GLS German Language School Berlin

GLS German Language School Berlin


Hello everybody, we are a VET school from the Czech Republic looking for only one week long German methodology courses for our teachers in specific terms:
23.09.2023- 01.10.2023
Thank you for your reply.
Happy New Year 2023 🎉

Sign up now for the 2023 GLS Junior Summer Camps on

Berliner Fernsehturm, GLS German Language School Berlin, Berlin – the place to be, Berlin, Germany Tourism

An immediate alternative and support is our live teaching online for kids & teens offer - available all year round:
Denne uka er Tysk 2- gruppa på Vg3 på tur til Berlin! Her står opplevelsene i kø! Vi har blant annet vært på skolebesøk på Wilhelm-von-Siemens-Gymnasium, og vi går på språkskole på GLS German Language School Berlin. Berlin ist eine Reise wert! Takk til Direktoratet for høyere utdanning og kompetanse, hvor Tysklandstipend muliggjør turer som dette.
Discover more about StudyTravel's agent of the month, GLS German Language School Berlin 👏 Find out why they were nominated by Escuela de Idiomas Nerja here:
Hello! I am considering going to school here. Are there any ex-students willing to share their experience with me, please? 😊

🏫 La GLS German Language School Berlin ha sede nel cuore di Berlino.

È stata premiata 5 volte con il premio Star School Germany, ovvero come una delle migliori scuole di lingua in Germania, e offre corsi per adulti e junior a tutti i livelli.

La scuola è un centro per TestDaF, una certificazione linguistica di livello avanzato valida per l’ammissione a tutte le facoltà e i corsi universitari in Germania.

Ha un campus di 16.000 mq con 2 boutique hotel, uno dei quali è l’Hotel Oderberger, tutelato come monumento storico.

Se hai sempre desiderato studiare il tedesco a Berlino, puoi incontrare la German Language School al Salone delle Lingue 2022.

Perché ve**re al Salone?

Incontri scuole da tutto il mondo così da sciogliere i tuoi dubbi e confrontare proposte, destinazioni e corsi per fare la scelta più adatta ai tuoi obbiettivi.

L’evento è totalmente GRATUITO e ha il patrocinio del MIUR - USR Lazio.

Prenota ora il tuo biglietto sul nostro sito:

📅 Quando si svolge l’evento?
28-29 Ottobre 2022

📍 Dove?
WeGIL (Roma Trastevere)
Largo Ascianghi 5 - Roma

Boa noite
Willkommen in Berlin! The boys have arrived & are all set to become fluent German speakers at the GLS German Language School Berlin over the next two weeks of our tour!
Je souhaite m'inscrire et obtenir quelques informations utiles consernant vos programmes de cours de langues.
Est-il possible de recevoir de votre part quelques brochures d'information consernant votre École ? Les conditions d'inscription coût d'urée ect...
Recevez mes salutations les meilleures.
William, Congo Brazzaville
[email protected]
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Happy Thursday; coming home with loads of good news for my students😉.

To start with a big thank you to Rich and Stephanie Brooklyn School of Languages for having given me the opportunity to take part to my first IALC WORKSHOP.

It was an amazing experience, meeting people who work in my industry with such vibrant ideas on how to remove all language barriers.

Au revoir - Arrivederci - Auf Wiedersehen - See you next year in Dublin.

“It always seems impossible until it's done.” by Nelson Mandela

GLS German Language School Berlin
IALC - International Association of Language Centres

Не могу сказать что я ученик хороший. Но как мне выучить за 5 - 12 месяц. МЕНЯ спросил инвалид с детства плохо ходит. Много проблем со здоровьем и давление. Стресс не может понять как выучить он хочет. Он говорит что я согласен учить но тяжело переносить аудитории и стресс. Сильно много всего. И он в годах за 50 лет. Жизнь его потрепала сильно он остался один нет родителей нет сестры. Да живет с женщиной ради деток. Я человек надо мной весит что делать как жить нет не дома не средств передвижения все осталось в Украине. А здесь я чужой. Хочу свой дом мне надоело жить за спасибо да за спасибо меня унежает когда с меня делают инвалида я хочу жить работать и дать жизнь детям мне не нужно не чего. Я хочу иметь свое я боясь воду набрать чтобы хозяйка не сказала вы много воду тратите. Или свет. НЕЗНАНИЕ ЗАКОНА Я ПРОСТО ЖИВУ КАК МИШКА В КЛЕТКЕ НО Я ХОЧУ ВОЛЮ.
Hello :)

Looking for German classes?

