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🔥 Are you up for a challenge? 🔥

Take on a free Weekly JavaScript Challenge and put your skills to the test! Nerdbord now offers free, weekly challenges! 💪

Each week, a new and fresh JavaScript lesson with a challenge to complete using full git flow will be posted. It’s designed for Javascript engineers of all levels looking for a way to stay in a constant practice loop, work on interesting projects, and iterate with code reviews!

Don't worry if you don't have any git experience. We provide materials to help you understand the process, and there's a special Discord channel where the community will be happy to assist you.

Once you take on a challenge, it will be code reviewed and accepted (or rejected with comments!) by Nerdy, our AI, Javascript Mentor! 🤖

To get started, log in to Nerdbord with your Github account, open the Weekly Challenges project, and start practicing your coding skills!

See you in, Nerdbord! 🙌

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New projects alert! 🚨
Fresh, exciting projects in frontend and backend JavaScript engineering have landed in our project library:

🥁 La bit machina (Intro) – use Howler.js to build a music app to create drum bits
🥇 Quizzie (Elite) – real-time online quiz application using AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and React.js
🧶 Navbar animations (Pro) – build animated, smooth header interactions with Framer Open up Nerdbord library to see projects details

Open for details!


Hey Engineers! Are you wondering which skills you should be practicing? Looking for a tool to map out your Javascript knowledge and experience? We got you!

In this week's Nerdy News, we'll be sending out Javascript full competences roadmap, which can be used to help you with further growth, discussing your career path with your team lead or simply to check out what Javascript consists of 🗺️📍

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Nerdy News 📣 has launched! 🥳

Are you a beginner in the tech world? Are you looking for a place to stay updated, informed, and in a good mood? Look no further! 😎

Starting today everyone can join our fresh, juicy newsletter!
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Learn the power of AI in Javascript education 21/04/2023

Learn the power of AI in Javascript education

Hey, JS Engineers 👋

Next Thursday at 7:00pm (CET) we're hosting a webinar where we will explore the features of Nerdy (our AI-powered JS mentor) and how it can help you with instant code reviews, topic explanations, progress sharing, motivation, frustration and more 😉

We'll show you live code reviews and Jakub Wąsowski will answer all questions that you might have 🤖☺️

Have a great weekend and see you next week! 🙌

Learn the power of AI in Javascript education ﹅ Subscribe:﹅ Join Nerdbord Discord:﹅ Try our sample projects for free! h...


Recently we have undergone some significant changes that have shaped our platform into its final form, which we would like to introduce to you today.

Nerdbord is now the first and only platform to teach full JavaScript engineering competencies and provide instant code reviews conducted by our AI-powered mentor, Nerdy 🔥

What does this mean for our mentees?
👉 Instant GitHub code reviews: Nerdy provides code reviews filled with detailed but concrete feedback, good practices, and a "to-do" list with things to improve within seconds.
👉 Manual reviews: Our senior software engineer still provides reviews and quality assurance (QA) checks within 24 hours when needed.
👉 Mentoring 24/7: Nerdy is not only conducting code reviews, but he is also an active participant on Discord, providing guidance and explanations.

And with that, Nerdbord has become an AI-driven platform capable of accepting more mentees than we ever thought possible!
After all, who could teach you code better than the code itself? 😁

Try our free projects and try for yourself!


As a product company, we are constantly evolving. In the past couple of months, we have made significant changes to our product and offerings. We strive to listen to our customers and adjust to their needs. We iterate on product features to make processes faster, more valuable, and engaging.

Recently, we made the decision to narrow down our offerings in order to provide the best possible experience to everyone learning JavaScript engineering. We have opened up our entire library of projects that is constantly growing. This gives all Nerdborders space to practice the skills that they want to practice in full Gitflow.

The biggest change is still in beta testing, but stay tuned for updates!


Are you tired of purchasing courses that you never finish? 😒

You're not alone. According to a study, the average completion rate for online courses is less than 10%. This is a poor investment of time and money, and it can be frustrating to invest resources into something that you don't use in practice.

At Nerdbord, we believe that learning should take place in a gamified work environment that reinforces the immediate application of newly acquired skills. Our innovative learning method places the learning process in a practical context so that you can unlock your full potential and upgrade skills that you will use in practice.

We take a problem-solving first approach that puts new skills into practice right away. This approach unlocks your full potential by incorporating problem-solving to put new skills into practice immediately. We also provide extensive personal feedback on every piece of your work to help you learn from your mistakes and improve your skills.

Don't waste your time and money on resources that won't help you in practice. Join Nerdbord and revolutionize your learning experience.



What's the fastest way to learn? 🤔

We believe that learning from your own mistakes is definitely the most effective method. Iteration is the key to growth and progress, and it's our absolute foundation to provide each of our mentees with extensive, personal feedback on every piece of their work.

Without a work review, we could lose so much precious time that could be spent on learning new things and improvement.

If you want to join us and learn, we still have a few spots left in our Coding and Wireframing programs. ✌️


Weekly Status 📣🐶

🟢 Group projects (Released)
We are currently in the middle of the first sprint where mentees work together on the same project. They use a shared kanban board and help each other solve problems.

