Acacia Primary SChool

Acacia Primary SChool

Acacia Primary School opened its doors on 17 January 1994, with a learner of 726 and 26 educators. Acacia Primary is a co-ed and a multi-racial school.

Operating as usual


ATTENTION good friends and family of
Acacia Primary SChool !!

Calling all ex-teachers, learners and stakeholders, to dance the night away with us,
as we host a grand
commemorating our 30th YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

If you have been part of our 30 year journey, we would like to celebrate with you ♥️

It promises to be an exciting evening filled with fun, laughter, fine food and entertainment like no other!

Details in the video below.
Should you require more information
kindly contact :
P.Ganesan 0832324371

Send a message to learn more


As part of Acacia's 30th anniversary celebrations, we will be hosting a golf tournament on the 15th of April..

Should you wish to participate or be a sponsor please contact Mr V Govender (Principal).

We look forward to your continued support


Acacia Full-Service school celebrates
In keeping with this we are also having a dress as your favourite character on the 1st of February 2023 at a cost of R5.
Let's keep reading alive and make this an exciting world read aloud day 📚


Please Note

The final examinations commence next Monday(14/11).
Please ensure that your child is adequately prepared for all papers. A copy of this circular was sent with learners.
Reports will be issued on Wednesday 14/12


Dear Parents and well-wishes

Please take note of the following:
We are excited to present the first post-covid public events🌸

1. The grade 7 Prom will be held this Friday the 2nd of September at 6pm. Tickets will be sold at a cost of R30 and are available at the door.
A matinee show will be hosted om the 30th of August for the learners at a cost of R5.
2. The JP Debs Ball will be held on Friday the 9th of September at 5pm. Tickets are available. A matinee show will be held next week for the learners at a cost of R5.

We look forward to your support🙏


Acacia Primary will be celebrating Spring Day on Wednesday 31 August at a cost of R5🌸


Please take note of the circular below

Photos from Acacia Primary SChool's post 06/02/2022



Please read the circular 2/2022.

Kind regards

Photos from Acacia Primary SChool's post 13/12/2021

A big thank you to Thembeka and Deven Naidu as well as, Edufundi for introducing this amazing "Teach like a champion" program to our Acacia SMT. It is definitely something that has and will continue, to benefit our learners.
Congratulations to our gratuates
Mr M D Moodley
Ms I Padayachie
Mr A I Buckus
Mrs N Naidoo
Dr S Ramdan
Mr S Chetty


Please take note of the exam session that commences on the 15th of November (Monday).



Photograph day for group 2 is tomorrow (11/11) and group 1 (12/11) at a cost of R30.
Learners are to come neatly dressed in correct school uniform, no tracksuits.

Kind regards


Dear Parent/Guardian

*Fundraiser: R5-00*
To assist with purchase of paper for Assessments and Exams.

Please note that we will be allowing learners to wear coloured clothes on *Monday 8 November 2021 for Group 1* and *Tuesday 9 November 2021 for Group 2.*

Learners who do not wish to participate may come dressed in normal school uniform. Attendance is compulsory due to Assessments and Exam preparation.

Group 1 Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 will finish at 13.30 on Monday, 8 November 2021 due to a Staff Development workshop that will be held.

Your support will be much appreciated.🙏🏻🌺



Good evening🌺

2 November 2021 Tuesday - Group 2 following Wednesday timetable

3 November 2021 Wednesday - Group 1 following Thursday timetable

4 November 2021 Thursday SCHOOL CLOSED - DIWALI

5 November 2021 Friday - Group 2 following Thursday timetable

The Budget meeting is further postponed to Friday 5 November 2021 at 13h00 due to a Principal's meeting being held on Wednesday. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 🙏🏻🌺



Dear Parent / Guardian
Please note due to poor attendance the Budget Meeting will be postponed to Wednesday 3 November 2021 at 1pm.



Budget Meeting will be held tomorrow (30th October) at 9am


Please support 🙏


Dear Parent/Guardian

Thanking you for your kind support and co-operation in these difficult and challenging times. It is only through our team work we can overcome these difficult times.
Today (01/10/2021) marks the end of the 3rd Term and school re-opens on 11th October 2021 (Monday) and Group 1 learners would attend. Refer to the Alternate Day Timetable for learner attendance.

Please take note of:

Reports are given to learners on 30th September 2021 (Group 1) and 1st October 2021 (Group 2).

Grade R and Grade 1 Admissions:
Please ensure that your child/ward is enrolled for Grade R or Grade 1 respectively. Officially admissions for Primary Schools closes on 30th September 2021. All relevant documents must be brought together with the school fees.

School Photographs:
Note that school photographs would be taken on 11th November 2021 and 12th November 2021. The cost is R30.00 per package. This package includes:
Class photograph
A key ring with the learner’s photograph.
Please send in your monies from 11th October 2021.

Budget Meeting/AGM:
The Annual General Meeting (AGM)/ Budget Meeting would take place on 30th October 2021 (Saturday) at 9:00. Please make yourself available for this important meeting.

