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I need ISew Sewing Studio back in my life to grow this skill, it really helped in lockdown. Thank you Mascha
Anyone looking for an Elna Press?
Last class for our beginners course with Isew with Mascha 😫 thank you for an amazing experience, beautiful friendships have come out of this and I've learned another skill. Thank you ladies ❤️
Looking very forward to our first lesson on Thursday!
Hi Mascha

Please send me details re yr sewing lessons. Thank you.
[email protected] or 0828808313
Wow! So inspiring!
My final product, 'Megans Maxi Skirt'. Thanks Mascha. :)
I am thrilled with the things I'm able to do with the skills that I've learned from you on our sewing journey Mascha. You are an incredible teacher. The course with you reminds me of the difference between giving someone a fish and teaching someone to fish. And such fun. Tonight I made this yoga mat bag fur my daughter with these sewing skills and passed some new skills on to her in the process!
Hi Mascha,

I would like to find out more about your sewing classes.
Thank you

I am Mascha, proud mother of three gorgeous children, and passionate about sewing! I translate my pa

Operating as usual


This is who I owe some of my success to! The amazing Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design

We are grateful once again to Ackermans as an industry partner for their input in the professional development of our students.

Today our third year students are visiting Ackermans and getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes view of what their futures in fashion retail could look like.

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 07/09/2022

Sew this happened! Feeling a little proud ☺️

Thank you MEA Markets Magazine!


“Look what I did mommy. I did all the colours 🌈 “


Look at this amazing workshop the Little Art Studio is hosting! Only a few spaces left so book soon!


Taking the sewing outside today! I am so blessed to live in a house with a big, beautiful ‘stoep’ that I spend so little time on that today I just dragged everything outside! To those of you who are scrolling instead of sewing, I encourage you to drag out the sewing machine, fabric, scissors, pins, thread and pattern… 😘

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 18/02/2022

Having fun making gifts for a special birthday girl! This is for Mylo’s school friend and he is so excited to give it to her! I couldn’t help include the dirty feet and Max as they both decided to be part of the picture (not to mention the feet walked ON the skirt 😱)
The under layer has big shapes on that I stitched with a single star to just keep them in place but still allow movement… (the mom is an OT so hopefully will enjoy the shapes 😉) Such fun! 💞

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 14/02/2022

I have had this small piece of heart fabric for ages! Left over from a skirt that I made for a special friend… Every year I say I must make something for Valentine’s Day and this year is the year! Had to squeeze it out, the joins are in the back and facing 😬 Giving everyone hope that some day will be the right day to sew that fabric which is currently sitting in the cupboard 😉

The earrings I made years ago. Made from real felt and I crocheted the ‘chain’ from topstitching thread…

A Happy Valentine’s Day to all humans. Spreading the love the world needs so much. Let’s love without limits, with understanding, with gratitude and full heartedly! ❤️🌹🎈

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 14/11/2021

Some Christmas cheer for the entrance to the sewing room! A reminder to sew Christmas presents soon!

I made the wreath from scraps, only took me two years to complete 🙄😂 The gold skirt used to have a tulle underlay to p**f it out a bit but I can’t find it! It was fun for those once in a life time dress up parties that don’t seem to exist any more!

Happy Christmas present sewing!

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 20/07/2021

Playing with off cuts to make an oversized Hoodie to hide in on these cold days! Was so much fun but obviously takes long to cut out with trying to fit everything in! I used the men’s XXL pattern so ensure bigness… it’s super cosy! Embracing loungewear! Check Mylo out, working on my machine 🙈😆

Fabric from the amazing

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 26/06/2021

Park time with my little man who can say ‘park’! Dressed all in home made (mom too) And the cute hat my amazing sister made him! Love all around 😎🧡

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 14/02/2021

Made ‘joggers’ although they are not for running in! Used my track pants pattern and adjusted it slightly because these are made from viscous! Added some colour for fun. And look at my helpers 💞 Fabric from of course 😆

Moonlight Lingerie on Google 20/10/2020

Moonlight Lingerie on Google

So sad to see this lovely place closing! And if you love lingerie fabric then go check out the sale.

