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Little Swans Day Nursery

We are an award-winning private children's day nursery based in Yardley, Birmingham. We first opened our doors in 2001 and have a 'GOOD OFSTED RATING'.

Call Sam or Rose for a chat on 0121 706 8889

Our opening hours are 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday

Operating as usual


Hi All

We hope you are well to view this month's newsletter you can visit the nursery website by clicking the link below
Have a good month all !!

Staff Team at Little Swans

Firework Safety 03/11/2023

Hi All

As we approach the weekend and bonfire/ firework events please click on the link below for some safety advice to keep everyone safe.

Firework Safety Firework Safety “I wouldn’t want another family to have to go through what we have. When I think how relatively minor her burns are, and how much pain she has been through, it’s terrifying.” Maisie’s mother What you need to know … Fireworks buying


Dear Parents and Carers

Measles (MMR) Vaccine Reminder
As half term approaches, this is an ideal time to get up to date with the measles (MMR) vaccination. There has been a recent rise in measles cases across the country. Birmingham and Solihull have low MMR vaccination rates and there is a risk of a measles outbreak this winter.

Measles is a highly infectious disease, which can be very serious. The MMR vaccination is recommended to help protect you, your child and loved ones against measles. Two doses of the MMR vaccine are needed to get the best protection. The vaccination is free of charge.

Anyone unvaccinated who is exposed to someone with measles may be advised to isolate for 3 weeks. This would disrupt their learning or work, and this could happen repeatedly. If exposure happened again, another 3 week isolation period would be required each time.

Children and adults can catch up on any missed vaccinations by contacting their GP practice. Children should have the first dose at 1 year old and the second dose at 3 years and 4 months old. Two doses of the MMR can provide life-long immunity.

Vaccination will also help prevent the spread of measles. The MMR vaccination also protects against mumps and rubella.

Please contact your GP to book an appointment for Measles (MMR) vaccination.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Mary Orhewere FFPH

Assistant Director, Environmental Public Health, Health Protection & Place
Birmingham City Council

For more information visit: Measles - NHS (

Startwell October 2023 Newsletter 17/10/2023

Startwell October 2023 Newsletter Welcome to the October 2023 edition of the Startwell eNewsletter where you will find info on our New Resources, a special focus on Nursery Rhyme Week and more!


Hi Everyone

We hope you are all well. Our newsletter for October is available on our website
Have a great month all!!
Staff Team at Little Swans 😊

Photos from Little Swans Day Nursery's post 20/09/2023

The children in Rolos have been learning all about the cycle of life and have enjoyed the teaching of this topic through the story 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. The children were very excited when they had the opportunity to grow their own butterflies and ten set them free in the garden.

Startwell September 2023 Newsletter 20/09/2023

Startwell September 2023 Newsletter Welcome to the September 2023 edition of the Startwell eNewsletter where you will find Resources on Healthy Eating, Benefits on Physical Activity in Pregnancy and more!


Safeguarding Update
Please see the attached link for useful information and safety fact sheets regarding dogs and children

Dogs and Children | Top tips to keep them safe and happy together (

You may also find the following newsletter on behalf of Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) useful to share with families.

Top safety tips for families this September (

Home 14/09/2023

Hi All

Our September newsletter has been sent out to all parents and can be viewed on our nursery website

Have a great month all !

Home Little Swans Day Nursery providers of High Quality childcare for children aged 3 months to 8 years. Situated Yardley Birmingham Near the Swan island Coventry Road.

Photos from Little Swans Day Nursery's post 11/09/2023

The children have been doing fruit tasting as part of our healthy eating activities and encouraging the children to make healthy food choices.


Nursery is open to all children from today who are returning from the Summer Holiday break. We hope you all had a lovely time during the summer and we are looking forward to seeing everyone back in nursey :)

