You Had The Power All Along

You Had The Power All Along

Hypnobirthing for strength and control in birth and beyond. I practice KGHypnobirthing. My style of

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Update: I’m currently on maternity leave but classes will begin again in January


It may look as though I’ve lost the plot but if you’re having any problems with constipation in your pregnancy, then you are going to thank me.

Hormones are primarily to blame for the constipation. Progesterone causes the bowel muscles to relax so the food sits in the digestive tract longer. Good for absorbing nutrients for baby, not so fun for those experiencing it.

Nutritionists may not have these on their pregnancy ‘must eat’ lists but, honestly, I swear by Raisin Wheats to help keep things regular.

In the last few days, I’ve really noticed my stomach is uncomfortable. It’s getting thoroughly squished now. So the last thing I want is to feel even more full.

All brand or own-brand varieties will do 👍

Any pregnancy 💩tips you swear by?


I suspect Ina May Gaskin, a woman who revolutionised the role of the midwife and our perceptions of birth, may have been slightly exaggerating here. Nonetheless, I’m a big advocate of the intention behind this quote.

For those able, it’s important to keep mobile and active in pregnancy. I actually think of giving birth as though you’re preparing for a long-distance run. It takes time, practice and strength. (And by the way, I hate running, I don’t do it, but I like the parallel 😂)

I’m 32 weeks now and I’m still doing a modified strength workout with weights. And a pregnancy yoga class. This isn’t me being smug, promise. But what I’m trying to convey is that being pregnant doesn’t stop you from moving and feeling strong. It’s a myth that we need to overcome.

We get told ‘you can’t’ a lot in pregnancy. But don’t let judgey people put you off. You know your body best. Seek out expertise, of course, but then do what makes you feel good.

For more information on moving in pregnancy, check out The Active Pregnancy Foundation. And, for pregnancy safe workouts, Bumps and Burpees and MAMA WELL are brilliant.

How about you? Are you someone still working out in your pregnancy? Any exercises you love? 💪


Have you taken the time to think about all the amazing things your body is doing throughout pregnancy? All those natural processes that are combining to create a whole new life inside you.

When we're feeling run down, uncomfortable and fed-up, it can be easy to forget about all the power we have. But, honestly, give yourself a pat on the back because pregnancy makes you a super hero!


Let’s talk pregnancy skin. The mix of hormones coursing through the pregnant body can have all sorts of affects on our skin. And, it can change as you move through each trimester.

I’m oily and acne prone so have found in both my pregnancies that I’ve had ups and downs with my skin.

But I’ve mastered a selection of products that work for me. Couple of things to remember:
- You should avoid vitamin A even before you conceive so that means ideally stopping any retinoids when trying
- Some acne treatments should not be used during pregnancy, so check with your GP if you’re on anything that is prescribed
- There are quite a few acids that aren’t pregnancy friendly - things like salicylic acid
- Don’t panic if you’ve used any of these things and then found out you’re pregnant. Skin absorption is relatively low risk but just stop once you know

Ok, so here’s the products I use. I’m not a skincare expert in anyway. If you’re looking for more advice, check out Caroline Hirons or Dr Sam Bunting.

My morning routine is:
🔸Dr Sam Bunting cleanser
🔸The Ordinary Azelaic acid (not pictured as I’ve just run out 🤦🏼‍♀️) but this is a good ‘safe’ acid
🔸Dr Sam Bunting moisturiser
🔸Dr Sam Bunting SPF - use this everyday regardless of how sunny it is!

My PM routine
🔸Dr Sam Bunting cleanser
🔸Superfacialist Vitamin C oil cleanser - I’ve had dry skin this pregnancy and this has really helped for a second cleanse
🔸I sometimes use the First Aid Facial Radiance Pads - again this is a ‘safe’ acid at a low concentration
🔸Dr Sam Bunting moisturiser
🔸Vichy Normaderm SOS Anti-blemish sulphur paste - for any breakouts. Many ‘spot creams’ aren’t recommended for pregnancy but this one is ok
🔸Vaseline - anyone else finding their lips have swollen?!
🔸NARS tinted moisturiser - when I only need a little coverage

So that’s my routine. Any other products you love? Have you glowed throughout pregnancy?

5 tips on how to promote your hypnobirthing or antenatal business 26/01/2021

Attention all fellow hypnobirthing and antenatal teachers!

I'm running a free workshop on Tuesday 16th Feb at 7.30pm GMT on 5 easy steps to promote your birthing business. Read more, and sign up, using the link below.

5 tips on how to promote your hypnobirthing or antenatal business This workshop will explain 5 ways you can promote your birthing business


With snow here in the UK and lockdown in England, it's hard to think about gorgeous places abroad. But, this picture is of Agios Stefanos in Corfu. In my teaching, we use a relaxation script called The Magic Carpet. Within it, you're asked to imagine a happy, calm place that feels you with warmth and good vibes. It's intended to be a visualisation you can draw on to feel relaxed in labour.

And, this pic shows the happy place I go to when I do the relaxation!

I spent lots of teenage summers there. I returned for my 30th birthday with my partner, parents and my sister. And, I can't wait to go there again with my own little family.

Until then, I'll enjoy imagining it as I listen to the relaxation before I go to sleep.

Where's your happy place?


Lots of people hear the name hypnobirthing and think 'that's not for me'. But hypnobirthing is not the airy-fairy practice its name might suggest.

Learning hypnobirthing involves an extensive overview of the biology of birth as well as evidence-based insights to inform your care. Yep, it's actually very nerdy. It's less about doing some breathing and more about how you can best use your body to make birth a positive experience.

Please don't be put off by its name. Hypnobirthing is for everyone who wants to be informed and empowered about birth.


Here's how we can work together.

I aim for my courses to be fun, approachable and BS-free.

Hypnobirthing is as much about understanding your options in birth as it is as about relaxations and calming music. Don't let any pre-conceived thoughts about hypnobirthing put you off giving it a try. It is honestly for everyone!


This is how I approach hypnobirthing. It's really important to me that no pregnant person ever leave their birth feeling like a failure.

My course equips you with the knowledge of every type of birth scenario. And gives you the tools to make informed, empowered decisions about your care.

I always advise you to think of your birth plan as a guide rather than a concrete set of actions. That way you'll always feel in control.

Sound like something for you? Head to to book on to one of my courses.

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