Moonlight Lingerie on Google CLOSING UP S-A-L-E All Fabrics R18 per meter Open only on Saturdays between 10am - 3pm By appointment contact Erica 061-4108309



We need to clarify some things so please read this message very carefully so we’re on the same page 📄

1. We have loads of extra space in-store! Come browse our spacious aisles with nothing getting in your way - not even your budget; we have extended Bargain Street, too! 🥳

2. We DO NOT CLOSE FOR LUNCH - our hours are listed above and we are there from open until closing time to serve you

3. We HAVE NOT MOVED - we are still up the same staircase we’ve been up for more than 20 years, we just have significantly more space on the SAME FLOOR

4. This is what our collages look like (and you can read more in-depth about them here: - ANY variation on this exact example means it is NOT our fabric. We’ve used a brushed DTY print here because while all of our amazing specials continue to run for this week, this is YOUR LAST WEEK to get our brushed DTY prints at R36.00 p/m (normally R49.50) 😱

This week’s specials:

🌸 R15.00 p/m OFF hacci knits
🌸 R20.00 p/m OFF scuba suede
🌸 R5.00 p/m OFF jersey knit prints and plains - including cable knits, cut and sew, and French knits
🌸 R10.00 p/m OFF velours, brushed TRS (rayon spandex), liverpool and bullet prints, melton, printed scuba, lace and sequins, and stretch bengaline
🌸 All existing tracksuiting stock clearing at R39.00 p/m
🌸 All rayon challis prints at R45.00 p/m (incl. new prints)
🌸 Brushed TRS clearing at R35.00 p/m (normally R49.50)
🌸 Selection of DTY prints available at R39.50 p/m
🌸 Slinky bon-bon prints for R38.00 p/m

As always, WhatsApp 0764130492 for photos!

See (or hear from) you soon 🥰


More about sewing and helping to get

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 22/03/2020

Lovely leggings made by Angi ! She jumped to the Intermediate Course and it’s always a joke about what she missed in the Beginners Course 🤣 Her love for sewing allows her to make the beautiful things she dreams of and is a great creative outlet. Always keen to come sew we have loads of fun figuring things out in Friday morning Sit and Sew’s. And, she is getting married soon! 👰🏼💍


Getting there slowly!


So in these tough times there is so much excitement for some! A group of lovely iSew students are clubbing together to buy the studio a new sewing machine 😱 Why? So that I can bring you many new sewing videos to help you improve your sewing, from the comfort of your home 😉 Let me know if you want to contribute....
Total so far is R2250 with the goal to have R13 000 by the end of the month 🥳

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 15/03/2020

Celebrating Michelle who’s Birthday it was recently! Lucky me to have her in a Friday morning sit and sew as Birthday treat! ✂️ 🧵
Michelle started at the Beginners with me and finished two courses and many happy sit and sew sessions! She loves sewing and keeps it a passion in between looking after three kids! She has a great eye for style and a love for Indie Patterns!

Timeline photos 23/02/2020

Time to show off more of my students
Heike loves sewing when she can and has such good taste in style, colour and fabric choices. Starting with the Beginners Course she still pops in for Sit and Sew lessons now and then. She has made some gorgeous things for herself and her daughters but being a home schooler time to sew is not always on her side! Always has a smile on her face but knows her limits and sews to enjoy it!


Made this dress for my daughter to wear to her first Valentines Dance. She loves it!
I used a vest pattern that fit her for the top and boxed the sequins out with Bon Bon, added a band and full circle skirt. I don’t usually work with this kind of fabric but I think it works for this dress. The question I get asked most is what needle did I use for the sequin... Answer is, I used a ballpoint needle because the Bon Bon is a knit and I didn’t want to damage the fabric by using a universal needle.

