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Photos from UNSW Business School's post 08/05/2024

Congratulations to Robert McLean and Philip Lowe on receiving honorary degrees from UNSW Business School.

An honorary degree is an academic distinction awarded to individuals who have made outstanding achievements and impact in their respective fields and recognises their excellence and influence.

UNSW Business School Interim Dean Frederik Anseel said, "We are delighted to honour Robert McLean and Philip Lowe for their exceptional contributions. Their leadership and vision have had a profound impact on the business community. They serve as true inspirations for our students and the wider community."

Career mentoring program | Business School - UNSW Sydney 06/05/2024

“My takeaway from mentoring was always be inquisitive in life as in business,” says Dean G. (MCom 1996), Director of Marketing at Instant Pot Brands.

“I linked my mentee, Wenfeng Sun, to my most trusted colleagues. In our meeting with Wenfeng, I learned more about what my colleague does for a living in 45 minutes than I have learned over the last 15 years," he said.

The UNSW Business School Career Program pairs students with accomplished Business School and AGSM @ UNSW Business School .

Apply today! Applications close May 10:

Career mentoring program | Business School - UNSW Sydney Learn about the UNSW Business School Career Mentoring Program. We pair the School's most ambitious students with accomplished alumni and industry partners.

Photos from UNSW Business School's post 03/05/2024

“UNSW Business School alumni are the foundation of strong bilateral economic and social ties between Australia and Asia. We appreciate the ongoing contributions of our students and colleagues past and present to UNSW’s continual successes,” said Associate Professor Felix Ter Chian Tan, Associated Dean International, at the China Alumni Event event held last week in Shenzhen.

Over 150 alumni attended the event, where a panel of international alumni leaders shared their experiences navigating opportunities and challenges in the Greater Bay Area, highlighting collaboration with multinationals and building international relations.

Professor Barney Tan was joined by panel members:

William Lin, Senior Commercial Representative, Austrade
Silvia Miao, Director of Strategy, Bank of Guangzhou
Dr Haifeng Wu, Research Fellow, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Natalie Lowe, CEO & Founding Partner, The Orange Blowfish


There are a few new faces on the UNSW Business School Alumni Advisory Board this year!

They, together with returning members, will play a vital role driving alumni engagement, enriching the student experience, and deepening our links with industy.

Welcome new Chair, Vladimir Kalmanovich, (MProfAcc 2019) and new members:

David Yip, MBA(Exec) 2022
Genevieve Castelino, MProfAcc 2019
Lambert Kiang, BSc2007
Renita Lai, MBA(Exec) 2018
Tariro Makwasha, MBA(Exec) 2022
James Ng, MBA 2001

Learn more about our Alumni Advisory Board: https://www.unsw.edu.au/business/engage-with-us/alumni/alumni-advisory-board


Students with disability are often under-represented in higher education.

Dr Veronica Jiang believes disability shouldn’t be a barrier to learning. As an Academic Disability Advisor at UNSW Business School, she is improving digital accessibility and challenging traditional expectations of what students with disabilities can achieve. She collaborates with Accessibility Researcher Md Badiuzzaman to develop accessibility guides to help create inclusive course materials.

Together, their work has made a significant impact on faculty and students at UNSW and the wider educational community. Read more about their initiatives here: https://www.unsw.edu.au/news/2024/02/breaking-digital-barriers-inclusive-learning


Congratulations to the latest AGSM @ UNSW Business School graduates recognised in our 'grad ad' in today's The Australian Financial Review. Well done!

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our global community of over 18,000 AGSM alumni and 100,000 UNSW Business School alumni. Good luck and stay in touch!


AGSM @ UNSW Business School’s fully online MBAX has ranked 4th in the QS 2024 Global Online MBA rankings. 🏆

AGSM ranked well above the global average on all indicators and scored particularly well (7th) in Faculty and Teaching.

