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Hi are ur classis only held inBothasig?
Attending Elocution/Accent Reduction Course was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Being a teacher by profession,I was not satisfied with my accent. I had fear of public speaking and lack of confidence and i felt it was holding me back. I thank Barbara for being tremendously good and has made lessons very interesting. My accent has softened so much that even my learners have noticed.Thank Barbara.From Lindi
Hi. I would like to have more info and prices plz.

My specialization lies in offering you high quality, custom designed courses to meet your Communicat My specialization lies in offering you high quality, custom designed courses to meet your needs.

Many of my clients don’t have years to study; they only have a few weeks or 3 months to develop their skills under the umbrella of Speech, Acting, Personal Development and Corporate Workshops. I can help you achieve your goal! I am a specialist in elocution and speech therapy. My speech therapy sessions can correct any speech impediment and/or help recover vocal communication abilities as in the c

Operating as usual

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Cut all toxic people & situations out of your life, focus on you, because everything in this life comes from you!

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True unconditional love is: patient, kind, truthful, gentle, consistent, trusts, hope's, perseveres and never fails.

Fake temporary love is: envious, unkind, toxic, sporadic, prideful, boasts, dishonors, self-serving, laced in lies & deceit and quick to anger.

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You are rare, unique & a one of a kind. Never be less than what you are to make other people accept you. The right people will love and accept you, the wrong people will simply just disappear.

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We owe ourselves to be the best we can be every day. We should not settle for what we know in our heart & mind we don't deserve.

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With forgiveness comes healing and power.

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You are enough just the way you are!
You are beautiful and handsome just the way you are. Accept yourself.

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When you focus on yourself you can do more for people.

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After all the chaos there will come a time of peace...wait for that moment.

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People change daily, because if we didn't we would never achieve anything, sometimes the positive change needs to be balanced out with the negative. Don't overanalyze.

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Always care, share and love one another. That is the key to self development & reaching your goals = personal success on all levels.

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Every thought you think can make or break you. There is power in thought, which becomes actions and which effects your outcomes.

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People who are meant to be in your life will come & stay. Situations meant for your grow & development will happen. Remember dont chase anyone or anything, when the time is right ot will happen.

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We have all been there. Always go back to yourself, the norm and begin again. Dont trust everyone. Trust yourself first.

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Treasure sensitive people who come into your life, they come to teach you lessons so deep in order for you to reach your destiny, success and fulfill your purpose.

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What you do today impacts tomorrow.

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To truly believe in your self you have to trust yourself 100%. Let go of the guilt, forgive yourself, love yourself again and start believing you can accomplish anything you set your mind too. It all starts with you!

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The higher you consciousness the less people surround you. The less the people and more alone you become, you cultivate a power so great very few people will be able to thwart your success.

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Never follow the disfunctive crowd, be authentic, unique, different in everything you do. Be a niche in a world of trends.

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There are certain characteristics that make you who you are. These four assist in reaching your purpose and success.

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Communication is key, but more so honesty in communication. Speak the truth.

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Hardships make us who we are.

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In order to grow, develop, learn lessons and reach our purpose which leads to our success, we have to experience hardships on every level. As long as we get up we will always WIN!

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We sometimes take for granted how priveledged we are. So for today be excited about everything.

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If you know who you are, what you stand for, you will never seek validation. Weak, insecure individuals seek validation.

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Say this alphabet daily out loud, and watch how your life will change.

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Peoples actions speak louder than words.

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Stop making excuses. Whatever it is you want to do, do it today, don't wait another day, not even another moment. Start now!

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Our Story

Biebie Productions specialization lies in offering YOU high quality, custom designed training courses to meet all your communication needs under the umbrella of Speech, Personal Development, Corporate Workshops and Acting.

We work with clients from all industry levels within the corporate and private sector, thus providing the flexibility for training to be done in-house, in groups and/or on a one-to-one basis.

Biebie Productions facilitator: Barbara Barbieri, is passionate, highly skilled and experienced to help you achieve your goals. We pride ourselves in using innovative, effective practical methods and techniques that will change your life forever.

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120 Vryburger Avenue,
Cape Town

Opening Hours

Monday 14:00 - 19:00
Tuesday 14:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 19:00
Thursday 14:00 - 19:00
Friday 10:00 - 19:00
Saturday 10:00 - 17:00

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