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The STAART newsletter for September 2020 containing articles from contributors that show creative thinking and resilience even in this trying times that we live in is available at:
Stay safe and be creative.
Pleas can you Share guys My Company FILM VOLT are delighted to to announce in Partnership with Breakneck Prods Graeae Theatre Company and the National Theatre and to celebration we are very Proud to announce the Trailer release of the Behind The Scenes that covers the Ground Braking First ever production at the National Theatre in spring 2016 with Jack Thorne’s The Solid Life of Sugar Water, which played a sell-out run in the Temporary Theatre following a critically acclaimed run at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and a UK tour. This production not only marked the first time Graeae Theatre Company had been seen at the National Theater, but also the first time a led theatre company, with a fully accessible production, had been seen on one of the National’s stages. The production starred ITV as Alice, and The Innocents on Netflix as Phil, and was directed by Graeae’s Associate Director Sharma. Theatre Royal Plymouth co-produced the production with Graeae.with veteran Co Producer Simon Gilchrist known for BBC Panorama and Lee Friend A full Press releases and will be announced next week with more details so keep an eye out.
Tourettes Action are offering this course to therapists/clinicians who will be able to offer Treatment for Tics (CBIT) which is used for children and adults with tics and Tourettes Syndrome (TS). Tourettes Action recognise that there is a critical shortage of trained therapists for people with tics and TS and in order to address this has embarked on this training initiative many thanks Seonaid Research Manager
Please do not become involved with AS 452, you need to know the politics first. ADUK do not like us training our dogs and if you think writing disabled people - ensuring they can handle their dogs is acceptable to send to EHRC to bring their assistance dog guidance down then I wonder about your ethics.

Just because we are disabled doesn't mean we cannot train our own assistance dogs, that mitigate our disability. Assistance Dogs in law are Auxiliary aids and the BSI will violate Equality Act and Equality Act code practice

An example: The vast majority of cyclist are not disabled, yet the cyclist -v- pedestrian accidents are frightening high, into the thousands each year including deaths. Is anyone trying to put a BSI on cyclist, controlling them, registering them, recording them as being able to mange their bikes!

There's no laws for any dogs in service providers premises, its up to the service provider if they want to accept dogs or not, so why must we be marked stamped, approved, validated, while non disabled go about their business, unchecked, why us disabled user that train our own dogs are subjected to this awful BSI

would you work with people who signed a letter that says this.

Disabled people - ensuring they can handle their dogs.

Pg 12 states “Disabled people who are partnered with assistance dogs may also receive expert training to ensure that they can handle their dogs”. Whilst the careful use of the word ‘may’ here is accurate, this statement is also misleading.

What does a business/service provider understand by the word ‘partnered’? How would they know if the dog was specifically partnered to the person by an Assistance Dog provider, given no burden of proof is required?

Whilst all AD (UK) providers do provide expert training to persons, this may not be true for other providers.

Not all owner-trainers will have the skills / knowledge to be able to sufficiently handle their dogs.

Training for the dog-handler team to reach a set standard is only a guaranteed requirement from AD(UK) organisations. This includes other aspects beyond handling such as: understanding dog related legislation; having public liability insurance, routine checks and ongoing reviews and assessments of the partnership being conducted. Both the person’s and the dog’s ability to work to the required safe standard can change over time.

There is no such guarantees for dogs provided by other organisations, nor for owner-trained dogs.

So its only disabled people who send their dog to rescue centres because we can't handle our dogs, who check non disabled, why us, why must we be subjected to all this checking. what next sterilize us, if we cant handle a dog, surely we can't handle babies and children

Before any decision please speak with us, we can tell you the politics around ADUK and owner trained. This is to have absolute control

NADP is the Professional Association for disability and inclusivity practitioners in the further and

Operating as usual


This is a message coming hot and strong from many students at the moment

Resilience is a falsehood. Just because a person can take a lot of punches doesn't mean that the punches don't hurt just as much.

When we force children to become "resilient", what we are actually doing is asking them to take the hit and stay quiet about it.

Photos from The Wheeled Piper's post 25/01/2023

This really illustrates the emotional impact of lack of accessibility of venues.

Discussion Groups - OIAHE 04/10/2022

Discussion Groups - OIAHE

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) are asking for disabled students to join their online discussion groups running in October to help them understand student views.

Discussion Groups - OIAHE Information about our upcoming discussion groups for students and student advisers.


Lynn, our Executive Director, has just passed an MSc module on Long Covid which was delivered by Dundee Medical School. She reports that it is a great course and she is now preparing a presentation for our NADP members.

