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Hey wanted to know if the stationary list for grade 1 is available plz
Home Schooling will get real this month, so get organised. Vodacom has a free e-School portal that is zero-rated for customers (you don’t need data to access it). It covers the Grade R to 12 syllabus, across all subjects in the 11 official languages. Check these links out:
Is the school's landline out of order I've been trying to call all morning
im looking 4 school transportation from penlyn estate to surrey primary
PARENTS&SCHOOL FEES:PARENTS must accept it was their decision to have children and therefor YOUR responsibility to ensure their well-being.EDUCATION and all else.SCHOOL FEES must be paid...yes there are those who are struggling and the schools make provision for this.At Public/Govt schools there are some NO FEES SCHOOLS .At others you are told when you apply what the fees are.So its your choice where you place the child.Pay the school fees,its the right thing to do.STOP wasting on unnecessary luxuries like cooldrinks and ci******es.How many cell phones and tablets do u have.These are some of the items you MUST cut down.My favourite example...cooldrinks x12months=R3600 ci******es x12months =R4800 You spent R8400 on these 2 items..Your childs Education is Much More Important.
The recent School mid2blue make very sad reading.The front page by Mr Adams re the stressful situation our teachers find themselves in.To the teachers if you ever need a hug when you see me,Please Kanalah come up and get one.I for sure appreciate the efforts and hard work you put in and still having to deal with learners who are just BLATANTLY DISRESPECTFUL AND RUDE.I SALUTE YOU.To the parents of these unruly,disruptive,disrespectful learners.YOU HAVE LOST IT.You as parents are the one who decided to have children and it is your responsibility to teach your children to be respectful towards others.You are the ones they learn from first,they listen and watch your every move.They are not stupid.IT IS TIME FOR THE SCHOOL TO TAKE ACTION AGAINTS LEARNERS WHO ARE DISRUPTIVE IN ANYWAY.THEY SHOULD NOT BE AT SCHOOL.THE TEACHERS AND OTHER LEARNERS DO NOT DESERVE IT.LEARNERS COME TO SCHOOL TO BE TAUGHT AND LEARN.
Hi anyone know fees for grade R?
More oggend 14th June 2019 sal Tara n interview saam met Philip op Voice of The Cape het Dit Sal 7H20 more oggend wees. Dit Sal important wees day mense inbel Om hulle views ook te gee.
For open lines it's 021 442 3530
Come and experience 4 days of exercise and technical training this June holidays.Sport codes will include Cricket,Soccer,Rugby and Hockey.Our fun filled skill enhanced program is open to boys and girls aged 4-13

Other events :
Multi Sport Group Coaching
Birthday Parties
Private Coaching

Limited space - to book your spot contact Danzil @ 0847327195 or e-mail [email protected]
Morning guys can you please give me the number of person that sell Surrey uniform in Manenberg it urgent please
Abduction and Kidnapping Prevention Tips

1. Teach your children to run away from danger, never towards it. Danger is anyone or anything that invades their personal space. Teach them to yell loudly. Their safety is more important than being polite. Teach your children that if they are ever followed by a car to turn around and run the other direction to you or a trusted adult. If someone grabs them try throw themselves on the floor kick scream move around fight because it is difficult to be picked up when your full weight is on the ground.

2. Never let your children go places alone, and always supervise your young children or make sure there is a trusted adult present to supervise them if you cannot. Make sure your older children always take a friend when they go somewhere.

3. At all times know where and who your children are with. Remind children never to take anything or respond in any way if approached by someone they do not know. Teach them to run away as quickly as they can to you or a trusted adult.

4. Talk openly to your children about safety and encourage them to tell you or a trusted adult if anyone or anything makes them feel frightened, confused, or uncomfortable. Discuss security issues with your children so that they will understand the need for precautions. *Advise your older children about steps they can take to help safeguard themselves. Know your children's friends and their families. Pay attention to your children and listen to them. If you do not, there is always someone else who will.*

5. Practice what you teach by creating "what if" scenarios with your children to make sure they understand the safety message and can use it in a real situation.

6. Consider installing an alarm system in your home with a monitoring feature. Make sure your home is secured with deadbolt locks, and ensure that landscaping around it does not provide places for people to hide. Check other access points, such as gates, and make sure they have been secured. Consider installing exterior lighting around your home. Make sure that your home is fully secured before you go to sleep and items, such as ladders, have been stored inside. Prepare a plan to vacate your home in case of any emergency. This should include but is not limited to a fire. Have a plan if an intruder tries or gets into your home.

