English with Josimar

English with Josimar

I am an international online English teacher. I teach English to adults and children world wide.

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Oui, nous y sommes parvenus. Nos cours en ligne sont désormais casi plus pratiques et efficaces que les cours classiques en présentiel. Dans un délais de trois à six mois, je peux vous rendre bilingue. Rejoignez dès à présent ma nouvelle vague de formation. Jours de cours : vendredi, samedi (16h-17h) et dimanche (14h-15h). Le nombre de places est limité. Cliquez sur le bouton WhatsApp ci-dessous pour les modalités d'inscription.


Quelle est la différence entre ''to stop to do something'' et ''to stop doing something''?


'J'ai vu une vidéo de Perfect English SARL sur Facebook et je l'ai regardé' se traduit en anglais par? La réponse dans la vidéo. Voulez-vous en savoir plus sur l'entreprise Perfect English SARL ? Cliquez sur sa désignation en bleu plus haut.


In 2023, don't allow anybody to "crook money out of you". If you witness a protest, run away if it turns into a "riot". Crook money out of you 🤷 riot 🤷. My last vocabulary lesson of the year. Happy new year to all of you 🎉


Hi there! This lesson really deserves your attention: a , and lesson combined in one short video. If you want to benefit from my private or group classes online, click on the WhatsApp button below 👇


Stop using WILL each time you refer to future actions 🙅⚠️ You should sometimes use this instead. If you are interested in quality online English classes, click on the WhatsApp button below to contact me.


. I think one of my greatest strengths is my ability to create friendly learning environments with my learners. This allows them to relax during the class, to feel comfortable. It helps them to learn fast. If are interested in online English classes, click on the WhatsApp button below 👇


Les parents de Diego connaissent l'importance de l'anglais dans l'avenir de leur enfant. Ils ont fait confiance à English with Josimar. Première étape : prise de contact (présentation, familiarisation).

Je suis Josimar Djokam, coach d'anglais à l'international. Pour plus d'informations sur mes programmes, cliquez sur le bouton WhatsApp ci-dessous 👇


Talking about complex grammar stuffs: compound complex sentences 🤯😌. You can book your own private online classes with me, and learn English at your own pace. Click on the WhatsApp button below for more details.


This is what you need to know about the pronunciation of letter'a'in English. If you need private online English classes, you can click on the WhatsApp button below. Watch all my videos on my YouTube channel https://youtube.com/


Do you agree with this definition of marriage?


As a teacher, this video tore me apart and I decided to share it. I think there is a lesson behind it for everybody.


From now on, you can book a specific lesson on English with Josimar. You can decide to book a one-session class on any grammar or prononciation topic of your choice: you will be satisfied! Besides this, you can always register to my long term one-to-one online classes to perfect your English. Click on the WhatsApp button below for more information.


About the rain...


I've just reached 2.5K followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each and every one of you. 🙏🤗🎉 There are great lessons coming soon. Stay tuned 📌


Stop saying ME TOO😤😤🙅 Use this instead 🤩🤩


''I am 20 years old" or''I have 20 years old*" | To be or to have | How to use the auxiliaries in


Hello dear learners. Today is the World Teachers Day. I was wondering if you could have some positive thoughts for us on this special day! I was actively explaining something here😅


Another and lesson to improve your ! Enjoy, like and share 💖


Welcome to my English class 🎉 Who, whom, whose, which, that | how to use relative pronouns.
The full lesson on my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/B4wiLYds6SY


Whenever you like and share my posts, you don't only motivate me to create more awesome videos, but you help me reach more people and create a wonderful for us all.


The pronunciation lesson you have been waiting for is finally here! How to pronounce the TH in good English | speak better English
and vocabulary


Hello dear learners. I haven't produced any video lately because I've been really busy teaching at school. I think I'll start recording some of my in-class lessons very soon, I'm sure they'll be amazing. Stay tuned 📌
(Don't ask me what was being looked for in my pocket, I don't remember 😅)


What is the life lesson behind this picture 😅?


and lesson.


Let's define the word Salary 😅:


If this pronunciation course is much longer than the previous ones, there's a reason 😎. I always go further to give you more and more practical and precise pieces of advice, which will allow you to have a tangible progress in English. Do not miss any of my courses on YouTube. https://youtube.com/c/ENGLISHwithJosimar

Vous ne parlerez pas anglais à moins de faire ceci | speak better English 30/08/2022

Good morning dear all ✨. The listening and speaking lesson I promised you is finally available in its full version on my YouTube channel. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Click on the picture below to watch it right away.

Vous ne parlerez pas anglais à moins de faire ceci | speak better English Vous ne parlerez pas à moins de comprendre le principe fondamental de l' d'une . l'apprentissage se résume en quatre aptitudes ...


I've just reached 2K followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each and every one of you. 🙏🤗🎉


How to use "so do I, Neither am I, So am I, etc" in English | speak better English. If you are looking for quality online English classes, click on the WhatsApp button below for more information on our courses.


Do you know how to pronounce these words in English? | Let's check that out!

Photos from English with Josimar's post 20/08/2022

What is your personality?


Les expressions les plus utilisées en anglais, Livre complet de grammaire, conjugaison de tous les temps verbaux, etc... Ce n'est pas cela qui vous aidera à parler anglais, mais plutôt ceci👇👇


Isn't this true?


Chose promise, chose faite 🎉 Cette nouvelle leçon de prononciation en anglais mérite sérieusement votre attention ⚠️ Elle vous aidera à mieux prononcer les mots en anglais contenant le son R. N'oubliez pas de vous abonner à la chaîne Youtube. https://youtu.be/nvmeio6i5-s


Ce cours de prononciation mérite sérieusement votre attention ⚠️⚠️ Il sera disponible en intégralité demain sur ma chaine YouTube, ne le manquer surtout pas ! Abonnez-vous dès maintenant et activez la cloche de notification pour ne pas le manquer. https://youtube.com/c/ENGLISHwithJosimar


Leçon de . En anglais il y a une différence entre to stop + gerund et to stop + to infinitive. C'est-à-dire que ces deux phrases sont complètement différentes: I stop to greet my teacher # I stop greeting my teacher. Explications dans la vidéo. Aimez et partagez 💝


I don't know who shot this, but I know how pertinent this message is, you'll probably agree with me.


The difference between Tell and Say. If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask in the comments. If you want quality online English classes, click on the WhatsApp button to contact us. Don't forget to share the video!


If you are able to understand this misunderstanding, then your English level in on the right path! Let me know in the comments whether you understood or not ✍️

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If this pronunciation course is much longer than the previous ones, there's a reason 😎.  I always go further to give you...
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