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Auf der Suche nach einer neuen Karriere Chance? Werde Team Member der globalen Familie der Equine Professionals als Pferde-Ergonom oder Sattel Ergonom. Wir sind ein weltweites Netzwerk von Pferde Fachleuten deren Fachgebiet Anatomy, Biomechanik im Zusammenhang mit Sattelanpassung ist. Lass dich nach den höchsten Standards und den neuesten Erkenntnissen ausbilden um Pferde und Reiter vor Langzeitschäden zu schützen.
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The global network of equine professionals dedicated to protecting horse and rider from long-term back damage caused by poorly fitting saddles.

Saddlefit 4 Life® is a global network of professionals dedicated to protecting horse and rider from long-term back damage caused by ill- fitting saddles and tack. We strive to improve the health and well-being of horses and riders through saddle fitting education, comprehensive saddle fit diagnostic analyses and by providing opportunities for ongoing professional development and training courses.

[12/31/19]   We wish everybody a great 2020. This site will be shut down regarding to have just one saddlefit4life site for central information. Please go in future to Saddlefit4life and follow this site to get all information . Thank you to all supporters from this site in the past 🙂 17/09/2019

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Saddlefit 4 Life ®


Saddlefit 4 Life ®

"Bring your leg back!!"

Whether you're a rider or coach, you've probably heard this being yelled across a riding ring (or have been the one yelling it).

But, did you know that this 'leg-forward'/chair seat phenomenon is not caused by lack of skill or poor posture on behalf of the rider?

Chair seat, leg forward are symptoms of a poor saddle fit to the rider. With a huge majority of saddles manufactured today designed for males, it's no wonder that when women sit in them, they simply cannot achieve alignment.

Imagine sitting on a rooftop - as a male, you're able to shift your bits left or right to prevent them from getting squished. A woman, however, cannot. So why, with such a huge demographic of female riders are saddles still being made with the wide twist, narrow seat, narrow seam and "rooftop" foaming?

No woman wants to ride around on a saddle that presses against the p***c symphysis or provides no support for her seat bones due to the seat being too narrow (which is ideal for men). So, in order for women to get comfortable in a male saddle she much shift backwards to:
A. Alleviate pressure on the sensitive groin region
B. Seek a wider part of the seat that will be able to support her seat bones which are wider than those of a male.
C. Seek out a wider seam area so as to not have it dig into the ischial tuberosity (underwear line).
D. Allow her to sit on her actual seat bones and not on the sensitive region of the crotch.

However, this shifting back causes numerous other issues such as:
1. Leg pulled forward by the stirrup bar (most of which are too short for women).
2. Chair position which places excess pressure on the lumbar region of the horse.
3. Inability to have a pliable seat as the shoulder-hips-heel alignment is missing.

One way some women try to cope is the roll the pelvis backwards, but this can have devastating effects on the rider. Many studies show that the physiological damage to a rider from being so out of alignment is quite substantial.
A. Slipped discs or herniated discs
B. Urinary tract infections
C. Kidney infections
D. Hip pain
E. Knee pain
F. Slouched position
While the shoulder-hip-heel alignment may be achieved, the riders back is no longer relaxed and they are contorted in a way that again prevents a pliable seat.

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Schleese Saddlery Service

A few years ago a female colleague told me when she had completed a series of introductory dressage lessons, she felt she was just not meant for riding. She said it was just too difficult (and painful!). She couldn’t do what the instructor was asking, and had to concentrate so hard just to hold it all together – knees in, toes forward, shoulder hips heels in alignment, soft hands. It hurt. And it was impossible to stay in proper position.

I knew without even seeing her ride, that she was riding in a male saddle. How many women share this frustration especially if a male coach suggests they are being lazy, not strong enough or not working hard enough? That they need to do some fitness exercise to be able to ride properly?

Watch for the telltale signs you’re riding in a saddle made for a man, in this ‘2 Minute How To’ video featured in 2010 on Bay Area Equestrian Network. The video clearly shows the challenges and subsequent improvements riding in a gender correct saddle.


Saddlefit 4 Life ®

WHY?? Why pick a Saddlefit 4 Life Certified Equine or Saddle Ergonomist??

We believe in respecting the anatomy and biomechanics of both horse and rider to allow two spines to align and work in harmony.

Our mission is to protect the horse AND rider from long term damage caused by ill-fitting saddles, and we do it through education and a comprehensive evaluation of both bodies, static and in motion.

Each CEE and CSE has dedicated their life to being a voice for the horse and stand, unwavering in their conviction to evidence-based fitting.

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Wither Clearance - Schleese

Misunderstanding in this point ? Educate yourself here: it s worth it ! Is your horse reluctant to move forward? Are mysterious white hairs, strange bumps or soars appearing around the wither? Although you may have the required 2-3 fingers wither clearance, you may not have enough clearance on all sides, which is vital! Watch this informative video for some saddle fit t...




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