7. Make your children part of securing your home. If you have installed analarm system, demonstrate it to your children and show them how to make certain that doors and windows are locked. This will not only help calm their fears but will also help make them part of your "safety plan" at home. Have a safe room in the house keep a cell phone in there in emergency lock door and don't come out before a chosen word by family is said.

8. Have a list of family members who could be contacted in case of an emergency. Designate a family member or close associate who would be able to fill the role of advisor in case of an emergency.

9. Be alert to and aware of your surroundings. Know the "escape routes" and plan what you would do in different emergencies. Practice "what if" scenarios, so you will be well prepared. Know the location of local hospitals and best routes to reach them. Know how to reach the nearest local law-enforcement agency.

10. Know your employees and co-workers. Do background screening and reference checks on everyone who works at your home, particularly those individuals who care for your children. Their knowledge of your family is extensive so make sure that you have an equivalent understanding of who they are.

11. Consider varying your daily routines and habits. Do not take the same routes or go at the same time on your regular errands. If you take your children to school change that route as well.

12. Take steps to secure personal information about yourself. Consider getting a post office box and a safety deposit box. Have your personal bills sent to your place of work or the post office box. Be discreet about your possessions and familys personal habits and information.

13. Report any suspicious persons or activities to law enforcement. If you feel that you or your children have been targeted or are being stalked, report this information to law-enforcement authorities immediately. *DO NOT WAIT.*

14. Remember that you are your best resource for better safeguarding your family. Do not become complacent about personal security issues.

15. In a mall, and a child gets kidnapped make sure that the child call on the name of the parent than on mommy or daddy because at that moment anyone can be a mommy or daddy. Make sure that at the age of 5 a child at least knows one cellphone number of a parent or close family member. Teach them self defense mechanisms to the eyes, nose, groin etc.

Prevention is better than cure

We live in horrible times watch your loved ones

Lastly be upstanding and report to nearest Saps station and get a case no so you can spread the incident on social media for all to see and it cuts out that it is a hoax as it can be verified by Saps.

Primary School in Surrey Estate, Athlone. We aim to make learning fun! It strives to provide much more than just a quality education.

Surrey strives always for excellence in education, but it is no longer merely an institution of learning. Educators have become counsellors, parents and friends. Surrey has become, for most of its learners, not only a school but a home and a haven, with forty or so parents who are trying to see to the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of their children.

Operating as usual

Photos from Surrey Primary School's post 19/07/2023

Good evening Surrey Family.

A warm welcome back to all learners and staff.

Below is our latest Mid2Blue, with some important start of term notices. Kindly read and share with your Surrey Parent Contacts.

Wishing all a successful third term ❤️❤️

Photos from Surrey Primary School's post 22/06/2023

Good morning Surrey Family

We have reached the end of a very busy term.
Below is our end of term Mid2Blue - please make sure to read ALL the notices, as it relates in particular to report collection and dismissal times for tomorrow, school fees and parent meetings.

Kindly share with all your parent contacts.

Wishing our staff, learners and all their families a safe and enjoyable winter break ❤️


18 JULY 2023 – 30 SEPTEMBER 2023*

We are looking for a young female to join our team as part of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) in the Basic Education Sector – Phase IV (4)

To improve the conditions of facilities by maintaining the environment and the physical infrastructure. The General School Assistants (GSA) could assist in the following ways:
- Assessment of the condition of the school
- Compile a Cleaning plan for work to be undertaken
Type of Work to be undertaken
- General cleanliness of school grounds and facilities
- Gardening
- Maintenance of school infrastructure

- Have a valid ID or passport
- Have no criminal record
- Be between the ages of 18-34
- Must live within a 5km radius of the school
- Must not be a recipient of any social grants
- Must have no family members employed at Surrey Primary
- Must not be studying or employed elsewhere
- Must not have worked as an assistant in Phases 1-3
- Must not be participating in other programs/learnerships
 Certificate in trade and knowledge of any infrastructure maintenance jobs will be favourable

To be considered INTERESTED CANDIDATES MAY SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING NO LATER THAN 12h00 Wednesday, 21 June 2023 (Documents can be emailed to [email protected] to meet the application deadline BUT must be submitted in hard copy at the school no later than 10h00 Thursday, 22 June 2023:
- CV
- Certified copy of ID/passport
- Certified copy of Matric certificate and other qualifications (if applicable)
- Two testimonials
- Proof of SARS Registration
- Confirmation of banking details (bank statement)
- Police clearance

Stipend: R4122.25 before UIF and taxes.