“At AGSM, we prioritise providing a world-class learning experience. We constantly evaluate and refine our curriculum to ensure it remains relevant and engaging,” says Professor Nick Wailes, Senior Deputy Dean UNSW Business School and Director of AGSM.

“Our outstanding Business School faculty and adjunct teaching staff, with their deep industry expertise and world-class teaching credentials, are instrumental in equipping graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in today's complex business environment.”

Read the full story. https://www.unsw.edu.au/news/2024/04/AGSM-MBAX-ranks-4th-in-the-QS-2024-Global-Online-MBA-Rankings


It's almost graduation time! Who's ready? 🎓

An impressive lineup of UNSW Business School alumni will be speaking at graduation ceremonies over the next few weeks, including:

- Sarah Abbott, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader at Lion
- Diana Eilert, Chair at Keypath Education, Member of the Australian Competition Tribunal and Non-Executive Director at Domain
- Philip Lowe, Former Governor of Reserve Bank of Australia
Chris M., Information Communications & Technology at NSW Health
- Lali Wiratunga MBA, ESG Advisory at Westpac Group
- Robert McLean, Former Director and Dean of the Australian Graduate School of Management
- Glenda Nixon, International Tax Partner at Accru Felsers

Congratulations to all UNSW Business School graduates. Welcome to the UNSW global alumni network—we can't wait to see what you achieve next!

The Business Of : Super power – the Australian superannuation fund making retirement more equitable 22/04/2024

Katrina McPhee, Chief of Staff at Aware Super, was inspired to examine systemic inequalities in superannuation following a public inquiry into the industry in 2018.

In a recent UNSW Business Of podcast, she spoke with host Dr Juliet Bourke about the company's strategies for addressing the gender retirement gap, both at Aware Super and through industry advocacy. Professor Frederik Anseel, UNSW Business School's Interim Dean, shares insights on leveraging challenges to drive positive business transformation.

Listen now wherever you get your podcasts.

The Business Of : Super power – the Australian superannuation fund making retirement more equitable Katrina McPhee is in the superannuation industry for the long haul now, but that wasn’t always the case. She’s currently the Chief of Staff at Aware Super, one of Australia’s largest super...

Can you afford to travel to work? 18/04/2024

With current cost of living pressures, high fuel and public transport costs, many face the reality that the expense of commuting to work is becoming financially unsustainable. Combined with city design limitations, flexible work arrangements may be the solution to help ease the situation.

Can Australian cities become more commuter-friendly, or will commutes become unaffordable? UNSW Business School and UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture, Design & Architecture experts shed light on the situation:

Can you afford to travel to work? Can Australian cities adapt to become more commuter-friendly or will the financial burden of travel force a fundamental shift in work arrangements?

The Business Of : Back to basics – finance 101 for small to medium enterprises 12/04/2024

Did you know that 99.8% of Australian businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? That’s your friendly neighbourhood shops, cafes, and real estate agents – the backbone of our economy. The size range for SMEs is broad, with small businesses employing up to 19 and medium businesses reaching up to 199.

Most entrepreneurs start small - whether it’s a full-time gig or a side hustle. Regardless of the shape and size of the business - knowing how to finance and budget for business growth is imperative.

In the latest episode of The Business Of podcast, Associate Professor Kristle Romero Cortes from the UNSW School of Banking and Finance talks about the basics of SME finance, from market flows to the cost of capital.

Listen now wherever you get your podcasts.

The Business Of : Back to basics – finance 101 for small to medium enterprises So, you want to start a business. And no matter how big your ambitions are, chances are you’re going to start small as one of the 99.8% of businesses in Australia that operate as small-to-me...


"These achievements are a direct reflection of our unwavering commitment to academic excellence, transformative learning and industry relevance. A huge thank you to our faculty, researchers, staff, and students – your collective efforts make this success possible," says Professor Frederik Anseel, Interim Dean of UNSW Business School.

UNSW Business School has been named among the world's top universities for four subjects in the 2024 QS Subject Rankings; three of those were ranked first in Australia.


