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sorry I currently have no availability for new pupils

Operating as usual

Welcome to GOV.UK 08/05/2021

Welcome to GOV.UK

An email I received from the DSA

Update: Emergency theory test and driving test service for critical workers
We have now restarted theory tests and practical tests in England and Wales so we want to update you on our plans for emergency theory test and driving test services for critical workers.

Emergency theory tests for critical workers
We will no longer be offering a separate emergency theory test service for critical workers as customers can now book them as normal, and we have added extra capacity by:

increasing our opening hours to include evenings and weekends
opening 10 temporary larger theory test centres in England
Emergency practical tests for critical workers
Due to the backlog and high demand for practical driving tests, we will continue to offer a priority service for critical workers in England or Wales that work for one of the following:

the NHS, in health or social care
the emergency services
a local council
To qualify the individual must also:

need to drive as part of their job
respond to ‘threats to life’ as part of their job
We are continuing to work with Scottish Government about critical worker testing in Scotland and will update you in due course.

What this means to pupils
If any of your pupils qualify for the service they’ll need to talk to their employer who will need to apply for them. They can find out more by visiting the emergency driving test for critical worker pages on GOV.UK

Welcome to GOV.UK GOV.UK - The place to find government services and information - Simpler, clearer, faster

Photos from Kevin Lee Driving School Atherton's post 30/04/2021

We are one of the few independent driving schools that offer both Automatic & Manual lessons. I am a DSA approved grade 'A' instructor (highest grade) I also teach trainee driving instructors.
I have had both my covid vaccine injections.
The cars are sanitised between lessons, relevant precautions are put in place during lessons and every Tuesday and Friday I take a covid flow test to help ensure that I am not carrying the covid virus.
Here is my negative test from tonight

Welcome to GOV.UK 14/04/2021

Welcome to GOV.UK


Here’s an update on how the dsa plan to reduce the backlog for theory tests in England and Wales.

Extending theory test centre opening hours
From Monday 10 May to Wednesday 30 June, we’ll extend the opening hours at most theory test centres in England and Wales, where conditions allow.

Typically, centres will be open earlier and close later in the evenings. For example, some centres will be open from 8am to 8pm, and some might be open on Saturdays and Sundays where they were previously closed.

This will create 300,000 extra theory test appointments.

Opening 10 temporary larger theory test centres in England
On Monday 12 April, we started to open 10 temporary larger theory test centres.

These 10 temporary centres will create a minimum of 120,000 extra appointments each month. The centres will be in:

Leeds (there will be 2 temporary centres)
London (Docklands) (there will be 2 temporary centres)
London (Holborn)
Manchester (Salford) (there will be 2 temporary centres)
The full addresses for these centres have been added to the find a theory test centre service on GOV.UK

Taking a test at one of these temporary centres
These temporary larger theory test centres will work slightly differently to normal theory test centres.

Some sites will have up-to 25 candidates testing at any one time. Robust covid-secure measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of candidates and staff, including: social distancing at least 1 metre apart from other people
protective transparent screens at reception desks
providing hand sanitiser to use on arrival, during the tests and when candidates leave the test centre
cleaning workstations (including computers and headphones) before every test
staff will wear a face covering (unless there’s a medical reason that it’s not recommended for them) and gloves. Candidates will have to wear a face covering too unless they have notified us in advance that they cannot
candidates must come into the test centre alone to help with social distancing
A full list of the safety measures in place at all theory test centres is available at Coronavirus (COVID-19): driving theory tests - GOV.UK (

YOU will also notice that:

mobile phones must be turned off before entering the test centre
there are no lockers for personal belongings – they will be given a rigid plastic box to put their belongings in and will need to keep this under their desk while they take the test. These boxes will be cleaned by us after use.
invigilators will be walking around the testing room, monitoring people taking the test, observing social distancing guidelines at all times

Welcome to GOV.UK GOV.UK - The place to find government services and information - Simpler, clearer, faster

[04/07/21]   Back to work
So following government guidelines I will be returning to lessons from next week. I have had the first of my covid vaccines and am due for the second one later this month. We will still need to help reduce the spread of the virus, so masks are to be worn in the car and adequate ventilation will be added during lessons. In between lessons the car will be sanitised also.
As an extra precaution I will be doing coronavirus flow tests each week to ensure I am safe to offer lessons.

