NWU: Green Campus Initiatives

NWU: Green Campus Initiatives

This page aims to create awareness on the three NWU campuses about the importance of protecting the

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🌿🌱🌍 The ENVIRA Autumn Edition has been released!! 🌍🌱🌿

Link to ENVIRA:https://natural-sciences.nwu.ac.za/sites/natural-sciences.nwu.ac.za/files/files/uesm/ENVIRA/Autumn2024/ENVIRA-Autumn-Edition-2024.pdf

What to expect in this edition:

• UESM-ENVIRA Academic Recognition Function memories captured in stunning photos taken by Tian du Preez 📸
• Ethics meeting dates🤝
• 🏆 and Top 10 Lecturers and Professors 👏🌟
• Interview with Ms Kobie Fourie, Prof Stuart John Piketh’s right hand!
• events with Ms Sonja de Beer, Prof. Nomali Ngobese and Dr Marliese Truter 💛
• ESSSOR’s One Year with Prof. Eugen Nadav Bergh
• FNAS SAC – association with Ms Rebecca Rethabile Mantso - NWU FNAS Student Chapter 🎓
• Sneak-peak into the UESM Environmental Chemistry Facility at G23 with Dr Hannes Erasmus and Prof. Rialet Pieters 👩🏻‍🔬⚗️🧪🥼
• Reflections on workshops, international travel, conferences etc. with Ms Nichole Donough, Ms Chandra le Roux, Mr Jacques Faul, Mr PW Bredenkamp, Prof. Madeleen Struwig, Dr Nisa Ayob, Ms Lomarie Van Rensburg and more.
• Mercury contamination in SA
• Pollutants in Lake Victoria💧; BiBi Bouwman
• Latest book on Polystomatid Flatworms with stunning illustrations
• 🔥🔥🔥– climate change to blame? Dewald Van Niekerk
• Disaster Risk Reduction Toolkit with the Old mutual Foundation with Ms Kristel Fourie and Old Mutual South Africa
• Two NEW species of Bushveld Arum Lilies
• Invitation: ENVIRA Photography Competition 2024 📸📸📸
• Invitation: Hobbies and Extramural Showcase🎾🎨🎮🎭

We're incredibly excited for you to explore the latest UESM news between the pages of this edition of ENVIRA.

More editions of ENVIRA here: https://natural-sciences.nwu.ac.za/unit-environmental-sciences-and-management/envira
UESM Website: https://natural-sciences.nwu.ac.za/unit-environmental-sciences-and-management

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Photos from Food & Trees for Africa's post 04/04/2024

🌍 Global production and consumption systems continue to undermine the stable and resilient Earth systems, the global commons, which are the foundations of our civilization.

Learn more about the policy pathways that need to be undertaken to safeguard the global commons in the latest 2024 Global Commons Stewardship Index produced by the SDSN, the University of Tokyo's Center for Global Commons, and the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy ➡️ https://tinyurl.com/mr2rms4d


From mitigating the impact of climate change to underpinning economies, the natural world is crucial to life as we know it 🌾

We cannot afford to lose it 🌍

Learn more about how the GEF is helping protect : http://wrld.bg/Sff550POJnm


Humanity generates between 2.1 billion and 2.3 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste a year. 🌍

When improperly managed, much of that refuse – from food and plastics to electronics and textiles – emits greenhouse gases or poisonous chemicals. This damages ecosystems, inflicts disease and threatens economic prosperity, disproportionately harming women and youth.

The International Day of Zero Waste highlights the importance of proper waste management. It also focuses on ways to rein in the conspicuous consumption that is feeding the waste crisis. From food to plastics 🥤 to electronics 📱 –waste pollution is drowning our planet.The consequences are severe, endangering ecosystems, contaminating water sources, and threatening human well being.

Discover what it takes to : https://loom.ly/OJoKUB8 ♻️




| This short training manual consists of 6 key nutrition topics that have been developed to train Community Health Volunteers (CHVs), as trainers of the household caregivers from their localities.

The primary purpose of this manual is to serve rural farming households in to be able to prevent all forms of malnutrition across population groups by increasing their nutrition knowledge of good food preparation, eating, hygiene, and sanitation practices.

It emphasizes the inclusion of local wild foods in the family diets to contribute to the reduction of micronutrient deficiencies.

Download a copy:➡️ https://bit.ly/4cJnymz


Did you know that, among other benefits, transitioning to a sustainable & circular bioeconomy can help to mitigate & adapt to ?

Photos from Global Landscapes Forum's post 30/03/2024

The world’s botanic gardens conserve ex situ at least 30% of all known plant species, including 41% of all those classed as threatened.

In recent decades, Cote d’Ivoire’s botanic gardens and reserves have been woefully overlooked. But that is changing: recognition of the value of botany and the importance of rare and endangered species is on the rise.

