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Photos from 42 Berlin's post 09/01/2024

Microsoft's three-day workshop on Microsoft Azure Container Training takes off today with students joining from , & in T-System's new offices in Wolfsburg, set to a beautiful backdrop of blue sky 👾

Today, students focused on and the concepts and benefits that surround it.

Containerisation in software engineering is a lightweight and portable solution for packaging, distributing, and running applications. It involves encapsulating an application along with its dependencies, libraries, and runtime environment in a container.

Does anyone know any of the benefits? Tell us in the comments below 👇

Huge thank you and shoutout to Microsoft & T-systems for providing these cross-campus workshops and enhance our peer-learning methods even further. 🫶

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 08/01/2024

The Piscine at 42 Berlin can sometimes feel like a mystery box. We intentionally leave it up to each coder to discover what's inside when they arrive. 👀

To help you get a clearer idea, we speak to 4 students on their experience of their piscine; they give insights and advice to help future pisciners follow in their footsteps. 👣

Check it out in our latest blog post through link in bio. Our upcoming piscines are open for you to join through you 42 Berlin account.

💦 29th Jan - 23rd Feb 2024
💦 4th - 28th March 2024

If you want to code, we ca confirm that this is great place to start.


We know it's Friday, but someone's got some explaining to do & Max wants answers pronto ..

Welcome to 2024 at 42 Berlin 😜

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 24/12/2023

A lot of festive love coming to all of you from the team. ✨

We will be taking a little break from here for the next few days to rest and recuperate as this year comes to a close. Thank you all for being with us for this ride, we have so much more in store for 2024.

P.S. If you want to make 2024 the year of your coding dreams, don't forget to sign up to a Winter 2024 Piscine - available on the application platform now. 💦

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 18/12/2023

Look who's popping up to say hello. 👋

Our chief happiness officer never fails to spread the love. Scroll right to see him making us the happiest team around. ♥

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 14/12/2023

It's been a busy buzzzing time on campus. 🐝

We were so happy to welcome in and their ecosystem for a Tuesday Frühstück, which involved coffee, croissants and a lot of networking between our students and those involved in the Franco-German tech scene. 🥐 🫂

Slide a little further to the right and you will see our Fireside Chat on Generative AI. We hosted leaders from Volkswagen, Microsoft & Bayer to talk about the changing (expanding) future of software engineering. 👾

Thank you to our amazing Dan for his beautiful moderating and organisation of both of these events

Thank you to our community for being the best as always and filling every event with inquisitive attitudes and great questions. ✨

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 10/12/2023

We are a Software Engineering school in Berlin, a city where different realms intersect every second of every day. That's why we decided to create a multidisciplinary jam session experience, merging 3 art forms in a way we've never done before:

✨ Vogue - a dance created in the 60's by trans women of New York city
✨ Techno - the sound that permeates our city and represents so much history beyond it
✨ Code - coded visualisations by our students to weave all the elements together and show the expanse that exists within the coded world. We hope to show the diverse scope there is in software engineering and how it can be integrated into real-time event spaces.

This was a night full of creative inspiration. Thank you to the Voguers from & .berlin ♥️

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 07/12/2023

Happy Birthday, 42 Berlin! ✨✨♥️

Safe to say that our 1st anniversary party was a hit. Taking a second here to thank our incredible community for making each and every celebration more special than the last. We are so proud to be growing older with you all! 🥹


Photos from 42 Berlin's post 05/12/2023

On Tuesday 12th December, & come together to bridge gaps in tech. 🎉

This cross-campus event will host guest speakers from the worlds of academia and politics, 42 Alumni, a recruiter working with a 42 graduate and 42 students to share their stories and perspectives on the 42 methodology and its importance for the tech world. 💻

A run down of the speakers:

🗣️ Becky Patel is head of education at TechSheCan.
TechSheCan is a charity organization that aims to increase the number of women in technology and
provide free learning resources to inspire children to pursue a career in technology. TechSheCan has over 200 members and is committed to changing the ratio of women in technology.

🗣️ Kate Rosenshine is Global Technology Director, Strategic Partnerships, Microsoft. She works with
customers to architect end-to-end solutions using Microsoft cloud technologies, with an emphasis
on creating solutions that leverage data by using AI . Kate has written several articles on Microsoft
Industry Blogs, including topics such as building an AI-ready culture, interconnected data, and
responsible AI usage.