🟡 Gamification (In Progress)
Spicing up task completion with gamification models is the best way to maintain motivation and engagement. We're excited to implement this and you'll see the effects very soon!

🟡 Our new homepage (In progress)
While working on our new homepage, we challenged our main VP and are working on improving communication coherence, messaging, and groups overall structure.

🟡 Recruitment (Almost done)
We ran a recruitment process on Nerdbord to find a JS trainee to assist us with developing the new homepage. Jakub is still reviewing the remaining PRs, but we already have a few favourite candidates!

Stay tuned for next week! 🤙

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🤙 Tips for today!

Wireframing is one of the most important skills for UX designers, especially at the beginning of your career when you are learning about collaboration and the best way to convey your design decisions.

Join the Professional Wireframing program to learn more about wireframing. You'll learn how to create clean, easy-to-understand, and well-structured designs 😎


🎖️ Hall of Fame🎖️
In CodingClub Intro, we focus on solidifying JavaScript fundamentals. One of the most enjoyable ways to do that is by making JS games 👾 That's why last week, our mentees took on the Tamagotchi challenge!

We're proud of all our mentees, but Łukasz led this sprint by completing all tasks the fastest and deploying the game on GitHub Pages, so you can play it yourself!

👋 About Łukasz Miszczak
Why JavaScript?
It was an obvious choice for me, as a web developer wannabe. I love its flexibility and versatility. Not only can you add simple interactions and animations to your website, but you can also create very complex and powerful apps.

Fun fact about me:
I used to be "addicted" to learning new foreign languages, now I'm trying to switch my addiction into coding languages as well.

👉 Play Tamagotchi game:
👉 Visit Łukasz GitHub profile:
👉 Connect with Łukasz on Linkedin:


Weekly Status
This week, our entire team got sick 😅, but with a little help from ginger and ibuprofen, we managed to deliver a few new updates and news:

📣Product News

🟢 Group projects (Released)
Starting this Sunday, our mentees will work on the same project repos and shared boards. We'll share more information soon, but we're excited about it! 🔥

🟡 Our new homepage (In progress)
The design is almost complete, and we're looking for a trainee to help with development. More information is available on Jakub Wąsowski LinkedIn page!

🟢 Referrals (Released)
We're launching a referral program! Every mentee can invite an unlimited number of friends with special discounts that reduce their price for the upcoming sprint. In Nerdbord's case, referrals add up!

📣 Programs News
Hey, backend developers! Starting this Sunday, we're launching the first Node.js Club! We're testing a new program and will share details in the upcoming days.

Stay tuned! 🤙


First and foremost, our goal is to solve problems and provide value to all of our mentees 🫶

Therefore, our refund policy is simple: if you don't see the value after purchasing and experiencing the process, you can resign without any consequences.

👉 Clubs
After the first meeting, you have two weeks (equivalent to one sprint during which you'll complete one full project) to experience the whole process and try it out.

👉 Programs
After purchasing, you have 24 hours to check out the materials, files, completion process and try the tasks out.

If you have any doubts, please don't hesitate to contact us! 🤙


🤙 Weekly Status
Everyday our whole team of 2 people and 1 dog is working hard on product and programs updates so let's try summing them up in a new, weekly format 😄

📣Product News

🟡 Group projects (In development)
Shared kanban boards, pair coding and learning in real teams🔥🔥🔥

🟢 Try your skills & test Nerdbord (Released)
On each program's details page, you'll find an exciting new feature that lets you try out Nerdbord and sample tasks at a given level.

🟡 Our new homepage (In progress)
New, fresh, more informative and better structured!

📣 Programs News

Intro (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) – 3 spots left
Pro (React.js/Web apps/Open source) – 8 spots left

・Profession Wireframing
"Figma Mastery" workbooks and materials added to the program!

Start of the program postponed till ~end of March

Stay tuned! 🤙

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👾🧑‍💻Monday’s CodingClub Sprint Review 🧑‍💻👾
Check out what our mentees have been working on past sprint! Save your spot for the next one 😄

Photos from Nerdbord's post 27/02/2023

👾🧑‍💻 Monday's Coding Club Sprint Review 🧑‍💻👾

The 2nd sprint of Coding Club (Pro) is now complete!

This means that the first month of Coding Club has passed and our mentees are continuing to grow stronger, learning how to work better in teams and adopt agile processes 💪

Take a look at our summary of the last sprint and save your spot for the upcoming one!


🚨 New Coding Club Alert! 🚨

Firstly, thank you everyone for your support and warm welcome to our programs. We appreciate all the feedback and support 🫶

That's why based on your questions regarding the Coding Club level, we have created a brand new program called "Coding Club Intro". This program focuses on mastering the fundamentals of vanilla JavaScript and gaining confidence in using it.

The original Coding Club program has been labeled as "Pro" and represents a junior+ level. During this program, mentees create real solutions to business problems that will enable them to use and share their work with confidence during any recruitment process.

On each program's details page, you can find a new feature: "Test Your Skills!" This feature provides a sample of the program's tasks that you can complete and receive a review for free.

