Meadowridge Primary School

Meadowridge Primary School


All the children that was with me on primary school for gr 7 leave a dot (.)
(And that year will be in 2017)
can anyone tell me the name of the creche opp. thakirahs please and a contact num kanala in real need need of it
Who goes or went there already 😍😍💕
Good day, I trust you are all well.

I would like to know if the school are opening next week and if so, is that for all grades?
Good day im just a concerned parent wanting to know what steps are to be taken with schools opening soon.
What will be the procedure of sanitizing the kids and school?
And is the school ready to recieve the kids
Who can remember this
Going back into time
Who can remember this
Going back into time
Attention tutoring for all grades R-12
Only R30 per hour
Reading and writings difficulties
All subjects to be taught
Contact at 0815592481 / [email protected]
can anyone tell me what time does the grade 2 come out please
Representing Meadowridge Primary School at Red Cross Radio (Rxfm).
Interview for World Asthma Awareness Month
I want to thank Meadowridge Primary school for all they have done for my kids...We feel so blessed that my child could get so far...i want to thank Mrs Salie and Mr Ford for his achievements...going to Bishops and U guys 😘
Would be lovely to have the pics of the graduation uploaded on the page plz.

The official page of Meadowridge Primary

Operating as usual

[09/03/21]   Little Shaun has been found.

Photos from Meadowridge Primary School's post 03/09/2021



Urgent notice

Please help us find a boy by the name of Shaun Mahlangu grade 2b, It has been 3hrs now trying to find him, he may have went home with a friend, pls treat this as urgent.


Something awesome is on the horizon. Keep your eyes peeled Ridgers. 😁😁😁😁

Something awesome is on the horizon. Keep your eyes peeled Ridgers. 😁😁😁😁

Photos from Meadowridge Primary School's post 26/02/2021

Dear Meadowridge family. Please take note.😀


Hyacinth Primary School

On behalf of the staff, learners and SGB of Meadowridge Primary we wish to send our deepest and sincerest condolences to the staff and learners of Hyacinth Primary School . Our thoughts continue to be with you during this time of bereavement.

Mr Cedric Peter Anyster will forever live in our hearts 💕 What a beautiful send off today. We continue to pray for his family xoxo #HPS


Dear parents. Please ensure that learners are not in possession of any Guy Fawkes paraphernalia today. The use of any dangerous or illicit materials is strictly prohibited in and around our school. Let's keep our kids safe.

In light of the current international pandemic we strongly urge you as parents to keep learners safe; by wearing masks, social distancing, practicing good hygiene habits, and continuing the conversation of the effects of this pandemic on the world.

Thank you for your cooperation

The staff and SGB of Meadowridge Primary


Dear Meadowridge family

Term four starts tomorrow! Good luck to all of our learners, parents and teachers for the last few weeks of 2020. Time is very limited, so let's make the time spent together as memorable as possible.

In unity we succeed.


Nothing speaks louder than a well lived life and a life of integrity. We’re so grateful to you for impacting our lives with your integrity, determination and zeal to see the Meadowridge family grow and prosper beyond what many thought possible.

On behalf of the staff, learners, School Governing Body, and Meadowridge family Have a Happy and blessed birthday Mr Daniels.


Happy World Teacher's day to all our amazing teachers. We honour the hard work,dedication, and passion you put into each day. Thank you for all of the love and generosity you show our kids, for the role models and pillars of strength they see in you.

It is said that "a teacher is like a candle that consumes itself to light the way for others". And as you pour each and every ounce of yourselves into your work know that as the Meadowridge community we honour you for the heroes you are, each and every day.


Dear Meadowridge family

We would like to urge you to take the necessary precautions to protect each and every one of our learners. Please ensure that your children are not left to play alone or without adult supervision. Ensure that you are aware of where they are or should be during the course of each day. Also, ensure that you teach them their home address as well as your telephone number.

In unity we will succeed


Read to Rise

We're back at schools! In celebration of National Book Week, we will be giving out Care Packs to children in under-resourced communities in South Africa.