Kevin Lee Driving School Atherton 27/03/2021

Kevin Lee Driving School Atherton

Looking forward to getting back to lessons, I've missed all of my pupils. What an unpredictable year it has been. I have a few spaces for automatic lessons if any one is looking to start lessons. Message me ASAP, I don't often have availability.

Kevin Lee Driving School Atherton Manual or Automatic Lessons.
Grade A (highest grade) instructor
Not All Driving Schools Are The Same!Driving Lessons in: Atherton, Tyldesley, Astley, Leigh, Westleigh, Westhoughton and surrounding areas.

[03/22/21]   I've taken this post direct from the Ormskirk Police.

As we've had a few calls recently about e-scooters, here is the current UK law around them:

What is an e-scooter?

They're two-wheeled scooters with small, electric motors.
Electric scooters are freely available to buy in the UK online and in stores, and they cost anywhere from just over £100 to more than £1000.

Are e-scooters legal in the UK?

Currently, you can buy one but you can't ride it on a UK public road, cycle lane or pavement. Anyone who does is committing an offence.

The only place an e-scooter can be used is on private land, with the permission of the landowner.

At the moment, they are classified as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs), so they're treated as motor vehicles and are subject to all the same legal requirements - MOT, tax, licensing and specific construction.

So, because they don't always have visible rear red lights, number plates or signalling ability, they can't be used legally on the roads.

The law covering e-bikes - which are battery-assisted pedal cycles - doesn't currently cover e-scooters, but the government wants to regulate them in a similar way in future.

The Department for Transport is running e-scooters rental schemes around the country, Liverpool being the nearest to West Lancs.

Riders don't need to take out their own insurance to hire an e-scooter, but they would need a driving licence or at least provisional one.

The hired vehicles can be used - legally - within set geographical boundaries.

But it would still be illegal to use a privately-owned e-scooter on a public road, even if you were in a trial area.


Stay safe

West Lancs Neighbourhood Police Team

Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan 18/03/2021

Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan

All the more reason to learn in an automatic. Manual cars will be come obsolete

Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan The PM confirms he is bringing the ban forward as he sets out his "green industrial revolution".

Kevin Lee 250 mile challenge 08/03/2021

Kevin Lee 250 mile challenge

Making good use of my time whilst I'm not working.
If you can manage a few pounds please help to sponsor me. Every little bit helps towards the total.
Thank you.

Kevin Lee 250 mile challenge Help Kevin Lee raise money to support Alzheimer's Society

Photos from DJ's Car Valeting's post 25/02/2021

Just had my car valeted by DJ's valeting, what a great job


Official Update on tests/lessons

Official Update on tests/lessons

[02/23/21]   Driving Lessons could potentially resume from 12th April 👍🚗
Although no official notification has come through, I believe this date would seem to be the most logical within the gradual release. I will keep you updated.
#drivinglessons #drivinginstructor #drivingschool


Most of my business comes from referrals and I am extremely proud of that fact. If you have learnt or are currently learning with me, please take a moment to leave me a review. We all buy from other people's recommendations.
#drivinglessons #drivinginstructor #drivingschool #recommendations

Most of my business comes from referrals and I am extremely proud of that fact. If you have learnt or are currently learning with me, please take a moment to leave me a review. We all buy from other people's recommendations.
#drivinglessons #drivinginstructor #drivingschool #recommendations

[02/02/21]   Current Update On Lessons

Below is a copy of an email I received.

Mobile emergency testing service
To help stop the spread of coronavirus, routine practical driving tests have been suspended in England, Scotland and Wales.

