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Want to know what's been happening in/for Australia's social enterprise sector? Here are just a few of the highlights from the last two weeks…

📣 The launch of the Victorian Social Enterprise Strategy 2021-2025 has been announced:

📣 Seven Canberra and NSW regional small businesses have been selected to participate in the 2021 The Mill House Ventures Ltd. Ltd. Social Enterprise Accelerator Program, GRIST including Right to Work, The Horse Rug Whisperer, Bean Central, Next Level Inclusion, The Stellar Company, Simply Homeschool:

📣 Established Queensland social enterprises can now start preparing applications for grants of up to $25,000 as part of the Queensland Government’s Social Enterprise Jobs Fund:

📣 Impact Investing Australia have made changes to the Impact Investment Ready Growth Grant program:

📣 The Social Enterprise World Forum 2021 is taking place on 28-29 September:

📣 Impact North have officially launched a co-working space in the heart of Darwin, NT:

📣 Social enterprise Who Gives A Crap close $41.5 million funding round:

📣 Need awesome impact office space in Brisbane? White Box Enterprises is building a new jobs hub in the CBD:

📣 The Catalyst 2030 People’s Report has been released:

Heaps more has happened in the past month - it case you missed them, you can read our previous two sector news summaries here ( and here (

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Stars in 3D: Where dance meets technology. ✨

Presented by The Stellar Company in collaboration with ASTRO 3D, join us as we launch Company Chameleon - an emerging inclusive dance collective.

Company Chamaeleon is a collective of artists living with disability who are taking the next step into professional practice. 💃

Stars in 3D will also feature artists from Sprung Integrated Dance Theatre Inc and Singapore's DADC company. Plus, you can enjoy cameo performance by Liz Lea Dance, Dream Team, CDTribe and Xtreme Stars.

If you'd like to attend this magical event, please purchase your ticket(s) at

Supported by the ActGov.



'We will be postponing the screening date of the I Dance Film Festival by a few days due to some sudden health complications within the curatorial team. It means it won't be happening directly on International Day of People with Disabilities, but it feels more aligned with our values of sustainable practice and Crip Time to honour the needs of our bodies and push the date back a few days.

We hope this action can also encourage you to prioritise your own needs and sustainable modes of working. Many thanks to our audience, all the artists, AD and Auslan teams for their understanding and support during this time. We hope to catch you online for the new screening date which we will announce ASAP.'


Ausdance ACT is pleased to support the I DANCE FIM FESTIVAL through our Small Grants Fund.

A mini film festival showcasing excellence in dance films curated and created by artists with disability across the ACT, Australia and the world.

Hosted by Hanna Cormick, Matt Shilcock and Liz Lea and funded by an ACT I Day grant for the 2020 International Day of People with Disability. This event is produced by Liz Lea and the Australian Talented Youth Project.

This event has Auslan Interpretation, Captions and Audio Description.

Thursday, 3rd December, 8–9:30pm AEST. This is a free event, bookings however are required in order to receive the viewing link. Register here

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Escalate V applications open soon and we are looking back at some of our fabulous artists and what they are up to now...

Alana Stenning is pretty busy...

- Alana is one of four Support Artists for Youth Dance Festival Ausdance ACT
- She is working on QL2 Dance Inc (Canberra, Australia)'s Live Ad for Ausdance Ausdance ACT's Youth Dance Festival 2019: Generation Next with Ruth Osborne as Assistant Director
- She is performing in for “From The Vault” with Australian Dance Party (performances 20th-21st of September).
- Choreographing for QL2 Dance Inc (Canberra, Australia)'s Chaos season (performances 17th-19th of October)
- Performing with Soul Defenders on the 6th and 27th of September
- Participating in a DirtyFeet Lab in Syd with Gabriella Greene
- Performing in the BUBBLE Haig Park Experiments with Liz Lea and Australian Talented Youth Project

Pics by Lorna Sim
Did you know that today is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing? This was the inspiration behind Moon Moves: Movement, Music and the Moon – a dance project that focuses on the development of physical, mental and emotional health for seniors and commemorates the anniversary of the moon landing. Moon Moves brings together senior residents and young artists to deliver a series of performances and a short film.