*German online class 1:1 or 1:2 if you want to share with a friend
* A1-C2
* grammar repetition
*conversation & writing
* exam preparation

You can contact me in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian ! :)

*40 min 30€
*60min 40€,
*90min 55€

Hello :)

Looking for German classes?

*German online class 1:1 or 1:2 if you want to share with a friend
* A1-C2
* grammar repetition
*conversation & writing
* exam preparation

You can contact me in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian ! :)

*40 min 30€
*60min 40€,
*90min 55€

📢 Day 4 of the ! Today we discussed all things digital with contributions from IH Academic Managers & Trainers and welcome guest plenary speaker Dr Christina Nicole Giannikas who spoke about digital literacies and innovations in Teacher Training. Dr Giannikas discussed the opportunity for change in teacher training plans and reflected on how goal-oriented training will help student teachers understand the implications of an increasingly wired world beyond emergency online practices towards a true paradigm shift.

In this digital afternoon we've also heard from:
John Glew-O’Leary from International House Manchester on Virtual Reality in the Hybrid Classroom. IH Manchester has completed an action research project on how virtual reality might be incorporated into the hybrid classroom. In this talk John discussed the findings of the research, including the benefits and drawbacks of VR for hybrid and other modes. 🥽

Alastair Grant from International House Uruguay and International House Lima spoke about the transition from “Response Pedagogy” to Post Pandemic Education. Since the day the world stood on the brink of one of the worst pandemics in history, teachers have cemented their place in society as being among the most responsive and adaptive of all professionals. After all, teachers learnt to teach without even being in a classroom. Alastair spoke about the “response pedagogy” and where to go from here.

Sebastian Nothhelfer from IH Berlin - GLS German Language School Berlin spoke about the digital pinboard Padlet which is also offered in a version for schools. The various formats can be used to create a low-cost, low-threshold learning management system (LMS) that can be used for both blended learning courses and purely online courses. 👨‍🏫

Sisi Rabenstein from International House Madrid shared what she’d learnt in teaching VYLs online. For children aged 2-5, it is recommended that screen time be limited to one hour a day but when a global pandemic throws a wrench in your plans, you have to learn to adapt. During Covid, many lessons have been learnt from online teaching and in this session Sisi shared her experience.

See you tomorrow for the last day of the ! It will be a day packed with sessions and the usual AMT fun. We’ll close the day with our digital happy hour with a Drag Race and the famous annual quiz! 📝

🙂 A huge thank you to our partners and sponsors who are supporting this great event! International Insurance LanguageCert Macmillan Education ELT Trinity College London
With schools reopen, music classes and performance are still challenging due to concerns with aerosols. I’d like to share a new way of doing music teaching, rehearsals and performances using - SAFE, EASY, FUN and FREE!
This software aligns audio/video tracks automatically and generates virtual performance videos instantly. Users have created videos for choir, band, orchestra, musical instruments, voices, choir dance, musicals, auditions, music festivals, singing with sign language, skit etc., or simply for fun with friends and family.
EasyVirtualChoir offers opportunities and possibilities above and beyond the traditional in-person music education and performance. The site is being used by thousands of schools across the US and around the world for music classes, rehearsals, and performances in online, hybrid and in-person schools.
Here is a short demo of the platform: I hope this amazing resource will be helpful to your students too!

GLS is a language school in Berlin - in trendy Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. GLS has its own campus with hotel and restaurant (ca. 3000 students per year).

German courses start every Monday, with daily after class excursions in Berlin and Germany. GLS offers you a prime location in the very center of Berlin, in super trendy Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. GLS the only language school in Germany with its own campus including hotel and restaurant. GLS teaches German to ca. 3000 international students, and Berliners learn English, French, Spanish, Japanes, Chin


Berlin has an excellent and safe metro - there is a stop right in front of that brings you anywhere in the city


3rd October 2022 - Tag der Deutschen Einheit - German Unity Day commemorates the German reunification in 1990. Have you been to the Berliner Mauer before? Let us know in the comments.


