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Operating as usual


It has been a fantastic first week back at school for the 2023-24 academic year. Children have been very settled and are enjoying getting to know their new staff teams.
We have welcomed our new Reception class and their families to our wonderful school.
Nursery children and parents have also been coming into school to explore the fantastic learning environment our staff have created

To all parents and carers- please make sure you have signed up to seesaw (our learning and communication platform) and have your notifications switched on 👍🏻 we don’t want you to miss out on any important messages and updates on your child’s learning.

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 06/07/2023


Year 6 are learning about WWII and have been focused on the impact of the war on Coventry in their local area study.

Last week, they visited both the new and old cathedral, as well as the blitz museum, took part in workshops and explored the architecture around both cathedrals. They also climbed the steeple of the old cathedral! 🥵🥵

The children were enthused about their learning on their return to school and know more now about their local history. Coventry Cathedral

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 06/07/2023


Maths is Year 5 has been all about calculating the volume of 3D shapes.

Children have been investigating what volume means and the different methods of calculating it. They’ve also been exploring differebt ways of making shapes with the same volume

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 05/07/2023


Year 5 have been enjoying their bikeability sessions as part of their PE curriculum. Theyve been learning about road safety, signalling, positioning on the road and gaining confidence as bike riders.

We are so impressed with the progress that all of the children are making, especially those who were reluctant to ride a bike and are now absolutely smashing it!

They listen carefully to instructors whilst out in the local area and are representing our school beautifully! Well done Year 5!

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 04/07/2023


Year 6 have been studying ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ by Michelle Magorian in English- one of my favourite novels linked to WWII.

To support their understanding, language and experience of a countryside setting like the one in the book, the children visited the village of Dunchurch.

They explored the thatched roofs of cottages, the churchyard- just like the one in Little Weirwold and thought about using different senses to describe their surroundings.

It looks very picturesque 🖼️

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 03/07/2023


As part of their History project ‘Emperors and Empires’ Year 3 visited Lunt Roman Fort to find out more about life as a Roman centurion. They battled with their swords and shields, learnt about how to defend the fort, found out what it would be like as a Roman soldier living in a fort and explored the weaponary amd armour.

Children came back to school full of new knowledge to apply in their History lessons 🧑🏻‍🏫

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 03/07/2023


Year 1 have been investigating the trees in our local learning environment. They were looking for both deciduous and evergreen trees. The children were also looking closely at the different parts of the tree: the trunk, branches, leaves, buds, blossom and flowers. They then chose their favourite tree and used coloured crayons to do a tree rubbing, in order to explore the intricate patterns of the trunk.

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 02/07/2023


I have had great fun teaching Year 4 how to use sculpting wire to create armature and clay to mould a shape. We then used clay tools to sculpt the final details and finishing touches. Our Sumerian statuettes turned out brilliantly!

Keep your eyes peeled for the final pieces!

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 01/07/2023


In Year 2, children have re-enacted the Battle of Hastings after exploring pictures from the Bayeux Tapestry. They used their knowledge of how William the Conqueror became king and applied it to their dramatisation.

Great work Year 2! You are building your knowledge of different Monarchs over time 👑👑



Some of our youngest children displaying two of our LONGFORD STARS values. Working together to create a castle with the building blocks. Well done Reception 🙌🏻

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 01/07/2023


Year 6 have been busy designing and creating these fantastic ’Bees, Beetles and Butterflies’. They have learned about different illustrators and scientific drawings, composed their own sketches and then used a range of materials to complete their designs.

We think they look brilliant- well done Year 6 ✏️📝



Year 5 have been studying an abridged version of Macbeth- originally written by William Shakespeare.

They have really enjoyed exploring the story in lots of different ways, including acting out the famous opening scene on the Heath with the 3 old hags.

I’m so impressed by how well all of the children have remembered the words to the chant!

I’ve also been reading some fantastic letters in the style of Macbeth to his wife. I can’t wait to read the full stories next week! ✏️📝🧙🏻

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 30/06/2023


The school hall was transformed into another world last week- a world full of snozcumbers where giants eat chidlers!

It’s the BFG by Roald Dahl! Some amazing vocabulary collected and shared ready for children to use in their writing ✏️✏️✏️

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 29/06/2023

WRITING 📝✏️🏝️☀️

Year 1 are now absolute experts on the book ‘Grandad’s Island’ by Benji Davies.