Liz Lea is the Director of The Australian Talented Youth Project. She’s been working with Goodwin Homes for many years in the hope of running a project like this. A recent recipient of our Health Promotion Innovation Fund, this vision is now possible.

'We’re excited that we’ll be connecting primary schools with retirement homes and working with people with dementia.

We hope to reduce social isolation while improving physical and mental health through the desire to move and engage in a project created around memories and lives well lived. Moon Moves will allow us to celebrate the unique history Canberra has in the moon landing and how Canberrans create, connect and continue to move with the times!’

For information about the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program visit
Chloe Wade also joins us next week from Victoria!
announcing the first of our mentees - Ruth Little - a musician who joins us from Victoria;
very excited to announce our next mentoring intensive will take place next week. The Stellar Intensive 28th January - 2nd February.

- relating to a star or stars
- featuring or having the quality of a star performer or performers -

Stellar brings together a range of young people from across Australia with a passion for dance, music and science. Drawing inspiration from observations of the skies and the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing we will share stories, movement, text and music. The stars hold stories and cultural relevance for every culture and we will have a particutlar focus on indigenous dreamtime stories.

The Stellar Company (formerly the Australian Talented Youth Project) is a multi-arts program of excellence for all abilities. Established in 2004 as the the Australian Talented Youth Project (ATY Project) was conceived as a multi-arts mentoring program for young Australians in the areas of music, dance, visual arts, creative writing, film production, and drama.

Operating as usual


Thrilled to be partnering with the The Griffyn Ensemble on a new dance film they have commissioned for the Chamaeleon Collective. We premiere this work on the 30th and 31st July at Canberra College as part of Stars in 3D. Sneak peak time...

Photos from The Stellar Company's post 08/06/2022

We are partnering with Subsdance Dance Studio and Libraries ACT to present a very special programme for June.

Move in June brings you accessible movement, dance and performance programming for families, kids, senior folk and celebrates CALD and LGBTQIA+ facilitators this pride month!
With 19 FREE events happening across the ACT library locations before the end of June, there’s something for everyone!

Full event breakdown coming soon! You can catch FREE dance workshops with Charlie Chapstik and many others!

Want something for your bubs to attend? We got you covered!
Register for the events now, using the QR code/link below 💜✨

Supported by ZEST dance company also!

Heathcliff, it's me, I'm Cathy. And I’m dancing at the National Portrait Gallery. | HerCanberra 18/05/2022

Heathcliff, it's me, I'm Cathy. And I’m dancing at the National Portrait Gallery. | HerCanberra

Heathcliff, it's me, I'm Cathy. And I’m dancing at the National Portrait Gallery. | HerCanberra The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever is celebrating its sixth year of raising funds for Domestic Violence Crisis Service in the capital.


Today's viewing of our 360 Degree film... exciting and slightly dizzy....

Photos from The Stellar Company's post 21/04/2022

So proud of these girls today - filming and being so very fabulous. The ladybird stayed with Emily for over an hour. Joy.

Thanks to Karin Adriansdatter, Vicki Murray, Recovery VR - Virtual Reality Therapy and Michael Sollis and The Griffyn Ensemble who commissioned this film.

Costumes by Target, Sass by the Chamaeleon Collective, venue by Mt Stromlo Observatory


Neave Darmody, one of the Chamaeleon Collective dancers shaking things up at Bunnings!

Meet Neave.

She lost her hospitality job during the first COVID-19 lockdown, but has found work helping in the garden section at Bunnings Fyshwick.

"You might see me in the garden, watering the plants ... You might also see me in the café, putting food out, wiping tables down or sweeping the floor," Neave told ABC Radio Canberra.

Neave's mum Marion says having a job builds her daughter's confidence and givers her a routine.

"She just loves it, it's a normal thing to do."

Marion says Neave was exicted to see Dylan Alcott's win at the Australian of the Year awards earlier in the week.

"We watched it. It was really exciting. She recognises people with disabilities, and just as Dylan said, she needs to see what people with disabilities are achieving."

Listen to the full story here:

Photos from The Stellar Company's post 17/01/2022

The Chamaeleon Collective performing at the National Portrait Gallery in December. Such a delight to have shared their work in public for the first time!