Home - Creative Flair Kids 09/08/2023

Throughout this academic year, we have been offering dance lessons to children at the nursery. Courtney, the dance teacher from Creative Flair attends nursery every Tuesday morning (term time only) to deliver dance and music sessions.
The session is provided for half an hour and the children participate in:
A warm-up session which includes the “Hello song”. The lessons are topic based and vary. The topics have included Christmas, Down in the Jungle, Paw Patrol, Chinese New Year, Saint Days, and many more. During the sessions, the children do singing to rhymes using actions and props. Explore sound with a variety of musical instruments, encouraging the children to play along using fast, slow, loud, and quiet tapping/shaking to the music. The children are also encouraged to be free and expressive with their movements as well as being taught different ways to move to music using their bodies and props.
Courtney’s feedback from sessions has included:
“The children loved watching the mouse in Hickory Dickory dock 😊 We enjoyed roaring like a lion and jumping around like a monkey today”.
“Lots of shaking and jumping with the pom poms and lovely turning too”
“We enjoyed throwing and catching the scarves! Lovely actions in 5 little ducks, well done. Lots of hissing like a snake in the animal section of the session today”.
“Miley enjoyed shaking the pom poms! Lovely actions in the big ship sail Serenity. Arissa liked wiggling in get ready to wiggle and Dylan roared like a dinosaur in the prehistoric animal brigade. Today was the first day I heard Alex sing the goodbye song – he knew all the words. Well done everyone 😊
“Lots of actions in the ‘sun has got his hat on’ and the children enjoyed watching the dicky birds. Lovely sitting and passing the tambourine to our friends. Well done! Fab jumping like a kangaroo too”.
“Indy did all the actions to wheels on the bus! Good shaking the Lycra from Lagertha. Reggie enjoyed dancing to ‘Reach for the Stars’ and George did lots of jumping like a Kangaroo”.
“Lots of singing today in the finger family song and five little speckled frogs 😊 We enjoyed driving around as a fire engine and putting out fires! Lovely dancing with our friends in the hokey cokey too”.
“We did lots of animal impressions in going to the zoo and enjoyed pretending to get an ice cream from the ice cream van 😊 We definitely know how to cross the road safely too, well done!”
“We had a lovely last session today! Dylan enjoyed doing the actions in Peter Rabbit! Miley and Serenity sat very nicely rowing in row row 😊 and Alex knew all the words to hokey cokey. Have a lovely summer everyone !!”
Sessions take place each week at nursery and are lively and taught with enthusiasm each time. Each half an hour session is £3.50 and we invoice every half term. If you would like your child to join in with these sessions then please go to the website and click on the tab to Sign Your Child Up. If you complete the online form then your child will be able to join our sessions once they confirm with you.
See everything they do at and also on Facebook

Home - Creative Flair Kids Welcome to Creative Flair Creative Flair is a specialist provider of primary school dance and early years dance and music sessions. We provide a range of fun and educational dance and music classes for nursery and primary school age children across Coventry, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Solihull, Leice...

Photos from Little Swans Day Nursery's post 07/08/2023

Ambulance Visit

Hi All
We hope you all had a good weekend. We have been learning about different occupations this term and we were lucky to have a visit from Miss Tranter's son Adam who is a student paramedic with West Midlands Ambulance Service. He came to the nursery and spoke with the children in Smarties and Pre-School about being a paramedic, he showed us how the paramedics monitor our heart rate and Dee and Sairish volunteered to be the patient, he checked Miss Tranter's blood sugar levels. We know Miss Tranter loves sugary treats but Adam said her levels were okay and Miss Tranter told us it never hurt, although there was a little blood on her finger. We all got to have our pulse checked by having the little monitor on our fingers and then Adam took us all on the ambulance, we had a fantastic morning at the nursery.

Photos from Little Swans Day Nursery's post 01/08/2023

Story Telling at the Library

Gay at South Yardley Library invited a group of children to attend a sensory storytelling workshop. The children had such a lovely time and were really engaged with the story and the narrators. Some children were able to use the props throughout the story and the children laughed so much. It was such a Fun Story Time !!! Thank you Gay for inviting us

Photos from Little Swans Day Nursery's post 01/08/2023

Hi All

Sorry, we have been quiet for a while. All the children at nursery and staff have been so busy preparing for the end of term and many of our children are leaving to go to big school... We have lots of activities the children have been doing to catch you all up on so please look at all our posts to follow.

We were very lucky just before the end of the term to have our friend's Mommy come into the nursery and talk about her job at the Sealife Centre where she looks after the penguins. Thank you for sharing with us 😊😊

Photos from Little Swans Day Nursery's post 10/07/2023

More sports day photos ....


Pre School children did their sports day last week. They all had so much fun. Every child participated and was awarded their own gold medal (which the children made out of clay and painted gold) and a winner's certificate. Well done everyone :)


Hi All

Please click on the link below to have your say and learn more about support for parents/carers of children with SEN needs in Birmingham.

