GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery

GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery

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We are located at 15 Grendon Road, Birmingham B14 4RB

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Operating as usual

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 22/02/2024

At nursery we make sure that we look after our environment and all join in by doing our part and throughout the day we help to clean up our classrooms. In Winnies room we had lots of fun chalking on the floor in the garden creating some masterpieces but at the end of the day it was time to clean up! We jumped into our wellies and all headed outside into our garden. Our teachers threw some warm soapy water over the floor and then it was time for us to do our part! We got the brooms, used the sole of our wellies and began zooming around the garden to scrub away all the chalk and make our garden floor all fresh and clean again! It was so much fun and we found it very funny!

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 15/02/2024

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) the children in Nursery have been making their own pancakes! Even our little Roos got to taste some! Here are some photographs of our Little Owls making the pancakes! As you can see they put all of the ingredients into a bowl and then enjoyed giving it a good mix. They then ate the pancakes with the added treat of chocolate and strawberry sauce!!! How yummy!

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 08/02/2024

Smiley Shen is one of the Startwell Characters and he has a very important message about how to look after our teeth. "Smiley Shen encourages us to keep our teeth clean and healthy. He tells us that even our first teeth, our 'milk teeth' are really important".

To support this message throughout the week Nursery have been giving out information to parents about how to keep the children's teeth healthy and clean. The children were very excited when they received their tooth brushes and toothpaste and they all promised they would use them to keep their teeth nice and clean! They also received some crayons and pictures to colour in!

Keep smiling everyone and make Smiley Shen very happy!


Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 07/02/2024

In our Baby Roos room the children love to explore all kinds of different textures. They like to use their hands and mouths to do this. One of their favourite textures to explore is edible soil, which is broken pieces of weetabix-such a simple activity! We also mix it with cocoa powder, water and a bit of flour to enhance the texture! As it is Chinese New Year on Saturday the children in Roos have also had fun exploring noodles which we coloured red and yellow! We love to explore so many textures in Roos room!

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 02/02/2024

It is National Story telling Week and the children in Little Owls LOVE the story of Goldilocks and the three bears and The Gingerbread Man. We therefore based our activities on these two books and the children had the opportunity to make Gingerbread men at the play dough station and they enjoyed role playing with the three bears and Goldilocks!

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 01/02/2024

This week it is National Storytelling week. To celebrate in Eeyores we are exploring the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We are using our Sammy Skills to fill the different sized bowls ready for Goldilocks to taste and find out which one is ‘just right’ and learning lots of different describing words such as cold, hot, lumpy, sticky, sweet and salty. We have also been looking at the different sized bowls and spoons, matching them to the correct characters.

As it’s storytelling week, we have been taking it in turns to have a go at retelling the story, using both the book and our imagination to help us! We have had some amazing stories and some very interesting twists to the traditional story - some of which include Spider-Man and fairies!!

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 25/01/2024

In Tiggers we have been very busy exploring how colours change when mixed together and used on different types of paper. First we used kitchen roll. We placed some kitchen roll on the table with some water colour paint and water. We showed the children what happened when the different colours mixed on the paper. The children followed the instructions given to them and were able to talk about the different colours they used and what happened to them. They were very excited when they added red to blue and it turned purple just like our Grendon uniform!

We then explored symmetry painting on tin foil. We showed the children how to fold the foil in half then open it up again. Using the different coloured paint the children then made different marks on one side of the foil. They then needed to fold the foil again and rub it flat with their hands. When they opened it up they could see the different patterns they had created. When they opened the foil the children used language such as a flower and a butterfly and very pretty to describe what they had created. We then put some of our beautiful pictures in a frame on the wall in the classroom for everyone to see.

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 19/01/2024

In our Eeyores room we have been shaking our Startwell superhero bottoms so much to our new Startwell superhero program!

Startwell is a super healthy lifestyle program, where we teach and learn all about the ways to live a healthy lifestyle in Birmingham.

Active Azra is the name of one of our Startwell superheroes. She helps us to maintain a great level of activity throughout the day! We want to make sure that even though we maintain a healthy diet at nursery, we are having lots and lots of time getting the blood pumping in our veins!

We have been learning some of our cool new songs and dances, all linked to the Startwell program. We have to move our bodies so much our teachers could barely keep up as we jumped, skipped and skated all around the room to the words!

What kind of things do you do at home to keep yourself healthy?


Merry Christmas from us all at Grendon and Billesley nursery. 🎄🎅

Thank you for all the gifts, cards and well wishes but most of all to all of the children for having lots of Christmas fun with us over the last week…Including our fabulous Christmas sing alongs! 🎶

We look forward to welcoming you all back to nursery in 2024! 🎉💜

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 14/12/2023

We have been very busy in Nursery over the last couple of weeks getting ready for Christmas. The children have been really busy in all of the rooms and we thought we would share some of the activities we have been doing in our Winnies room! The children have been very creative and have used their Sammy Skills to create lots of decorations. We made some snow flake discs to decorate our classroom spreading the glue over the disc before covering them with snow flakes and glitter to make them sparkle. The children have been learning Christmas songs at group time and they really like to sing "I'm a little snowman" so we decided to make some snowmen talking to the children about how the snow is very cold but when the sun comes out it will melt the snow. We used shaving foam which we mixed with some glue and then we spread the mixture over the paper before adding a hat, nose, glitter and some eyes. We have also enjoyed exploring the Red and orange fragranced Potpourri and teabags smelling the different flavours. We liked the smell of the spiced Apple and Mint teabags and the cinnamon sticks the best!