The GLS Campus is a green oasis in the very center of Berlin. Learn German in one of the hippest districts of Berlin and make friends from all over the world


Berlin‘s famous ..! Enjoy summer in Berlin to it’s fullest like from Brazil 🇧🇷 our student of the month :)


Berlin Villa GLS Summer Camp students during a sightseeing trip in Berlin!! No matter how old are you, we have a German course that is just right for you


Gestern fand der erste live Podcast mit Zuschauern von auf dem statt! Danke, dass ihr da wart! Es war der Hammer! GLS ❤️ You!


Explore Berlin after class and join one of our daily activities - get more info at the student point or on our website and book your activities!! picture by and

Germany: summer German courses for teenagers in Berlin 08/07/2022

Germany: summer German courses for teenagers in Berlin

During Summer GLS offers special Summer Camps for Juniors. Check out this amazing super last minute offer for the Berlin Watersports Camp for stays starting 17 or 24 JULY 2022
Book now and save nearly 200 € per week!!

Germany: summer German courses for teenagers in Berlin Summer courses in Berlin, Germany: learn German at the Berlin Riverside Camp for teeagers


Next Monday you can start your complete beginner German course - offers complete beginner courses every first Monday of the month. Higher levels start every Monday


All of our German courses in Berlin are complemented by cultural activities + weekend trips to other places in Germany. We promise - you´ll get to meet lots of interesting people while you learn German at the GLS German Language School in Berlin. Discover Germany with us ...


Simba is a graduate student at Vrije University in Brussels traveling to foot from Belgium to Poland to raise money and awareness for the Ukrainian refugee children.
It was a pleasure to support his journey by hosting him on the - check out and join the mission!!

Photos from GLS German Language School Berlin's post 26/05/2022

Thank you so much for a fabulous workshop .languages 👏 It was an honorific for us to host the gala dinner - thank you to everyone who joined - we love you ❤️


We can’t wait for the .languages Workshop to take place next Tuesday and Wednesday! Looking forward to meeting existing and new partners and have a fabulous time with the


Break time - lots of our classrooms have direct access to a balcony!! The GLS German Language School in Berlin is the only language school in Germany with a 16.000 m² campus, including a historic swimming pool and the option to live on campus while learning German in Berlin. Check it out and learn in style..! pic by


Happy Weekend to all of you! Summer is coming and it’s the best time to visit Berlin and enjoy its beauty. Check out our courses via link in bio and learn German with us this summer! The time is now!!


Spring is here and it’s beautiful outside. The has a wonderful garden where you can hang out and relax with your friends from all over the world. Fun times ahead - join us!! ☀️🌻😎


FROHE OSTERN to our students, teachers and colleagues 🐣 Have a wonderful Easter weekend


Book now and save 50 Euros - ... on intensive and super intensive German courses of min. 2 weeks, starting in APRIL 2022: Valid for bookings between 31 MAR and 21 APR 2022 - check link in bio


Here’s to strong women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.

Happy International Women’s day! The GLS Campus is a woman founded, woman owned and woman led business and we are proud and happy to be surrounded by so many creative, smart and wonderful women.
Our thoughts this year are especially with the women in Ukraine who have to leave their country (alone or with their children). We think of those who stayed in the Ukraine not knowing what will happen next ☮️🕊


The participated in the campaign. From 20h schools, event locations, theaters and stages were illuminated in the colors of the peace flag.
We believe in internationally valid values and let our school shine - against war and for peace! ☮️


Today is a very sad day - we hope your family and friends in the Ukraine are safe. We are there in thoughts and advocate the core values of Europe and stand together with all citizens who wish to live in peace


We'll give you 50 € for each friend of yours that you send to GLS and who books a German course of min. 2 weeks. Please ask her/him to name you as their source when enrolling - by giving us your name and email adress in that part of the enrollment form where we ask "How did you hear about GLS?"


Welcome ..! We are happy and proud to introduce the new restaurant and cafeteria directly on Campus. Get yourself a delicious sandwich during your break or have a healthy lunch after class and get new energy for the day. Daily changing menues with fresh ingredients and artificial flavors. Guten Appetit!!


Welcome ..! We are happy and proud to introduce the new restaurant and cafeteria directly on Campus. Get yourself a delicious sandwich during your break or have a healthy lunch after class and get new energy for the day. Daily changing menues with fresh ingredients and artificial flavors. Guten Appetit!!


We are experts when it comes to teaching German - did you know we teach lots of other languages like Japanese, English, Spanish or French as well? Both face to face and online?


