Treetops Preschool

Treetops Preschool

We are a preschool based in Enfield Baptist Church. We cater for children aged 2 to 5 years old. W

Operating as usual


We took part in National Nursery Rhyme Week last week, the children joined in with songs during circle time.

They also had lots of fun engaging in nursery rhyme activities:
Making stars for 'Twinkle, Twinkle little star 🌟.
Using fishing rods to catch numbered fish for 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive.
Moving numbered frogs on and off logs on our magnet board for Five Speckled Frogs 🐸 .
Making boats for The Big Ship Sails On The Ally-Ally-Oh ⛡️
Role playing with the farm animals and dogs for BINGO πŸ•.
We love to sing and dance at Treetops 🌳.

We would like to thank all the children who took part in Children In Need on Friday by coming to school in their pyjamas. Thank you for your donations.

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 30/10/2022

We have been very busy in our Treetops kitchen this half term.
We have made apple crumble, salads, sandwiches, fruit skewers and mashed potatoes. The children have looked at various ingredients and how to use different utensils. They always help during snack time to prepare the fruit and love to pour out their own drinks.
We will be doing lots more cooking over the next half term.

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 30/10/2022

🌳We look forward to welcoming all our Treetops children back tomorrow.
During the last half term we have been looking at Autumn.
We have introduced initial letter sounds during our circle time. We enjoyed looking at our environment, spotting cob webs outside and different shaped and coloured leaves falling from the trees.
The children brought in various items they found on their way to school or in the park to add to our nature table.
We used leaves, conkers, sticks and acorns to mark make with. We looked at different pumpkins, identifying the sizes, colours and textures. We used pens to mark make on the pumpkins and hammered tacs into the outside this was a great 'funky fingers' activity.🌳


🌳 We love being outside at Treetops Preschool.
Our garden area keeps the children engaged all morning.
We operate a free flow between the classroom and garden, so the children can choose where they would like to be 🌳


Thank you to all our wonderful parents for their generous donations to support the Ukranian people. We were overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity. We have now delivered all the donations and soon they will be making their way to support Ukrainian families. Thank you πŸ’› πŸ’™


We had lots of fun at Treetops 🌳 today making pancakes.
During circle time we looked at the ingredients and initial letter sounds.
Mel then set about making the mixture, looking at measurements and the children loved whisking the batter.
We then enjoyed eating them.
Hope you enjoy your pancakes πŸ₯ž today xx


Dear Parents/ Carers

Following the shocking events currently happening in Ukraine. We at Treetops would like to support the Ukrainian people.
Therefore, we are asking for donations that we can send to various charities who support this crisis.

If you have any of the following items, please can you leave in our donation box which we will be outside our classroom.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Warm clothing (men's, women's and children's in good condition)
Non perishable food (canned food, cereal, pasta, rice etc)
Feminine hygiene products
Baby milk
Many thanks
Treetops Team


🌳 At Treetops we spoke to the children about Remembrance Day. The children looked at the fantastic displays around the church and made their own poppies 🌳

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 22/10/2021

🌳This week we have been scooping the seeds out of the pumpkins and using our hands to feel the texture of the seeds.
We painted a pumpkin using blackboard paint and the children used chalk to mark make.
We have enjoyed using loose parts in our play dough and sand and we have introduced more natural objects.

Enjoy your half term break and please don't forget to let us know what you have been up to by using Tapestry.
See you all on the 1st November 🌳

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 17/10/2021

🌳 One more week until half term and we have had so much fun at Treetops. We have enjoyed getting to know and settling in our new children and of course welcoming back our existing children 🌳🏫


🌳 Treetops would like to extend a warm welcome back to all our children this week. We have enjoyed seeing our existing children again and getting to know all our new starters.

The weather has been amazing and we have had fun being outside in our garden🌞

We have limited spaces available, so if you are interested in a place for your child then please call us on 07423 591380 Julia or Mel to arrange a viewing 🌳

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 13/06/2021

🌳This week at Treetops, we have been learning all about mini-beasts.
We have looked at the life cycle of a butterfly πŸ¦‹
We have used our words to describe different types of mini-beasts 🐌🐝
We painted the most beautiful butterfly pictures using symmetry πŸ¦‹
We used our bodies to move like insects e.g. wiggling like a worm and fluttering like a butterfly.
The weather has been fantastic and we have thoroughly enjoyed our outside area and in particular the mud kitchen, making 'sand soup'. 🌞
Next week we are looking at summer, what we wear, what we like to eat, how to be safe in the sun and of course a picnic. 😎🌳