Photos from UNSW Business School's post 10/04/2024

Congratulations to UNSW Business School Finance students Marcus Tremellen, Lachlan Holman, Michael Summers and Max Jan, who placed first in the National Investment Banking Competition (NIBC) held earlier this year.

The competition, which attracts undergraduate and postgraduate teams from universities globally, saw the team compete with 510 teams to present solutions to a real-world corporate finance scenario. After a rigorous online preliminary round, they travelled to Vancouver for the final stage. ✈️

The team tackled a complex acquisition scenario involving leading beverage brands. Over two days, they presented a compelling pitch to a panel of senior managing directors from top investment banks. Their work and expertise ultimately secured them first place. 👏

The prize money will help them continue honing their skills and compete in international competitions across Europe and the APAC region. We look forward to their continued success!

Creative Conversations with Vince Frost | UNSW Sydney 04/04/2024

Do you have a creative business idea that you want to scale for profit? Join UNSW ADA Innovation Hub for the next instalment of the "Creative Conversations".

Hear how leaders learn their strategies for navigating the unique challenges of scaling up business ideas in the creative sector and discover how to transition from honing your craft to building a sustainable and profitable business.

This event, "Scaling a Creative Business," features an insightful panel discussion led by Vince Frost of Frost Collective. He'll be joined by Shelley Simpson, Founder & Creative Director of Mud Australia, renowned artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran and leadership expert Professor Frederik Anseel, Interim Dean of UNSW Business School and an expert in scaling startups.

Network with industry professionals during the post-talk reception. Register now for your spot on Thursday, 18 April, from 6:00 pm:

Creative Conversations with Vince Frost | UNSW Sydney Scaling a Creative Business - what does it take? Join Mud Australia founder Shelley Simpson, artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran and Professor Frederik Anseel to explore the challenges and opportunities.

Pathways to Politics for Women (NSW) | Law & Justice - UNSW Sydney 04/04/2024

Diversity in leadership is crucial in the political sphere, where different perspectives and lived experiences are required to inform decisions. UNSW's Pathways to Politics for Women program enables women to embrace political ambition boldly, thrive as leaders and make a profound contribution to society.

Through comprehensive training, workshops, mentoring, and ongoing support, Pathways to Politics provides a unique platform for women who want to drive positive change through political leadership.

Applications are now open. Learn more and apply today: https://www.unsw.edu.au/law-justice/news-events/pathways-politics-program-women-nsw.

Pathways to Politics for Women (NSW) | Law & Justice - UNSW Sydney Pathways to Politics for Women aims to increase female participation in politics by equipping them with skills & knowledge to thrive as political leaders.

Marriage, family and work in an age of rising gender equality | Humanitix 03/04/2024

How will advances in gender equality reshape not only work-life balance and family dynamics but also economic systems?

The 2024 lecture will be delivered by Betsey Stevenson, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the University of Michigan. Professor Stevenson will delve into the impact of rising gender equality on work structures, family dynamics, and the broader economic landscape.

Gain insights from a leading expert and participate in a Q&A session hosted by Professor Frederik Anseel, Interim Dean of UNSW Business School. Register now for this free event on Thursday, 11 April, hosted at UNSW:

Marriage, family and work in an age of rising gender equality | Humanitix 2024 Cunningham Lecture presented by Professor Betsey Stevenson: Marriage, family and work in an age of rising gender equality

Right to Disconnect: Will it work? And what does it mean? 01/04/2024

The ‘right to disconnect’ has been gaining traction globally in recent years, and Australia has joined the movement with the recent passing of the Fair Work Amendment (Right to Disconnect) Bill 2023.

“Research suggests that maintaining healthy boundaries between work and personal life is crucial for managing stress. Out-of-hours contact can disrupt much-needed rest and recovery time, potentially exacerbating existing stress,” says Professor Emmanuel Josserand, an expert on the impact of innovation and Director of the Business Insights Institute at UNSW Business School.