Good day All

Parents who have made online applications can now view the outcomes of these applications online.

Log onto your profile through the admissions portal and select track applications.

If you have been successful at the school of your choice, please Confirm online.

If you have been successful at more than one school, please confirm your school of choice and WITHDRAW from the schools you are not selecting (this will make space for another learner).

If you have been successful at Surrey Primary and confirmed your placement online, please print your confirmation document and online application form, and submit in hard copy form with certified copies of your other supporting documents (BC, Parents ID, proof of address, latest report if necessary, 2 ID photos of the learner).

Confirmation must be done by 19 June 2023, but don't wait. Confirm now!

Don’t Wait! Confirm your choice of school today On Monday, 29 May 2023, parents who applied during the on-time admissions period (13 March 2023 – 14 April 2023) will be able to view the outcome of their applications for a place for their child in a school in 2024 on the online admissions system. Schools have been applying their admission polici...


Good day All.

Pop up market happening at Surrey Primary this Saturday. Please pop around and support our local small business ❤️❤️

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Good evening Surrey Family

Our latest Mid2Blue is below. It contains our InterSen phase exam time table and some other important dates and upcoming events.

Please read and share with your Surrey Parent Contacts ❤️❤️


A very big THANK YOU to Ward councillor, Mr Aslam Cassiem for the generous donation of learning and teaching materials for our Grade R class.

Your kindness will have far-reaching benefits for the little persons who are currently enrolled and who will in future pass through our Grade R class.



Good morning Surrey Family

We hope you all are keeping warm on this chilly day.

The Western Cape Blood Service is running a clinic at our school today. If you are able to, please come along and give a donation - one donation can save multiple lives 💛💛


Friday, 12 May 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians

Ascension Day this year falls in next week.

As we do have many families who will be observing this day, we have applied to the WCED for school closure. Our application was successful, and so school will be closed on Thursday, 18 May 2023.

School will resume normally on Friday, 19 May 2023.

Yours in Education,
Surrey Primary School Management Team

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Good day Surrey Family

We hope you are keeping warm on this chilly day.

Below is our M2b for this week.
Lots to share this week! Please read and share 💖💖💖

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Good morning Surrey Family

Below is our latest M2B.

Please read and share with all your Surrey parent contacts.

Thank you, and enjoy the long weekend ❤️❤️


Good Day Parents

We trust this communication finds you well.

Our T2P values for the month of April are Sharing, Caring and Kindness, and the chosen colour for this month is Green.

As has become our custom, we will be having a values driven Civvies day on Wednesday, 26 April. Our learners are encouraged to wear a green item or clothing, and the cost is R10.

To practice the values of the month, we are also asking all learners to bring along something to share with a friend (and here we encourage our learners to get creative - we can share a lot more than food... Your favourite books, poems, music, games, kind words, etc).

We hope to see all our learners participating in the celebrations.


Good Afternoon Surrey Family

We trust you all are keeping warm and dry on this chilly, wet day.

One of our families have relocated to Athlone (Grasmere Street, to be specific) and are urgently looking for transport for 2 little girls, one in Grade 6 and one in Grade 3.

If you know of reliable scholar transport contacts, please share them with us ASAP.
Also please share this post with as many as you can, so we can help this family soon.

Thank you 💖💖


Good morning Surrey Family

The Western Cape Blood Service will be having a clinic tomorrow afternoon at school.
If you are able to, please come by to give a donation, and share with all your contacts.

Thank you!

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Good evening Surrey Family

Welcome back to the second term! We trust all our learners and staff have had a good break and are raring to go.

Below is our start of term M2B.

Just a few important notices, particularly as it relates to school fees, admissions for 2024 and upcoming parent meetings.

Kindly read through all the notices and share with all your Surrey parent contacts.

Wishing everyone a successful 2nd term ❤️❤️


Good afternoon Surrey Family

Next Saturday there will be a pre-eid pop up market happening in our school hall.

Please share with all in the school and Surrey Estate community. And come along to support the vendors.

Entry is free!

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Good morning Surrey Family

Below is our end of term M2B. This was communicated in our class Whatsapp groups yesterday, but kindly circulate to all your Surrey parent contacts.

Some things to note:
1. Reports will be issued to learners tomorrow.
2. The deadline for settlement of all school fees in arrears for 2022 is tomorrow.
3. Applications for exemption of school fees must be submitted by 10am tomorrow.
4. Online admissions for next year (2024) closes on 14 April 2023. A reminder to our Grade 7 parents to please make sure they apply to high schools before the deadline.

