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Photos from Dr Lwin Mar Than's post 17/06/2023

Each year I try to do something new to celebrate my birthday. The best thing I did for myself this year is learning abstract art. Making art helps me to achieve the flow state. The more you do art, the more creative you become. As I read somewhere “creativity is a state of mind”.

Photos from Dr Lwin Mar Than's post 22/11/2022

A photograph is more than you in a picture. It’s about making memories of place and time captured and the memory of who took your picture in that special moment

Photos from Dr Lwin Mar Than's post 20/10/2022

I feel more emotionally connected to this year 2022. I managed to complete the first part of the training from recently and moved forward with practical training!

Nothing excites me more than going through a new learning process. This knowledge I gained will no doubt help my career and my consultation with patients but also myself in making personal choice as a woman in the future. ❤️ Learn what you love and apply this in both personal and professional level.


🚩 What does achievement mean to us? I like to share today how a small achievement can have a big emotional impact on me personally.

🎨 My hobby is art and design and it brings me creative space and mental space to wind down. Last week, I was told my contemporary wire sculptures page is live on the Joyful Doctor Art website with the wonderful support of Julia Baxendine-Jones Caroline Walker and the Joyful Doctor team.

🔑 In comparison with all those years of completing one medical degree, one postgraduate degree and three diplomas, this seems a small achievement but the emotional fulfilment helped me to reconnect with my childhood dream and passion.

♥ Sometimes It’s not about the status or money from the achievement. It’s just pure passion and the happiness that bring us knowing we can do something out of what we love to do.

⏲ I’m now too practical to hope that art will be my mainstream career but this achievement made me realise not to stop pursuing or learning whatever we love because the opportunities will come to us when we follow our true passion.

Please follow the link below to take a look at the Joyful Doctor Art website
🔗 https://www.joyfuldoctor.com/lwin-than-sculptures


Why do we feel overwhelmed? I feel it and also heard it a lot from my coaching clients. Coaching has helped many to keep on tract by handling this sense of overwhelming.

Although it seems obvious to think that feeling overwhelmed is by having too many things to do, it can happen any day of the week even if you are doing the same things.

👉 Online meeting, social media, news, illness, conflict, personal and professional relationship can all have impact on this emotional state.

🙂 Here are a few simple tips to fee less overwhelmed.


Photos from Dr Lwin Mar Than's post 30/04/2021

Finally, I am back on the wheel to learn cycling again! 🚴‍♂️🙂

As an adult learner of cycling, I was reluctant to learn for various reasons. Now I realise that learning a new skill is so much fun once you overcome the common limiting belief "fear of failure".

Some of our beliefs protect us while other beliefs limit us from reaching our potential.

💥But it is never too late to challenge ourselves, change our beliefs and learn something new or to do something different. Enjoy the process of learning and let go of the limiting beliefs.

👉 How important it is to tackle our limiting beliefs and how do you tackle them to reach your full potential?

Timeline photos 23/04/2021

😐Ever get to Friday and wonder where the week went? Time, energy, and money sometimes seemed to disappear faster than we thought.
I have been immersed in thinking of career-wellbeing balance this week after I decided to be fully independent in how I work so that I can control my working hours.

💥Many think freelance work lacks stability, security, or growth. But freelance role can actually improve adaptability, flexibility, handling uncertainty, and our ability to save time and energy to work as a portfolio career.

✔️Every transition can be overwhelming but the coaching tool and skill I have helped me to overcome those emotions. A simple tip is to write a personalised job plan for myself and the plan is not only on how I want to work and earn but also on how I want to live my life.

👉To all locum GPs, freelancer, sole trader, or new limited company owner out there, let’s embrace all the possibilities that lie ahead.

▶️DM me if you like to find out more about how I use coaching for job transition and my 1:1 coaching service.


One thing I learned so far is how our career is a huge part of our lifestyle and how it can impact our physical and emotional wellbeing significantly.
❤ Some people make their lifestyle be their career while others fit and adapt their lifestyle into their career. No matter which side we belong to, it is always important to find the balance between our career and wellbeing.
🙂 Thank you Rach from Resilience Yoga who invited me to get involved with her authentic podcasts.
🧭 Check it out tomorrow for my first ever podcast episode! I will find there is always room to improve but it was great to connect and share the thoughts.
Check out Rach podcasts on yoga from the link below for more amazing podcast episodes including yoga and self-care.

Photos from Dr Lwin Mar Than's post 09/02/2021

Lifestyle change mainly depends on ourselves and how we start making a new habit and maintain this for the long term. So, how do we break the bad habit cycle in order to develop a healthy habit? Read more 👉 https://www.leniterlifecoaching.com/post/how-to-break-the-bad-habit-cycle

Here are a few tips:
✅Develop self-awareness of our own emotional trigger
✅Substitute the old action and reward with the new healthy action for the same reward to break the cycle of emotional trigger
✅Repeat the new habit cycle until your brain store this as a new memory and your old emotional trigger will fade away gradually
💡It takes time and effort to do this but there is nothing more satisfying than being able to control unhealthy unwanted thoughts.

