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📣Update 📣

It has taken my sometime to think about how to write this but I am afraid that I am closing Woolley-Griffin Books. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this.

It has been great sharing everything Usborne with you but life is a bit crazy atm with my job, Ivy starting school and something has to give.

Don't worry though as I am still promoting/selling our collaborations with . Once they are gone they are gone.

I am also going to keep being rep for the amazing small businesses that I support. I am keeping this account just slightly changing it to share our play, adventures and things I find useful so I hope you all stay. I hope you will follow us for the ride

If anyone has any advice for children starting school please let me know. Or advice on how you cope with them starting school.🤣 let me know.

Thank you and here to the new chapter of Woolley-Griffin Adventures.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 24/06/2022

🚙Road Trip🚛

Are you going on a road trip? Or do you have a little one who loves anything automotive?

This set is great with:

🚙1x 199 things that go
🚜6x handpainted wooden slices

For £19.00 plus p&p

Please DM me or @ to order.

Please look at other sets and postage can be reduced for multiple buys.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 16/06/2022

Fruit & vegetables

Ivy has been enjoying our first harvest Strawberries (they didn't last long😁)

Ivy loves growing things and gardening. Ivy loves using her sticker book and wooden slices to look at what we have set and how things grow.

You can this great bundle of sticker book, hand painted vegetable slices for £21.99 plus p&p. These are great additions to mud kitchen play as well.

Please DM me or to order.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 13/06/2022

Monday holiday blues.

We had a great few days away last week and back to reality now.

I will share some of the activities we took away over the next few days.

Where is the ☕?

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 31/05/2022

🇬🇧Queen's Jubilee 🇬🇧

Ivy loved playing with this set up with our set from use WoolGriff10 for 10% off and our pebbles from

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 26/05/2022

🐞Bugs to Spot👀

Ivy is loving exploring the garden with our wooden slices and bug chart.

She is really enjoying then playing in the rice with the pebbles and matching them again.

To order the bugs to spot book and wooden slices for £16.00 plus p&p please DM me or

Who's going on a bug hunt?

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 20/05/2022

🐞199 Bugs🐝

We absolutely love these books. Great for learning about different bugs in different environments.

With we have this amazing bug set available. Great for
🐞play set ups
🐝taking on adventures
🪲bug hunts

This set is £19.99 plus p&p. You get:

🦗1x 199 bug book
🦋8x handpainted bug slices (so much detail)
🪲1x bag to keep your slices in

Please order via DM or visit etsy shop available in their bio.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 17/05/2022


A quick zoo set up wit our:

chickpea bases WoolGriff10 for 10% off

zoo keeper

Which is your favourite animal?

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 10/05/2022

🦏Safari Shadows🦒

This is a great activity from

Ivy loved identifying the animals and matching the shadows.

Use WoolGriff10 for 10% off some great resources.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 06/05/2022

🍦Seaside set ⛱

Are you going on your hols or dreaming of going away?

Oh I do like be beside the seaside. I am definitely dreaming of the seaside.

This book and slice set is great for exploring or learning about the seaside.

A great deal at £19 plus p&p

Order via DM me or

We have a number of sets that can be brought via shop.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 04/05/2022

🦁Safari Party Play🦒

Safari and birthday pebbles from
they have a amazing details and the birthday ones are great for Ivy's memory box.

The hippo board is

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 29/04/2022

🥳Ivy turned 4🥳

Sorry I have not been very active we have a been busy with Ivy turning 4.

Keep a 👀 for a great sale coming up in the next few weeks. I will share some of the great small business tems we had for Ivy's birthday over next few days.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 26/04/2022

🐸 World Frog Day on Saturday 🐸

We love this set with . Ivy loves learning about the frog lifecycle and knows that tadpoles turn into frogs.

This set is available for £18.99 plus p&p. You can order via DM or visit Etsy (link available in their bio)


I am taking a break over the next couple of weeks. I will be popping on sometimes.

It is Ivy birthday in a couple of weeks and we find out which school she is going to (I might need another break 🤣)

Have a good time whatever you are up to.