To our learners: enjoy your holidays, remember to be kind to everyone around you and be safe. See you in the new term 💖💖💖


Good Afternoon Parents

We trust you all are well.

We have reached the end of a very busy first term. Our teachers are busy with their end of term admin and compiling reports, all in between teaching the last bit of curriculum for the term.

Reports will be issued to learners on Friday, and parent meetings will be scheduled for early in the new term, but more will be communicated in our M2B on Wednesday.

Our dismissal times for this week will be as follows:

Monday - Tuesday: Normal times
Wednesday & Thursday: 13h00 (1pm)
Friday: 11am

Kindly make the necessary adjustments to transport arrangements, and share with your Surrey Parent contacts.

Thank you

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ADMISSIONS 2023/2024

Admissions are officially open as of today.

If you are applying to STATE/PUBLIC schools, all applications must be done online through the WCED Admissions Portal.

Parents must create a profile for themselves and thereafter apply to the schools of their choice.

For those parents who may not be comfortable with working online, the WCED will be hosting enrolment days at different locations across the Western Cape (see images below for details) for the next few weeks.

To increase your chances of being successful at your school of choice, please make sure you apply for your child before the deadline of 14 April 2023.

All the best!


Good morning Surrey Family

We hope you all are keeping warm and well on this chilly Friday morning.

Below is a notice of some activities coming up during the next two weeks. Teachers will also be sharing this in their class Whatsapp groups.

Kindly read and share... And most importantly, support our initiatives.

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend ❤️❤️❤️

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Good evening Surrey Family

Our M2B for this week is a day late (our apologies 🙈🙈) but it contains important information for the forthcoming 2 weeks.

Kindly read through its contents and share with your Surrey parent contacts.

Thank you ❤️❤️


Good morning Surrey Family

We trust you all are in good health and spirits.

The Department of Health will be conducting a nationwide measles vaccination campaign.
This will happen from 6 February until 31 March. However, no date has been confirmed yet for Surrey.

Our learners will bring home a consent form today, which must be completed and returned to school no later than Thursday, 2 March. Even if parents are not consenting to the vaccine and other services, they must indicate as such on the form and still return it to school, completed and signed.

We trust that we can count on your speedy cooperation with this. Kindly forward this notice to all your Surrey parent contacts as well.

Thank you ❤️


Dear Parents/ Guardians

*Valentine's Day symbolizes love, kindness, and friendship, all the positive feelings that every learner should get nourished for in schools.* Making this day special in school will let our learners appreciate the positive vibe in the right way.💓

Surrey is celebrating with a *Valentine's Day civvies* on *Tuesday, 14 February 2023.
Learners are welcome to wear red and white clothing items at a cost of R10 as we celebrate the friendships we have made thus far.

Attire to be modest, appropriate and not revealing.

This message has been shared in the class Whatsapp groups, but as an extra reminder, we are sharing it here as well.

Kindly share with the extended Surrey community ❤️

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Good Afternoon Surrey Family

Below is our M2B for this week.

Kindly read and share with all your parent contacts.

Thank you 💖💖



Good Morning Surrey Family

Below is the information for one of our parents who has recently started a scholar transport service.

Mr Ilyaas Alexander
062 528 3243
Areas: Surrey Estate, Newfields, Hanover Park, Primrose Park, Manenberg

PLEASE NOTE: Mr Alexander offers this service for boys only.

Kindly share this information with parents who may be looking for transport.
Thank you ❤️

Photos from Surrey Primary School's post 03/02/2023

Our values for the month of February are "Vision and Focus" and this year we are going to look into exciting ways to incorporate our T2P values into the school day/week. An opportunity presented itself to kick this month off with our senior learners.

With the amount of access our children have to the Internet and the "influencer culture" that has become normal, a valid concern for many parents is the kinds of role models they are exposed to.

The best kind of role model is someone you can relate to on a real level, and we were fortunate to be able to introduce our children to such a person.

On Thursday afternoon, our Grade 7 learners had the pleasure of engaging with Doctor Randall Ortel
For those unfamiliar with his story, he is a born and bred son of Manenberg who went from "Taxi driver to Doctor".

It took a few minutes for our learners to open up, but the more they heard of his story and his life, the more they started to engage and ask very real questions... And by the end of the session, they did not want Dr Ortel to leave.

Our hope was that seeing one of their own reach such levels of success would inspire and motivate our seniors... And would show them that so much is possible with sensible choices, the right attitude and hard work.