Will this new legislation work in Australia, what are the drawbacks, and how will it impact Australian workplaces? Prof. Josserand sheds light on this critical new development:

Right to Disconnect: Will it work? And what does it mean? UNSW Business School Professor Emmanuel Josserand assesses new legislation granting employees the right to disconnect from work outside of business hours.


A bruising public investigation into the Australian superannuation industry found plenty of scope for improvement, particularly in addressing deeply ingrained systemic inequalities.

Katrina McPhee is Chief of Staff at Aware Super, one of the nation’s most significant funds. With a majority-female member base, they’re on a mission to close the ‘gender retirement gap and make more sustainable investments on behalf of their members.

“It’s one thing to have money to retire, but if we don’t have a wonderful world to live in, it feels counterintuitive,” she said. “So climate change and energy transition are really important to us.”

Hear more in the latest The Business Of, available now wherever you get your podcasts: https://pod.fo/e/22b39b.

Setting the foundations for Australia’s First Nations Business Society 26/03/2024

UNSW Business School MBA (Executive) student Alex Sanderson (Wiradjuri man) is passionate about empowering Indigenous Australians.

While doing his MBA, he joined the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee and, inspired by its purpose, founded the UNSW First Nations Business Society – the first society on any Australian university campus solely for First Nations people.

This student-led group fosters a supportive community and contributes to UNSW's commitment to equity and access.

Learn more:

Setting the foundations for Australia’s First Nations Business Society As part of the UNSW Business School’s EDI vision, MBA student Alex Sanderson saw an opportunity to become the first Founder of the UNSW First Nations Business Society - the first society on any Australian university campus solely for First Nations people.

How power dynamics create psychosocial hazards in the workplace 25/03/2024

Imagine Sarah, a talented project manager who is stressed about work. Unrealistic deadlines, conflicting expectations, long days and a lack of support from her manager are taking a toll. This is a classic example of a psychosocial hazard, a workplace stressor that can lead to anxiety and burnout.

According to Safework Australia, work-related psychological injuries have longer recovery times, higher costs, and require more time away from work. These hazards also lead to higher turnover, increased absenteeism, and lower productivity. Is there a solution? Strong management practices and a culture of open communication are key to preventing these issues.

UNSW Business School Professor Michael Quinlan emphasises the importance of understanding power dynamics and genuinely listening to employees' concerns. Learn more about managing psychosocial hazards in our latest article:

How power dynamics create psychosocial hazards in the workplace It can be easy to overlook the subtle connection between power dynamics and mental health in the workplace, yet acknowledging and addressing this link is crucial to minimising psychosocial hazards


What does tax reform have to do with the price of meat pies? Plenty, according to UNSW's Associate Professor Ann Kayis-Kumar, "We tax our meat pies but not our oysters."

Ann explains that tax reform is key to addressing some of the biggest social and economic inequalities.

What role can tax reforms play in building a fairer Australia?


Are you an aspiring looking to take your -up to the next level?

Applications are now open for the UNSW Founders Pre X Program, a launchpad for early-stage start-ups. This four-week program helps founders & researchers build networks, expertise and traction. It’s relevant for those who have already made significant progress on product and customer development or have a deep tech or science-based proof of concept.

Applications close on 5 April. More information can be found here: https://unswfounders.com/pre-accelerator

UNSW Business School’s commitment to gender diversity 18/03/2024

Women are still under-represented in business degrees and careers - and UNSW Business School students are doing something about it.

Meet UNSW Business students Yvonne Lin and Audrey Truong, who are passionate about female students fulfilling their ambitions for a promising career. They also play an integral role within UNSW Capital W - a grassroots organisation founded by UNSW and Co-op students seeking to bridge the gap between students and the corporate world.

How is Capital W - Women in Business developing, inspiring and empowering women to become the business leaders of tomorrow? Read Yvonne and Audrey's story here:

UNSW Business School’s commitment to gender diversity Women are traditionally underrepresented in business degrees and careers, and UNSW Business School's EDI team strives to identify and address the inequities and challenges facing women in business.


