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Telkom night surfer times are periods in the night of every 24-hour day cycle during which night data is active.
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Looking to start a business as a teen & young entrepreneur but not quite sure what to start? It’s not always easy coming up with an entire business idea. It often takes some work and requires a bit of brainstorming too. The good news is; if you’re eager enough, it most certainly can be done!
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Many people collect South African coins, such as the Nelson Mandela coins, as a hobby, but there is more to this practice than many people imagine.
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If you have to invest in ETFs, invest in the best ETF South Africa has to offer. We will look into the top 10 best ETFs in South Africa to get you started.
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South Africans are known for their great taste in many things, including clothing. Many invest in high-quality pieces and would go to great lengths to own designer pairs. This explains why Gucci and Fabiani have a decent market share.
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Pets bring about such joy and happiness to life. However, these furry friends may also come with their own medical issues. We will also discuss other important factors to consider when taking out pet insurance.
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A sportscene account is a store credit card that you may use to purchase items at any Sportscene store across South Africa. Subscribers can use their accounts at more than 900 TFG locations in the country.
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The best high schools in Pretoria are tailored to impart the highest standards of education to your kids. Pretoria, one of South Africa’s capital cities, prides itself in offering some of the best education in the country.
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Boarding schools in KZN are some of the best schools in South Africa. KZN province has standard boarding facilities and accommodations that will aid your child’s concentration for better learning.
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What are the best high schools in Durban?
Durban city in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa is the third most populous city after Johannesburg and Cape Town.
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Do you need a gas stove for your next big recipe Our experts gathered the best gas stoves for sale in South Africa from Samsung, Elba, etc. Our experts have collected the best gas stoves for sale in South Africa
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First-time homeowners consider a lot before putting in an offer on a new house. When everything is unclear, it is not always easy to take the plunge and commit to buying a house or home. This means determining transfer costs, attorney fees, and other charges. Find out more about transfer costs on the property to learn more.


The Department of Basic Education is responsible for sharing updated academic calendars every year. This is a way of helping students stay abreast of the different sessions throughout the academic year. Usually, this calendar encompasses both learning sessions and holidays for public and private schools. Find out more below for the calendar.
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There are specific taxes charged on individual and trust incomes. Note that the cash value hee is given in Rands(R). Keep reading to find out more.
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Edwin Sodi is a towering, 5’9”, South African businessman with an extensive business and political network. He runs Blackhead Consulting and donates money to ANC politicians in South Africa. This is everything you need to know about Edwin Sodi.
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Every collector is looking for the most valuable South African stamps. Read on as we look into stamps with the best return.
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American Swiss wedding rings are a preferred choice for most people.
Typically, engagement and wedding rings are customary emblems in a romantic union. As such, they are highly sought after by consumers across South Africa and the world at large.
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What are the best suburbs in Johannesburg?
South Africa has some of the best cities, suburbs, and areas to live in. Johannesburg is one of these with beautiful suburbs and neighborhoods you want to know of.
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Once you know what to do and where to go after opening your Hollywoodbets account, the login process shouldn’t take any longer than a minute. Know here’s how to log in


Andile is known for both good and bad publicity. However, he remains excellent at what he does.
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Nonkanyiso Conco is a renowned South African reality TV star known for her romantic involvements with former president Jacob Zuma. She is also well known for her entrepreneurial abilities, especially in Durban where she has really grown her brand.
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Shauwn Mkhize is one of the most influential women in South Africa, known for her entrepreneurial influences and appearance in reality TV shows. Know details about Shauwn Mkhize here


Do you have a business idea but lack funding to start it? Maybe you already have a business and you’re thinking about expanding it! However, you’re a little short of money to make this milestone come true. The top business loan providers in South Africa Absa South Africa Capitec Nedbank FNB Rcs and Learn more & apply at


Starting a business without proper business registration is commonplace in South Africa. While this is within the confines of the law, it limits you from landing big clients. On the flip side, the benefits of registering a business in South Africa are plenty. They include tax incentives, protection of your business name, business compliance, and financial assistance. Your clients are also likely to take you seriously when you have a registered business. Therefore, if you want to expand your small business in South Africa, it is prudent for you to register your business. Read along to learn how to register a business in South Africa.
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Rabbit Farming in South Africa is a growing industry with immense potential. Here is what you need to know to get started and succeed in it.
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Capitec Bank now offers business loans through their new subsidiary. Mercantile Bank business loans have competitive rates and are specific to your business needs.
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We Work coworking spaces in South Africa feature amenities like art-filled areas and micro-brewed coffee that will inspire you and fuel your productivity.
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Would you like to visit Sandton but can t find a hotel that fits your bill. Here are the best hotels in Sandton


Excited to announce our new partnership with the top courier company in South Africa! Now delivering packages faster and more efficiently than ever before.
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Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?