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Buggyfit is the ultimate way to regain fitness and meet new friends after having a baby. Don't worry, I am here for you! I promise you always feel better for it!

Welcome to Buggyfit – the best way to get back in shape after your new arrival! I know from first hand experience how daunting it can be getting those trainers back on or even thinking about exercise when you've just gone through child birth and have a brand new tiny human to look after. Buggyfit is a chance to get fresh air, meet other like-minded mums and have a workout that will leave you feeli

Operating as usual


Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow. The main chunk of tomorrow’s session can be done holding a baby if you need to. We’ve also got some resistance band and core exercises. 💪🏻 👶🏼


The weathers looking lovely again tomorrow. Join us for a sunny workout by the lake ☀️ Only £5 if it’s your first session 😀


Work those abs mumma’s 💪🏻


Representing Buggyfit at Dunstable Downs today. It was windy, can you tell? 😂


Buggyfit mums work out rain or shine! 🌧 Featuring my current favourite exercise, frog jump planks 🐸 💪🏻


Spring is that you!? ☀️ 🌸 🐥 Now is the perfect time to take your workout outdoors 😀


The weather looks lovely tomorrow morning! Let me know if you’d like to book a space for the session. 10am at Tiddenfoot Lake. 🙂 ☀️


Hi everyone,

I have taken the decision to cancel class tomorrow due to the Amber weather warning issued for our area 😔 We will be back next week and I have a new piece of equipment for us to use! 😀 Stay safe and don’t get blown away.

Annis & Rosalind x


Hi everyone! Just a quick message to say that I’m monitoring the weather situation for this coming Friday (we currently have an amber weather warning for wind.) I hope for class to still go ahead 🤞🏻 so please book on as normal & if we do have to cancel I can transfer your booking to next week. 🙂 Annis x


Why come to a Buggyfit class?

🍼 You’ll get an effective and safe workout with a qualified postnatal instructor.
💪🏻 Each class has a mix of cardio vascular & strength training.
👶🏼 We work on improving posture and strengthening core muscles.
🍼 It’s great for fat burning.
💪🏻 You can meet and chat to other mums (or dads.)
👶🏼 We are a great supportive community who motivate and encourage each other every week.
🍼 You can bring your baby! (Toddlers and siblings are welcome too.)
💪🏻 You get an hour of fresh air (great for you and baby.)
👶🏼 Classes offer a safe pre-natal workout if you’re expecting again.
🍼 You’ll leave feeling energised and stress free!

So what are you waiting for? Message to book your space or if you have any questions. 🙂


It made me so happy hearing this on Friday 😀🥰


At Buggyfit you get a full body workout every time🏋🏼‍♀️ Each session includes cardiovascular work as well as strength and toning. Our sessions are suitable for all abilities and all stages of postnatal recovery (following your 6-8 GP check.)

We tried some fun new partner exercises with the resistance bands this morning and the ladies were brilliant as always. 💪🏻 😀


What if my baby cries?

At some point your baby is probably going to cry. But please don’t worry! It’s absolutely natural for babies to cry and nobody will mind.

Part of what makes Buggyfit great for mums is that you can stop to comfort your baby at anytime. We’re all mums, we’ve all been there and we won’t judge. If you need to take baby out and cuddle them we’ll simply adapt the exercises so you can still join in, because mums are great at multitasking, right!? And if you need to take a bit of time out with baby to feed or comfort, that’s fine too. ☺️ Oh, and I’m always happy to provide cuddles if needed!🤗

I find mums are usually surprised at how quiet their baby’s have been (it’s the fresh air!) Maybe yours will surprise you too. And if they don’t I’m sure they won’t be as loud as mine. 😉

Come along and give it a go. x


I’ve had a fantastic time at our Buggyfit development day today. My brain is buzzing with new ideas for fun and challenging sessions! Can’t wait to get planning. But first, a cup of tea!


Six fabulous mums smashing their Friday morning workout. It might have been -1 degrees but the jackets didn’t last long this morning. ❄️ 🔥 💪🏻

Postnatal Exercise Classes - BuggyFit helps you get back in shape 15/01/2022

I know how it feels when it’s early, you’re tired, the weather is grim and it’s so tempting to just stay in with a cup of tea but exercising outside during the winter is great for so many reasons!

What are the benefits of winter workouts in the great outdoors?
❄️ You’ll burn more calories. This is because your body is working harder to regulate its core temperature.
❄️ Your heart will get stronger. Cold weather makes your heart work harder distributing blood throughout the body to keep it warm.
❄️ Increased vitamin D (even when the sun isn’t shining.)
❄️ You’ll feel happier! The amount of endorphins (happy hormones) your body produces increases.