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 25/05/2021

🌳Over the last couple of weeks at Treetops, we have been learning all about the continents πŸ—ΊοΈ. The children have been learning the continent song and we have enjoyed seeing your videos of the children singing it at home 😍.
We have learned all about food from around the world and the children have been tasting various foods and have also made pizza's πŸ•
We looked at buildings and landmarks from around the world and used our construction area to try to replicate theseπŸ—ΌπŸ—½
This week we are looking at different types of transport from around the world 🚝🚎
It is fantastic to see how much the children are learning and hopefully sharing with you at home. They have all made a book which they will bring home at the end of term with all their work in to show you and keep. 🌳🏫🌳


🌳A warm welcome back for the start of our summer term 🌳.
We have had a very sunny first week back and have enjoyed using our outside area. Our tuft tray was set up using different textures, straw, stone and sand. We added different animals and the children used their imagination to role play. We put up our basketball hoop and the children persevered trying to get the ball into the hoop.
This week we celebrated St George's Day and the children enjoyed making flags.
On our funky fingers table we worked hard using our fingers to unscrew lids, open and close zips.
Next week we will be looking at animals and their habitats.
, , , ,


This week at Treetops we have been talking about our Mummies during circle time and why we love them, it was fun listening to their comments (C&L). The children enjoyed using cut flowers to make mini bouquets for them. They also made the most beautiful cards using their own ideas and designs (PD, EAD). We made biscuits for our Mummies and painted pasta to make stunning bracelets for them. We hope you all have a fantastic Mother's Day - you all deserve to be spoilt.


🌳Last week at Treetops we celebrated World book day (all week to allow all of the children to join in). We had some fabulous costumes (thanks Mum's & Dad's) and we read lots of books with the children.
Thank you to who donated this amazing dolls house for the children to play with. We listened to some lovely imaginative role play from the children.
Continuing on from last week's planting, the children helped to make our garden look pretty by filing our hanging pots with flowers.
We are looking forward to the week ahead and welcoming back children that we have not seen for a while 😊 🌳


🌳We have enjoyed the lovely weather this week, it has enabled us to use our outside area more.
We set up our tuff tray with woodland animals and insects and the children used their imaginations to role play.
We just thought we would give you a snapshot or our garden as it gives us and the children great enjoyment to be outside in the sunshine β˜€οΈπŸŒ³


🌳Spring is in the air at Treetops this week 🌳
We have been learning all about plants and how they grow. The children used an interactive flower and leaned all the parts of the flower. They learned how a plant grows from a seed and what is needed to help a plant grow. They then used their knowledge to make their own flower pictures and sequence the events of plant growth.
We then planted some seeds in our garden area and the children are anxiously waiting to see what happens.
We will post pictures once the plants start to grow.


🌳Last week at Treetops we decided to make Pancakes in preparation for Shrove Tuesday.
We had a look at the ingredients and tried to match them to the initial letter sounds (communication & language).
We made the pancake mix by measuring the ingredients and feeling how the flour and sugar felt (we didn't cook this mixture, it was used to help the children with following instructions, measurement and recall). PSED, Maths, C&L.
We toasted ready made pancakes, learning about how to use a toaster safely (technology).
The children chose their topping and used a knife to spread it out, then the best part they ate them. (physical development, self care, PSED).
So much learning with just one activity!!!!!
Children are learning all the time by just doing every day things. Enjoy your half-term and remember you are all doing a wonderful job with your children πŸ₯žπŸ‘πŸŒ³


🌳Happy Valentines Day🌳
We hope you love the cards the children made for you last week.
We really enjoyed listening to the children tell us all about who they love and why πŸ˜‚β€οΈ


Fun in the snow at Treetops today


🌳We had a busy week at Treetops last week🌳
We looked at items from around the classroom that sink and float. We also looked at different types of materials, how they feel, how they look and what they are used for.
We used 'orbeez' instead of water and the children loved the sensory feel of these.
We got messy with shaving foam and paint using different types of mark making tools including our hands!
As it was Mental Health Week we asked the children "What makes you happy and what makes you sad?" We then discussed their answers. It is so important to speak to your children at times like this and to give reasurrances to their feelings.


🌳 We had a very busy week last week at Treetops.
We welcomed two new starters.
The children loved mark making on our new chalkboard in the homecorner.
To help the older children with number recognition, we used their interests and numbered the cars. They then had to identify the number and park the car in the correct parking space.
We looked at the letter 'P' and sang our silly soup song (the children could only add items beginning with P into the soup).
We had lots of fun with water and sand play, using pipettes, measuring cylinders and making foot prints in the sand using various animals.


🌳We would like to say a huge thank you to all our parents and children for the very thoughtful and generous gifts we have received.
We also want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŒ³πŸ‘


Ollie the owl is helping the children with letter and word recognition. The children have to find the correct day of the week for our Christmas postbox every morning.
Today the children enjoyed writing and posting their letters to Santa and posting their Christmas cards. This activity is left out in our writing area for the children to go to whenever they feel like it.

