Learning Kat Remedial Teaching

Learning Kat Remedial Teaching


I'm putting this on here, do everyone can see and appreciate. During this uncertain time and things really.going haywire; my saving grace has been you Kat. For turning your life.upside down in order for our kids to still get learning while being at home. I have said this to many people who have asked how my daughter's doing: I feel so lucky that she is in the school she is, because the support and guidance is top shelf and het stress level are minute to what it would've been were we in any other school. So, just a great big appreciative shout out to a great teacher and human being 💙💙💙💙
TRUGS reading games to improve your child's reading skills and confidence. The games are engaging, quick, fun and stress free. They can be used at home or at school.
Synthetic phonics reading resource
Approximate reading age 5 - 15 +
15 reading stages
Multi-sensory - visual/auditory/kinaesthetic
Good Morning. We are a Afrikaans speaking family based in Pretoria East, Silver Lakes. We would like to appoint a remedial teacher or someone who has experience in this field. We are looking for someone who is willing to work with our two children for at least 10 to 15 hours a week. Age 7 years and 9 years. The hours will be Mondays to Thursdays from 17:30 to 19:30, Tuesdays from 13:30 to 16:00 and then two Saturdays a month from 08:00 to 13:00. Hourly rate will be R70 per hour. Please contact Lurika Schubert at 0798780608 or Chante Lombard at 0728695695

I aim to provide quality education for children who learn differently Courses are geared towards teens and adults with a wide range of complex special needs.

Learning Kat Remedial Teaching offers a range of specialist courses from UK Based curriculum provider, ASDAN. The focus is on maintaining dignity, empowering the learner and teaching independent and vocational skills suitable for the individual student's needs. Programs are individualized and are built around each learner's profile. Lessons are in person or via a distance learning option. All courses are moderated in the UK.

Operating as usual


And tomorrow we start another exciting school year!

This year we've added a few new short courses to our program!


Welcome everyone to 2023!

We have loads of exciting projects planned for our students this year:
From bee keeping to beauty, manufacturing, Expressive Arts, yoga and learning all about horse anatomy......

So keep an eye out once lessons start to see what we're up to.....


Others have determined that the needs of disabled people are “special needs”. Disabled people know that access, accommodation, equity and justice are human needs

IMAGE: Colour picture of Table Mountain with heavy clouds behind the mountain and trees in the foreground (possibly taken from Devils Peak side)

Text: Disability Rights Awareness Month (DRAM 2022)
“Empowering Persons with Disabilities through Resourceful, Sustainable and Safe Environments”

Certificate ceremony - Southern Suburbs Tatler 08/12/2022

Certificate ceremony - Southern Suburbs Tatler

Our little prize giving made the local paper....

Certificate ceremony - Southern Suburbs Tatler Councillor Katherine Christie, left and the founder of the Learning Kat School, Kath Kenyon, speaking to pupils and parents. The Learning Kat School in Claremont, which caters for teens and adults with complex special needs, held a ceremony last Friday at a coffee shop where ward councillor Katherin...

Photos from Inspiring Innovative Minds Academy's post 28/11/2022

Some of my distance students working on independent living skills!

Just another WordPress site 28/11/2022

Just another WordPress site

One of my students has been working on the Computing vocational taster short course.

I've commissioned him to upgrade the school website and to move it to a new domain.

This is the result and I am super impressed.

Just another WordPress site We now offer the following ASDAN courses:Life Skills ChallengesInternational Award ProgrammeKey StepsTowards IndependenceNew HorizonsVarious short courses 


You know your kids have done well when there are too many certificates to make a circle!


Feedback on my day

I know many of us gripe about government and how things just are not working.

So here is a good news story of my first hands on experience with top level government:

Spent my morning in the Parliamentary Portfolio comittee on Basic Education where our delegation spoke about the various models of alternative and hybrid education that we use.

This is part of discussion around a new Basic Education Legislation Amendment Bill that's been on the table recently and which could use a major revamp.

It was an exciting and intense morning with some very positive responses.

What made the whole process really helpful was the banter between comittee members from a really diverse range of political groups. The whole vibe was one of comraderie and a genuine sense that this is a team working to solve a very complex set of issues.