Grade R Meeting:
Note that Grade R Curriculum Meeting would take place on 12th October 2021 and 13th October 2021 (Tuesday and Wednesday) at 12:00. This is an extremely important meeting to discuss:
Requirements for Grade 1 in 2022.
First Additional Language selection
The importance of reading.

Please ensure that your child/ward attends school regularly due to the lost time as we are following the Alternate Day programme. Curriculum and assessments need to be covered.

School fees:
An earnest appeal is being made to all parents to settle all outstanding school fees.
NB: Grade 7 learners would be given transfer cards on payment of all school fees excluding exemptions or concession cases.

QMS workshop:
Date: 12/10/2021 Time: 13:30
Kindly note that learners would be dismissed at 13:20.

Yours in education


Acacia Primary School proudly congratulates Zuhayr Syed Ebrahim Grade 2B on winning 1st Prize in the Toyota Dream Car Art Competition for his “air mobile”, which he said is based on his imagination to “see it race other air mobile cars and to see a great view on cruise mode”.

There were more than 11 000 entries in all categories combined.

Well done Zuhayr! You have made our school proud! An amazing achievement!


*The Early Act Club of Acacia Full Service School*
Will be hosting a *HAMPER DRIVE* to assist the families of our learners as many of them have faced difficult times in the past year. 🌺🌺

We would like to instill the value of giving in our learners and we are therefore, involving them in our _Act of Kindness_ project.🙌🤝

Each hamper costs about R200. Items for the hampers are listed below:

🔹Canned beans/fish x2
🔹Teabags x100
🔹Samp x1kg
🔹Mealie meal x1kg
🔹Salt x1kg
🔹Bathing soap x2
🔹Sugar x 500g
🔹Oil x750ml
🔹Sugar beans x 1kg
🔹Long life milk x1l

Ways in which _```YOU```_ can help:
1. Cash donation that can be sent to the form teacher/principal
2. Entire hamper list can be sponsored and sent to school.
3. Bulk of 1 item can be sponsored and sent to school.
4. Just 1 item can be sponsored and sent to school.

Our community has been through a lot this past year. We are grateful to wake up and have food to eat. It is this attitude of gratitude that we wish to spread and help those around us. We may not have much but there are those that have less.. 🙏🌺

Collection will be done until the 17th of September.

Educators of the Early Act Club driving this project.
S Naidoo
R Ramsaroop
R Singh
R Baichu
T Moodley
M Chetty
P. Ganesan

"For it is in giving that we receive..." St. Francis of Assisi

Yours in community development

Mr V Govender


Dear Parent/Guardian


Please note:

*Foundation Phase* :
🔹All work in the DBE (Blue Books ) must be completed for weeks 1 to 6 .
🔹Parents to consolidate all Phonics , Reading and Bonds given in the worksheets which is in their flip file .
🔹An assessment Plan was given these dates willl be amended and parents will be notified timeously through circulars .

*Intermediate & Senior Phase* :
🔹learners MUST complete all worksheets and activities given for the past two weeks. 🔹 Maths and English DBE Blue books 2 - All work from Week 1 to 6 must be completed. Spelling and mental test worksheets must be completed.
🔹Intensive revision will be done in class by subject teachers during the next 2 weeks to prepare learners for the upcoming examinations.
🔹Exam timetables have been handed out to learners. Please ensure that your child has covered the work missed in class.

*SP Term 3 exam dates as per circular* :

Grades 5 & 7
Friday 17th September & Tuesday 21 September

Grades 4 & 6
Monday 20th September & Wednesday 22 September.

Please reinforce all Covid rules with your child/ward: Wearing of mask , social distancing and sanitizing.

Thank you for your cooperation



Dear Parents

If you have not sent your whatsapp numbers to school or have changed your number, please could you send us an inbox (or send to the form teacher) the following details:

Name of learner
Correct whatsapp number(parent/Guardian)

All correspondence is sent via whatsapp from the school to the parents. We do understand it is important for you to stay informed. 🙏


Please take note school is closed today. Group 1 will report on Monday. Group 2 will report tomorrow. 🙏


Dear Parents

Please take note of the circular below.
1. Learners have tested positive in our school. The most recent case was reported today. Learner from 4C GROUP 1 last reported to school on the 16th.
2. School will be CLOSED on the 19th of August and will OPEN for GROUP 1 on Friday.
3. JP parents that requested work material will have to come on FRIDAY with the SP parents To collect. Only from 8:30 to 10:30. Please be mindful of the fact that teachers are still teaching and if names are not sent in advance, material may not be given.
When at the school gate please maintain social distancing and masks are mandatory.
4. Please monitor your child and follow all covid protocols.
5. If a family member is positive, or if a learner tests positive please INFORM THE SCHOOL immediately via the whatsapp number or via Facebook AND email the results to fast track the situation and avoid the spread of this virus.

We wish our learners and their families a speedy and healthy recovery 🙏🙏


Dear Parents

Please read information below regarding admission. All documents and registration fees must be brought in order to complete the application. We are currently doing admissions for grades R only.
Registration fee is R1100.

