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Photos from Code Academy Berlin's post 09/11/2023

CONGRATULATIONS to our newest cohort of graduates!
After 5 intensive months at our bootcamp, our students graduated as Full-Stack Developers and Data analysts, and we are so proud of what they’ve accomplished in the past months! We wish them a fantastic start in their new careers and we will miss you!

Photos from Code Academy Berlin's post 11/09/2023

Welcome to the New Data Analytics and Web Development Group!
Have a good start into bootcamp live 🥳😎


"Turning data dreams into reality 🎓📊 Congrats to the newest graduates of our intensive 5-month data bootcamp! 🥳👩‍🎓👨‍🎓


Code Academy Berlin launches part time courses for the first time.
Get in touch to learn more!


We start a new Web Development class on the 30th of May!
Come and join us with the Bildungsgutschein!


We start a new Data Analytics class on the 30th of May!
Come and join us with the Bildungsgutschein!


Special Guest: Sergio from
Timescale presenting himself, the company, and
the job of a Developer 👩‍💻🧑‍💻


First Day of the Rose Gold Quokkas 🐹

Playing Team Building Game in our office kitchen


Meet Virginia, our Data Science mentor.
From the warm and colorful Dominican Republic, Virginia has over 15 years of experience in advertising, corporate communications, and marketing. She has always been interested in how digital skills can boost businesses, and her technical knowledge combined with her experience in marketing is a key asset in making meaningful analyses and helping the students shape a critical way of thinking.


Welcome our latest group of Web Development students - the Green Wombats 👩‍💻

Photos from Code Academy Berlin's post 28/09/2021

Congratulations to our senior cohort of Data Scientists, the Pistachio Parrots 🦜 🥳 🥂


Last spots to learn with us!

Photos from Code Academy Berlin's post 09/09/2021

Our latest cohort of Full-Stack Web Developer just graduated, and we couldn't be more proud!
Congratulations White Flamingos 🦩


Feeling hungry? Join Raul, Nadine, and Fabian in their culinary trips: today they cooked delicious Käsespätzle 🤤🧀🇩🇪

Meet SmartNinja 21/07/2021

Meet SmartNinja Meet SmartNinja, our new partner in crime, specialized in adult IT education around Europe. In this interview article, we spoke with Miha - CEO and Co-Founder - about everything you need to know to join their program.

Photos from Code Academy Berlin's post 20/07/2021

Congratulations to the Pinkies 🐿 - our latest graduated cohort of Data Scientists. Best of luck with your future career, we know they will be bright and full of successes! We are proud to have you as alumni.


Meet Sarah; our Office Assistant.
After her Italian literature and linguistics studies, Sarah worked as project manager for a dubbing and subtitling company and as a German teacher for a private school in Berlin.
With her unique mix of skills and experiences, she is helping Code Academy Berlin with all administrational matters and she helps the students dealing with the Agentur für Arbeit and Jobcentre.
Lately, she also started teaching German to Lucas, Ottavia, and Shekhar - will she succeed in this impossible task? 👩‍🏫


We like happy faces, and you? That's what happened to Selin when she completed the Bike Sharing Analysis Project. 🚲🥳
She analyzed the business model of Capital Bikeshare and gave suggestions to improve customer satisfaction.


Yesterday was the first day of our newest and cohort; the Blue Puffer Fishes. We’re so excited to see the growth of this cohort - stay tuned for their activities and projects.

Best of luck, Blue Puffer Fishes 📘


In career week, we introduce our students to insights, tools, coaching, personality tests of the full recruitment cycle. We follow the approach to plan the first steps of a new in tech. Teaming up with trustful partners like Ana Belen Penna and Gladys Santos.

Can you guess what each workshop is about?


Ele and Alicia are taking advantage of the CAB campus terrace ☀️ we're convinced there's no better place to work on your projects than here!


Our student group, the Pinkies, organized a taco lunch the other day and we are getting hungry just looking at this photo!! We love seeing this kind of student spirit! 🤩

Photos from Code Academy Berlin's post 04/06/2021

Did somebody say pizza? 🍕 this past week we held a Q&A followed by a little social gathering on the campus terrace.


Recieving feedback like this is what keeps us going! 💻 congratulations to Marwan and the rest of the cohort who have done incredibly well to reach this far. We are so excited for what is to come for you - best of luck!



Code Academy Berlin is super happy to announce, we are partnering up with SmartNinja to join forces in

Get in touch to learn more about their exciting courses in and and save yourself a 10% discount with the promo code: SNCABERLIN

Message us for the link 🔗& see you there!


Whether its Web Dev or Data Science, we got the syllabus to kick start your new career! Get in touch with us today to join the next course (25/05) 💻


& just like that 🪄 another set of students graduated! Best of luck on your journey - were so proud to have you as alumni 🎓


Our most recent cohort of students are already fully immersed! From learning the basics, to creating individualised projects, to having coaching sessions and workshops. We're with you every step of the way & we're so excited to be a part of the journey! 💻


*code error, coffee, solve code, error, coffee, solve error 😅


Take advantage of the lack of festivals and start your Summer of Code! 💻 Spread peace & love through modern-looking and powerful applications.


We love the dedication our students put into their projects! 💻

At Code Academy, we teach code but we encourage our students to work on projects that they are passionate about. It's so rewarding!

Got questions about being a student at CAB? Get in touch with us!

Photos from Code Academy Berlin's post 25/04/2021

This week, Code Academy welcomed a new cohort of students. Join us in showing them a big WELCOME! We are so glad to have you on board 💻


Ever wondered what it's like being a student at Code Academy Berlin? 💻 Here's what Eugenio Buzzoni from our Data Science cohort has to say about his experience.


Did you know:
At Code Academy Berlin, you will be accompanied by our Career Services during your entire program.

Yup, that's right. We don't only teach you the technical skills, we also teach you to write CVs, ace interviews, and much more!



We’re so excited to welcome our new students today who chose to name themselves the “white flamingos” cohort.

Best of luck in your new beginnings!


Meet Shekhar; our Data Science Mentor 👨🏻‍💻

With over 8 years experience as Software Engineer, Project Lead & IT Product Trainer, Shekhar has interviewed 100+ career changers / job seekers (IT) in MNCs including IBM, Cognizant.

He holds a bachelor in Computers and has a keen interest in Intelligent Machines; and has a strong inclination towards education which eventually turned him into a Data Science Mentor.


Here's just a few good reasons why it's the perfect time to start a course with us in 2021!


Meet Ottavia; our Web Dev and Data Science Mentor!

Former architect, Ottavia studied and worked in several countries before deciding that Berlin was going to be her final destination.

Here, after following an academy of programming herself, she worked as a mentor for over a year while keeping updated with the latest technologies through several projects and competitions.

Thanks to these experiences she brings a unique mix of knowledge of the tech industry and understanding for people that have never coded before.

Ask her anything and she will find a million different ways to explain it!


3 SPOTS LEFT for our next Web Dev class starting next month!

Head over to our website to register today or message us directly for any questions.

It's not too late to pursue a new passion & career! 💻

Photos from Code Academy Berlin's post 18/02/2021

After 500hs of intensive mentoring, growing , stand-ups, and tons of fun we proudly honored our first two students at Code Academy Berlin for achieving their goals yesterday.

Graduation as is always a day of mixed feelings. We couldn't be any happier for you Ellen and Sarah.
Wish you a great start in your new role as Technical Project lead and for your further steps.

It also means saying goodbye to two amazing students, it has been an absolute pleasure and honor having you. Miss you already and hopefully see you around soon.

Our next classes start on March 15th, check it out under:

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