Penny Joseph is the Head of Climate Resilience at major Australian electricity provider Ausgrid. But this type of role didn’t even exist when she began her career.

She’s tackling one of the biggest challenges of our time: finding ways to make our power grid resilient in the face of increasingly extreme weather events.

Finding solutions to climate change is a complex task, and for Penny, it’s all about breaking it down into smaller, achievable parts.

For more on breaking down complex change listen to The Business Of wherever you get your podcasts: https://www.unsw.edu.au/business/our-schools/agsm/about-us/the-business-of-podcast/the-business-of-climate-resilience

Career Mentoring Program | Business School - UNSW Sydney 15/03/2024

Do you want to unlock your career potential? The UNSW Business School Career Mentoring program partners students with industry mentors who provide valuable insights into the world of work after university.

“Alongside my mentor’s insights and advice from her industry experience, I was more confident in all interviews as I better understood what they were looking for and what I had to give,” says Annika Mountstephens, Graduate Consultant at Protiviti (BEc/BSc 2023).

“This mentoring program guided me and provided frameworks which have landed me a graduate consulting role and more clarity on where I want to head with my career.”

Apply now for the Career Mentoring Program and be paired with UNSW Business alumni. Applications close Saturday 31 March:

Career Mentoring Program | Business School - UNSW Sydney UNSW Business School’s Career Mentoring Program allows students to learn from experienced professionals and work towards career goals and future ambitions

The Business Of : Slow success – what this fintech startup can teach you about building trust 14/03/2024

Hayden Smith, co-founder of pearler Investments, might sound like the storybook entrepreneur on paper.

He loves solving complex problems. An engineer by trade - he’s built and raced solar-powered cars - he hasn't followed a conventional path into the world of entrepreneurial innovation.

Pearler’s an investment app that helps people build long-term financial independence. And when people trust you to steer them through decisions about money - neither moving fast and breaking things are responsible strategies.

Hear how Hayden and Pearler are building trust in the business of money on the latest episode of The Business Of, listen wherever you get your podcasts:

The Business Of : Slow success – what this fintech startup can teach you about building trust Tech start-ups have been the darlings of business media in recent years, and for good reason: new technology is exciting and flashy, and tech entrepreneurs tend to share pithy catchphrases about gr...


UNSW Business School is partnering with the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) in Ghaziabad, India. The initiative is led by Amit Dasgupta, Strategic Advisor India Engagement at UNSW Sydney, to develop research and teaching collaborations.

"This partnership with UNSW Business School and IMT reflects the global scale of UNSW Business School. We are committed to fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and resources for mutual growth," said Dr Rahul Govind, Senior Lecturer from UNSW Business School.

Through this collaboration, both institutions are set to drive innovation and excellence in research and education.


Here's what Dr Juliet Bourke learned about cultural forecasting, transparently managing AI-generated content and walking the talk with customers when she sat down with a new generation of business leaders who are rethinking marketing in the latest episodes of The Business Of.

Listen to the latest episodes of The Business Of now: https://podfollow.com/the-business-of

Photos from UNSW Business School's post 08/03/2024

Happy International Women's Day!

International Women's Day 2024 champions the importance of investing in women. We asked three UNSW Business School alumna to share their inspiring stories of personal investment, career advancement, and advice on accelerating progress.

Read some of our inspiring UNSW Businesswomen stories: https://www.unsw.edu.au/news/2024/03/women-of-unsw-business-school-iwd

📸 Featured: Jane Aslanidis, Danielle Dunsmore and Cherie Thompson

Photos from UNSW Business School's post 01/03/2024

Did you know the UNSW Business School has an Committee dedicated to coordinating, monitoring, evaluating, and communicating the impact our programs and people are making towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals?

You might have come across their stall during O-Week, where over 500 students shared ideas to boost student engagement to create impact and contribute to achieving the goals.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by. Learn more about UNSW Business School SDG committee: https://www.unsw.edu.au/business/about-us/bus-sdg

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