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The Happy Scraps

Send your kids back to school with a bouquet of flowers the teachers can use!! The kids will love giving it to their teacher, and the teachers will love getting a useful gift!


Natural Learning & Peaceful Parenting


Never Stop Learning


Education to the Core

I'll take all three! 😉


Maths Insider

How to help your kids fall in love with math: a guide for grown-ups

"Kids are just entering the world of patterns and numbers, and their love of math is ready to bloom. They are ready and excited to count, classify, name, and look for patterns. But too often, parents unintentionally do damage, either by neglecting their kids’ mathematical development, or by pushing them too hard, too quickly. It’s important to find the right balance, but many parents aren’t sure how....."

Check the full guide here: 03/05/2016

15 Rewarding Ways for Sadaqah Jariyah (ongoing charity) in Islam Sadaqatul jariyah is ongoing charity (continuous rewards) received by us (for good actions and deeds), that will not only benefit us in this life, but will continue to benefit us after our death. A…


Happy Confident Me - Counselling & Workshops

A critical and perfectionist parent can never build their child's spirit. I know this because I was one and still fight the urge everyday. I know what it did to my children and I can see the repair, amazing growth and connection that has taken place since I took hold of this bad destructive habit!

I absolutely adore Rachel Macy Stafford's easy to absorb and understand explanation below.

To Build (or Break) a Child’s Spirit
By Rachel Stafford - Hands Free Mama

If you needed to lose weight, what would be most motivating?

You are getting chubby. I’m not buying you any more clothes until you lose weight.


Let’s take a walk after dinner.
I’ll let you make the salad.
I love you just the way you are, exactly as you are.

If you needed to learn how to swim, what would be most motivating?

I don’t want to hear your crying. Get in the water and swim! Don’t be a baby!


I’ll be right by your side.
You can do this. If not today, we’ll try again tomorrow.
I love you just the way you are, exactly as you are.

If you needed to practice better hygiene, what would be most motivating?

What is that awful smell? It’s a wonder you have any friends.


Let’s go to the store and pick out some deodorant.
Your hair smells so good when you wash it. I think you should wash it every day.
I love you just the way you are, exactly as you are.

If your table manners needed improvement, what would be most motivating?

You eat like a pig. I cannot stand to watch you eat. You are disgusting.


I am trying to put down my fork after each bite, I’d like you to join me.
Thank you for chewing with your mouth closed.
I love you just the way you are, exactly as you are.

If you are a bit clumsy and disorganized, what would motivate you to be more responsible?

Can’t you do anything right? You are either losing things or making a mess!


Everyone makes mistakes. That’s how we learn.
It’s no big deal—just get a rag and clean it up.
I love you just the way you are, exactly as you are.

At times in my life I have been overweight, scared to swim, smelly, ill-mannered, and disorganized. During those times, I could have used some encouragement. So when I saw the young boy ordered to get out of the pool because he was scared to swim, I cried with him from behind my sunglasses. I saw the disappointment in the man’s eyes as he looked at his shivering son hugging his knees to his chest. The man really wanted his boy to learn to swim. He thought reprimanding him and ignoring the boy’s cries would motivate him to try harder next time.

At times in my life, I thought this too …

About a little girl and her ukulele,
About a little girl and her frequent messes,
About a little girl and her perpetually slow self,
About a little girl and her inability to ride a bike.

“Play the song again; you’re not trying hard enough.”
“Another spill? Are you serious?”
“How many times do I have to tell you to hurry up?”
“All the other kids have learned to ride their bike. It’s high time you did too.”

With every sharply delivered word, with each disapproving glare, with every disappointed shake of the head, that girl got smaller. Less confident. Less capable. Less shiny. And one day she spoke the words of a defeated soul.

“I just want to be good, Mama,” cried the little girl who once loved to strum her beloved instrument. And now she was placing the instrument at her feet, wondering if she should even be strumming at all.

Over time, my constant critiques and exasperated breaths led her to believe she was no good.

Over time, I’d broken her beautiful spirit—the one that gave her a unique and radiant light.

Motivating? Not so much.

There was a fine line between helpful adult guidance and using my authority to shame and belittle (under the guise of good intentions). As I crossed that line again and again, my child experienced a harsh reality: No matter what she did, it would never be good enough for me; I could never be pleased.

Motivating? Not so much.

The thought of my child growing up with a parent whose love was based on what she did rather than who she was caused an immediate change in me. I stopped being her rigid taskmaster and instead became her loving encourager …

Rather than harping on every single thing my child did wrong, I saved my guidance for serious issues—issues that could be potentially dangerous or life-altering.