Today, Read to Rise visited Meadowridge Primary School in Mitchells Plan to handover Oaky Care Packs to the Grade 2 learners.

The children were excited to get the new Oaky and the Virus book, activity book, soap, mask, juice and snack.

Thank you to all our sponsors!

If you would like to sponsor a Care Pack for only R100 a learner, please donate here:

#CarePacksCampaign #LiteracyMonth #MitchellsPlain #InThisTogether #GivingTuesday #NBW #NationalBookWeek


Dear Meadowridge family

We trust that you are WELL. This is to inform you that we have compiled work for our learners.
Please note that it can be collected next week, Monday 15 June (Foundation phase and Grade 4), Wednesday 17 June (Grade 6), and Thursday 18 June (Grade 5).

Grade R & 1- Backgate
Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6- Front gate

Please stick to the assigned times in the images attached. If you are unable to make it, you are allowed to send another adult NOT A CHILD. Please remember to adhere to the Covid19 regulations by wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

Yours in Education

The Staff, SMT and SGB of Meadowridge Primary.

Please see attached images for more information.


Meadowridge Primary School


Tonight, as we've done before Meadowridge Primary darkens it's badge out of respect and honour for all the lives of those who have suffered injustice and pain.

We do this not because it is a trend or a symbol of modernity, but because we recognise that our own children could've suffered at the hands of these injustices, your children are ours and our children are yours.

Tonight we stand for justice, for peace and equality for all people. We recognise that we are citizens not only of this wonderful country but because we are citizens of the world.


Dear Meadowridge family

As we prepare for the return of the Grade 7's next week Monday. We want to assure you that every possible procedure and plan within our means is being put in place to safeguard our learners and teachers.

At this point the only learners who will return to schools will be the Grade 7's and grade 12's. All other learners are to remain at home until the Ministry of Education deems it fit for their return.

Learners will be screened and sanitised multiple times during the day, Grade 7 classes will be reduced to half of their original size, social distancing will be strictly enforced and the priority of each day will be the safety of every learner and teacher. The school campus will be sanitised each and every day before and after learners and teachers enter and leave.

Visitation to the school will be strictly by appointment and those entering the grounds will be screened and sanitised. Individuals will have to provide personal information in order for tracking purposes.

The purpose of school is not only to become educated and wise, but to foster a sense of community amongst all who are associated with it . As we enter this new and unknown time, we know that times of challenge lie ahead, but more importantly we know that it is in these times that our bonds and ties with each other will strengthen and solidify.

In unity Meadowridge Primary has and always will succeed

The Staff, SMT and SGB of Meadowridge Primary


Dear Meadowridge family

Find all this and more in the Meadowridge Primary home school drive. Until we all come back together again, these serve as a way of stimulating and continuing the learning process within your homes. We know that this may be challenging to some, but urge you to try and spend quality time with your kids and play a role in their academic learning.

Yours in Education

The Staff , SMT, and SGB of Meadowridge Primary

Please share this post with as many of our Meadowridge family as possible. 😄


Dear Meadowridge family

The most important people to a school is the children who fill its stoeps, balconies and classrooms. Unfortunately, this pandemic has forced us to distance ourselves and as a result, teaching and learning has been halted.

We as teachers have put together a collection of materials which can be used at home to continue learning, as best as it can.

In the link below you will find work which you, together with your children, can read, discuss and work through during this time of separation.

We know and understand the difficulties which have fallen on all of us, the world as we know it has changed, but in UNITY, we have and always will SUCCEED.

Yours in Education

The staff, SMT and SGB of Meadowridge Primary

Please share this post with as many of our Meadowridge family as possible.