You can order from website and the link is in my bio.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 07/04/2022

🐰Easter Tray Play🥚

I got these egg cards a while ago and can't remember from where but I found this with one from Ukrainian 🇺🇦.

Ivy loved playing and exploring this her books

We have our peg dolls from WoolGriff10 for 10% off
Wooden slices from WoolGriff10 for 10% off
Loose parts from
WoolGriff10 for 10% off

Crochet flowers from
Flower board
Resin letters

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 05/04/2022

🐰Easter Bunny Lift the Flap Book🐰

Special Offer £6 including p&p only 2 available (no rep codes valid on this offer)

A lovely Easter book which has a lovely story and features lift the flaps to help explore the story further.

DM to order

Featuring bunny and wooden slice. WoolGriff10 for 10% off these businesses.


⚘Spring Tray⚘

It hasn't felt much like spring these past few days but we have a tray and table set.

I will sharing more play over the next few days.

Items are from:

Rabbit and Chick peg dolls WoolGriff10 for 10%off

Slices from WoolGriff10 for 10% off

Spring tree from
Flower board from
Spring word from
Easter flash cards from
Crochet animals from

Books from me 😁

Tray from the charity shop

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 30/03/2022

📚Playdough Book📚

This is a great book you can use with playdough. We love playdough and this is a lovely book with colourful pages and instructions on making the shapes

Great addition to playdough play.

Please follow the link in my bio to order.


📚Book Corner 📚

Absolutely love this book corner from including our peep 👀 inside animal homes book.

I love seeing the books being loved and enjoyed.

Please tag me in any of your book play as would love to see what how use books.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 20/03/2022

⚘First Day of Spring💐

Have you been noticing spring arriving?

We have been exploring ponds and what is them.

We have this great collaboration with

🐸1x pond life spotter bug with stickers and charts to log what you see.
🐸6x handpainted slices with the picture and name of the item on the back.

This set is £14.99 plus p&p.

They come in a bag for taking exploring.

Please DM me or
Or visit shop in their bio.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 19/03/2022

🎉Happy Weekend 🎉

We are so crazy at the moment.

We have a busy weekend of work, decorating, swimming, parties and more.

Always time for Phonice Books. Ivy brought this massive pile in this morning.

You can scroll through to see her choosing her next ones 😁.

Which are your favourites?

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 15/03/2022

✍Mark Making✍

We have been mark making. Ivy has been learning to write her name. She has the letters right but just needs to get the order right 😀.

We used from:

Mark making slices and name peg dolls. WoolGriff10 for 10% off

Ivy resin name

Ivy name board

Ivy name pebbles

letter tray and letters

wooden letters you can trace

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 11/03/2022

🌱Sowing Seeds🌱

Have you started sowing seeds yet with the first signs of spring?

This book and slices sets are great for learning about plants and how they grow.

You can get:
🌻1x Usborne Beginners book on Seeds and Flowers
🌼5x plant lifecycle handpainted wooden slices
🦋5x gardening slices handpainted wooden slices

You can get the whole bundle for £29.99 or either set with book for £18.99.

DM me or to order

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 08/03/2022

🎉International Women's Day🎉

I am sharing some of the great books we have that celebrate women.

Great for inspiring and teaching any children about women.

You can order via my website (link in bio) or send me a DM

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 07/03/2022

🐸Frog Life Cycle set🐸

We are hopping mad about this collaboration with

This set is a great for learning about frog life cycles. You get the book and slices.

£18.50 plus p&p

🐸Beginners Tadpoles and Frog book
🐸5 x Handpainted wooden slices

DM me or to order or visit website via their bio.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 05/03/2022

🇺🇦Support for Ukraine 🇺🇦

I just need to post about Ukraine to show my support to the people of Ukraine.

Seeing the awful things happening in that country and my heart goes out to the citizens and families. It does make you hug your family that little bit closer.

Please support where you can. Some great businesses are offering some great ways to raise money including .senses with a great market.

So in support any books ordered this weekend I will donate the profits to the British Red Cross. You can either order directly from me or via my website (If you order via my website let me know).

Please donate where you can.


Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 04/03/2022

🦁Wild about That's not books🦁

Sorry I haven't been around much. This month is a little bit crazy.