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 14/02/2020

Leftovers just enough for me 😍 The off cuts from Milla’s dress was just enough to make the front of a cami for me! I lined the front with satin. The back is also satin. I boxed the front hem out with the lining so as not to have a stitching line on my hem... I have never had a shiny red top and am enjoying it 😝✂️❤️


Two of my favourite females wearing leafy tops they made!

My dear mom, Hanna, makes ALL her clothes. Yip, jeans, jackets, tops, t-shirts, dresses, everything! She was the one to teach me to sew when I was 9 and I am ever so grateful! 💚

My daughter, Milla, is keen to sew and learns quickly. The night before going back to school, she decided at 7:30 she wanted to make this top!!! She was up till 10pm, but I am proud of her determination. 💙
Both fabrics are from UNION RAG Fabric Emporium😍

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 05/02/2020

Love this fabric from 🧡🌿💙 I really don’t have time to sew, especially not for myself but I could not look at that fabric just sitting there! So I cut out one day, sewed a little the next day, had you stop mid seam! And finished the following day! I am so enjoying wearing the from in this heat and the fabric is just perfect! Swipe for a picture of my little distraction 💙👶🏼❤️

Timeline photos 02/02/2020

Today I would like to share the sewing talented Zarina !
She has a LOVe for sewing and fits it in whenever she can. Getting better with every garment she makes we have had some great sewing adventures together! 😉 She finds loads of inspiration online and the best part is she actually makes the stuff! She doesn’t just look at it and dream. ✂️🧵👗 Exited to see what she will make next!

Photos from Alltex Fabrics's post 06/09/2019

Really worth going to see what’s on Sale! Because we can never have too much fabric 😉

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 23/08/2019

Look as these lovely tops made in today’s Sit and Sew class by Theresa and her mom Pam!
I love the pin cushion that has been beautifully decorated including the words ‘Friendship is sewn one stitch at a time.’ This makes be think more about how sewing classes are so much more then just me teaching a skill but also about the friendships made, the discussions had, the support and advice given, the love shared as we cut and sew together... ✂️💕

ISew Sewing Studio updated their phone number. 10/08/2019

ISew Sewing Studio updated their phone number.

ISew Sewing Studio updated their phone number.

ISew Sewing Studio updated their phone number. 10/08/2019

ISew Sewing Studio updated their phone number.

ISew Sewing Studio updated their phone number.

The calming effects of sewing can help people express and heal themselves 24/07/2019

The calming effects of sewing can help people express and heal themselves

A very interesting and good read! Worth the 8 minutes it took to read! 🧵✂️❤️

The calming effects of sewing can help people express and heal themselves How absorbing your concentration in needlework relieves inner turmoil. By Clare Hunter

Timeline photos 28/06/2019

Timeline photos

We are moving! Our address will change by the end of August.
Stay tuned for updates regarding our moving specials.
The address of our new nest will be confirmed soon.

12-Year-Old Kid Makes Shelter Cats And Dogs Stylish Bow Ties To Help Them Find A Home 22/06/2019

12-Year-Old Kid Makes Shelter Cats And Dogs Stylish Bow Ties To Help Them Find A Home

Such a cool kid!

12-Year-Old Kid Makes Shelter Cats And Dogs Stylish Bow Ties To Help Them Find A Home We are all familiar with the challenges shelter animals face when finding a forever home. For some of them, the wait is unbearably long while others never get to share their life with a loving family. And even though it breaks our hearts, we can witness heroic and in many cases, very creative attemp...


How cute is this Fabric! They have a shop in Belleville. Will need to check it out sometime!


Sew something adorable with our new Furry Friends Collection, available at selected Jacksons Stores. Stocks are limited.

This premium quality 100% cotton fabric collection is just what you need for all your creative home sewing and quilting projects.

For availability, please contact Wanda on 043 7452539 or email [email protected].