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 08/12/2020

🌳Today at Treetops we made 'melting snowmen'. The children used spoons to spread out the white icing, they used coconut to make snow and then decorated their marshmallow with icing pens. We love how individual each snowman is with the children using their own imagination to decorate them. I hear they also enjoyed eating them when they got home πŸ˜„πŸŒ³

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 30/11/2020

Last week at Treetops 🌳
We have started to decorate our interactive Christmas tree. The children used glitter to make their decorations and then stick them onto the tree. The children can move the decorations freely around the tree whenever they like.
We have been looking at initial letter sounds and have started with the letter 's'. We sang 'silly soup' and the children had to find an object beginning with 's' to add to our soup.
The children worked their fingers by playing with lego and duplo this week.
They have enjoyed using the cars on the floor in the classroom. To extend this activity, we laid out a long piece of paper and the children decided to make a road. They found road signs from around the classroom and enjoyed role playing with their cars, stopping at traffic lights and going around the roundabout.
. -playing

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 14/11/2020

In our Treetops kitchen this week we made soup.
We discussed the ingredients we were using and the children used knives (under supervision) to cut up the vegetables and then watched as all the ingredients were put into the soup maker. The children then took some soup home to eat for their lunch.


This week at Treetops we enjoyed activities linked to Children in Need.
We decorated cup cakes and biscuits to take home.
We used tongs and pom poms to help Pudsey find his spots.
We painted spots on Pudsey using our fingers.
Thank you to our parents for donating to this amazing charity. We will leave the donation box out next week if you would like to donate.


This week in our Treetops kitchen we made apple crumble.
The children chopped the apples and put them into foil containers.
They then weighed out the butter, oats, flour and sugar and had lots of fun getting their hands messy making the crumble topping.
At the end of the session they took them home to cook.
We hope you enjoyed eating them.


🌳We have had a very busy week at Treetops using pumpkins πŸŽƒ
For our 'Funky Fingers' activity this week the children hammered tacks into a pumpkin and then removed them with their fingers (great fine motor skills activity).
We then took the pumpkin outside and looked inside and discussed what we could see
Using spoons we removed the seeds and then planted them in our garden.
We are looking forward to watching them grow!

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 16/10/2020

🌳This week at Treetops we had an exciting delivery of our large outdoor blocks. The children had so much fun building obstacle courses, and using cars to race along the blocks. They had even more fun playing in the boxes that they came in, using pens to mark make with.
In the Treetops kitchen the children made sandwiches to take home for lunch. They also made toast for snack time using a knife to spread the topping of their choice. Food preparation is great for the children to learn how to follow instructions, learn measurements and how to be safe in a kitchen. So far we have made pizza muffins and ginger bread men. We will be preparing food every week with the children to take home and eat. πŸ•πŸͺπŸ₯ͺ

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 03/10/2020

🌳This week at Treetops we made pizza muffins. The children had their own ingredients, plate and knife and they put together their pizza (all in line with covid-19 guidelines 😊) and then they took them home to cook. They sent photos into us and they looked delicious πŸ•.
We changed the entrance to our setting, as parents aren't allowed in we brought the information out to them. We also introduced individual snack baskets for children to use. It's great for early morning name recognition and also keeps their snack separate.
As it was raining at the end of the week we made the best of being indoors by making an obstacle course, throwing beanbags and naming the shape and colour and we also enjoyed using our giant dice for counting and turn taking.


This week at Treetops 🌳 we have once again enjoyed being outside.
We had lots of fun using our small world dinosaurs. We used the tuff tray for our sand activity and the children enjoyed using the diggers.
Our flowers are blooming thanks to the constant watering by the children πŸ˜‰.
We also said goodbye to one of our children who is starting primary school this week, so we decided to have a party to say goodbye. The children had party food and decorated a fairy cake by making their own blue icing.



What a lovely sunny week we have had at Treetops 🌳🌞.
We used our magnifying glasses to look at our autumn table and the children picked flowers and leaves to look at. They also enjoyed watering the plants in our garden.
The children used the large outdoor whiteboard to mark make on and enjoyed using our new table and chairs.
We played a new game that started out as football and ended up as footbowling!! With the children knocking down numbered cones and writing their score on our whiteboard. ⚽.


We have welcomed back our existing children and enjoyed getting to know our new starters in our first week back at Treetops.

We are looking at Autumn and the children have been noticing all the changes that happen around them.

We have been lucky with the weather so we have been enjoying our lovely garden. 🌳🏠🌳

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 02/09/2020

Ollie is ready for his first day back at Treetops, are you?

Photos from Treetops Preschool's post 13/08/2020

🌳We are very excited to show you all our new uniform.
Childrens uniform (optional) will be ready for you to order when we re-open in September....... we will have polo shirts, hoodies and baseball caps.🌳

🌳We still have spaces available for September. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Contact information available in our bio or see attached photo.
, , , 🌳 @ Enfield Baptist Church

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