Rather than forcing her to master a skill at the same rate as her peers, I assured myself that she would be ready in her own time.

I stopped overreacting to kid mishaps and minor incidents and realized she was better at cleaning up after herself without someone breathing down her neck.

If there was a bad habit that needed changing, I led by example. I invited her to join me in healthy habits. I provided tools (like timers and check-off lists) to empower her to become more prompt and responsible without my assistance.

I celebrated her efforts rather than the outcome and strived to speak three times as many positive words than negative ones.

Under the wing of Loving Encourager for the past several years, I’ve watched my child blossom. Her confidence and self-assurance have grown. She takes risks and when she fails, it’s not the end of the world because she knows she can try again. She knows I will love her regardless of what she does or doesn’t do. She confides in me when she does something wrong. She loves herself “as is” even though she does things a little differently than most.

I wish I’d abandoned the role of demanding taskmaster sooner, but I will not dwell on yesterday. Today matters more.

My hope is that by sharing my own painful regrets and life-changing discoveries, I can help someone else see what I see:

Shame abandons, encouragement believes.

Condemnation paralyzes, compassion frees.

Exasperation quits, patience prevails.

Yelling silences, communication opens up.

Blame hurts, grace heals.

Faultfinding destroys, praise builds.

Rejection loses, unconditional love wins.

If you were a child trying to get through life the best way you know how, what would be most motivating?

I don’t think you’ll ever measure up.


I love you just the way you are, exactly as you are.



A proved theorem is more permanent than any diamond



Resources, strategies, & ideas galore! 13/09/2015

Square Root of Kids' Math Anxiety: Their Parents' Help So-called math-anxious parents who provided frequent help on homework actually hurt their children by passing on their anxiety, a study found.


Like a nice back tickle....this should get you one long tickle...just ensure its small cars😂


Free Readers


Build a fairy house....


Teachers Pay Teachers

Classroom Tested Resources is sharing 10 literacy websites that you'll be glad to know before school starts:


The Journey, TV Show,CTV and DSTVChannel263

The Journey, TV Show,CTV and DSTVChannel263 does an interview with Ilhaam Education this Sunday, 12 July2015, 5pm as part of a daily broadcast #Season12 #NGO's #Partnerships #Education #TheFuture, repeat on Monday Morn, 8am. Produced and Hostec by @M.J.Li @ZainabChafeker


Use bar model method for word sums...
The world's number one maths syllabus uses this method


Ilhaam Learning Centre - ILC

Assalaamu Alaikum,


I am conducting some research to compare the challenges of learners who do hifth on a full time basis and integrate into mainstream schooling versus learners who do hifth and Academics at the same time. I have done some preliminary informal interviews with people I know. Now, I need to increase my sample size to gain a more balanced perspective!
Remember the ahadith says the best among you is those who learn The Qur’an and those who pass on that teaching. Help us to try and understand how to make memorising the Qur’an more enjoyable and fulfilling for others who have just embarked on this blessed journey!

I am interested in what challenges your journey held, please email your answers to the questions below to : [email protected] . Your personal details such as your name will not be used without your explicit consent. Any details published will be done so without real names mentioned.

Section A: Personal Particular :
1. Current age:
2. (a) At what age did you start hifth?
(b) At what age did you complete: (if not completed, please state the ajaza you have completed and duration it took you to complete it)
3. Gender:
4. Single or Married: (during time of studies)
5. How many times did you change hifth schools? WHY?
6. (a) duration studying full time and what time period (e.g. June 2012 to April 2015)
(b) duration studying part time and what time period
7. if you studied part time at any stage, why did you choose to do it part time?
8. Did you choose to do hifth on your own or did your parents just enrol you without consulting you?
9. If your parents enrolled you without consulting. .
(a) how did you feel at the time?
(b) how do you feel about it now?
10. Were you ever diagnosed with a learning difficulty or illness? (ADD, Cancer, Diabetes, ADHD, ODD, Aspergers, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Hearing or Sight challenges, physically challenged or any other serious condition )
(a) Name the condition
(b) were you diagnosed before or during hifth?
(c) Did hifth assist you to heal or cope with the condition? How?
11. Did you complete any tertiary education ( for 17+)
(b) what did you study
12. If you are still of school going age, do you plan to study further after matric? What?