In 2023, a project was launched for the restoration of a precious but degraded forest called Divo Botanical Reserve. The Botanical Garden is one of seven botanical entities that were identified to be part of the Growing threatened trees’ restoration capacity in Cote d’Ivoire’s cocoa landscapes project, which is led by CIFOR-ICRAF.

Funded by the UK government’s Darwin Initiative, the project is supporting these entities to join the 800-strong network of botanical gardens and plant conservation institutes that are members of project partner Botanic Gardens Conservation International. This will give them access to grants, training, learning resources and eventual accreditation. Currently, not a single Ivorian botanical institution is a member: it is a big leap forward.

Read more: 🔗 https://forestsnews.cifor.org/86701/cote-divoires-neglected-botanic-gardens-key-for-conservation?fnl=en

Biodiversity Challenge Funds |

Photos from WAITRO_org's post 29/03/2024

Are you ready for World Water Day!?💦

Come and join us this Wednesday, 20 March 2024 as we celebrate World Water Day with the community!

For more information contact Sascha Roopa at [email protected]

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🚨 New research is emerging at a rapid rate of just how hazardous and widespread plastic chemicals are.

📽️ WATCH this video by IPEN: for a toxics-free future on plastic & its toxic chemicals: https://ow.ly/M1v750QULwp


Are you passionate about making a difference with a creative vision for a better world? Here's your chance to showcase it:

Join us in celebrating the 2024 World Intellectual Property Day by channeling your creativity into a 60-second video highlighting a community or global issue you're targeting, along with your proposed solution and the type of Intellectual Property (IP) involved.

This year’s theme focuses on “IP and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Building our common future with innovation and creativity." Don't miss out on the opportunity to celebrate the impact of innovation and creativity in shaping a brighter future. Plus, you could win some amazing prizes!

Submit your entry here: https://brnw.ch/21wHP2d

Photos from African Amphibian Conservation Research Group's post 14/03/2024

Last month, large parts of Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe had the least rainfall in 40+ years!

In Southern Africa, the El Niño weather phenomenon is a significant factor, driving humanitarian needs, and putting the lives and livelihoods of millions at risk.

We must unite in calling out the polluters responsible for contributing to climate change, which has worsened the frequency and intensity of such extreme weather events.

Will you take a moment to do this now? 👉 https://bit.ly/4ceN9Dj

Photos from Water Research Commission's post 13/03/2024

Addressing women’s and girls’ poverty requires gender-responsive policies and services.

These must:

✅Invest in the care economy to reduce women’s income and time poverty

✅Increase women’s access to social protection, such as pensions, paid leave and unemployment benefits

✅promote women’s access to decent jobs and facilitate their transition from informal to formal work

✅Invest in policies, public services and institutions to improve women’s and girls’ education, health, and prevent gender-based violence.



📚 | CIFOR-ICRAF Carbon Market. How to harness the world’s best green technology: Trees

Stabilizing the will require a radical shift in greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors of the economy, including transport, energy, industry and food systems.

While urgently needed, this transition is also associated with higher costs to replace high-emitting productive capital and technologies with green alternatives. Investing in and represents one way for companies to decarbonize even faster.

This brief outlines the wealth of expertise that CIFOR-ICRAF offers to companies that want to invest the right land carbon projects at the right place for the right purposes, with the right safeguards and benefits for all. This includes experience in carbon financing, carbon project design, stakeholder consultation, policy alignment, carbon accounting methodology, landscape risk management, carbon project ex*****on, carbon project monitoring, and non-carbon impact monitoring.

Download a free copy:🔗 https://bit.ly/4a5Wqfd


🌿 Calling all young climate change-makers! Turn your passion for nature into action with The Iris Prize 2024! 🌍

📅 Apply by April 30th 2024 at 23:59 GMT
💡 Three prizes available for innovative ideas and established projects
🌱 Grants, training, + mentorship from our Youth Advisory Panel

Don't miss this chance to accelerate your project and make a real difference. Visit The Iris Project or theirisproject.org to learn more and apply today! 🚀


📰Exciting news!

🌍A global capacity-building workshop on operationalizing ABS frameworks will be held from 30 September to 3 October 2024, in Bonn, Germany.

👉The workshop will provide an opportunity to share practical experiences regarding the operationalization of ABS frameworks and showcase practical, user-friendly, efficient and reproducible solutions that Parties have developed to address ABS operationalization challenges.

🔗Learn more: https://absch.cbd.int/en/kb/tags/absch-announcement/Notification-Global-capacity-building-workshop-on-operationalizing-access-and-benefit-sharing-national-frameworks-under-the-Nagoya-Protocol-30-September-to-3-October-2024-Bonn-Germany/65e2470b7148ea946f7b9e27

Timeline photos 02/03/2024

💫 Energy Compacts Showcase 💫 IBM
The IBM Sustainability Accelerator will receive an estimated market value of $30 million in IBM support, including $10 million focused on clean energy initiatives throughout 2025

Learn more on the Energy Compacts Registry: https://ow.ly/yaxo50QFvuR

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