Student Su***de Prevention Workshop 18/08/2022

Student Su***de Prevention Workshop

Student su***de prevention webinar:

Student Su***de Prevention Workshop How can we get students to speak up about their mental health? Join the discussion with Dr. Dominique Thompson, Tom Chapman and Shocka.

Timeline photos 15/08/2022

One of our members recommended this course.

Want to learn BSL but don't know where to get started?

Why not sign up for our tailored BSL for beginner's course.

The course, an introduction to BSL and deaf awareness provides an immersive learning experience, with informal clips, receptive practice, short multiple-choice quizzes, vocabulary and more.

Sounds interesting?
Just follow the QR code or Link below for more information!

Sensory tennis - Sense 06/07/2022

Sensory tennis - Sense

Sensory tennis - Sense Find out everything you need to know about running sensory tennis sessions for people with complex disabilities.

Timeline photos 29/06/2022

Timeline photos

"Coming out has been an incredible and challenging experience which has absolutely been shaped by my blindness."

This , Connor talks about some of the unique challenges he has faced being both blind and transgender.

"Not long after coming out, I had a conversation with my sister and she said something that really stood out to me. She was talking about a trans friend of hers, and how their transition had seemed less surprising in some ways than my own, because they had eased into it, changing their hair and clothing before they came out. I had wanted to do these things, but I hadn't been sure how I could."

"When shopping, I need assistance, whether that's from someone working in the shop or from a friend. I hadn't felt like I could ask for help buying men's clothes without explaining why I wanted them. Likewise, I couldn't look at pictures of hairstyles online to choose one I liked. I had to work with the person cutting my hair, getting advice from them. That was much easier to do after I came out and I could tell people why I needed to make these changes."

"What I really want is the chance to live my life. I want meaningful friendships, a fulfilling career, access to sport and art and theatre. I want so much and yet I don't feel as though any of these things are unreasonable. They are made harder because I am blind, as many things are inaccessible to me."

"I think these are issues that all blind people face, whether they are trans or not. But when you are transgender there's an extra layer to it."

"But when I look around and see, metaphorically speaking, those who have stood with me and continue to fight for me, I believe that these things are possible."

Check out Connor's full story:


Today is 'Bring Your Dog To Work Day', but that's no different to every other day for Jocelyne.

Hearing dog Kennedy, goes to work with Jocelyne, who is a civil servant for the RAF, providing her with practical and emotional support during her working day.

Jocelyne was born with hearing loss and her condition deteriorated, over time, leaving her with a severe level of deafness. Her hearing loss affected her confidence, particularly when out in public and at work.

Jocelyne felt vulnerable and anxious and avoided going anywhere on her own until she was partnered with her first hearing dog, Bruno. Jocelyne now has black Labrador, Kennedy, by her side who gives her more confidence at work.

Jocelyne has had many roles in the MOD but currently works as a Wing Executive Officer, looking after the RAF Air Cadets. Kennedy has a similarly important role at the office, alerting Jocelyne to important and life-saving sounds at her workplace.

Jocelyne said, “Kennedy helps me immensely. His role is to tell me when my landline telephone rings and to alert me to the fire alarm. One particular incident, which we laugh about now, was when one of my colleagues set the alarm off by accident. Whilst it was a false alarm, Kennedy sprang into action to tell me it was going off. It is reassuring to know he is there to alert me should there be a real emergency.”

A hearing dog acts as a person’s ears. When they hear one of the sounds that they are trained to alert people to, they will let their deaf partner know by nudging them. The person will then ask the dog ‘What is it?’ and the dog will lead the person to the source of the sound.

In the case of danger sounds such as the smoke alarm, the dog will lay down on the ground when asked ‘What is it?’. This signals that they’ve heard a danger sound and ensures they are not leading their partner towards danger.

As importantly, hearing dogs wear a burgundy jacket in public, alerting others to the fact that someone is deaf and therefore may have different communication needs, which Jocelyne finds makes every day at work easier.

Jocelyne said: “Hearing loss is a hidden disability yet Kennedy makes it visible. He helps to highlight my deafness at work in a very positive way thanks to his burgundy Hearing Dogs jacket.

“Everyone at work loves Kennedy. He provides pet therapy to those who work in my office. Kennedy is seriously spoilt! It is lovely to see how much of an impact he has had on everyone.”

Jocelyne adds: “Being deaf can be a life limiting condition but hearing dogs can and do help deaf people overcome some of the challenges that deafness brings. Each of my dogs has helped me feel happy, independent and confident; qualities that have enabled me to achieve and contribute equally in society.”

