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Operating as usual


A special happy Mother’s Day to our warrior mums 🌸 you’re appreciated, valued and loved! 🤍 thank you for all you do for your little stars


Last day on the stimming topic 🤸🏽‍♂️ hope you have been able to identify some, remember: we do not block or stop stimming unless it is harmful or disruptive to learning.


If you think about it… everyone stims in one way or thee other ☺️


We hope you all had a lovely Easter break 🐣

For the reminder of the week we will be talking about stimming.

What is stimming?

Self-stimulated actions that are repeated in order to stimulate senses. It helps our learners stay regulated and should not be stopped unless harmful or disruptive to learning.


Be safe and enjoy the break! Happy Easter 🐣


Tough topic! However incredibly necessary to address

This is the unfortunate reality many with autism face on a day to day basis. Research proves that autistic people are more likely to experience traumatic life events.

Let’s educate those around us by creating awareness and encouraging acceptance.

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Today is the last day we share some autistic traits. We do hope these have helped you identify some traits that are not always that obvious.



This week we will be focusing on autistic traits and autistic traumas.

Today we touch on autistic traits, these are innate divergences.

We have only listed a few, however there are more traits beyond this post such as meltdowns and difficulty with transitions.


Shine a light 💡

It is World Autism Awareness Day 🌍❤️

Why do we observe this day?

To raise awareness, to encourage acceptance and to spread love 🤍

Post about it, talk about it, listen to a story from a warrior mum, dad or both!

Autism is not a disability, it is a different ability 🤍


April is Autism Awareness Month 💜 join us in celebrating differences, creating awareness and advocating for acceptance all month long!


With autism awareness month approaching please join us for an all round discussion from multiple amazing speakers in the field ✨


FMR: the message behind this is acceptance 🤍


FMR: remember to show kindness 🤍


Wishing you all a productive week ✨


The ending to a productive week ✨ we go hard for our kids next week again 💪🏽


To all the women out there, you are phenomenal! Special Spark Autism Centre thanks you for all you are to everyone 🫶🏽🤍


It is important to allow our learners the freedom to express themselves. If we don’t put limitations on children with autism can you imagine the wonders they will do?

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We had a wonderful time with Mrs Universe semi-finalist at her sip n paint fundraiser 🌈


It’s Friday! Time for our FMR, be flexible, be adaptable 🌈


We still have tees for sale for the Habo Autism Foundation, DM for yours 👕

Photos from Special Spark Autism's post 21/02/2023

Support our cause in creating funds for the Habo Autism Foundation, tees for sale for R280 each. Which design will you be rocking?


FMR- Friday Morning Reminders 💙


We are still accepting learners for the year. Contact us for your registration forms 🌟


Special Spark Autism Centre Open Day!

Saturday the 14th of January 2023

Hope to see you there 💙


Special Spark Autism Centre Open day 😃

Join us this coming Saturday for a fun open day that includes face painting for the kiddos, activity stations, jumping castles, food stalls and many more!

Contact us for more information if required.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


We are jumping into our domains series starting with gross motor skills.

Did you know that gross motor delays can be apparent from infancy?

Movements like lifting their head, sitting with minimal support and standing up on their own each come at different intervals of development within the first two years.

However, like all skills it can be developed and mastered.

Practicing how to kick a ball, throw a coin in a swimming pool, climbing stairs, walking across a balancing beam or playing hop scotch can assist in building those gross motor skills.

The tiniest effort sometimes leads to the greatest rewards.


Looking to provide support for your child?

Want to build their skills in the various developmental domains?

Enrol now for 2023


Let’s start the week with the big topic.


There are many reasons why your little one may be a “picky eater”… over-sensitivity could be one of them.

Over-sensitivity varies from person to person, it could be smell, texture, taste, the way the food looks or is presented or even how hot/cold it is.

Children on the spectrum often have favourite foods and least favourite foods and when presented with the latter boy can it get tough!

While we discuss over-sensitivity today, here are a few learned strategies:

Familiarise your little one to new foods. Have them help you in the kitchen, pack away the groceries, take them to the grocery store, have meal times with them, create play time with food, a picnic or a tea party would be a good start.

Continuous exposure to new foods may help your little one accept it into their diet at some point.


Ever heard of toilet training?

There are many reasons why a child with ASD might take long learning how to use the potty independently.

Challenges around language, fears, inflexibilities or body cues could be driving factors for delay.

What can you do to succeed in potty training?

• Try coming up with a potty schedule and stick to specific times.

•Teach language for toileting. “May I go to the bathroom” or “I need to use the toilet”

•Make a visual to show them what you do in the bathroom and what is expected of them when they do go to the bathroom.

• Have an incredibly strong reward readily available for successes on the toilet

•Don’t give up!

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