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Strachan Health Fitness Nutrition


Meet the fourth Torry-Yubari exchange ( participants: Robert Andrew Strachan, a personal trainer and rowing enthusiast who resides in Torry, and S***a Yasue, who, in parallel with his work at the Yubari Sports Association and Yubari Junior High School, also runs his own enterprise called “Kureyon-kai (Crayon Club)”, creating a place for Yubari children.

Torry-Yubari exchange is the third strand of the Torry Ecomuseum Project run by the Old Torry Community Centre. Every few weeks, one community member from Torry and Yubari is invited to share their pictures and perspectives, introducing their locality to overseas friends who have never visited their city.

To find out more about this twinning exchange and the Torry Ecomuseum Project, please visit: and/or

For more on Robert's work and activities, please visit Instagram and page Strachan Health Fitness Nutrition

For more on the details of “Kureyon-kai (Crayon Club)” that S***a runs, please visit their page (くれよん会@ゆうばり)

トリー・エコミュージアム・プロジェクトの「トリーと夕張の交流」、4番目の参加者のご紹介です:トリーに住むパーソナルトレーナーで、ボート漕ぎでもあるロバート・アンドリュー・ストラカンさんと、夕張市体育協会や夕張中学校でのお仕事と並行し、個人事業として夕張の子ども達がのびのびと遊ぶ事ができる場所づくりを行なっている安榮 翔太 (やすえ しょうた) さんです。


この二地域の交流や、トリー・エコミュージアム・プロジェクトについての詳細はこちらをご覧ください: もしくは

ロバートさんのより詳しい仕事や活動はこちらのインスタグラムアカウント( 、フェイスブックページ( Strachan Health Fitness Nutrition) をご覧ください。

翔太さんが代表をつとめる「くれよん会」の詳細や活動についてはフェイスブックページ( くれよん会@ゆうばり ) をご覧ください。


Historic Environment Scotland


Naoko Mabon
Stewart Aitken
Leslie Mabon
Manami Sato
LFI Creative

Strachan Health Fitness Nutrition


Strachan Health Fitness Nutrition (Aberdeen) We began in December 2011 and have been building our client base ever since. Diet design includes two meetings.

Strachan Health Fitness Nutrition is a company targeted at promoting health and fitness to groups and individuals who need guidance and motivation. Both Ania and myself aim to constantly look for new and effective ways to help each individual achieve their goals, whatever they may be. We both have extensive experience within our fields and are both qualified personal trainers. Ania being a doctor

Operating as usual


from have a wonderful sleep tonight and enjoy your morning opening all your presents from


Any pain

Live with it long enough, and pain begins to feel like a part of you, like you don't recognise yourself without it. Trauma and heartache have a way of weaving themselves between your ribs, until you can no longer tell them from the bone.

The truth is, it took me a long time to understand that I am not defined by the things I have survived. I am more than a label carved into my neck.

Even on the days that pain feels familiar, comfortable, it doesn't mean you have to hold it. Sometimes we just need a reminder that even the heaviest of weights can be put down, eventually.

You can pick up signed copies of my last two books at, or through the link in my bio.




That’s one chubby cuddly reindeer 😳

One of Santa’s Reindeers spotted in the highlands of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 today

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Longest relationship I’ve had with a female non family member in my life goes to nearly six years 🥰

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Just had this come up on my feed on my personal page. I’m presuming a scam as the paste was set up today. I was unable to access my page for about half an hour but it came back after reporting the page. Has anyone else experienced something similar?


You have no idea how many of my childhood issues this addresses and also makes so worse 🥺

The truth revealed

Available in print and T-shirt form - link in comments


Thoughts on this room? What is missing?


Looking forward to this mini exhibition on Friday 😌

Coffee in a nice surroundings always tastes better. As you know our surroundings changes every month. This time we have a photo exhibition by from his trip to Mount Everest area.
We will also have an opening event on Friday, see stories.


Tomorrow, is making Halloween makeups in . There are still few appointments available in the afternoon, please contact us or Ulianka if you would like to book one.


Today we started cutting the slabs to finish off lining the back of the patio. There is a first. Time for everything. a couple more days and we should have everything ready to base and rebuild the shed.

Timeline photos 06/09/2022

Join us at the Torry community centre :-)

Looking forward to tonight's Weekly Tuesday yoga classes at Old Torry Community Centre, Aberdeen!

I work with the energy of the day and the alignment of the planets to intuitively give you the class I think we may need. I’m going to share yogic techniques to help you connect to yourself and to feel a sense of groundedness, stability & freedom within.

Every Tuesday during school term time. 6-7pm. Costs £6 per session. Suitable for all levels.