Photos from Little Swans Day Nursery's post 27/06/2023

The Heroes have taken part in healthy Eating this month by making fruit platters, the children have explored the different type of fruits such as strawberries, bananana, apple, pear and oranges. The children have been talking about feelings and have been making happy and sad faces on their paper plates using the different coloured fruit. The children have been exploring by also feeling the different textures of the fruit some children saying the fruit is hard or squishy. The heroes have also been talking about the different colours such as red, green, yellows. And right at the end the children enjoyed eating their fruit. The heroes learnt a lot during this activity such as colour, textures and feelings and they had lots of fun. The children also used their hand and eye coordination skills to pick up the fruit from the plate to then transfer the fruit to their own platter. 😊


Family Hubs are coming to Birmingham
JUNE 2023
Family Hubs' is a central government project which aims to give children the best start in life. The
Hubs will be both buildings across Birmingham and a website, so that families can access the
right help locally at the right time in a whole family approach.
Family Hubs is a partnership in Birmingham led by the City Council which will be given £9.215m
of government funding over 3 years to develop ‘Best Start for Life’ and ‘Family Hubs’ provision,
offering families accessible help.
The first part of the Family Hubs programme to be rolled out is the ’Best Start for Life’ offer, which
focuses on the youngest children. It aims to help families find the services and support available
to them from the time of their baby’s conception until it is 2 years old – the first critical 1001 days
where babies lay down the foundations for lifelong emotional and physical health.
'Best Start for Life' will be an online offering of services, support and information gathered from
across the City, as well as a printed leaflet in a range of the most widely spoken languages in
'Family Hubs are coming to Birmingham this summer. They will be a ‘one stop shop’ bringing a
range of organisations and professionals together in one place, to offer services, advice,
guidance and support on a wide range of family and parenting issues. These include infant
feeding, mental health, parenting support, SEND, getting into work, debt advice, and health
issues to name a few.
such as midwifery; health visiting; mental health support; infant feeding and specialist
breastfeeding support; safeguarding; and services relating to special educational needs
and disabilities (SEND)
Such as support for domestic abuse; help with drug and alcohol use or smoking
cessation; debt advice; and help overcoming language barriers
delivered by volunteers in the community for example, ‘stay and play’ session for parents
and carers with babies in a community hall or family hub; or an exercise class for parents
and carers in the local park
that may already exist in your local area that you wish to signpost to families, such as an
antenatal education group delivered by a charity for a fee.
Spotlight on ‘Best Start for Life’
The support that ‘Best Start for Life’ offers will be available on one website where lots of
useful information, organisations and links will be in one place. The offer joins up services like
midwives, health visitors, children’s centres, local parenting organisations and early help so
families can find services, advice and support in one place.
The Purpose of offer is to clearly set out the services available to families with babies from
conception to 2 years old, these include:
Universal services - available to everyone
Additional, targeted or specialist services and support
Open access support - available to any parent or carer
Paid-for services:
The website will be accompanied by a printed leaflet which will help families to find the same
help and support, who cannot easily access the internet. Both the leaflet and the website will
be available in the languages most commonly spoken in Birmingham. ‘Best Start for Life’ will
be available online and in printed form from July; this will be widely publicised nearer the
If you would like to know more about Family Hubs please email:
[email protected]


The plans to get parents back to work continue with further announcements this week of an increase in childcare payments for parents on Universal Credit. Currently those who qualify for Universal Credit can claim up to £646 per month per child, with this figure being frozen for quite a few years. This is now increasing to £951 for the first child and £1,630 for two or more children, an increase of 47%, from the end of June. Parents can claim the first month in advance and then going forward would claim back on a monthly basis.

As long as the family has no more than two children in childcare, they are significantly better off, although I feel for anyone with three under five. This really goes someway to offset the 44% increase in childcare costs since 2010 and hopefully allows more parents to work albeit it fails to take into account the regional disparities in childcare costs. £951 goes reasonably far in the North of England but will just about cover a day and a half in the South!

However, Labour have criticised the plans as not going far enough, highlighting the fact that the sector just does not have the manpower to increase occupancy regardless of the additional funding being thrown at it. This is a matter that was also in the news yesterday though as the DfE announced planned changes to staff qualification requirements as part of their wider EYFS framework consultation.

Startwell June 2023 Newsletter 14/06/2023

Startwell June 2023 Newsletter Welcome to the June 2023 edition of the Startwell eNewsletter where you will find info on the Benefits of Cycle, Heart Rhythm Week and Startwell Dip Recipes!

Photos from Little Swans Day Nursery's post 13/06/2023
Photos from Little Swans Day Nursery's post 13/06/2023

The Sweeties children have been talking about their weekends at home and developing their pencil control, mark making about their weekends at home. A lot of the Sweeties said they had been to the cinema, and park and helped Mommy and Daddy at the shops :) The children have also been using blocks to develop their understanding of making simple patterns and concepts of size as well as recognising shapes.
In the garden, we have been talking about different occupations and we had the opportunity to be builders, using tools and making structures. We have also been using the role-play and board games to support turn-taking and developing friendships😀


Congratulations Aisha for successfully completing your Level Three Early Years Educator qualification. You have worked really hard to achieve the award and all the staff at Little Swans are feeling very proud of you :)

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Pre School children did their sports day last week. They all had so much fun. Every child participated and was awarded t...
They even enjoyed listening to a story being read by one of their friends!





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