Small group wellbeing coaching on healthy eating (nutrition) 22/01/2021

Small group wellbeing coaching on healthy eating (nutrition)

Small group coaching helps to learn from each other and feel motivated while having the benefit of coaching at an affordable price.
Check out more from the link below:

Small group wellbeing coaching on healthy eating (nutrition) This is the brief description of online virtual wellbeing coaching session offer by qualified life coach focusing on healthy eating. The event will be availa...

Photos from Dr Lwin Mar Than's post 19/01/2021

Distraction and lack of motivation are the most common barriers in coaching. Staying focus is not easy these days. What do you do to stay focus❓Read more and comment below on how do you stay focus and avoid distraction.

As we cannot remove all external sources that distract us, the best we can do is being mindful, acknowledge it and handle it in a better way. Keep practicing the mindfulness and we will see the difference slowly and steadily 🧘‍♀️

Simple way to learn how to eat healthy 06/01/2021

Simple way to learn how to eat healthy

Changing an eating habit is not simple because it is not only about what we eat, but also about why and how we eat. Learning basic science is important but when we are in the real world, it is getting complicated and simply knowing about the basic science of nutrition is not enough to help our clients and patients to make health behavioural change. Here is the blog I write today reflecting on how healthy eating starts from a simple basic step. Comment below for any of your thought and experience when you change your eating habit.

Simple way to learn how to eat healthy Writing a list of good eating habits is easy but practical for health behavioural change. Food is for in the past but not anymore. Eating has become an act of lifestyle and food is a celebration of success, events, travelling, social interaction, cultural, innovation, and creation. As German philoso...


What an amazing quote. Short but straight to the point. Let's enjoy our life by embracing the good moments, learning from not so good moments and finding the courage to do more to achieve what we want for ourselves.

Photos from Dr Lwin Mar Than's post 25/12/2020

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas!
Shout out to all my NHS colleagues who are working like me this year on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
I’m reflecting today on how simple things can make our day better when we work on public holidays.

🎄Enjoy every little social connection moment with the exchange of Christmas wishes
🎄Enjoy the festive atmosphere at work
🎄Give a compliment to staffs who made effort to dress up for a lively and fun atmosphere at work
🎄 Smile as often as you can
🎄 Help as many people as you can
🎄 Ask help if you need to leave early as sharing tasks will help everyone to leave on time

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂


Motivation is a very important part of life coaching and health behavioural change. First, we need to learn what our motivation, then we need to stay motivated to achieve our goals.

🙂 Here are a few tips I can share to help you stay motivated:
✅ Find out what motivates you
✅ Find out which external and internal forces motivate you and do them more
✅ Find out which external and internal forces motivate you and do them less
✅ Do things that help you generate new creative ideas
✅ Be inspired by people you like
✅ Inspire people who like you

Photos from Dr Lwin Mar Than's post 14/12/2020

It feels great to be able to deliver two small group career Zoom coaching sessions over the weekend with the junior doctors from Myanmar who joined me from Australia, UK and Myanmar to participate. I love listening to different stories and career choices of attendees but the best part is when I received appreciation and positive feedback that the session helped them gain confidence and helped to get an insight about career choice.


Neuroscience of health behavioural change is a fascinating subject and I learned how important it is since I studied lifestyle medicine. The more I read, the more I learned. After all, human brain function is still a mystery to modern science. Personally, I feel coaching skill that I learned before studying lifestyle medicine really helped me to understand how to explore our inner self which is the cornerstone to make any change for ourself as both personal and professional level and to help others who want to make the change. It takes time to do this but that time is worth investing in 🙂


This is my best holiday moment in early 2020, being lost in the beautiful landscape of New Zealand🌄
👉 There are many scientifically-proven benefits of travelling to our physical and mental wellbeing.
👉 It is a difficult time for all of us not able to plan a holiday either to see family or to relax. But we can still enjoy looking back at our amazing holiday memories & wait for the right moment to travel safely again.
👉 Share with me and comment below where would you choose to be your first travel destination after all this and why ✈

In the past, I travelled
✅ for fun and happiness
✅ for escapism from routine
✅ to recharge my energy
But now, I learned travelling is the key to
🔑 help with my personal development
🔑 boost creativity
🔑 help develop tolerance to different culture and religions
🔑 get a chance to practice my photography skill and share it 🙂

Photos from Dr Lwin Mar Than's post 04/11/2020

Health behaviour change is not easy but achievable. Start with a small step that gives you a measurable result objectively or subjectively. For me, a simple change like having oat porridge every morning which started which a change one year ago. Although it is less enjoyable at the beginning, I made the process as fun as I can and now I can eat this every day! 🙂


My website launched today!!!
I will share blogs using my knowledge and experience on coaching and lifestyle medicine from personal performance diploma from "The coaching academy" and after I successfully completed the certification in Lifestyle Medicine 🙂


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