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If you are trying to please a man, you are killing his attraction towards you


When you hold your grounds, You become sexier to your man.


If you are Judging a man, It means you are in your masculine energy and its killing your relationship.


A high-value woman doesn't rescue a man and does not want to be rescued by a man.


You get to choose , what kind of life you want to live and what you believe you deserve.


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As a woman, You don't have to do anything to be loved.


Your feminine self is very attractive to your high-value man.


Your feminine self is very attractive to your high-value man.


Assuming a relationship with a man you had few dates with, tells that you are over-invested in that man.


Happiness is when your man looks after your son the whole day while WFH and then takes you out for a romantic dinner where he makes your fussy eater boy try 4 different foods.


A woman in her feminine is a magnetic pull for the masculine men.


High-value vulnerability bonds you with a man.

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Home - Navee Sparkle

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Your appreciation makes your man do more for you.


There are no mistakes with the right man.


I know it feels hard when you don't know where your love life is going, Trust your aligned action and the universe.

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Have a life of your own that has nothing to do with a man.



Your neediness makes you low value. You expressing your needs in a non-controlling way makes you high value.

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Photos from Navee Sparkle's post 18/09/2022

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Finding a woman who has got her s**t together and is still able to receive from a man, is an amazing experience a high-value man requires to fall in love.


Welcome to the world of Navee Sparkle. I am a dating and relationship coach for women.

I teach women to be high value and embrace their feminine selves and navigate the world of romance by being soft from the outside and strong from the inside.

If you are a single woman and feel like finding love is hard. I am here for you to help attract the man you want by being aligned in the energy of that man.

If you are a woman in a relationship and you feel he is losing interest and being more and more passive towards you then It's time to bring the spark back and I can help you do that.

Dm me to create the love story you want to have.

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