Being outside is great for babies too. So wrap yourselves up warm with plenty of layers (don’t forget the sun cream) and get outside.

Do you like exercising outdoors? Where’s your favourite place to exercise? I love a long walk or run along the canal or through the woods. I also like a mountain hike too (yes you can do it with a baby!) And of course a Buggyfit session by the lake!

Postnatal Exercise Classes - BuggyFit helps you get back in shape Our postnatal exercise classes at BuggyFit help you get back in shape while spending time with your baby and having lots of fun. Come and Get Buggyfit!


My picture taking skills weren’t great yesterday! But what a lovely sunny morning. We got so hot during the HIIT workout that we took off our coats and hats. 🔥 💪🏻 Well done ladies.


As I have several mummy’s booked for tomorrow, booking will now stay open all evening 🙂 hope to see you there! x


Hi everyone! Just to let you all know that while we have low numbers in class, bookings for Friday morning will close at 5pm on a Thursday. ⏰ Please also make sure that you’ve paid for your pass and booked your place (rather than just paying for the pass.) 🙂 Thank you. Annis x

Buggyfit Leighton Buzzard 03/01/2022

Class starts again this Friday at 10am. I’ve eaten way too much cheese and chocolate so can’t wait! You can book your spot here: https://gymcatch.com/app/provider/4173/events if it’s your first time then a trial class is only £5. Looking forward to seeing everyone & hopefully meeting lots of new mums this year! Please message if you have any questions. Annis x

Buggyfit Leighton Buzzard Welcome to Buggyfit – the best way to get back in shape after your new arrival! I know from first hand experience how daunting it can be getting those trai...


Loving this new exercise we tried yesterday. Standing - downward dog - plank - press-ups and back up to standing. Well done ladies 💪🏻


It wasn’t as cold as it looked yesterday. Great work ladies! 💪🏻


The rain didn’t stop us this morning 💪🏻 and the babies were snug and asleep under their rain covers the whole session!


Self care is so important, especially when you’ve got a tiny human to look after. Join me on Friday morning at 10am 🙂💗


Super mums! ⭐️ 💪🏻


Just before we started it was pouring with rain but two super committed mums still came along, then the sun came out and shone for the rest of the session ☀️ 😀


Head on over to Instagram for an amazing giveaway with Natal Active Out'n'About and BaaBaby 😀

Photos from Buggyfit HQ's post 08/11/2021

What a fantastic prize!!

Buggyfit Leighton Buzzard 08/11/2021

⭐️ Class updates ⭐️

1) Friday mornings session will now start at 10am giving you a bit more time to get ready in the morning.

2) I have added a pay as you go option, this will be £7.

I’d love to see you this Friday. Send me a message if you have any more questions or book your spot here:

Annis x

Buggyfit Leighton Buzzard Welcome to Buggyfit – the best way to get back in shape after your new arrival! I know from first hand experience how daunting it can be getting those trai...


All babies cry, don’t worry! 😘


*Babies cry, they are supposed to.
There is no shame if your baby decides to cry while you are trying to enjoy an exercise class with friends.
*Nobody minds.
*As coaches we LOVE nothing more than taking your buggy on a walk around the class and even having a cuddle to allow you the freedom to continue with your exercise.

Come and give it a go..... your baby may surprise you and be the one who sleeps right through the class!!


Dedication is… when you show up at class even though the forecast said it’d be pouring with rain.

Photos from Buggyfit Leighton Buzzard's post 23/10/2021

No class photos this week as team Buggyfit LB have been walking around lakes and up fells in the beautiful Lake District. 🍁❤️ Class will be back next Friday, can’t wait to see you all there 😀 Book your place here: https://gymcatch.com/app/provider/4173/events or message if you’ve got any questions.

Photos from Buggyfit Leighton Buzzard's post 16/10/2021

Super mums working hard yesterday morning 💗 💪🏻


We did HIIT at class this morning and the weather was perfect. Well done ladies!


Working out is better with friends. 💗 If you tell a friend about Buggyfit and they buy a class pass you’ll get a class for free! 😀 (Offer valid for those with a current class pass.)

Photos from Buggyfit Leighton Buzzard's post 01/10/2021

A small but mighty group this morning. Well done ladies you did an amazing job! 💪🏻 I hope your arms aren’t too sore. 🙊


Dear Mums, I just wanted to remind you that your body grew an actual human!! You’re fantastic.


👶🏽 Buggyfit, every Friday 10:00 - 11:00 at Tiddenfoot Lake. Suitable for all levels of fitness. 💪🏻

First class £5
Pay As You Go £7
10 Class Pass £60

Message to book your spot or to find out more 🙂 x

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Another nice morning, another great workout by the lake
Buggyfit mums, our first session in LB



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