A limited theory test and practical testing service will be introduced in England and Wales. This will be available to:

NHS health and social care workers
the emergency services
local councils
Who need to both:

drive as part of their job
respond to 'threats to life' as part of their job
Because of the current COVID restrictions, we are not able to offer a mobile emergency worker test service in Scotland.

These tests will be carried out by examiners who have volunteered to continue to test during lockdown.

We will be contacting these organisations directly to explain how they can access this service.

Teaching someone with a confirmed test booking
You can teach mobile emergency workers who have a confirmed test booking even if current local or national restrictions do not allow driving and riding tests.

You must not teach anyone who only has a routine driving test booked – even if they are an NHS health and social care worker, emergency service worker or local council worker. You must make sure that your pupil has the correct documentation as detailed below.

What you need during lessons
You must not take any pupils out unless you have both:

a copy of your pupil’s emergency test booking confirmation email
a copy of the application request from their employer
You can use these to prove you’re allowed to teach during current restrictions if you’re stopped by the police.

During lessons you must be sure to follow government guidance about working safely during coronavirus.


I am so very happy to be able to congratulate Eric Lockley for passing his driving test 1st time with only 2 minor faults. It's been a pleasure to teach you Eric, stay safe of the roads 😁

[01/02/21]   COVID UPDATE: Theory test contact centre closure
As a result of the Government’s recent changes to the tiers in England, Pearson Vue’s theory test customer contact centre has closed.

Theory test enquiries
All enquiries will need to be made by email until tier 4 restrictions are lifted in the area where the contact centre is located.

Please email [email protected]

Please do not call DVSA’s contact centre as they will be unable to help with theory test enquiries.

Urgent enquiries
Urgent enquiries about a test in the near future need to be marked 'Urgent Action' in the email subject

[12/30/20]   TIER 4 RESTRICTIONS
The Government has announced that Greater Manchester will move into tier 4 tonight. Under tier 4 restrictions, driving lessons and driving tests must not take place.

This means that any driving lessons and driving tests currently booked will NOT go ahead as planned.

I will update you all as things change.

[12/21/20]   Ask me about a Pay As You Go car insurance.
Is perfect for new drivers or learners using a parents car.
This is a way of only paying for insurance as you need it. You simply buy insurance for miles and top up as needed.

[11/27/20]   Driving tests will recommence after this current lockdown in our area.
I will be starting lessons again from Thursday 3rd December and will continue to follow government guidelines to reduce risk to both myself and my pupils.

[11/03/20]   Just had an official update from the government, all driving lessons are to be suspended from 5th November to December 2nd.


Have my car cleaned and added the fog sanitising treatment too. Although the car is sanitised between lessons, any extra precautions to help keep my pupils and their loved ones protected is worth it.


Automatic or Manual Lessons?

The old fashioned view is to learn in a manual as "you need to learn to drive properly" "automatic driving is lazy or cheating"

For anyone unsure about learning in manual or automatic, this headline is straight from the Sunday Times.
Automatic is the future!
Electric cars & hybrids will become your choice within 10 years.
I am very happy to be one of the only few instructors being able to offer you a choice of automatic or manual lessons.
Many younger people are realising the benefits of learning in an automatic car. Invest in your future!


I am so very happy to congratulate
John Cunnachery, who has jusr passed his manual driving test with only 2 minor faults. An excellent drive John and a well deserved pass.

[08/03/20]   More & more pupils are now opting to learn in the automatic car. Automatic is now the future, currently I have no availability, but if you want to go on the waiting list just message me and I can let you know when a space comes up

[07/15/20]   Driving Tests.

Inviting candidates to rebook their driving test
We recently told you that we'd contact critical workers and practical car test candidates in England whose tests were put on hold due to coronavirus to ask them to choose a new test date and time.

We will send emails out:

on 15 July to critical workers in England, Scotland and Wales who had a test booked during lockdown
from 16 July to candidates in England whose practical car test was put on hold due to lockdown
Both emails will include a link to book a new test date as the candidate booking system remains closed.

This link will only work for people who have been invited to rebook their test.