👉 New sprints begin this Sunday! Join today to save your spot.

Designing Live 🔸 Design System 🔸 Tokens Part 1 20/02/2023

Designing Live 🔸 Design System 🔸 Tokens Part 1

Tomorrow we'll host the 2nd live from Design System series!
Karolina Parysz will take you on a journey to city of Tokens on our YouTube channel. By the end of the presentation, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of design tokens, their structures and usage in real life products.

Joining our Discord channel will give you access to all the files and resources necessary for the journey, as well as early access to the presentations and files mentioned so you can keep up with the action.

So make sure to join us tomorrow, and get ready to unlock the secrets of the of Design Tokens!👋

Designing Live 🔸 Design System 🔸 Tokens Part 1 ﹅ Subscribe:﹅ File link: [TBA]﹅ Learn Software Design & Development: are Desig...

Photos from Nerdbord's post 15/02/2023

🚀 1st Coding Club's Sprint has just finished and 2nd has already begun!

During the last sprint, Coding Club members created the first part of an enterprise-level UI system using TypeScript, React, and Storybook. All components were covered with unit tests using React Testing Library. They also learned how to transform the UI system into an NPM package and publish it in a private NPM registry, so they can reuse these components in future projects.

We're extremely proud of the progress they made in the last two weeks! 🤩


🤔 I've finished a bootcamp and... what's next?
Bootcamps are a fantastic source of knowledge and starting point for new career path, but the graduation is just a beginning.

📅 Having 180 days between graduation and starting new job it's worth to answer following questions:
❓How to make the most out of this time?
❓How to get the experience needed for the job?
❓How and what to learn in order to land the best possible position?
❓How to get noticeable advantage on competitive entry-level job market?
❓How to land a job much faster?

🚀 If you want to know the answers, consider joining one of Nerdbord's mentoring programs designed for filling the gap between learning and landing a dream job:
👉 Learn all work processes
👉 Learn how to become self-reliant on projects
👉 Learn teamwork and communication
👉 Keep on learning in consistent practise loop

Visit and explore our programs! 🙌


Why companies don't want to hire juniors? 🤔

According to nofluffjob research ("Juniors in pandemic" 2020), junior developers lack a particular set of skills that include:

👉 Lack of methodologies and processes knowledge
👉 Small independence on projects
👉 Lack of ideas for their growth
👉 Lack of knowledge on how to work in team

How to learn all of that without real job experience?

🧑‍💻 Join Coding Club! 🧑‍💻

🚀 Work in agile methodologies, using kanban and scrum meetings
🚀 Practise problem solving and communication
🚀 Experience variety of tasks and challenges
🚀 Work in small teams with constant mentor's guidance

Next meeting: 12.02.23
Save your spot 🙌


Our first training program has landed! One and only flexible mentorship program on subscription by amazing Jakub Wąsowski

Are you stuck between learning and landing your first job?
Join Coding Club and within weeks build your expertise and portfolio that grants an unfair market advantage 🧑‍💻

👇 Link in the comments below 👇


And it’s official! – we’re live with Nerdbord beta version 🔥 Visit and see for yourself what we’ve been working on over 1.5 years 🥹 You’ll see some changes and improvements pretty soon but now the app is stable, usable and ready to rumble! 🤟





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Tallinn, 10120

Õpilasakadeemia pakub gümnasistidele kursusi huvipakkuvates valdkondades, näiteks ristmeedia, psühholoogia, õigus jpm. Õpi ülikoolis juba täna!

Eesti Entsüklopeedia Eesti Entsüklopeedia
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Florens Beauty Florens Beauty
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Tallinn, 11412

Студия маникюра и наращивания ногтей FLORENS BEAUTY. Дизайны

Meta-Profit OÜ Meta-Profit OÜ
Laki 19

Organisatsioonide psühholoogilise arendamise ekspert aastast 1996. Lisaks isiksuse arengu ja NLP ko

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Pärnu Mnt 102/21
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Eesti Üliõpilaskondade Liit (EÜL) on 1991. aastal asutatud üliõpilaste katusorganisatsioon.

MTÜ Perede ja Laste Nõuandekeskus MTÜ Perede ja Laste Nõuandekeskus
Majaka 21-6
Tallinn, 11416

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Sümpoosion Sümpoosion

TLÜ filosoofia tudengid esitlevad: SÜMPOOSION. Igal korral esineb mõni erialaspetsialist, kes ann

Studio Lingua HR Agency Studio Lingua HR Agency
Tõnismägi 3A
Tallinn, 10119

Co-Active Coach, Executive Coach / HR Professional

Prodance Dance Center Prodance Dance Center
Kreutzwaldi 24/Tartu Mnt 39 (sisehoovis)

Prodance Dance Center is home for all who love to express themself throgh movement and dance. Studi

Логопед-дефектолог. Анастасия Куприян. Логопед-дефектолог. Анастасия Куприян.

Помощь детям с речевыми и интеллектуальными нарушения

Mentornaut Mentornaut
Telliskivi 60a/5
Tallinn, 10412

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