Mr. E Extra Tuition

Mr. E Extra Tuition

Mr E Extra Tuition offers comprehensive extra tuition lessons to pupils from grade 4-12 all subjects.

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Another day to appreciate testimonials from our past pupils! Aneta Ndyambo, thank you for the foundations you have laid as a student at Mr E. Extra Tuition, which have led to a vast number of students in our community believing in us. We wish you well for your future endeavors.


Sinazo, the first ever Mr E. Extra Tuition pupil has spoken beautifully about Mr E & our institution. We hope to inspire more people and have a strong alumni base of successful young professionals in their own right. Congratulations on the strides you have made, Sinazo. We are proud of you!

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These are some of the beautiful moments at our institution. One of our core values at Mr E. Extra Tuition is to build a sense of trust amongst our teachers and pupils to enable all of us to work effectively as we take each other further. Mr E. Extra Tuition truly is a family.

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If you think you're the beat fit for this position, don't miss out on it! This is a fun and valuable opportunity for the institution & the brand ambassadors themselves.

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Mr E. Extra Tuition is happy to have the third consecutive year of Dale College Head Prefects. Our institution is expanding and continuing to enrich the minds of tomorrow's future, and we are glad to be recognized by these wonderful school leaders.

Thank you for choosing us, gentlemen. We are headed in the right direction!

2021: Q. Loyilani & M. George
2022: K. Melani & N. Ntshona
2023: U. Ntsomi, A. Bukula & U. Ntsomi


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A glimpse into our new & beautiful Junior Campus!



This is fondly known & well-spoken of, Mr E. His journey spans back to a few years ago when a student appreciated his work beyond measure. He started 'Mr E. Extra Tuition' with a dream in his hand and has made it what it is today with the support of the close-knit community we have built with parents, staff & pupils over the years.

This Extra Tuition centre is like no other! We offer you more than just academic knowledge but social skills that are of paramount importance in each person's development to shape them to become good citizens in the world! At Mr E. Extra Tuition, we encourage our pupils to engage with one another and offer them strong support channels with their educators, allowing them to connect even outside of the classroom. These walls have been built by each and everyone of you who continue to support us and help E, further write the dream in his hand for future generations.

Do you want to experience the warmth of a family and knowledge of A grade educators? Well, look no further because we are the place for you!

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We are beyond pleased by the results produced by our 2022 matriculants. The learners have displayed vigor throughout their matric year and never gave up right until the end!

Mr E. Extra Tuition had a total of 30 matrics and 33 distinctions were obtained amongst the group. The learners got quality passes (Admission to Bachelors Degree & Diploma Passes) which will set them high for their bright futures.

Your hard work has paid off. The commitment you have shown and extra hours at our institution has helped in your journey's. Walk tall in the world - you have all earned it!

Mr. E Extra Tuition



Ntsika Ntshona & Khazimla Melani have outdone themselves in achieving incredible results in their final NSC Examinations. Their journey at Mr E. Extra Tuition began during their matric year, and they proved to be a force from the onset. They are students who thirst for knowledge and work hard to produce the best possible results.

Ntsika Ntshona obtained 5 distinctions (95% for Mathematics & 92 % for Physical Sciences), and Khazimla Melani also obtained 5 distinctions ( 84% for Physical Sciences)

We are extremely proud of you, gentlemen. You are a testament to the hard work the educators at our institution put in but that of your educators at school and yourselves. Thank you for allowing us to become part of your high school!

Continue inspiring many more young minds at Mr E. Extra Tuition

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The doors are wide open with smiles and warm welcomes from our Mr E. Extra Tuition staff. As schools officially reopened today, some Matric classes have commenced and we are excited for the year ahead! A timetable for all lessons across all grades will be released later this week.

Just a reminder to collect your registration form if you haven't to join our amazing family!






Motivational Monday!


Compliments of the New Year to you & yours. We hope you all had a wonderful and safe festive season.
The academic year is nearing us and what is Mr E. Extra Tuition without preparations in place. This is to serve as a reminder. We hope to see you all soon!


Our class of 2022


Contact Us on WhatsApp for more details:+27 82 512 1070

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Do you want to be the best of the best in your class?
Do you want to rise from your usual 50's to the glorious 90's ?
Do you want to pass your matric this time around?
Do not worry we have got your back!

Mr. E Extra Tuition offers learners assistance in their high school studies.

92 Alexandra Road
King William's Town

Effort Equals Success!

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