Today we launch The Annie, a new dance film commission in Annie Greig's name. Please share!

Image; A headshot of a smiling woman looking directly at camera, resting her chin on her right hand. Her grey hair is cut stylishly short and she is wearing a grey top. Green and white foliage creates a blurred background


Ancient Greeks quiet hours | National Museum of Australia

Ancient Greeks quiet hours | National Museum of Australia Designed for visitors with low sensory needs, including those on the autism spectrum, these sessions have reduced noise and sensory experiences.


Call for Participation for BOLD22;

Photos from The Stellar Company's post 06/12/2021

On Display at the National Portrait Gallery on Friday was stunning. Thankyou to all who participated and joined us to celebrate International Day of People with Disability - Australia and huge thanks to all the supporters including DeafACT, Subsdance Dance StudioStudio, ZEST Dance for Parkinsons, Canberra Dance Theatre - CDT's GOLD dancers, The Deaf Butterflies, Chamaeleon Collective, QL2 Dance and the brilliant NPG team.

Heidi Latsky Dance initiated On Display and we are thrilled to have been able to participate.

Global – ON DISPLAY 26/11/2021


Excited to be working with the National Portrait Gallery on an event for International Day of Persons with Disabilities International Day of People with Disability - Australia. If in Canberra join us next Friday, 3rd December for a delight of dance and music from ZEST - Dance for Parkinsons, The Deaf Butterflies Group – DeafACT, Subsdance Dance Studio and Liz Lea Dance

We are also joining the extraordinary ON DISPLAY GLOBAL Heidi Latsky Dance’s global, social justice intitiative performed annually in honor of the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December third. Cities all over the world present ON DISPLAY with their local community members.

Join us! 3rd December.3.30-4.30pm National Portrait Gallery

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Stars in 3D Postponed for now... 20/08/2021

Stars in 3D Postponed for now...

Postponed for now but back as soon as we can....

Stars in 3D Postponed for now... An exploration of dance, science, space and Virtual Reality presented by the Chameleon Collective and partners.


We would have opened tomorrow but are privileged to have been open at all.





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This crew!! Filming at @mtstromloobservatory for our show with @astro_3d as part of @actscienceweek @nationalscienceweek with support from @ql2dance and @wearecbr @sidestageps

📸 @wanderlust73

Stars in 3D launches on the 21st and 22nd August @canberracollege
Tickets in bio



Filming at Stromlo for Stars in 3D. Working with @astro_3d and Recovery VR for that 360 degree experience.

Shows 21 & 22 August @canberracollege

Tickets in bio

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Tara is the final Chamaeleon dancer to be announced. She’s been dancing for 5 years with @canberradancetheatre and we are thrilled she joins us too.

📸 @art_atelier_photo

Join us for Stars in 3D - an exploration of science, dance and Virtual Reality!

21st and 22nd August @canberracollege
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@astro_3d @actscienceweek @nationalscienceweek @wearecbr @artsact_ @liz19lea


And Katie! She’s been dancing for 10 years and she loves a feather… she has represented Australia in swimming in the Special Olympics and is an actress, often working with @rebustheatre. She’s also dances with Xtreme Stars based at @tuggeranongarts

Join Katie for Stars in 3D on the 21st or 22nd August @canberracollege

Tickets in bio

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📸 @art_atelier_photo


Emily is another member of the new Chamaeleon Collective. Calm, poised and loves her music. She’s also a @dance_northside dancer.

Join us on the 21st or 22nd August @canberracollege for Stars in 3D. Ticket link in bio.

Presented in @nationalscienceweek @actscienceweek in partnership with @astro_3d and supported by @weekendincbr and @eventsact @ql2dance @sidestageps

Photo: @art_atelier_photo


The gorgeous Lataesha. So musical and keeps everyone feeling cared for and laughing. Thrilled she is joining Canberra’s new seat dance collective - Chamaeleon!!

Join us for a season of dance, science and Virtual Reality!

Book your ticket today!

Stars in 3D
21st and 22nd August
Reserve your seat via link in bio!