They had read the story several times, sequenced the important events, described the setting and the characters, had a ’visit’ to explore the island (which included a tropical juice bar, a treasure hunt, sea shell hunt, exotic birds, lots of sand play and a well deserved ice lolly!)

Children have also created their own islands which they will be writing their own adventure story about.

Wow Year 1! You have been incredibly busy 📝✏️☀️🏝️

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 29/06/2023


In Nursery, children have been learning all about the number 4 in their maths lessons.

They have been using the nursery rhyme ‘little speckled frogs’ to help them to count to 4 reliably. The children have then been using the little frogs to count 4 speckled frogs on the speckled log.

Well done children, super knowledge of 4! 4️⃣🧮

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 29/06/2023


Things have been getting rather messy in Year 2!
The children have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. Their experience day challenge was to create their own marvellous, magic medicine to get rid of grandma!

Some very interesting concoctions were created!

I’ve been very impressed by the knowledge the children have of the book, the language they are using to describe characters and settings AND some of their amazing illustrations of characters from the book.

We can’t wait to read your own stories about magical medicine Year 2! 📝✏️

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 28/06/2023


Year 4 have enjoyed their experience day, exploring the forest setting in Narnia to inspire their own version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by CS Lewis.

Children collected and generated some amazing vocabulary to describe the fur coats in the wardrobe, the lamppost, the fir trees in the forest and even some homemade snow!

I can’t wait to read your stories Year 4 📝✏️


Do you have something you could sell to our community? Are you looking to expand your small business?
Get in touch!
We would love to offer you a stall at our summer fete.
See the flyer for details ☀️☀️☀️


Who has signed up?
Our Year 1 class are taking part! We can’t wait to see what they get up to 👏🏻


Taking part in is good for your health! 💚

Last year, over 74% of people said improved their mental health.

This year, NHS England is joining us to encourage you to take part and go wild for wellbeing this June. Find out more 👉 http://ow.ly/jyWZ50OFMZ2


Calling all Year 6 pupils!
Following on from our Dol y Moch residential and Mol y Doch adventurous activities, we know we have a fair few children who might be interested in these summer holiday adventures!

Parents- click the link to find out more and check out the flyer we shared on Seesaw 👍🏻

If you know a young person between the ages of 11 and 15, we encourage you to sign them up to the outdoor activity camps that will be held in Coombe Abbey Park this summer by Coventry Outdoors.

Each participant is guaranteed to experience an adventure like never before!

Places are also available for young people coming through the HAF programme.

Find out more: https://orlo.uk/MKMlJ


Happy Summer Term 2!
It was great to welcome the children back to school today after half term.

We have got a jam-packed few weeks ahead with lots of exciting learning, visits and events in school.

Parents and carers- look out for important dates on the next newsletter 🌞🌞

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 30/05/2023


Our Year 6 children who didn’t join the group down in Wales at Dol y Moch, were treated to a very exciting week back in Coventry.

Bowling, film and snacks, cooking, footgolf, visit to Memorial Park, working with the Park Rangers at Longford Park, Go Ape and an afternoon team building at Coombe Abbey.

Great teamwork, resilience and support Year 6. Fantastic memories made as you move into your final half term at our school.

Thank you to Mrs Cooper-Phillips, Mrs Grant and Mr Prabhakar for supporting the children this week 👍🏻

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 29/05/2023


Our Dol y Moch group returned to Coventry on Saturday. They had an amazing week with so many memories made and experiences they will cherish for life.

I hope the children have had a restful copule of days.

Thank you so much to Mrs Goode, Mrs Mozley and Mrs Evans for giving up your time to take the children on their residential visit. I look forward to hearing all about it when we return to school next week 👍🏻 Plas Dol-y-Moch thank you to all of your amazing staff for such a memorable week 🙌🏻

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 28/05/2023


As part of their Mol y Doch activities, some of our Year 6 pupils visited the War Memorial Park. Whilst there, they explored the different monuments and memorials commemorating those brave souls who lost their lives in WW1 and WW2.

In school, children researched different soldiers from Coventry and wrote their own memorial plaques for them

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 28/05/2023


Nursery have been practicing their motor skills by weaving ribbons onto the fence in their outdoor space.

This weaving is inspired by the local ribbon weavers and the Ribbon Roundabout.

You are so creative! Well done children 👏🏻👏🏻

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 28/05/2023


Another city centre visit with Year 4 visiting Ford Hospital. They found out who build it, when, why and how it’s purpose has changed over time.