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Today I’m thankful for the help with building my patio. He has really put the work in and we’re now making headway. It should be finished shortly. The first row of slabs has been laid and now we’re planning and placing out the rest in preparation for tomorrows efforts.

Timeline photos 30/08/2022

Anyone fancy some yoga this evening?

Who's keen to join us at yoga tonight? 6pm and every Tuesday during school term. We'll be working with Udana vayu. This is one of the 5 divisions of life force, and holds a special significance in spiritual practice.
Udana is the upward-moving breath, which directs flow of prana from the lower to the higher planes of consciousness. An ascending and radiant force, Udana vayu is responsible for taking the mind from waking to sleep and to deep sleep, as well as to higher planes of existence after death. It is active primarily in the region between the heart and the head, bringing prana to the energy centres deep in the brain. Udana is associated with kundalini shakti, the creative, blissful consciousness of enlightenment.
This energy rules the throat centre, manifesting as speech and other refined expressions, and governing growth and metabolism. When this energy is strong we are balanced, strong, joyous, enthusiastic, alert, articulate and strong-willed.
You don’t have to be experienced to take part. Yoga is NOT about being bendy. It IS about accepting where you are in and being self-aware. Tonight’s practice will take us out of our heads and into our hearts. We’ll also have fun, as usual….See you on the mat!


Who knew leaves were this


Spooky with

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It’s been a great day today, work on the patio is progressing, walks and yoga is progressing as well. Now I’m tired and ready for an early night :-)


I finally got round to gently sanding and danish oiling my grandmothers old foldaway table. I’m just frustrated and sad to see that someone managed to burn a hole through the veneer of the table. I’m debating painting the centre a colour to cover it up. It’s strange to see how dramatically a neutral danish oil changes the wood on this table versus the same treatment on my kitchen surface

What’s colour?


Photos from Dorian Yates's post 16/07/2022

Photos from Dorian Yates's post


Mesmerising Mandala Artwork

Fancy giving this a go :-)

Excluded 02/07/2022



Excluded you exclude a young person from school, you interfere with their right to education. But this is rarely the only human rights violation the...


We will never have enough to time to spend with the ones we love


Iconic umbrella project comes to Cheltenham for the first time 01/07/2022

Iconic umbrella project comes to Cheltenham for the first time

Iconic umbrella project comes to Cheltenham for the first time A colourful display of umbrellas will be suspended above Cheltenham’s High Street on the Strand to help raise awareness of neurodiversity. Cheltenham BID is working with the ADHD Foundation...


Suns out so back to chopping wood and listening to music 🥰



The 2022 Neurodiversity Umbrella Project launches first in Liverpool today thanks to Tomorrow Aberdeen, next week Cardiff, Cheltenham, Bracknell, Stoke, Glasgow & Lisburn☂️



Thanks to our Charity Patrons for their support for the Neurodiversity Umbrella Project 2022 & UK Billboard campaign Alison Moyet MBE, Prof Barry Carpenter CBE, Simon Weston CBE, Angela Barnes, Aidy Smith, Patricia Kelly & Diane Louise Jordan☂️

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Part of having is being a bit emotional. I found this bird this morning on the ground and couldn’t help shedding a tear as the mum flew around my head trying to protect it. I left it alone as that’s what the recommend. #🥰 #💔 #🙁


Interesting perspective

My first time taking DMT gave me a new perspective on life. 

I felt like I had all the answers, that there was nothing to stress about. 

That there was no death, no end and no beginning, that life is just a game that we're all playing. 

No need to take it so seriously.  

I was able to see through the machine of reality. 

It's like seeing through a computer's code and you see all these numbers. 

I saw numbers and geometric shapes, like I was seeing the construct of what's behind our reality. 

Psychedelics can be powerful, life changing medicines but of course, must be taken under supervision.

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After a late night last night, I decided to do some breakfast prep for the next few days. You can tell this mess of and is good for me just by the colour and how much I really don’t want to eat it!!! #🤢


A poem by me (Andy)


As I sat to breakfast tea
I felt a creature tickle me
Then at first I couldn’t see
This cheeky baby bumblebee

I felt the buzzing of its wings
Unaware this creature stings

As it flew behind my knee
“What is this I cannot see’ 😳

Out it popped all cute and buzzy
Yellow, black and round and fuzzy

At first a little panic hit 🥺
Then I thought don’t be a twit
This tiny baby bumblebee
Cannot do much harm to me

So I watched it fly around
From elbow, knee then to the ground

From there it went to fly away
And stopped upon a bush to play

Buzzing round hoarding pollen
From a bush quite like a Tollen
It spun around to say goodbye
Then buzzed away into the sky 🌌



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