Welcome to - Monotropism 30/05/2022

Welcome to - Monotropism

For reference

Welcome to - Monotropism Monotropism is a theory of autism developed by autistic people, initially by Dinah Murray and Wenn Lawson. Monotropic minds tend to have their attention pulled more strongly towards a smaller number of interests at any given time, leaving fewer resources for other processes. We argue that this can e...

Apple previews innovative accessibility features 20/05/2022

Apple previews innovative accessibility features

Apple previews innovative accessibility features Apple today previewed innovative software features that introduce new ways for users with disabilities to get the most out of Apple products.


Love this one!

Courtesy of (instagram)

Seen on (instagram)

Timeline photos 12/05/2022

Timeline photos

It is and to mark this inaugural event, our Chief Medical Advisor Dr David Strain has written an opinion piece discussing how it’s time that we acknowledge medicine still has a lot to learn for people with M.E.

The full article is available here:

What will the world

Getting AT Ready 2022 13/04/2022

Getting AT Ready 2022

We're so glad to be back in person this year - so glad that we're bringing you the first ever Getting AT Ready FESTIVAL!

We're excited for an opportunity to share, learn and network in a way that we haven't been able to do since 2019!

What makes it a festival? We'll have a main stage with our assistive technology headline acts across two days, as well as breakout areas where you can drop in and out, catching other acts, meeting colleagues you haven't seen in a while and looking after your wellbeing.

More to come soon on but you can register today and please Save the Date!

Best wishes,
Ruth and Carolyne
Sight and Sound Technology

Getting AT Ready 2022 Getting AT Ready 2020 - 11th June 2020. Exploring the use of Assistive Technology to make Colleges and Universities more inclusive for students and staff.


The Texthelp Groups first DSA Connect virtual conference

For students who qualify for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA), getting the right type of support makes a lifetime of difference. At the Texthelp Group we want to help each DSA student to understand and be understood. That’s why we're hosting a free online PD experience for DSA Assessors and other education professionals.

Join us on Wednesday 11th May for DSA Connect, as we join together to make change for disabled students. Our speakers will deliver sessions that can help us all provide personal learning choice for disabled students. As an attendee you’ll get tools and advice to give students increased confidence, productivity and success.

Save your spot (link:

Can’t make it on the day?

Don't worry it will be recorded, sign up and watch the sessions back at a time that suits you.


Our film What do we see? is shortlisted in the 5th Charity Film Awards by Smiley Movement.
Judges will decide the winner but there is also a People’s Choice category – and we need your vote!

Closing date: 18 March 2022

Vote for us via the link below:

Our 'What do we see?' video simulates how the world looks through the eyes of people who are visually impaired as they go about their everyday lives.

Thank you for the support!!

British Council stripped of role running Turing student exchange scheme 08/12/2021

British Council stripped of role running Turing student exchange scheme

British Council worked really hard to ensure disabled students were supported on study abroad. Very sad news.

British Council stripped of role running Turing student exchange scheme Exclusive: government strips council of role in programme, which replaced Erasmus after Brexit

2021: Hidden impairments – UK Disability History Month 23/11/2021

2021: Hidden impairments – UK Disability History Month

2021: Hidden impairments – UK Disability History Month Historian Simon Jarrett talks about his research on disabled people’s history Posted on: November 17, 2021 Last updated on: November 17, 2021 Interview conducted for UKDHM 2021 Continue reading “Historian Simon Jarrett talks about his research on disabled people’s history”…

Timeline photos 27/10/2021

Timeline photos

Braille 15/10/2021


Braille In braille, letters and numbers are made up of a rectangle with six dots in two columns. Each letter and number uses a different pattern of raised dots.

NEUROSTAGES | Festival Hub | National Theatre of Scotland 24/09/2021

NEUROSTAGES | Festival Hub | National Theatre of Scotland

National Theatre of Scotland: Neurostages. - relaxed performances in person plus online attendance too:

NEUROSTAGES | Festival Hub | National Theatre of Scotland Welcome to the festival hub for NEUROSTAGES, where you can find everything you need to know for both days of our festival. Click on the menu above to find


What do people think? It is a skilled task to distinguish between dyscalculia, dyslexia-related maths difficulties and maths phobia. Does this do enough to give an indication?


A question we often get asked is...

How do I identify if my child/pupil potentially has maths difficulties/dyscalculia?

Our comprehensive, easy to interpret, colour coded, dyscalculia checklist will help parents, teachers and TAs identify children/young people who would benefit from further assessment and intervention.

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When will uk airports change to this??



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