For any further information please call school directly. We will not be able to help via our social media channels.

Kind regards
032 5357053


Dear Parents

Please refer to circular given to learners this week, for confirmation of return dates next week.

Due to Monday being a public holiday (Women's Day)
GROUP 1 will return on Tuesday (10/08) following Mondays timetable.
GROUP 2 will return on Wednesday (11/08) following Mondays timetable.

Kind regards
Be safe


Dear Parents

Please note

Circular 13 of 2021 has been sent with group 2 learners today and will be sent with group 1 tomorrow. Please read thoroughly as it cascades very important information.


Photos from Acacia Primary SChool's post 27/07/2021

CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 To Naomi Pillay from Grade 7A
Acacia Primary's Pick n Pay Heroine for the month of June...

Stay tuned for the months to follow.. Your child could be next 😁🌸


Dear Parent/Guardian


Please note the dates and groups for attendance for this week below.

26 July 2021 Monday
GROUP 1- following Monday's timetable

( Grade R, 1 and 2 will finish today at 13.20. All other Grades will be dismissed at normal times.... This is as per as Monday's timetable )

27 July 2021 Tuesday
GROUP 2- following Monday's timetable

( Grade R, 1 and 2 will finish today at 13.20. All other Grades will be dismissed at normal times.... This is as per Monday's timetable )

28 July 2021 Wednesday
GROUP 1- following Tuesdays timetable

29 July 2021 Thursday
GROUP 2 - following Tuesdays timetable

30 July 2021 Friday

A circular will be sent regarding attendance for the rest of the term during the course of the week.

Please ensure that ALL learners wear a mask to school.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. 🙏🏻🌺



Dear Parent/Guardian

1. Kindly note that school closes for Term 2 for ALL learners on *Wednesday, 30 June 2021 at 10h30* . ONLY GROUP 1 WILL BE ATTENDING ON WEDNESDAY. _Circulars will be given to Group 2 tomorrow and Group 1 on Wednesday._

2. School re-opens on Monday, 19 July 2021. Alternate day approach for attendance will still apply until further notice. *Group 1* will therefore attend on *19 July 2021* and *Group 2* will attend on *20 July 2021.*

4. Term 2 Learner progress reports will not be released until further notice.

5. DBE Workbook activities (Blue books) to be completed for Term 1 and 2 as homework / Holiday tasks. We would also like to encourage learners to read for pleasure during this time to improve reading skills.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all Parents and Guardians for their support and co-operation during this term. Please follow the safety procedures for COVID-19 and stay safe.🙏🏻🌺




GROUP 2 learners attending tomorrow (23 June)

Dear Parent /Guardian

Kindly note that Acacia Full Service School would close at 11h50 on Wednesday 23 June 2021( *Tomorrow* ) due to the vaccination of staff in*terms of Department of Health/Education roll out program .

Please make the necessary arrangements for the safe return of your child/ward.

Mr V Govender



Dear Parent/Guardian of grade 7 learners,

Thanking you for allowing your child/ward to attend the Coding and Robotics classes after school.

We have now included the Coding and Robotics Lessons during school times for the interim until the programme is introduced for the whole school and hence your child/ward will dismissed at the normal times ie. 13:50.

Thank you for your support.

Mr V Govender

Photos from Acacia Primary SChool's post 26/05/2021

An excellent program brought to our Grade 7 learners by the Durban EThekwini Municipality at the Acacia Primary School Hall.

This fun, interactive and informative session enlightened learners on Africa week, why we celebrate Africa Day and the importance of reading/literacy.
Goodie bags were also given to each learner present.

Acacia Primary SChool principal, staff and SGB place on record their sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the coordinators for allowing our school and learners to be part of this wonderful celebration.


Dear Parents

Please note today is Africa Day and this week is Africa Week.
Acacia Primary will be celebrating Africa Week Tomorrow and Thursday.
We would allow learners to wear cultural attire to highlight Africa Day at a cost of R2, 00.

Grade 7 learners would be in a program tomorrow from 11am to 13h00 highlighting Africa Day.



Dear Parents

Please note the following :

1. Note that school is closed on Thursday, 13 May 2021, due to the Religious Holiday (Ascension Day )

2. Blessing and good wishes to our Muslim parents, learners and educator for Eid ul Fitr.

3. Learners to report to school on Friday, 14 May 2021 - group 1

4. On Friday, group 1 to report to school and follow Friday's timetable. Group 2 will report on Monday (Friday's timetable)

5. Term 1 progress reports for learners were given for group 2 today, Wednesday 12 May 2021, and will be given on Friday(14/05/2021) to group 1.


Photos from Acacia Primary SChool's post 23/04/2021

GROUP 2 calendar dates and timetable to follow.

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Please watch this video with your kids and make them practise the steps with you 👐#CleanHandsStay safe
Gr 7 Excursion to Shongweni


Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 15:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 15:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 15:00
Thursday 20:00 - 15:00
Friday 08:00 - 15:00