Wiki Has Released Over 83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns Online For Download 15/05/2019

Wiki Has Released Over 83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns Online For Download


Wiki Has Released Over 83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns Online For Download Like sewing?Well you’ll love this news: the Vintage Patterns Wiki has released more than 83,500 patterns of pre 1992, out of print patterns for all to use.The browsable collection runs

Timeline photos 17/03/2019

These two ❤️❤️ wearing their Hoodies they made last weekend ✂️👌🏼I did help with the pining and pocket (more to save on time) but they sewed very impressive straight lines and overlocked everything!Super proud with themselves they wore them the whole week 😍😂


Levi’s Bets on Lasers

So cool! Sustainable ways to make jeans look worn!

“The Future Is Handmade” (Documentary) - The Craftsmanship Initiative 04/03/2019

“The Future Is Handmade” (Documentary) - The Craftsmanship Initiative

Beautiful documentary 🙌🏼

“The Future Is Handmade” (Documentary) - The Craftsmanship Initiative Have a look at the documentary "The Future is Handmade" by archeologist M. Kuijpers, featuring interviews with leading experts on craftsmanship worldwide.

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 24/02/2019

The heat in Cape Town made me wish for cooler clothes so I made this last night! Took my low back vest pattern and added 20cm to the centre front for the gathers. Was a quick and fun dress to make and I think I will make more! The back is lower then the front for extra air and I did a twin needle stitch on the hem.
Fabric is from the awesome UNION RAG Fabric Emporium!
🐶 Max would rather I be taking him for a walk then sewing so photo bombed my picture. Love him to bits! (And he will get his forest walk later this afternoon 🐕🧡)

Photos from Sewingmachinelady's post 24/02/2019

Book to do this course with the amazing Danica and keep your needles in order! ❤️

Photos from Demtex Fabrics's post 13/02/2019

Looks like we need to make a trip to Paarl some time!!!

FREE Sewing Patterns List! 04/02/2019

FREE Sewing Patterns List!

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this. Happy sewing all!

FREE Sewing Patterns List! Almost a year ago I researched and compiled a huge list of free PDF patterns from Indie pattern companies. I thought it was time to update this list, delete some links to patterns no longer availab…

Photos from Active Fabrics's post 31/01/2019

Gorgeous Fabric for Active wear! Like yoga pants, swimsuits or running gear!

Photos from The Fabric House Cape Town's post 21/11/2018

Oh wow!!!!!

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 05/11/2018

Check out this awesome studio space to rent! Contact Bonnie for enquiries!


🖤 Something fun for us crazy sewing people. Printed mugs for R100 each. Limited stock! Let me know if you want one! 🖤


Simple yellow love. I wore an old yellow and white stripe jersey the other day and decided I look ok in yellow so immediately went out to get this polka dot from 💛 A viscous Lycra it is very stretchy but easy to sew on the overlocker. My twin needle hem also came out ok (just needs more steam to make it lay flat 😳) Looking forward to wearing it in summer ☀️

Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 25/09/2018

First one done 💕 I love the challenge of working with viscous and can’t wait to wear it! The trick is loads of pins and patience. I also clamp my fabric to the table when laying up the pattern to make sure the grain line down and across are 100% straight (or as close as I can get!) Accurate cutting has a big impact on the neatness and overall hang of the garment... ✂️ Fabric from the awesome UNION RAG Fabric Emporium Pattern is self drafted.


So selfish sewing is one of the last things I do. I always seem to be sewing... for some one else!!! It’s a month till my Birthday thus I am challenging myself to put together a few items just for me! 😉 Where will I find the time? I have no idea but I have the fabric (this is less then half of the chosen pieces for this project) and so I must make the time! Happy sewing everyone!



Photos from ISew Sewing Studio's post 12/09/2018

How super cute is this Hoodie made by Bonny! She used ribbon to create the heart by first gathering the ribbon and then very carefully pinning and stitching it on. We kept the front panels together by pinning them to paper which we tore off after sewing and then cut down the middle of the ribbon heart to allow for the zip. Much patience and it looks great!!! 💕





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