Photos from Surrey Primary School's post 03/02/2023

Happy Friday Surrey Family!

It has been a busy week - with our first parent meeting of the year on Wednesday, a special visit on Thursday (more about this in the next post) and some fun activities today.

We ended off the week celebrating World Read Aloud Day by asking our learners to come dressed as their favourite book character, and as usual, our learners did not disappoint and came with some amazing get ups 😁

A big thank you to Mr Isaacs for organising some of our senior learners to go around to the classrooms for story time.

Enjoy the images below, be safe and have a wonderful weekend!

Photos from Surrey Primary School's post 30/01/2023

Good evening Surrey Family...

Just a reminder to our parents of our school meeting this coming Wednesday evening. Times are reflected in the M2B below.

The following documents were sent home last week and must be returned to school before the meeting on Wednesday:

1. Contact information forms (white and pink)
2. Health form
3. LTSM contract
4. Acknowledgement of receipt of the updated code of conduct. If you have not received this yet, please send the Bursar an email and she will forward it to you electronically.

Kindly note: our Bursar will be available for cash payments, and to assist parents with any financial matters (kindly stick to the times as allocated in the M2B).



Good Morning!

Surrey Primary is seeking employ an intermediate phase educator.

Details on the image below.

Kindly share with suitable, interested candidates.

Thank you 💖

Photos from Surrey Primary School's post 25/01/2023

Good day Surrey Family

Below is our very first Mid2Blue for 2023.

It contains some important info, specifically regarding some activities for the next week and a half, as well as important information on school fees.

Kindly read, and share with all your Surrey Parent contacts.

Thank you 💖💖

Photos from Surrey Primary School's post 24/01/2023


Good Morning!

We are looking for young individuals to join our team. Kindly share the advertisements below to suitable candidates who may be interested.

Thank you!


Good Afternoon Surrey Family

We trust you all are well!

Below are our normal Dismissal times and procedures for this year. Kindly share with as many of your Surrey parent contacts as possible.

Thank you!


Good evening Surrey Family 😁😁

Welcome to the 2023 school year.

Below is our first notice which contains some important information regarding the logistics for this week.

Please make sure to read and share with all your Surrey parent contacts.

We look forward to seeing our learners tomorrow ❤️❤️

Timeline photos 04/12/2022

Good afternoon Surrey Family

The blood clinic will be at Surrey Primary tomorrow afternoon from 15h30 to 19h15

Please come around. Every donation can save up to 3 lives.

Please share with your contacts ❤️❤️❤️

Donating blood saves so many lives, thank you to our donors who keep donating blood.


Good morning Surrey Family

We trust you all are well 🤗🤗

Below are some teaching vacancies that have opened up for next year.

Requirements for application is on the image below and the closing date for submission of CVs is Tuesday, 29 November.

Kindly share with suitably qualified teachers who are seeking employment and may wish to apply.

Thank you ❤️

Photos from Surrey Primary School's post 18/11/2022

Good day Surrey Family

Our M2B is a little bit late this week due to some emergency messages we needed to include.

Kindly read and share with all your Surrey Parent Contacts


Good Morning Surrey Family

We trust you all are well!

Just some reminders...

1. We have 50% of our current school fees still outstanding, as well as school fees in arrears for 2021. We would like to urge our parents to please settle their school fees ASAP.

2. Boerewors sales is next Wednesday, 16 November. Kindly make sure that orders are placed with your child's class teacher and monies are forwarded by no later than Monday, 14 November (no orders will be considered after that).

3. The assessment time table for Grades 4-7 was shared in our previous M2B - make sure our kids are familiar with it so that they can prepare accordingly.

Kindly share this post with all your Surrey parent contacts and have a blessed and wonderful day further 😁🧡❤️

Photos from Surrey Primary School's post 02/11/2022

Good morning Surrey Family

We trust you all are well.

Below is our latest M2B...

Kindly make sure to read and share, as it contains our exam time table for Grades 4 to 7, and our fundraising details for the remainder of the term.

Please share with your Surrey parent contacts 🙏🏼

Thank you ❤️



Good Morning everyone

For any persons interested, Ms Asavela Vutula and her colleagues will be at Heideveld PS today, Friday the 14th October 2022 from 10:00 – 13:00 to assist anyone who wants to apply for the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative Program for Phase 4.

The online applications for Phase 4 are closing on the 16th October 2022 (this coming Sunday). Please note: this is only for persons aged 18-34 who are not employed or registered for any course of study.

Kindly share with all interested parties.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Cape Town?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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