On Wednesday we had a great time . It was a great Safari theme.

It is really helpful that this is the theme for Ivy's birthday this year 😀.

I loved this set up wild about book as we love these books. Ivy spotted them straight away. Ivy also loved the safari tours and talking to the lion on the walkie talkie.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 02/03/2022

💧Rainy Day💧

Thank you so much to for sharing this great set up with our book Why does it rain.

Books make a great resource to add to your set ups. If you want any recommendations let me know.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 01/03/2022

🥞Pancake Day🥞

Happy Pancake Day

We have had great fun playing with our pancake set up.

We look at our ingredients and look at quantities.

We have our Pancake Day slices from use WoolGriff10 for 10% off

We love our runaway pancake book. Does the pancake get eaten? Who eats the pancake?


Don't scroll to the end of the pictures if you don't want yo know 🤣.


🥳 Out of Office 🥳

With it being half term next week I am going to take a break.

My website is still open to order from (link available in my bio) and happy to help when I am back.

Have fun with what you have planned. I know some of you are back to normal next week.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 16/02/2022

🦷Going to the Dentist🦷

We are having a battle at the moment with Ivy and brushing her teeth so we used our going to the Dentist mini book just £2.50 and our set from use WoolGriff10 for 10% off

Does anyone have any tricks for getting their child to brush their teeth 😁.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 11/02/2022

🧠Children's Mental Health Week 🧠

Sorry I haven't posted as much this week I have been ill but hopefully on the mend.

Today we did our mental health play.

We had our pebbles from our feelings slice from WoolGriff10 for 10% off
Chickpeas are from WoolGriff10 for 10% off

We used our new lift the flap feelings book which is great and I love the how are you feeling wheel. Ivy loved copying the expression from our emotions slices and matching them to her book.

We then mixed food colouring with shaving foam (thank you for the idea) to make our feelings colours.

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 08/02/2022

❤Love Playdough ❤

Thank you for the suggestion of playdough as an activity.

Ivy loved it. She loved using our resin items from to make shapes in the playdough. Woolley10 for 10% off. They have some great items that brings so much more to activities.

I maybe a bit a less active on here whilst we recover.



We are loving our Valentine's tray. Ivy loves playing with her pebbles and the board.

10% off

Wooden slices WoolGriff10

Chickpeas WoolGriff10

Resin spoons, flowers and hearts Woolley10

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 04/02/2022

❤ ice ice ice baby ❤

Ivy loved making the coloured water and adding glitter. She was asking if it had frozen all the time 😁. We used our heart ❤ ice cube tray.

Ivy loved watching it melt and turning her hands red and glittery. Even though I gave her tongs and scoops she wanted to use her hands 🤣.

We kept going back to see if it had melted.

We used our which is brilliant.


❤Isolation House ❤

We have finally all caught Covid. So glad I did our Valentine's tuff spot.

We are going slightly crazy already as shown by Ivy in this Valentine's glasses 🤣

If you have any great ideas to keep a 3 year old entertained let me know 🤣.

Happy Thursday everyone


Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 02/02/2022

❤Love is in the air❤

I have done our Valentine tuff spot.

Ivy has loved exploring all the fun things on it.

I will share things in more detail over the next few days.

We have:

Valentine slices from WoolGriff10 for 10% off

Love resin and loose parts from Woolley10 for 10% off

Valentine pegdolls from WoolGriff10 for 10% off

Wedding pegdolls from AWG10 for 10% off

Chickpeas from WoolGriff10 for 10% off

Painted blossom tree from

Love and heart boads from

Love bug and heart from


🎉Order Going In Today 🎉

Let me know if you need anything.
Contact me if you want any recommendations

Photos from Woolley-Griffin Books's post 30/01/2022

🐦Feed the Birds 🐦

Ivy has loved learning about birds and feeding them on her tuff spot.

She loved matching her pebbles to the garden birds in our 199 Things in the Garden book.

Barry also liked eating all the coloured rice I had left on the table 🤦🏼‍♀️ (he is fine 🤣) He ate around the pebbles 🤣

Pebbles are from

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