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[01/08/21]   As we start 2021, do not forget the importance of having cash on hand. Make an emergency fund your goal for 2021. 2020 taught us to prepare for the unexpected.

[07/18/18]   Retweeted Fairtree Capital (@FairtreeCapital):

"There can be no greater gift than that of the giving of one's time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return" - @NelsonMandela

[07/01/18]   With six months behind us it is a good time to revisit our #savingsplan we set for 2018. If we come short,there is still time to make up if we reduce our spending on the WANTS. Stay focus, the sacrifice is worth it,be #Moneysmart #MoneyInTheBank @FNBSA @Absa @FairtreeCapital

[06/23/18]   A BIG thank you to @RheinmetallAG Laingsdale for their generous donation. This will assist us in our campaign in making Learners #Moneysmart and in distributing more money boxes. @FNBSA @Nedbank @Absa @CapitecBankSA @StandardBankZA

[06/21/18]   Thank you to @FreddyHirsch for their generous donation.This will assist us in making more learners AWARE of the importance of #saving from a young age. @AllanGrayOrbis @FairtreeCapital @SASIsavings @asisa_za @OldMutualSA @SanlamInvest

[03/08/18]   Retweeted MoneySmartTeam (@MoneySmartTeam):

Smart Tip: Break your savings goals into smaller targets so you can see how much progress you're making to your overall goal!

[03/08/18]   Retweeted MoneySmartTeam (@MoneySmartTeam):

Building an emergency fund provides peace of mind if you ever need money in a hurry #IWD2018 #PressforProgress

[03/01/18]   With January and February behind us, it is now the perfect time to review our finances. If you could not #save due to other commitments, start #moneysmart.

[01/18/18]   If you find it difficult to #save, start by eliminating one luxury at a time and place the money you would have spent in a #money jar. You will quickly realize 1. That you do not need the luxury and 2. How much you have saved.


The beginning of a year is normally the time we plan for the year ahead. Do not forget to start a #savings WILL reap the benefits at the end of the year. @FNBSA @CapitecBankSA @Nedbank @StandardBankZA @Absa

[12/09/17]   When faced with a major decision/choice,ask yourself which outcome will you regret the most. Start #saving today. #bemoneysmart #invest

[11/25/17]   Thank you for a generous donation from @RheinmetallAG. Our work to educate individuals on being @moneysmart is making a BIG difference in the lives of the marginalized. There is so much to do, all contributions are [email protected] @FairtreeCapital @FNBSA @CapitecBankSA

[11/21/17]   #bemoneysmart and PLAN your spend this festive season....#save

[11/17/17]   Retweeted Law of Attraction (@loa_thesecret):

The fastest way to attract anything is to give it. So if you want money, give it. It doesn’t matter how much or to whom, just give. #Give

[11/17/17]   Retweeted Law of Attraction (@loa_thesecret):

Life's too short to waste a single second with anyone who doesn't appreciate and value you. 11/11/2017

Grow4Future on Twitter

Another successful presentation in Woodlands Mitchell’s Plain on being Money Smart @sygnia @SanlamInvest @FNBSA @FairtreeCapital @OldMutualSA @investecam_sa @Nedbank “Another successful presentation in Woodlands Mitchell’s Plain on being Money Smart @sygnia @SanlamInvest @FNBSA @FairtreeCapital @OldMutualSA @investecam_sa @Nedbank” 31/10/2017

SA Savings Institute on Twitter

Retweeted SA Savings Institute (@SASIsavings):

Today is World Savings Day. How have your savings grown in 2017? #celebratesavers “Today is World Savings Day. How have your savings grown in 2017? #celebratesavers”

[10/31/17]   Retweeted EvryDayIsSungyeonDay (@PassionateTM):

Its now Halloween day, dont forget that its also World Savings Day so go to the bank and deposit into a savings account. Save for the future

[10/20/17]   #parents thinking of Christmas gifts? A good gift for your children is to open a savings/investment account. #savings #bemoneysmart

[10/03/17]   If u want 2 b successful in life u have to make sacrifices.The same principle applies when u want to be FINANCIALLY successful

[09/29/17]   A BIG thank you to @sygnia for their generous donation towards educating individuals to become Money Smart
@asisa_za @FairtreeCapital

[07/30/17]   Never b 2 comfortable with ur current financial position, b prepared 4 adversity,try 2 increase ur savings regularly #celebratesavers #money 29/07/2017

The Money Matters Daily

Retweeted Money Matters (@MoneyMatters):

The latest The Money Matters Daily! Thanks to @ApathyEnds @trufinancial @SingletaryM #earnings A selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos recommended by Money Matters

[07/27/17]   Retweeted SA Savings Institute (@SASIsavings):

More financial behaviour change needed. Incentives for good financial behaviour. fInancial life coach...CFP? @FPI_SANews #savingsmonth

[07/27/17]   Retweeted SA Savings Institute (@SASIsavings):

More financial behaviour change needed. Incentives for good financial behaviour. fInancial life coach...CFP? @FPI_SANews #savingsmonth

[07/27/17]   Retweeted Gerald Mwandiambira (@mrgeezo):

Do unplanned expense force to borrow? Do u miss accnt payments?Do u borrow for transport and food? U R DISTRESSED @Momentum_za @FPI_SANews

[07/20/17]   #celebratesavers #money #savings. it is important to have a savings plan,to constantly monitor it to ensure it keeps pace with your goals. 16/07/2017

How to see past your own perspective and find truth

Retweeted TED Talks (@TEDTalks):

In the age of information, do we know more but understand less? The more we read and watch online, the harder it becomes to tell the difference between what's real and what's fake. It's as if we know more but understand less, says philosopher Michael Patrick Lynch. In this talk, he dares us to take active steps to burst our filter bubbles and participate in the… 16/07/2017

3 Simple Steps To Take To Change Your Financial Life

Retweeted Money Matters (@MoneyMatters):

3 Simple Steps To Take To Change Your Financial Life Consider making these small changes in your financial life to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

[07/11/17]   Retweeted Nobuntu (@NobuntuGroup):

Saving together makes it easier! See why stokvels and other community savings clubs work @SASIsavings 11/07/2017

July is National Savings Month so make sure you look after your money by following these tips | Northern KZN Courier

Retweeted African Bank (@AfricanBank):

Sacrificing a few luxuries now will yield fruitful benefits in the future #NationalSavingsMonth . Financial independence is all about being in control of your money and not allowing money to manage you

[07/10/17]   #celebratesavers #parents #save our economy is shrinking and shedding jobs daily. It is therefore important to save for the unexpected.

[07/07/17]   #celebratesavers #parents do not think that ur child is 2 young 4 #moneysmart #savings discussions,u will be surprised by their knowledge

[07/07/17]   #celebratesavers as #parents we have the responsibility to teach our children the importance of being #moneysmart


#celebratesavers let us join @SASIsavings campaign and start our savings journey #bemoneysmart





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