Back at school, they wrote some information leaflets to share their knowledge with others.

A hidden gem and important part of Coventry’s history

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 27/05/2023


Linking to their History project ‘School Days’ Year 1 have been thinking about what our school and local area was like in the past.

They walked down to the local canal and learnt about what it was used for a hundred years ago.

Whilst there, they also spotted wildlife and made links with their Science knowledge.

The children were very sensible near the water and represented Longford Park very well.

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 27/05/2023


Year 3 visited Coventry Cathedral, exploring the differences between the old and the new. Children learnt about the importance of the different chapels, who built the cathedrals and the different reasons people visit.

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 27/05/2023


Year 2 visited Spon Street to find out more about the Tudor buildings linking to their learning about King Henry VIII in History.

Children found out about what the buildings used to be used for compared with today. They also learnt about why Tudor buildings were built up and out to create more space and the materials used to build the houses


This weekend, look out for a focus on all things Coventry!

Last week, as a school we celebrated Coventry Heritage Week. Our EYFS classes focused on things which make Coventry famous whilst Years 1-6 explored significant places in Coventry, visiting many locations around the city.

Children have completed some excellent pieces of writing linked to their visits 💙

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 26/05/2023


Year 4 have been designing some incredible double page spreads in their History books, sharing the knowledge they have learnt about Ancient Sumerian cities.

Very creative, some great historical vocabulary being used and making links with prior knowledge of Roman towns and cities.

Great work Year 4!

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 25/05/2023


It was lovely to pop into a Year 5 Science lesson today where the children shared their fantastic knowledge and vocabulary with me of homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures.

They were using different methods to separate the mixtures. Always better when chocolate is involved too….thank you for my maltesers!

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 25/05/2023

Last week, Year 1 visited Brandon Marsh to apply their learning in Science to the natural environment.

Thank you to Sara who has worked with the children at school this year too, thank you to the Year 1 staff and parent volunteer for making the visit possible.

Children took part in: pond dipping, matching life cycles, creating trees and roots using natural resources, some bird and plant spotting and a beautiful nature walk.

They were impeccably behaved and took their new knowledge back to the classroom. Well done Year 1 🙌🏻 Warwickshire Wildlife Trust Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 25/05/2023


lots of water play in reception, making the most of the fantastic weather!

Children have been using the water and different tools to support their motor skills and pre-writing skills

It’s been lots of fun!

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 24/05/2023

Some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils are currently enjoying the beautiful weather down at Plas Dol-y-Moch in Wales and have had a really successful first full day of activities

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 05/05/2023


Longford Park have done it again!
Our brilliant children and staff have worked collaboratively to produce some superb artwork for our community gallery on the school fence.

We love how proud they are to share their work with their adults and the wider community.

We look forward to celebrating further tomorrow with our families and will also welcome Deputy Lieutenant Colonel George Marsh (MBE) onto site as a representative of the King.

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 04/05/2023

A huge well done to our amazing running club who have taken part in a special commemorative run this evening as part of our Coronation celebrations.

The team, led by Mrs Goode, includes children and members of staff who completed the magic mile around our local park.

Children and adults were very supportive of each other. There was lots of cheering and encouragement. Every single child and staff member who ran gave their best effort. Children were respectful to members of the public enjoying the sunshine in the park.

Many thanks to the parents who volunteered to Marshall the course.

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 28/04/2023


Year 4 are writing a story based on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.
Their first experience day was very exciting! They explored lots of different types of metals which could be use to build a robot or a giant. They then went outside to investigate just how gigantic, ginormous and mammoth the Iron Man really is.

Some brilliant vocabulary used the next day in your writing Year 4! Well done 🙌🏻

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 26/04/2023


Year 5 are writing a narrative based on The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie- a brilliant magical mystery story which really gets the children’s imaginations going.

For their first experience day, a strange door appeared in the classroom…where did it lead? Only the children know!

They then explored different smells they might experience in the emporium…from lavender to vanilla to turmeric and paprika.

Great descriptive language was then gathered and shared to support writing ✏️✏️

Photos from Longford Park Primary School's post 26/04/2023


Year 4 have been using Scratch to design their own creations for computer based art.

Mr Hunt was very impressed with the children’s skills. Some very ⭐️Aspirational⭐️ computing whizzes!

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