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What’s the Point? 28/12/2019

Suffice it to say that America and its artists are not the only sufferers.

What’s the Point? In the past decade, the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. Michael Chabon offers a small ray of hope.


How is it possible to survive without books when writers can so completely say what you cannot find the words for?

"I saw this as my afterlife, and for a long time, it didn't occur to me that it contained a future. That it didn't, in fact, was what I liked about it. I felt a semisubmerged conviction that I had entered upon the changeless eternal ... I forgot I was still alive."

from "A Thousand Acres" by Jane Smiley

Kim Stanley: A Truthful Actor 28/07/2019

This is not a polite profession, a pastime, a little something to do until the kids get home or the husband is ready to show you some attention: This is the study of--the excavation of-- the human condition, and I'm getting tired of the passersby who come into the scene and foul up the air with their inane posturings. There are, I assure you, easier ways to get famous than being a truthful actor, and so you become a performer, a clown, a mime of the mundane. I don't have classes for people who want to make a splash; avenge a wrong; come to some understanding of their teenage acne; improve their posture or their voice. I am here to understand the whole line of humanity, which can only be done in the study of history, of literature, of art, and we place ourselves, fearlessly and with little initial hope of worth, in that timeline. We become what Tennessee [Williams] called a witness to those before us. If we are blessed with talent and courage, we may become good witnesses. It will not be an easy task. It's a task that can tear you up.

Kim Stanley - Method Actor

Kim Stanley: A Truthful Actor "Follies of God" by James Grissom (Alfred A. Knopf)

Photos from WordCRAFT Language Services's post 17/03/2019

My pa het vandeesweek twee nuwe boeke vrygestel. Geluk, Pa. Moenie ophou nie.


We should all do this, every day, from the heart. The moment you start pretending, it loses all value. Simply speak your truth.


Sometimes judges speak the truth. Not always, but sometimes ... Not only for teenagers, however.

I don't think this can be shared enough!!! Our kids need to learn this as do some adults !!!


The truth ...



Indeed. This has apparently been proven by research.

"Luck. Never forget luck. There is no one to whom you will speak, who has made a contribution to our culture, who is not also incredibly lucky. Supernaturally lucky. Kismet has visited them. No one has been luckier than I."

But you were also talented, right?

"Listen, talent is all around us, but luck is the crafty girl out of Saki of whom it was said 'Romance at short notice was her speciality.' And as winter comes, and the air turns sharp, I'll invite you over by the fire and give you names of people with extraordinary talent who can't get the attention of luck and you will mature rapidly."--Mike Nichols on the value of luck/Interview with James Grissom


Thesaurus is my best friend. Love you, you clever thing!



WILLIE, a young girl of 13
TOM, a boy of 15

TOM: What happened? Where did everyone go?
WILLIE: Mama run off with a brakeman on the C. & E. I. After that everything went to pieces. (A train whistles far off.) You hear that whistle? That’s the Cannonball Express. The fastest thing on wheels between St. Louis, New Awleuns an’ Memphis. My old man got to drinking.
TOM: Where is he now?
WILLIE: Disappeared. I guess I ought to refer his case to the Bureau of Missing Persons. The same as he done with Mama when she disappeared. Then there was me and Alva. Till Alva’s lungs got affected. Did you see Greta Garbo in Camille? It played at the Delta Brilliant one time las’ spring. She had the same what Alva died of. Lung affection.
TOM: Yeah?
WILLIE: Only it was – very beautiful the way she had it. You know. Violins playing. And loads and loads of white flowers. All of her lovers come back in a beautiful scene.
TOM: Yeah?
WILLIE: But Alva’s all disappeared.
TOM: Yeah?
WILLIE: Like rats from a sinking ship! That’s how she used to describe it. Oh, it – wasn’t like death in the movies.
TOM: Naw?
WILLIE: She says, “Where is Albert? Where’s Clemence?” None of them was around. I used to lie to her, I says, “They send their regards. They’re coming to see you tomorrow.” “Where’s Mr. Johnson?” she asked me. He was the freight sup’rintendent, the most important character we ever had in our rooming-house. “He’s been transferred to Grenada,” I told her. “But wishes to be remembered.” She known I was lying.
TOM: Yeah?
WILLIE: “This here is the pay-off!” she says. “They all run out on me like rats from a sinking ship!” Except Sidney. He remained faithful to her.
TOM: That’s good.
WILLIE: But she never did care for Sidney. She said his teeth was decayed so he didn’t smell good.
TOM: Aw!
WILLIE: It wasn’t like death in the movies. When somebody dies in the movies they play violins.
TOM: But they didn’t for Alva.
WILLIE: Naw. Not even a goddam victrola.