Thanks to all of our students and partners for your ongoing support! We are happy to bring people from all over the world together at the GLS Campus in Berlin - see you all next year!!


Happy Holidays from family Jaeschke and the GLS Team! We wish you wonderful festive days with your family and friends - wherever you may be we send love your way and can’t wait to see you in 2022!!!


Book with confidence! ⠀

■ If you book a face-to-face course in Berlin now and then later are unable to come to Berlin because of Corona/Covid 19, you can cancel your course till one week prior to course start without any cancellation charges. We grant a full refund in that case, and you will not loose any money.⠀

■ Once you are in Berlin, we guarantee a safe learning environment⠀

■ If face-to-face teaching on the GLS campus is interrupted due to Corona, you can either continue your course online or you will receive a credit note for the course weeks not taken. If a lockdown happens in the middle of a week, the credit note applies to the weeks after. ⠀

Pic by ✌


Let’s get into Xmas mood 🎄and decorate the trees on campus together -> Friday, 3rd Dec at 15h -> meeting point: GLS reception 😃


As of December 2021, so called 2G+ rules apply for participation in face-to-face German courses in Berlin, i.e. proof of Covid vaccination ( with a vaccine approved in the EU) or recovery plus 2 Covid tests per week.

Covid tests are available everywhere in Berlin - free of charge, if you .show proof of your enrollment at the GLS language school.

If you cannot meet the above conditions, you are more than welcome to join our online German courses!

Gastfamilien gesucht 16/11/2021

Gastfamilien gesucht

Schüleraustausch - Gastfamilien gesucht!
Kannst du dir vorstellen, dass deine Familie Lust hätte, Gastfamilie zu sein? Für SchülerInnen aus dem Ausland, die mit GLS eine Schule in Deutschland besuchen, suchen wir aktuell noch Gastfamilien für das kommende Schuljahr in Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Hamburg, Ulm und Heidelberg und Umgebung. Es wird selbstverständlich eine Aufwandsentschädigung gezahlt, sodass ihr hauptsächlich Platz und ganz viel Interesse, Spaß und Freude mitbringen müsst!

Gastfamilien gesucht Gastfamilien in Deutschland gesucht - für Schüler aus dem Ausland, die mit GLS High School eine Schule in Deutschland besuchen


It’s golden autumn time and Berlin is as pretty as it gets. Strolling through parks or visiting one of the countless monuments like the ‚Schauspielhaus‘ above on famous are just two activities out of many..

Language School Berlin - GLS Language School in Berlin 21/10/2021

Language School Berlin - GLS Language School in Berlin

Did you know that GLS does not only teach German but also lots of other modern languages? Like Japanese, Russian, French, you name it......check out our portfolio..

Language School Berlin - GLS Language School in Berlin Sprachschule GLS in Berlin - 5 mal ausgezeichnet als Star School Germany, beste Sprachschule. Sprachkurse abends und tagsüber, erfahrene Dozent*innen aus England, Kanada, Frankreich, Japan ...


Most of the classrooms at the GLS Campus have their own balcony - so you and your new friends can laugh about crazy German grammar rules during the break 😅 picture by wonderful


You want to try and test your German in real life? arranged internships all over the city, so book your German course plus internship now


The GLS language school is a Berlin test center for TestDaF. A passed TestDaF exam documents advanced knowledge of German (level B2 / C1) and acts as evidence of sufficient knowledge of German for university studies in Germany. Register and enroll for one of our courses plus test (also available online). Ps.: who finds the grammar mistake in this picture?


A quick update from GLS: We have more than 220 students studying German at GLS Berlin right now. Despite corona we are making the best of it and both students and teachers love to be back in class

Learn German at GLS Berlin

GLS is the only language school in Germany with a 16.000 sqm urban campus located in the very center of Berlin and including 2 boutique hotels and a swimming pool under monument protection. The facilities on campus are exceptional: 66 bright classrooms (all with state-of-the-art-equipment), a restaurant serving modern German food, 50 apartments and 72 hotel rooms of premium standard.

Established 1983




German Courses in Berlin
Business German in Berlin
Internships in Berlin
Accommodation in Berlin - on and off campus
Sprachkurse Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch, Japanisch, Chinesisch, Russisch
Restaurant, Hotel, Buchladen




Kastanienallee 82

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