Yoga is for all and although every pose starts off with an ideal form there is a myriad of adaptations to suit everyone including the absolute beginner


Viparita karani (legs up wall) enables legs to rest


Resting legs


Simplify Vasisthasana (side plank)


7 days of 12 Surya Namaskar final chapter
Day 7 - final session completed in the evening. Was tired before I started having taught yoga in the morning and had long walk in the afternoon. On reflection Surya Namaskar best done in the morning. Not sure it is necessary to do 12 daily but maybe a couple of times a week. I enjoyed the challenge and am proud I managed it.


12 Surya Namaskar 7 consecutive days continued.
Day 5 legs and arms a bit tired. Beginning to notice that there is no rush, each asana can be executed slowly.
Day 6 the sun shining strong, the rounds became increasingly peaceful. I dedicated this round to my dear friend DaveP as we bid him farewell today πŸ™


Prompted by my Yogi friend Marina whilst discussing setting a challenge of 12 Surya Namaskar rounds daily for a week, I thought it best to test it before suggesting to others:
Day1 Envigorating
Day2 Easier, more mobile
Day3 It seemed to take ages to get to the end, as if I was dragging myself through treacle.
Day4 Surprised! Suddenly was upon the 12th chants and feel fit enough to teach a Yoga class shortly
3 more days to go/passed the half way mark. Watch this space, report at the end.

Photos from YogawithMaggie's post 12/12/2021

Another Yoga day retreat yesterday exploring how the 8 limbs of yoga enable the asana journey, with Fi Channon providing the Tibetan Bowl healing session, Helen Walsh running the kitchen and all the like-minded yogis who attended. It was lovely to see you all and I was so happy to see some faces I hadn't seen for a while. Thank you for coming to my event


In-person yoga classes are back on at a new venue starting Monday 24th May 2021 at New Haw Community Centre, 65 Woodham Lane, New Haw KT15 3ND
Chair Yoga class with light gentle stretches
Monday 2 p.m. Duration 1 hour
Hatha Yoga for all abilities including beginners
Wednesday 7:30 pm Duration 1 hour 15 minutes

Following Covid-safe rules.
The hall opens 15 minutes before the start of class for registration, meeting and greeting.
If you would like to join any of these classes please phone Maggie for more details and to confirm availability on 07872 167853


Breathe in gratitude; breathe out gratitude. Salute the sun session on Sunday worked.


12 Surya Namaskar (Salute the Sun cycles) deconstructed =
48 urdhva hastasana (mountain pose arms up)
48 uttanasana (folding fwd)
48 lunge transitions
48 Adho Mukha Svanasana (down dog)
24 Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (up dog)
24 Caturanga dandasana (low plank)


I am so in awe of my Chair Yoga group today as they worked up to Purvottanasana. Some managing to actually lift off their chairs!


9 minutes passed very quickly today in meditation. It sets me up for the day. Clears the eyes and sleep fog, lifts the spirit.


Pleased to get this feedback from one of my lovely yogis. "Thanks for a good stretch . Good to empty the brain too x". I am so glad to reach people in this way especially under the current circumstances. My chair yoga and regular classes are continuing on Zoom. If you would like to join us contact me on [email protected] or personal message via fb.


A couple of places have become free for a workshop this Saturday 12th December. Details below


I've been working on a meditation exercise. Started with 3 minutes a few weeks ago and added a minute per day until reaching 9 minutes. Although 8 minutes didn't seem long, 9 minutes had me looking at the timer for quite a few sessions. For the first time today, although the mind still wanders, 9 minutes passed without noticing. πŸ™


Meditation followed by yoga practise; better tidy up now πŸ™


Setting up for meditation, a meditation in itself


Tripod malfunction πŸ™„


Garudasana/Eagle pose. Couldn't wrap my arms today on account of the number of layers! 🀣🀣🀣


I didn't know what to expect today @ Yoga in the park. It felt colder than forecasted initially but were blessed by no wind and warm sunshine at the end. Shavasana standing up facing the 🌞 novel but we still managed to experience the stillness of the pose

Photos from YogawithMaggie's post 11/10/2020

Continuing with Yoga in the Park all the days the weather permits. Glorious sun and vibrant blue sky today. Followed by takeaway cake.


First in-person chair yoga today with zoom stream for those who cannot attend. Although a familiar group I felt a little apprehension; new venue, new rules, no heavy kit to carry. Was it as Covid-safe as possible? On reflection I believe it was. Zoom worked wonderfully. Repeat next week; should be easier. πŸ™πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ

Photos from YogawithMaggie's post 27/09/2020

All my classes have continued during lockdown on Zoom.
Monday afternoon chair yoga class is now scheduled to start in-person at New Haw Community Centre on 5th October from 2-3 p.m. This class is suitable for people who have difficulties that stops them from going to a regular class. The only requirement being that you should be able to walk, even if aided by a stroller or walking stick. A safe place to explore how far you can go and surprise yourself. If you are interested please contact me by email on [email protected]

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Viparita karani (legs up wall) enables legs to rest
Resting legs
Simplify Vasisthasana (side plank)




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