Everyone was there to listen, learn and discuss. The questions posed to each delegation were by no means easy. But they were thorough and you could see all our points were being taken seriously.

We've given food for thought and felt heard.

Photos from Learning Kat Remedial Teaching's post 22/11/2022

Sitting in the Parliamentary Portfolio comittee on Basic Education meeting to discuss the proposals (or lack thereof) of appropriate education for special needs learners.


Give Back this Festive Season and join the fun at a

Nosh for Josh will be raising awareness for Autism and various disabilities by hosting its first ever Christmas Cookie Bake Off!

Come ready to bring your Festive Cheer!

1 bunch of friends
1 cup of laughter
1 large bag of fun
1 pinch of excitement
1 touch of Christmas sprinkles

Come ready to mix together
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Time slots:
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All cookies decorated on the day will be donated to the beneficiaries

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Got old cutlery you don't use? Why not upcycle it to a wind chime?


Just had confirmation from ASDAN .

They were impressed with my latest submission of portfolios.

This means that, over this year alone, my students have earned the following between them:

3 International Award Gold
1 International Award Silver
1 International Award Bronze
5 Animal Care short course
4 Gardening short course
5 Living Independently short course
3 Environmental short course
4 Science Short Course
7 Key Steps
3 Lifeskills Challenges
5 Towards Independence
1 New Horizons Gold

That's 42 certificates in total! Not bad for my group of 15 amazing students!


Didn't like any of the fidget rules or expectations I found online so I made my own 🤷🏼‍♀️ Some of my least favorite and most perplexing rules that I saw while searching, and how I would replace them:

"Look at the teacher, not at the fidget."--> Look wherever you need to remain engaged in the lesson.

"Using a fidget is a privledge." -->Using tools to support your learning is a right.

"Fidgets should not make noise." -->Fidgets should be quiet enough that they do not prevent others from learning.

"Before you use a fidget, ask yourself if you *really* need it." -->All students can decide what tools are helpful for them through exploration and self-reflection.

"Do not let others notice the fidget."-->If your peers ask about your fidget, remind them that they can get one from the classroom tools table, too!

What would you add to create respectful, affirming expectations around the use of fidgets?

Edit/update: Wow, did not expect this to get so much attention. I didn't love the "rules" I came up with, so I am SO grateful for all the amazing people providing feedback. While I think guidelines are important for safety and access to learning, I also in no way want to prevent or limit students' attempts at regulating. Also for clarity on two things:
1. Students should always have free access to breaks. If a fidget isn't cutting it and/or isn't being used safely, it's possible that a break is needed.
2. This was designed for a single student who needed more explicit rules. I don't recommend taking this and using it for all students without collaborating and problem-solving with them around how they will use this tool.

[ID: A piece of paper sits on a desk surrounded by a variety of fidgets. The paper is labeled "Fidget Rules" and lists the following rules with visual supports: "I can choose one fidget to use at a time," "The fidget stays in my hands, on my desk, in my lap, or on the floor beside me," "My ears are still listening while using a fidget," "I follow teacher directions amd classroom expectations while using a fidget," "If I can't complete and assignment while using a fidget, I will put it down so I can work."]


I still have a few spaces open for next year for both in person and distance learners.

Programs are tailored to suit individual students. The number of courses per student will vary according to their needs.

There are courses suitable for a wide range of abilities, with assessment strategies geared to showing what students CAN do.

Photos from Learning Kat Remedial Teaching's post 02/11/2022

A few of our craft activities.....

Photos from Learning Kat Remedial Teaching's post 02/11/2022

One very proud teacher with my oldest students. This celebration was our way of marking their incredible achievements over the years.

Thank you to all of you for allowing me to accompany you on your journey. You have all achieved such incredible things and I am the proudest of teachers!


Our latest quarterly Newsletter has been published.

If you want to receive a copy and would like to be placed on our Newsletter mailing list, send us an e-mail with "add to Newsletter mailing list" in the subject line to e-mail: [email protected]


Moderation, moderation, moderation...... I am so proud of my students.... but boy have they done A LOT this year. And moderating it all is exhausting as I ensure that ASDAN standards are met and exceeded.
Between the 15 I've had this year we're looking at certificates for:
3 International Award Gold
1 International Award Silver
1 International Award Bronze
4 Animal Care short course
4 Gardening short course
5 Living Independently short course
3 Environmental short course
4 Science Short Course
6 Key Steps
3 Lifeskills Challenges
5 Towards Independence
1 New Horizons Gold

That's 40 certificates achieved! That's 40 portfolios moderated.....