When we email candidates whose tests were put on hold due to lockdown, we'll initially invite around 10,000 each day, split in batches to spread out demand on the service.

All available appointments will be shown on the online service. Do not contact our customer service centre as they will not be able to book any alternative test slots.

Making sure your pupils are ready

It's important that you speak to your pupils before they rebook their tests to make sure:

they are ready to take their test
you are available to take them
As examiners will only be at test centres when they have a test booked, we have increased the minimum notice period for booking a test from 60 minutes to 10 hours.

Wearing a face covering

All candidates must wear a face covering when taking their driving test, unless they have a good reason not to. This includes if:

they have a physical or mental illness or impairment, or a disability that means they cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering
putting on, wearing or removing a face covering would cause them severe distress
When they arrange their test, they’ll need to say if there’s a good reason they cannot wear a face covering. The email will tell them how to do this

[07/09/20]   Car driving tests will restart in England on 22 July 2020 with safety precautions in place –

Change made
the driving test centre waiting room will be closed to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, but the toilets will be available on request.
Changes to the driving test will now include:
Driving instructors can not accompany their pupils during the test.
Pupils must wear a face covering during the test.
If any serious or dangerous fault is made, the examiner will end the test and direct you back to the test centre.


I am very proud to say, most of our business comes from recommendations. If you have or are currently learning to drive with me, please help others by leaving a review of your experience 04/07/2020

Welcome to GOV.UK

Please note there have been changes to the preparation for your test and how your test will be conducted.
Below is an outline to my responsibilities, your requirements and how the examiner will conduct your test.

Taking a client to test:

• Please arrive at the test centre no more than 5 minutes before the test time, this should allow you time to wipe down the examiners side of the vehicle, including seat adjusters and head restraint, seatbelt and its connection, the dashboard area and passenger door contact points
• Remember test times may be different to before as DVSA try to maximise social distancing and avoiding too many people gathering at once.
• It is recommended that you leave your ADI certificate in the window as you can be contacted sooner by your ADI number if an examiner tested positive for Covid19.
• The meet and greet by the examiner will be conducted in the car park or usual meeting place where tests usually begin where there is no car park
• If a driving test candidate or driving examiner develops symptoms in the days after a test, the NHS Test and Trace service will use data DVSA collects from the candidate to contact them.
We've updated our privacy notice published on GOV.UK to explain how we manage personal data. See section 4.1 of the following document: Book and manage your driving test: privacy notice.
• The examiner may choose to fit a disposable seat cover and must be satisfied the car has been recently cleaned. The examiner will use an anti-viral wipe to clean the passenger door and touch points.
• Candidates must bring and wear a face covering for the duration of the test, the Examiners can provide one to the candidate if needed. This is a mandatory requirement unless the DVSA is informed at the time of test booking a suitable reason for not wearing one such as a physical or mental illness, impairment or disability that means candidates cannot put one on or remove one.
• Examiners will wear a face covering.
• Not all test centres will be open straight away and this will vary from site to site. The DVSA need to ensure centres are safe before reopening after being closed for such a long time.
• Waiting room facilities will not be available for candidates. Candidates will be asked to wait outside so ensure you plan for this with suitable clothing.
• If the centre has toilet facilities for candidates, they will remain closed unless someone has a disability, a medical condition, or is pregnant.
• Explain to the client how the examiner will behave before arrival at the test centre.
• DVSA will do they we can to support an ADI attending debrief, outside the vehicle, subject to social distancing. Where this is not possible, eg due to poor weather, the ADI may not be able to join the debrief.
• If a candidate develops a cough, or becomes unwell during the test, the test will be stopped.
• If a candidate develops symptoms within the 3 days prior to a test, they can rebook to another date without losing their fee.
• If a candidate commits a serious or dangerous fault (or makes 16 driving faults) that would result in a fail, they will be directed back to the Driving Test Centre. Test conditions continue until they return to the centre, where the test will be ended and a debrief offered GOV.UK - The place to find government services and information - Simpler, clearer, faster




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