🗣️ Lorna Willis is CEO at TechSkills UK.
TechSkills is a not-for-profit, employer-led organisation, responsible for Tech Industry Gold, the
industry accreditation for education and training relevant to digital and tech careers.

🗣️ Femi Yusoof works within the career department at Goldsmiths University.

This is going to be a special event, incorporating many different perspectives and insights in the 42 approach.

Join virtually via the link in bio shared on the day. 💥

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 04/12/2023

"Live coding exerts a significant influence on the
trajectory of digital innovation, challenging the limits of traditional artistic and technological methodologies." 🎼

duo create musical journeys filled with live-coded algorithmic melodies, alongside unique coded visuals. We sat down with the creative coding duo to talk about their journey into the field that bridges software engineering and music. We delve into where it all started, their favourite tech resources and their advice for those who are interested in diving into this interactive & algorithmic sphere. 👾

Thank you to & for these words.

Read the full article through link in bio. 🐝


Soo many insights shared at our with 42 alumni from !

How incredible to see our alumni thriving and ready to share their advice with our currents students. Thank you to all who came and were so helpful and attentive. It is amazing to see the spirit of our peer-learning methodologies remaining strong, no matter how much time passes. ❤

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 29/11/2023

Don't mind us, we're just going for a casual toe-dip in the snow instead of coding. 👣😳

What totally normal things did you get up to in Berlin's white weather today? ❄️☃️

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 24/11/2023

Last week hosted a beautiful award ceremony in collaboration with , at which special schools throughout Berlin were honoured as “STEM-friendly” schools. ❤

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and we are so proud to be widening our educational network so that we can continue our mission for generations to come.

Thank you to all who came and made this a very special moment.


The freshest cohort of official students is in the building! 😍

Last week, our campus hummed with the sweet sweet sound of coders sky-rocketing into the 42 universe. And this time, as official students ready to make their way into the core curriculum's solar system.

If you want to have the chance to do the same, join a winter 2024 piscine available for sign up through the application platform. Just sign in through your account. 🌟

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 15/11/2023

"Live-coding is like a musical jam session where mistakes are just another note. It's all about creating on the fly, and that means you'll hit some unexpected notes, but those off-notes can lead to fantastic surprises." ❤️‍🔥

Remember when , & came onto campus to blow everyone away with live-code alongside synths and a trumpet? 😍

We sat down with Bechir, live-coder for the night & co-founder of .berlin, to talk about how he found the beautiful intersection where music meets code . 🌟

Read the interview in our brand new blog post via the link in bio. 🌴

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 06/11/2023

Last week, we held our first ever Discovery Piscine! 🥳

What is that, you ask?

A Discovery Piscine is a week long coding experience which delves into web development through the 42 Berlin peer2peer methodology, aimed at 16-20 year olds. This experience aims at providing a younger demographic a look into code and where it could take them in the future.

On the last day, the discovery pisciners shared their projects which took the form of resume-like websites, which impressed us all. They shared their impressions and how surprised they were that peer2peer works this well. We are so happy to say that some of them will be joining us in the next month-long piscines. 🎺

Thank you to all who joined and the determination and inspiration they provided. 🦾


This week we bid farewell to Denis, the man we have been so proud to call our Tech Lead ever since opened its doors. 🦾

As one of the first ever members of the 42 Berlin team, Denis will be missed hugely. The patient, caring & calm attitude he brought to campus every single day provides an inspiration for all of us, not to mention his unexpected party trick: Break dancing. 🕺

We wish Denis so much luck in the beautiful next chapter and we already can't wait to have you back on campus. 🌟


Starting the week with a look back at the faces of our last Piscine of the summer, and the first where we reached gender parity.🌟

There was such a beautiful atmosphere created this September and we can't wait to re-create it will a new bunch of Pisciners during our Winter Piscines in the new year.

Remember that our Piscines, starting on 29th January & 4th March, will be available for sign up on Wednesday 15th November! Grab your spot as early as possible to not miss your chance. 🌻

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 23/10/2023

Next up on the agenda: Vogue 2 Techno! 💥

On Thursday 23rd November, we welcome Voguers from from Poland on the campus for a Vogue performance & workshop.

The whole evening will be set against a backdrop of techno & coded visualisations. After the performance, there will be an interactive workshop to learn how to vogue yourself! 🎼

Grab yourself a free spot through link in bio & get ready to move!

