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For tutoring in ECO3021S and other UCT courses, please contact A Plus Private Tutorials. www.aplustuts.co.za

[03/24/15]   Ten Rules of Bad Studying
By Barbara Oakley, PhD, PE

Avoid these techniques—they can waste your time even while they fool you into thinking
you’re learning!

1. Passive rereading—sitting passively and running your eyes back over a page. Unless you can prove
that the material is moving into your brain by recalling the main ideas without looking at the page,
rereading is a waste of time.

2. Letting highlights overwhelm you. Highlighting your text can fool your mind into thinking you are
putting something in your brain, when all you’re really doing is moving your hand. A little
highlighting here and there is okay—sometimes it can be helpful in flagging important points. But if
you are using highlighting as a memory tool, make sure that what you mark is also going into your

3. Merely glancing at a problem’s solution and thinking you know how to do it. This is one of the
worst errors students make while studying. You need to be able to solve a problem step‐by‐step,
without looking at the solution.

4. Waiting until the last minute to study. Would you cram at the last minute if you were practicing for
a track meet? Your brain is like a muscle—it can handle only a limited amount of exercise on one
subject at a time.

5. Repeatedly solving problems of the same type that you already know how to solve. If you just sit
around solving similar problems during your practice, you’re not actually preparing for a test—it’s
like preparing for a big basketball game by just practicing your dribbling.

6. Letting study sessions with friends turn into chat sessions. Checking your problem solving with
friends, and quizzing one another on what you know, can make learning more enjoyable, expose
flaws in your thinking, and deepen your learning. But if your joint study sessions turn to fun before
the work is done, you’re wasting your time and should find another study group.

7. Neglecting to read the textbook before you start working problems. Would you dive into a pool
before you knew how to swim? The textbook is your swimming instructor—it guides you toward
the answers. You will flounder and waste your time if you don’t bother to read it. Before you begin
to read, however, take a quick glance over the chapter or section to get a sense of what it’s about.

8. Not checking with your instructors or classmates to clear up points of confusion. Professors are
used to lost students coming in for guidance—it’s our job to help you. The students we worry about
are the ones who don’t come in. Don’t be one of those students.

9. Thinking you can learn deeply when you are being constantly distracted. Every tiny pull toward an
instant message or conversation means you have less brain power to devote to learning. Every tug
of interrupted attention pulls out tiny neural roots before they can grow.

10. Not getting enough sleep. Your brain pieces together problem‐solving techniques when you sleep,
and it also practices and repeats whatever you put in mind before you go to sleep. Prolonged
fatigue allows toxins to build up in the brain that disrupt the neural connections you need to think
quickly and well. If you don’t get a good sleep before a test, NOTHING ELSE YOU HAVE DONE WILL

[03/09/15]   We are live :D www.aplustuts.co.za


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A Plus Private Tutorials

[09/16/14]   GOOD REASONS FOR SEEKING A TUTOR by Mr L. Nomzaza (read his blog here http://quriousquesttutors.wordpress.com/2014/09/16/good-reasons-for-seeking-a-tutor/ )

1. It takes time to truly learn something well.
Sometimes it seems that classes move along so quickly that there is very little time for students to actually practice the information presented in lectures. A tutor can help a student learn at his or her own pace and to have a more solid grasp on the information. Having this deep understanding may even boost the student’s interest in the topic.

2. A tutor will make sure the student is completing assignments correctly.

The result is a higher grade in addition to less concern that there is something wrong with the work. This also gives students the right answers and strong ideas from which to draw from as they study for tests, midterms and finals. In turn, there is also less conflict between parents and their children in the struggle over completing homework.

3. Having a tutor to help keep the student on track teaches discipline.

The students are held accountable for their work, causing them to take the work seriously. It also helps students set their own priorities. This is also a step in the right direction for learning time management skills that are also beneficial for later life.

4. Students can learn plenty of study techniques from their tutors.

These techniques are helpful across the board, not just in class. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the methods that are more conducive to learning. The conversational tone of a tutorial session might be exactly the change of pace a student needs to relax and learn.

5. The constant feedback that a tutor can provide will boost any student’s confidence and self-esteem.

He or she will no longer feel inferior to those who may have higher grades. It also fosters better attendance in students who are reluctant to attend class resulting from embarrassment.

6. One of the most obvious reasons to hire a tutor is to improve grades.

A student with a higher GPA has a better chance of getting into a better college, grad school or internship. Students may be able to use their high grades to reach graduation quickly and skip over the classes that they do not need to take.

Technology has made tutors more effective than they ever have been in the past. New teaching methods and technologies make it easier for tutors to instruct students with new resources that are as effective as those used in classrooms and lectures. A student on any level will find some way to benefit from having the additional assistance of a tutor, whether it is in the form of grades or renewed determination.

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Good Teaching is Not Enough. Be Great!

linkedin.com If you want to know what is great about your school, just ask your students. I’m willing to bet you won’t get responses like the new math curriculum, a state-of-the-art computer lab, or an expanded

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Why Educating Girls Matters | ED.gov Blog

Why educating girls matter


ed.gov Why Educating Girls MattersWadley and Secretary Duncan solve a math problem together. (Photo credit: U.S. Department of Education)“Education is the only solution.” – Malala YousafzaiOn January 12, 2010, when Wadley – a girl growing up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti — was just seven years old, the world th…

[05/18/14]   Integration by parts hints:

1. Always differentiate inverse trigs and logs

2. The most common method of integration is NOT by parts- it is by substitution - THINK SUBSTITUTION FIRST!

3. We tend to use integration by parts when we have a product of different kinds of functions (occasionally also a quotient)

[04/24/14]   All the best for today's test to all the MAM1012F A-Plus students. :-) Don't complicate the simplex method.

wikihow.com 18/04/2014

How to Improve Your Math Grade


wikihow.com Most people don't realize that math has more in common with athletics than with any other academic subject. The way to learn math is to watch it, do it, and teach it. Take careful, dedicated notes and listen carefully. When learning a...


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