket link in my bio to celebrate with me 🥳🥂.

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How are we already almost halfway through 2022?? 🤯🧘🏽‍♀️

Trying to stay as centred, present and grounded as possible before we enter ♊️♊️ Gemini Season…

All my Gemini’s please report to duty!!

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I’ve really beeeeeen through it these past two years 😔😔 you would never know by just looking at social media.

But I’m so grateful for all the lessons, losses and experiences because it made me who into who I am today. I’ve grown SO much and people don’t even recognize me anymore. Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself.

It’s so important to look after your mind queens please. I truly believe that mental health is more important than physical health because once your mind is right you naturally want to look after your body too.

May is such an important month for me because in May 2020 my landlord said k byeeeeee. I’ll never forget it. So to now be hosting 💸 and teaching others how to manifest more money by simply changing their mindset.

It’s really really a huge deal for me. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up. We start live on 5/5/22 but there are only 25 spots left for the whole month of May so DM me to register before it’s too late.

Big Love & Blessings,

Bami Kuteyi x


“What does it feel like to live your dream?”

First and foremost it can feel very scary and overwhelming but grab a cup of ☕️ and listen to this whole thing.

My voice is very soothing 😍✨🎙

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🇬🇧 London are you ready?!

🍑All classes are 100% Beginner friendly and good vibes only

❓🙋🏾‍♀️ Got Questions?! Drop them below ⏬

⬆️ Limited spots available hit the link in bio to book yours!

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I was going to post on here about how my first fitness modelling casting went yesterday but honestly I already shared all that with my most important community my close friends collective (if you’re not on it… what are you waiting for just dm me and I’ll add you)

So that feed post can truly wait… more importantly this message dropped into me during my GRAND RISING today so thought I should share.

I’m writing a book bi***es 📚🎉

$100 goes directly to anyone who can correctly guess the exact title in the comments ⬇️

I’m so hype to start this project so far we have a TITLE PAGE AAYE AYYE AYEE!! Every win deserves a celebration.

I couldn’t care less if the world sees this book or not but what I do know is that I’m gonna keep writing it and it will definitely be shared with my family for generations to come.

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In 10 days it will be four years since I quit my full-time corporate job to start full-time entrepreneurship .

It’s been one journey spending half of that time in a global panaramic 🙃🙃🙃. But I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to have had the confidence to make that decision in my twenties. It all started with an idea 5 years ago and all I did was invest in myself and prepare myself to be in the position I’m finally in today: travelling around the world twerking, empowering women, leading a global team of instructors and working with some of my favourite brands/corporations.

So here are 5️⃣ things I did 5️⃣ years ago before I quit my job to start my own business:

PS. It’s never too late to quit your job. Just give yourself enough time to set your future full-time business owner self up for the best start possible!


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“I’m not worried about you because you’re so strong. I know you can do it on your own”

The amount of times I’ve heard this phrase when I’m struggling and it’s like okay yeah they’re right I can do this but those words can only help so much. Strength also has its limitations my dear.

last night after giving my energy for hourssss connecting all day with my beautiful instructor community then rushing to go and DJ creating an exceptional vibe here in Mexico.

I was EXHAUSTED. So many people asked me for help and I just kept saying on autopilot no no no until my beautiful sis literally said “no let me help you. It’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay to RECEIVE”

It was in that moment that I realised I’m always giving and seldom do I cry out and say hey strong sexy gyal here and I need help.

So YES help me all 2022 and join my self love challenge because in me helping you, you are also helping me to live my creative digital nomad dream.

Thanks in advance,

Soft Management

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Some advice for my creatives 💡💡

Not every January “New Year, New Ideas” maybe just new year reflect, celebrate and enjoy for now then let the new ideas come.

Photos from Bam Bam Boogie Dance Fitness's post 29/12/2021

I mean I’m only JUST getting my creative juices back slowwwwwlllllly after months of feeling SLUMPED.

So it’s a firm NO from me all 2022.

But still comment YASS if you agree lols.

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Not sure how to make money on LinkedIn?

Don’t worry because I had no clue either! I believed that I didn’t need to be there because I wasn’t looking for a job but oh was I wrong…

The two main things I learned was to:
1. Get consistent and show up on LinkedIn more often whilst engaging with relevant content

2. Build my network organically syncing my email contact list in order to expand my network faster

This is just the too if the iceberg and we will get much deeper into how to actually do this in our online workshop that is happening in 5 days…

Comment “I AM MONEY READY” and I’ll send you a discount code for the workshop 🤑🤑🤑

Happy money making and save this post to come back to later!

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All it takes in one moment to start your glow up journey!!

Join me in Jan 2022 where I’ll be launching my first ever 30-day glow up challenge in partnership with … journal prompts, confidence boosting twerkouts, meditations and an international community of queens to support you along the way - turn on notifications 🔔to get early access when it launches 🥳🥳

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I’m nervous but SO EXCITED to be back in the studio… treat me nice I might be a little rusty 👀😈😂

Have you booked your spot yet?! DM me for details

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How is it already November 2021?!

Comparison is something I always struggled with especially when I first started building my brand. Now I’m just genuinely happy for others success and consistently proud of my own progress without trying to compare oranges to apples.

I’m looking forward to getting even better at this but here are some tips to get you started.

Save this post to go back to when you might be struggling with comparing your life to others.

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Red flag or Green flag which one are you?! 👀🚩💚 I only want green flag queens at my London Class next week!!have you booked your spot yet?! has Twitter now watch us!

Thank you for contributing to these 😍😍😍

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I’ll never forget my first solo trip when I was 15 I flew from Toronto to London and although I had so many friends and family to welcome me back home. It was the autonomy of knowing that I could literally go where I want when I wanted, not having to wait to see what everyone else wanted to do because I was really only responsible for one person and that was my wild teenage self.

Travelling alone for the first time can be scary but the rewards greatly outweigh the fears trust me!!!!

Save this post and come back to it once you’ve booked that solo trip.

Safety is top priority when travelling solo and I also forgot to mention… just because you are travelling alone it doesn’t mean you tell that to everyone you meet!! Not everyone has the best intentions for solo travellers. I always usually say I’m staying with my aunt so NO you cannot come back to mine or even know where I’m staying thank you very much!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in London?

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I can’t believe it’s taken me over two years to finally share this project 🥺📹❤️Quarantine Diaries Episode 1️⃣: Bami Smil...
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Not sure how to make money on LinkedIn? Don’t worry because I had no clue either! I believed that I didn’t need to be th...
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