This is going to be a special one. 🌟


Hey, is hiring a Pedagogy Intern to join our team! ❤️

Aside from joining our fabulous team and community, you will be supporting the pedagogy team to ensure our Piscines (selection tests) run smoothly, as well as helping students along with their journey through our curriculum. 🌻

Check the link in our bio to for more detail on the position.

Apply, apply, apply to join the best team evaaaa. See you soon!


Do you know why the trees in Berlin might feel uncalled for levels of stress? 🌿And how can we use AI to harness the health of our cities? 👾

We talk to Josefine Hintz, doctoral researcher into cities’ use of AI for climate change mitigation, about all things related to AI in city development. Refreshingly, we delve deep into the advantageous uses of AI that could bode very well for our future. 🥷

Read the full article on our blog, fresh out the oven now! 🥖

Link in bio. 🤓

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 13/10/2023

Anyone else already missing those warm summer nights? 🌞

.. and the pizza. 🍕

This was off the back of our last Spotlight Event on Digital Health and AI. 🔥👾


Look at all these new excited Pisciners ready to start their coding journey!! 🤩

Our last Piscine of the summer launched into the stratosphere yesterday and took nearly 200 coders into the juicy realms of code. 💫

We are so proud to say that this piscine has hit a 50:50 gender split!! 🔥🥳

Our mission to make the world of tech more inclusive and accessible is being felt more and more with every piscine. Thank you for trusting us. 💙

42 Berlin – Free non-profit coding school in Neukölln, Berlin 18/09/2023

On 23rd - 27th October, we are hosting a Discovery Piscine on the Campus. ✨

This is special because it is free, it is 5 days and it uses the 42 methodology to guide students through the basics of web development. We will touch on HTML, CSS & Javascript.

This is perfect if you are between 16-20 years old and want to try out the world of coding, access the facilities on our campus and meet a new community!

If you are thinking about career switching to code, but not quite sure if you're ready, join us for 5 days and you will have your answer.

More information and sign up through link in bio. 🤩

42 Berlin – Free non-profit coding school in Neukölln, Berlin Free, Advanced, Coding School in Berlin. Part of the 42 International Network of Schools, providing advanced coding education with peer2peer, gamified learning.

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 13/09/2023

Verrrrry exciting announcement, listen up & you may just want to RSVP as soon as you can. 😍

On Thursday 19th October, 42 Berlin invites live-coder and pianist duo to take us on a musical journey. Using organic piano sounds and live-coded techniques to create a techno-inspired music, this performance will be a feast for both the ears and the eyes. ✨

Besch and Khaled Hanafia, both part of .berlin collective, will be the featured artists on the night.

This is the first time a combination of live instrumental music and live-code will grace our campus ... this is going to be an extra special affair.

Entry is free but RSVP is required - click link in bio!


Hey, don't forget that on Wednesdays we play boardgames! 🎲

If you want to join us tomorrow on the campus for this weekly affair, sign up via the link in bio, and be ready to have your pick of all the boardgames under the sun and enter into some friendly competition. 🔥

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 05/09/2023

In just over 3 weeks, our campus will come alive with the next edition of our Spotlight Speaker Series on AI & Digital Health. 🦾

This is a hot topic in the tech world and we have a beautiful line-up of speakers who have a lot of insights to share and will be ready to discuss further and answer any questions on the night.

Be there or be square; Wednesday 27th September @ 18:30 CET, on the campus and hosted by our Tech Lead, Denis.

Entry is free but RSVP is required through link in bio. ✨

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 04/09/2023

It's September; a new month that marks a
new round of introduction talks. 🦾

The introduction talk is a vital step in the
application process where you get to find out more
about what you can expect from your studies with us
and ask any questions you may have. 🤩

This month we are only hosting 2 introduction talks!
One will be ONSITE, and one will be online. So, if you
would like to join one of these talks do so quickly
before they fill up.

September dates are available for sign up through the
application platform. Don't forget to watch our
introduction video before attending! 😉

Seeeee you sooon. 🥭

Photos from 42 Berlin's post 04/09/2023

It's September; a new month that marks a new round of introduction talks. 🦾

The introduction talk is a vital step in the application process where you get to find out more about what you can expect from your studies with us and ask any questions you may have. 🤩

This month we are only hosting 2 introduction talks! One will be ONSITE, and one will be online. So, if you would like to join one of these talks do so quickly before they fill up.

September dates are available for sign up through the application platform. Don't forget to watch our introduction video before attending! 😉

Seeeee you sooon. 🥭

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