SECTION B Learning particulars and challenges

1. Did you find it easy to study hifth?
(a) Yes, always
(b) yes, most of the time throughout my studies
(c) yes, most of the time but I had a rough patch
(d) no, it was fairly challenging
(e) no, it is always challenging
(f) it varied as I progressed it became harder
(g) it varied as I progressed it became easier

2. Every hifth learner has some challenges.
(a) What do you perceive to be the reasons for your hurdles?
(b) What would you do differently? Why?
3. What would you do more of, if you had to do it again?
4. What would you do less of , if you had to do it again?
5. What was your most problematic 'surah ' and 'juz' to memorise and why?
6. What learning method worked best for you?
a) I. E. Listening to audio
b) watching Qirah
c) memorising page like a photo
d) trying to unlock patterns in each surah
e) a little bit of one or more of 'a' to 'd' (please elaborate if 'e')
f) other method (please explain )
7. What do you think is an ideal age to start hifth?
(a) for girls
(b) for boys
(c) for boys and girls
(d) why do you feel this is the best age?
8. what do you perceive to be harder to do?
(a) hifth full time , no academics or matric ever ...who needs that?
(b) full time hifth first and then catch up with academics
(c) doing hifth simultaneously with enough academics to keep you up to date with at least English and Math
(d) Explain your answer for a, b or c

9. If you have already studied hifth full time and then caught up on academics :
(a) how many years of secular did you miss out on ?
( b) what grades did you miss out on?
(c) which grades did you catch up on? And did you do it at a school, tuition or on your own?
(d) on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being extremely easy to 5 big extremely difficult ) what scale would you say it was to catch up academically?
(e) how stressful was it to catch up after hifth on a scale of 1 to 5 ? (1 being extremely easy to 5 big extremely difficult )
(f) do you think studying hifth and Academics simultaneously would have been better for you? Explain your answer.
(g) did you have more difficulty with new lesson, back work, or recent lesson? Why?

10. If you studied hifth and academics at the same time :
(a) do you feel you did enough academics so there is no important secular that you have missed out on ?
( b) what grades did you find the hardest to do while doing hifth?
(c) which grade did you complete hifth in? And did you go back to a mainstream school, homeschooling or tuition , or college or university?
(d) on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being extremely easy to 5 big extremely difficult ) would you say it was easy to cope with academics and hifth simultaneously?
(e) how stressful was it to switch from learning hifth at home and doing academic homework ( on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being extremely easy to 5 big extremely difficult )
(f) do you think studying hifth first and then academics (or academics first and then hifth) would have been better for you? Explain your answer.
(g)do you have more difficulty with new lesson, back work, or recent lesson? Why?

11. What would be the greatest advice you could give a hifth learner?
12 What would be the greatest advice you would give a hifth teacher?
13. What would be the greatest advice you would give parents of hifth learners?
14. Do you feel it takes the same type of thinking to learn hifth as it does to learn Science or Maths? Why?
15. If you could change/improve anything about the 'normal' hifth assessment method, what would it be?
16. Do you feel the hifth system can be modified to include a rating system so learners could essentially 'fail' hifth that year which would force them to work towards a goal? Explain your answer.

Jazakallah ghairan

Please share!

( I am trying to establish some norms and statistics which would be made available to all hifth teachers if requested. But moreso, to be more equipped to advise my learners and their parents and to see where we can make changes to facilitate learners more efficiently during their hifth journey. )


Ilhaam Learning Centre - ILC

*I ▶Integrated
*L ▶Learning of
*H ▶Hifth
*A ▶Adaab
*A ▶Academics

How to help us change the culture of learning?

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2. Whether you are interested in sending your kids to us or not, please support our events, spread the word...join our "friends of ILHAAM" network👬👭

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5. Want to help us stay 'alive'💪 ? How about signing a standing debit order from as little as R50/month.
You indicate on the form whether you wish to sponsor a salary, learner, development, running costs.💳💰📊

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7. Volunteer your time ⏰ or skill 🎨?
volunteer to assist an hour a day with hifth or academics , teach our kids an art or craft, come show us some amazing presentations, experiments etc

Thanks for sharing this. 25/04/2015

The ADHD Fallacy: It's Time To Stop Treating Childhood as a Disease Behavior that was once normal is now a disease 12/04/2015

112 Cartoon Elements Make Learning The Periodic Table Fun Proof that everything is easier to learn when presented via Pokemon-style. Artist Kacie D. lovingly anthropomorphized every single element, which deserves to be converted into a children's book.


The Artful Parent

Which Eric Carle book is your favorite? Here are some fun kids' art activities inspired by the lovely art in these books...


Teaching Ideas

Make your own character bookmarks using the instructions at

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