I edit dissertations, assignments, and documents of all kinds - from R25 per page.


The writer Franz Kafka (so the story goes) once encountered a little girl in the park where he went walking daily. She was crying because she had lost her doll.

Kafka offered to help her look for the doll, but was unable to find it. He arranged to meet the little girl the next day at the same spot.

In the meantime, he composed a letter (from the doll) and read it to her when they met. "Please do not mourn me, I have gone on a trip to see the world. I will write you of my adventures."

This was the beginning of many letters. When he and the little girl met he always comforted her with his carefully composed letters from her beloved doll.

When the meetings finally came to an end, Kafka presented her with a new doll. She obviously looked different from the original, and an attached letter explained "My travels have changed me."

Many years later, the now grown girl found a letter stuffed into an unnoticed crevice in that cherished replacement doll.

It said: "Everything that you love...you will eventually lose. But in the end...love will return to you in a different form."

(Kafka and the Doll--The Pervasiveness of Loss)


The books frozen in their places on the shelves. The mildew on their spines dampens as the winter sun creeps through the window and ices over once more at night. Each frosted title acts like a lost perfume, whole worlds released in association. My memories, frosted ..., as yet untitled. Now that time has stopped do I remember, no, I read, as if within those frozen spines, the book whose ending I didn't write, written for me by one who hardly learned to write. I give it chapter headings, turn the non-existent pages, inhabit the story, delight in it, weep in it, die in it. But can I change the conclusion? Not a whit. The end began it and beginning ended it.

From "Shade" by Neil Jordan


Every night before the lights go out ... since I was eight years old.

This poem from Julia Donaldson is *ridiculously* lovely. You should read it :-)


Will spend the next week or so translating. FUN awaits!

Homepage 03/04/2018

WordCRAFT has been established in order to render language services to students, writers, companies, speakers and all who rely on the written and spoken word to bring their message across. I can help you to communicate clearly and efficiently in English and Afrikaans.

• PUBLIC SPEAKING - are you a lecturer or public speaker? Do you experience tension while presenting a seminar or doing a presentation ... shallow breathing, sweaty palms, shaky knees? Do you watch helplessly as eyes glaze over, people check their watches or try to hide the fact that they are busy on their tablets and smart phones? You may know your subject very well but lack the skills to bring your message across verbally. I will help you to become a relaxed, confident, interesting and effective speaker.
• VOICE COACHING - relaxation techniques, correct breath and voice placement, good voice tone / resonance and communication skills.
• LANGUAGE TUTORING - to ensure effective communication in English and Afrikaans with regard to reading, comprehension, pronunciation, conversation, etc.
• TRANSLATIONS - English to Afrikaans and Afrikaans to English.
• EDITING and PROOFREADING - of essays, newsletters, articles, reports, brochures, letters, dissertations and literary work.

Stephanie van Niekerk has been doing language work for thirty-five years. As the director of the Method Actors' Training Centre, she taught Method Acting, voice, performance skills, directing, improvisation, scene writing, language / communication skills and text analysis in Pretoria for 26 years. During this period she gained extensive experience in writing, translating, artistic / technical directing and stage production.

Contact details: Stephanie van Niekerk
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Website: http://www.wordcraft.web.za

Homepage WordCRAFT has been established in order to render language services to students, writers, companies, speakers and all who rely on the written and spoken word to bring their message across. I can help you to communicate clearly and efficiently.


Thanks to all who are helping me to get started by liking and / or sharing my page. Much appreciated, dear friends!

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Stephanie van Niekerk offers LANGUAGE SERVICES in AFRIKAANS and ENGLISH:
Let me help you to communicate clearly and efficiently.


Stephanie van Niekerk offers LANGUAGE SERVICES IN AFRIKAANS and ENGLISH:
Let me help you to communicate clearly and efficiently.

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