The Philippi Museum

A museum established in 1983 to showcase the rich history and historical artifacts of the German settlers of 1877 and 1883 in the Cape Flats.

In 1877 and 1883, groups of German immigrants were settled on the Cape Flats. The first group was meant for the Eastern Cape, but due to border wars, they had to land in Table Bay. The then British Government allotted ground for them on the barren Cape Flats. After a few years, the "desert" was a flourishing garden. The government decided to recruit more settlers in order to supply growing Cape To

Operating as usual

[05/02/18]   Saterdag 5 MEI 2018 Philippi Lutherse Kerk basaar. 7vm tot laat.

Tee /Koffie
Wit Olifant
Kroeg (gelisensieerd)
Museum (oop 10-12)
Blomme / Plante
Koeldrank / Lekkergoed

Kom geniet die dag saam met ons en maak bekend aan almal. Kom vroeg om teleurstelling te vermy en bly vir die Toutrek en dan die DANS in die saal.


This is a great photo of the Philippi Lutheran Church. You can see how much has changed since then! Do you perhaps know what year this was? Who the pastor was? Who might be sitting in the pews? 😉


This photo was donated by Hilda Meyer (born Tischendorf). If anyone has any information about the people in this photo, please comment below! We currently have no other information about this photograph. Thank you


Come support the Sunday school! (Did you know the Sunday School is housed in the same building as the Museum?)

[05/03/17]   Dis weer ons jaarlikse Duitse Basaar by die Evangelies-Lutherse Kerk ; h/v Govan Mbeki (M9)- & Springfieldweg, Philippi.

Heerlike duitse gebak & geregte

Berugte gerookte "Metwurst", en ander tuisgemaakte vleisgeregte.

Groente tent

Museum oop van 10-12

Toutrek, middagete, kindertafel, speletjies, vars blomme, wit olifant en koffie tafel

Dans ten bate van Sondagskool om 19:00

Basaar begin 07h30, Saterdag 6 Mei 2017


Here are some snapshots from the braai and dance. Thanks for the images Sarel Stander!

[09/25/16]   Lizanne Schultz did an amazing job with the Butterkuchen and it was enjoyed by all. For those of you who would like some, she kindly baked extra for us to sell. They are R60 each and you can contact us via Facebook or via the church to order yours. There are only about 10 left, so be quick if you want to get your hands on one of these! They are now frozen, so you can even keep it for a special occasion later in the year!



Here's a clip of the Polonaise dancing we all did with Barbara Meylahn. Thank you Marlene Ruster Stander for the video!

[09/25/16]   What a great afternoon/evening we all had yesterday at the Heritage Day Festival!

We would like to send a very big thank you to all who contributed to making this event a success, and a very special thank you to:

Barbara Meylahn, who came and showed us all how to dance the Polonaise dance- it was great fun!

Freddy Kuehhirt for providing the music for the Polonaise dance

and Erich Schiemann for playing his hand crafted panflute for us!


Just look at the butterkuchen being made for today's event! Thanks Lizanne Schultz for all your hard work!

This yummy stuff is on the house tonight. The Heritage Day Festival starts at 2pm! Hope to see you there!


They Philippi Museum is hosting a Heritage Day Celebration! It's going to be great fun! Come support us if you can!


Kitchen Dresser

This cupboard was made by Pastor Mahnke sometime in the 1920s/30s. He made it from the wood of imported vehicle boxes. His reason for making it was to donate it as a raffle item for the annual Philippi Lutheran Church Basaar. The person who won the raffle never took the cupboard home. He re-donated back to Pastor Mahnke supposedly to use in the parish house.

Do YOU have any more to add to this story? Please comment below!

[05/10/16]   Thank you to all who took the time to come and visit the museum at the Basaar this past Saturday! We had a great turn out.

[05/03/16]   This Saturday, 7 May, is the Philippi Evangelical Lutheran Church annual bazaar!

Please come support the church AND the Philippi Museum!

The museum will be open from 10am-12pm. Pastor Arthur Becker will be conducting a guided tour of the church, cemetery and museum at 10am that should last about 30 minutes.

Please come have a look!

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The Philippi Museum's cover photo


The Philippi Museum





The Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sionsheuwel, Springfield Rd, Philippi
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