📸 @art_atelier_photo

@nationalscienceweek @astro_3d @ql2dance @ainslieandgorman @liz19lea @wearecbr National Science Week ACT


Lataesha is another member of the new Chamaeleon Collective and part of our forthcoming shows at Canberra College as part of @nationalscienceweek and the Winter Events series @wearecbr @wearecbr

Stars in 3D 01/08/2021

Stars in 3D

Our partners for Stars in 3D include the extraordinary ASTRO 3D team - their simulations of the universe are mind-blowing and we will be sharing them in 3D through individual cardboard VR glasses! 21-22nd August.

Canberra Events, Events ACT, CBR arts, National Science Week

Stars in 3D Stars in 3D is a season of dance and technology premiering presented by The Stellar Company, launching the inclusive Chamaeleon Collective


This fabulous team of dancers are coming together for a show - virtual virtual reality and a fantastic team of people and organisations are supporting - join us!

Photographer; Andrew Sikorski

Image description; seven young women standing in a black space, wearing silver sparkly dresses, looking at the camera. They have cream and silver headbands on and six of them have long hair which is curled and hanging down their fronts.

QL2 Dance, Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres, Canberra Events, Events ACT, National Science Week, Sidestage Production Services, ASTRO 3D

Stars in 3D 12/07/2021

Stars in 3D

Thrilled to be presenting these performances in the upcoming Winter Events series supported by ASTRO 3D and Events ACT. Virtual virtual reality, 3D and 360. Onwards!

Stars in 3D Stars in 3D is a season of dance and technology premiering in the newly launched Winter Festival and National Science Week. Presented by The Stellar Company in collaboration...


this week! blast off with these fabulous dancers... more to come! Thanks to QL2 Dance and Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres for their support.

Image description; 7 young women with their hair tied back wearing different colour long sleeved tops standing infront of a black background. They have pale skin and are smiling at the camera. Four of the girls are wearing glasses.


Company Chamaeleon's sister company in Singapore - shwoing films we hope to share in the forthcomign Winter Festival.

“… fabulous production.”

“… awesome and lovely.”

“ … strong and inspiring.”

- Audience feedback of SEEDS (18062021)

Last performance of SEEDS.
Book your tickets now before it ends.

19 June 2021
$22* (Excludes admin fee)
*Discount and early bird available
Tickets will be available from
Ticket is valid for 48 hours from date of show.

Download the SEED programme booklet via link:

The Stellar Company updated their info in the about section. 21/01/2021

The Stellar Company updated their info in the about section.

The Stellar Company updated their info in the about section.

Grant gives ability for arts sector to flourish in Canberra | The RiotACT 08/01/2021

Grant gives ability for arts sector to flourish in Canberra | The RiotACT

Thrilled to have received a grant from the ACT Government for I Day 2020 to run our beautiful I Dance Festival!

Grant gives ability for arts sector to flourish in Canberra | The RiotACT Singer and advocate for people with a disability Ruth O'Brien hopes the ACT Government's announcement of $125,000 in grants for community-driven...


We are live! A fabulous free event running for the next 70 hours showcasing 8 stunning short dance films curated and made by artists living with disability.


The Stellar Company's cover photo


Our I Dance event has been postponed and we will notify the new date asap!


'Your Different / My Same' by Josh Twee uses dance, text and physical theatre to explore the human condition. Together with Matt 'Shillie' Shilcock , Josh explores the perceptions of ability/disability and the body.

The work investigates philosophical and practical connotations of physical and internal capabilities and the blurred conceptual line between function and dysfunction.

Discussing the collaboration with Matthew, Josh says, “We share lived experience. I have had many insightful and inspiring conversations with Matthew on the topic of accessibility, empowerment, awareness, and just getting it done in everyday life”.

A dance film commission by Dance Hub SA in partnership with Ausdance SA.

Dance.Focus is a dance film initiative by Dance Hub SA in partnership with Ausdance SA and supported by the Department of Premier and Cabinet & Torbreck Vintners. The project is designed for Choreographers to challenge, resonate and engage with screen dance.

Photo; film still

Image; man standing with giant blow up plastic doll which appears white against a deep blue background.

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Canberra, ACT

General information

Professor Ian Chubb AC
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Former Patrons:
Sir William Deane, AC, KBE, QC
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