Going through the tasks this week and seeing the very long lists of activities fir each course and then seeing the multiple pages of work they've done for each activity just reminds me how amazing these kids are.

Met a pig and some chickens
Run a small business
Run market stalls
Set up a plant nursery
Handled earthworms
Done animal first aid
Participated in interview skills training
Done work experience
Played music
Done lots of artwork
Learned about going shopping
Learned about money
Learned basic banking skills
Learned about recycling, energy saving and looking after the environment
Learned some farrier skills
Helped look after horses
Written children's stories and created books of our own
Met an author
Met a wild animal keeper
Met a bee keeper
Done conservation projects
Been to Kirstenbosch
Run the home
Made healthy snacks
Learned about other countries
Learned about animal rights and animal behavior and so much more....


Nancy did a talk with the Gold Award students when they were creating their own children's stories

We're launching our good friend, Nancy Gaylard's book at ILC, and you're invited!

Bring your kids along for a fun-filled family event on 22 October from 12:30.

Space is limited so book your tickets via Quicket - https://bit.ly/3RZBpcC - for this FREE event today!

Photos from Suffering the Silence's post 21/09/2022

Photos from Suffering the Silence's post

Photos from Learning Kat Remedial Teaching's post 15/09/2022

Today's Animal Care lesson involved visiting a local Pig.

We learned a great deal from Rupert and his owner!

Photos from Learning Kat Remedial Teaching's post 15/09/2022

Today we visited Rupert the Pig to learn about keeping pigs. It was a very informative visit and he is a charming fellow!

The Life of Rupert Pig

Photos from Spectrum's post 14/09/2022

Photos from Spectrum's post

Photos from Learning Kat Remedial Teaching's post 14/09/2022

As part of our Animal Care short course, we're learning about the laws around keeping farm animals.
Today we visited an urban chicken coop and learned about the laws around keeping chickens in a residential area.
We were treated to some freshly laid eggs too!


I know I assess differently to other teachers. I don't give marks or grades. I give comments. Even on reports new parents will see no marks, percentages or grades.

Below is why:

This student did grasp the concept. Albeit with some help.

But all this student will see is 4/8 in red. Nothing else.

As far as he's concerned, this wasn't good enough.

Assessment like this leaves kids feeling inadequate and demotivated.

With so many of my students having already been battered by the system, I cannot do more harm.

So I don't give marks.

I focus on what they do achieve and guide where support is needed.

Trying to boost them.

And that is why we have a huge pile of certificates to hand out at the end of the year. And EVERY child who is currently with me will get something. Not as a token. But because they have earned it.
Some of the older kids will have completed 5, 6 or even 7 courses this year. Others will achieve one. But each student is working incredibly hard and deserves recognition for this.


So this pile is just what my students have achieved do far this year!
There are still many more certificates that will be issued later on too!


Just some of what we're selling at this super market!

Photos from Learning Kat Remedial Teaching's post 09/09/2022

It's been a busy week with our grass heads, shopping, worms and getting ready for our market next week!


My students recently had to either write an article or create a vlog post about our outing to Kirstenbosch.

This was the only vlig created but I am super impressed!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Cape Town?

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Videos (show all)

My students recently had to either write an article or create a vlog post about our outing to Kirstenbosch. This was the...
One of the fundamental principles of the ASDAN  programmes that I run is to find ways of showing that the student is abl...
We had fun learning about the phases of the moon by making stop motion clips
Learning about genetics by extracting DNA from strawberries....
More rocket experiments.....
Learning about pulleys, wheels and axels.... we made a windlass....
We've made solar system mobiles as part of our unit on space....
We saw a laser cutting machine in action today
Learning about other countries
Making a troll dance as we learn about magnetism.....
Examining two versions of the traditional volcano project. One with just vinegar and bicarb. The other with a teaspoon o...





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