Some tips and advice. 24/04/2020

ECD ACTIVITIES: for parents of young children (28 - 30 April)

Good Day parents
Please find the links below to assist with the weeks work ahead 28 - 30April
We do hope this helps

GET ECD Activities (28 - 30 April)

GET FP (Gr 1 - 3) Lesson Plans (28 - 30 April)

GET IP (Gr 4 – 6) Lesson Plans (28 - 30 April)

GET SP (Gr 7 – 9) Lesson Plans (28 - 30 April)

VOO (Gr 10 - 12) K2: WEEK 3 Lesse (28 - 30 April)

FET (Gr 10 - 12) TERM 2: WEEK 3 LESSONS (28 - 30 April) Please see the activities recommended for parents of young children for the week during COVID -19 school closure. 22/04/2020

New free to download picture book helps children understand COVID-19 As part of the response to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, senior lecturer at the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Graduate School of Business Athol Williams and his artist wife, Taryn Lock, have produced the seventh book in their acclaimed Oaky children’s picture books series with a focus on the vi...


Growsmart - an initiative by Growthpoint Properties

An English language lesson in Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives for our boys and girls.

Let’s learn together!
Today, Sanette helps us to identify nouns, verbs and adjectives from the 2020 practice edition of the Growsmart newspaper.

Here are a few questions to answer at home and discuss with your family.
1. Wha is a noun? What is a verb? What is an adjective?
2. Motivating - is it a noun, verb or adjective?

Let's all continue growing smarter together!
#education #learningtogether #growingtogether #onlinelearning #homeschooling #wced #limpopoeducation #easterncapeeducation


Growsmart - an initiative by Growthpoint Properties

A lesson on Geometric patterns for our Grade 4 - 7 boys and girls.

Let’s learn together!

Marilyn is our mathematics subject advisor and today she helps Growsmarters with geometric patterns and multiplication. At the end of the lesson, you will find homework exercises you can do.

Answer the following questions and post your answers in the comments section below:
1. How many matchsticks will Donna need, to build 50 squares?
2. How many squares can Donna build if she had 601 matchsticks?

Let's all continue growing smarter together!
#education #learningtogether #growingtogether #onlinelearning #homeschooling #wced #limpopoeducation #easterncapeeducation


Western Cape Government

Parents, help your children become bookworms! 📕🐛 Use the time during lockdown to do daily reading exercises with them. Words can be found everywhere in your home, a magazine, newspaper or even a recipe book. For more information visit our website:


South African Government

Department of Basic Education has online resources for parents, caregivers and learners to support learning at home during lockdown. #COVID19 #CoronaVirusInSA

Click on the link:


Dear Meadowridge family
Please see further information regarding the national lockdown starting midnight Thursday Evening.


Dear Meadowridge family please take note that due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak in South Africa schools across the country will close tomorrow.

Please ensure that your kids are well looked after and that all necessary hygiene regulations are followed as recommended by the national government.

In unity we will succeed.


Our awesome staff.


FUN DAY 2020

Thank you to all our parents, learners and teachers for all the effort. We've had an awesome time and look forward to an even bigger event next year.


Dear Meadowridge family.

Please be advised that online applications for new placements in 2021 will be available from the 17 February 2020. It is imperative that you apply online. Please visit the following website for further information.


We look forward to seeing all our boys and girls this Wednesday.

As you and your family make the final preparations for the 2020 academic year, we want to wish each and every family a joyous and prosperous year.

Let this be a year that is filled with joy and laughter, embrace each of the challenges that lay ahead and make every moment count.


Have a wonderful and safe summer break.

To Mr Diergaardt. We wish you well in your retirement and pray that the days ahead of you be filled with nothing but love, peace and an abundance of joy.

To the Grade 7 class of 2019, always remember the lessons you have learnt at Meadowridge and continue to be the wonderful learners you have been.

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Mr Ford reading to his Grade 7's for World Read Aloud Day 2019 with Nal'ibali
Mrs Lamond reading to her Grade 3's for World Read Aloud Day 2019 with Nal'ibali
Yes, it's that time again. Our kids are anxious to set the stage on fire with their creative energy.Details about ticket...
The winning moment.
Grade 6s arrived safe and sound... Ready for the fun to begin.
Live from Saron
Super Ridgers 2017 #meadowridge
World Read Aloud day 2017 in association with Nal'ibali
Athletics 2017




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