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 07/12/2023

Christmas has officially started here in Nursery and we have been asking the parents and children to bring in a decoration to add to our Christmas tree. The children in Little Owls have really engaged in this task and they have been so excited to bring in a decoration and add it to the tree. It is such a lovely way to ensure the children have a sense of belonging here at nursery and they have shown such a sense of pride when hanging their decoration on the tree. Soon enough I’m sure we will have the best looking tree in town 🎄



Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 23/11/2023

This week is Road Safety Week where we are raising awareness of key areas of Road Safety. We have been teaching children about Road Safety which empowers them to make positive choices that may save their lives. For example: looking both ways when crossing the road, waiting for the green man before crossing the road, always wearing a helmet when cycling and remembering to wear a seatbelt when travelling in a car.

We have been talking to the children about Road Safety throughout the week and have been carrying out a range of activities. Outside the children have been riding on the bikes and making their own cars and bikes using the crates and we have been encouraging them to stop and go. We have also been talking about the different colours on the lights.

The older children have even been using Road Safety in their role play such as when playing with the dinosaurs. They have been helping the dinosaurs to cross the road safely making sure that there are no cars coming and encouraging the dinosaurs to look left and right before crossing!

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 14/11/2023

Yesterday was Odd Sock day, which marks the beginning of anti bullying week.

Odd Socks Day is designed to be fun! It’s an opportunity to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique!

To mark this occasion we have taken part in Sock Snap! The children had to match the socks to make a pair...and they were so good at it!

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 14/11/2023

Monday 13th November 2023 and this week is . Our children will be taking part in various activities throughout the week. The first activity of the week will begin today where our children will be making flowers. The flower pictures will be taken to an Elderly Care Home this week by our Tiggers children, which we are sure will be very appreciated by the residents.

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 13/11/2023

We love our display for Remembrance Day at nursery. All made by the small hands of our wonderful children. 😍

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 12/11/2023

Happy Diwali!

So we love to cook in Eeyores room! We have been talking about the very interesting story of Rama and Sita for Diwali. We decided that we were going to make some delicious Chapatis. We were all very excited to try something new!
We used flour, water and a bit of salt. We lined the pan with oil, however the teachers did that job!
We all had our own mixing bowls and we made them into balls together! We rolled them up nice and left them to sit for a minute. Then we had to flatten them down with a rolling pin, and then we cooked them.
We watched them cook in the pan and the whole of the nursery smelt amazing!
They were absolutely delicious and we hope that we get to make some more delicious treats soon!
We love celebrating festivals and our individuality, what festivals do you celebrate?


Remembrance day 2023.

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 06/11/2023

Wow we have been very busy at Grendon and Billesley Nursery taking part in some really exciting Halloween activities with our friends. We really enjoyed having parents come to our workshop where we made paper plate spiders, painted some pumpkins and decorated some biscuits. We then continued this in the classroom by making some ghosts using leaves, paint and sticky eyes. Finally we carved a pumpkin with a scary face! So as you can see we have had lots of fun and learning.


It is really important that we all stay safe this Bonfire nights. If you are thinking of going to a bonfire, fireworks display or having your own fireworks and sparklers at home here are some really important things to remember...


Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 30/10/2023

Here at Grendon and Billesley Nursery we have lots of experiences with animals. Our gardens are filled with all sorts of wildlife, but one of our parents have brought us some frogs! Experiences here at Grendon start from as early as 6 weeks and we introduced the frogs to our blabies in baby room! Now, as a relatively new person to the world just putting a frog in front of you could be a bit daunting! Not for our babies, noooo!

These guys were very impressed by our new slimey friend! We tried to give him a stroke but ….away he went! He went hopping all over the garden, even under the fence! We caught him in the end though, and had to have another look and see just how cute he is! We love frogs, they are super cute!

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 27/10/2023

Over the last few weeks we have been asking the children in Little Owls to collect some Autumn treasures. We added these Autumn treasures to our large tuff tray and we also used some to create a collage. The children spread the glue all over their paper then picked some different coloured leaves to stick down! We pressed the leaves onto the paper and counted to 5 while pressing them down to stick.

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 27/10/2023

One of our parents kindly brought some frogs in for the children to observe and see. We were able to hold the frogs using gloves and talked about where the frogs came from. This led to a discussion of a frogs life cycle linking to our curriculum this term. We then took a walk to the local canal with some of the preschool children and 2 year olds to release them back into the wild.

The children loved watching the frogs hop away, and when they got back to nursery they showed all there friends how to hop like frogs too 🐸.

Photos from GBNFC at Grendon and Billesley Nursery's post 24/10/2023

As it’s pumpkin season 🎃, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to practice our “Sammy Skills” and introduce the hammers into our play. The preschool children were very excited to explore the hammers and some said, “can we try them with a grown up?” Of course the answer was YES!

The children discussed the safety aspects of using a hammer and understood we needed to protect our eyes. 👁️ 👁️

Using the goggles provided, the children loved tapping the golf tees into the pumpkin, developing their manipulation and control of tools in their play.


🎃 Places where children can eat for free, or £1, during October half term. 🎃

Updates will be added here 👇

Please check locally before travelling that the offer is available in your area



Happy National Nursery Practitioner Day!

Yesterday we celebrated National Nursery Practitioner Day, we are extremely fortunate at GBNFC to work within a large team of very unique, talented and passionate individuals. Our team provides amazing unique practice every day and we wouldn’t be the fabulous team we are today without them.

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