CT Torah High - CTTH

CT Torah High - CTTH


Keen to see and hear Ambassador Lior Keinan and Prof. Gil Troy’s first hand account of their experience and expertise? Following topics include:
 South Africa and Israel relations
 Zionism in the 21st century
 The future of Jews in South Africa
Now is your unique opportunity! Book now for the Zionist Fed conference happening this weekend! Seats are limited:
Prospective Parent Info Evening, next Tuesday at CTTH, 7:30pm.
j'emai mom pere

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CTTH is the city's only fully dual curriculum Jewish High School (7-12). We are dedicated to Torah v

Operating as usual


Girls Soccer Finals

After a a very successful tournament organized by Sports Leaders Rachel Brett and Ora Martin, we had a super exciting final today! All the girls are winners, as the league led to great healthy cardiovascular activity for all! Mazal tov to champions Ora Martin, Feigie, Esti and Chanale!

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Welcome to the new Bochurim joining us for the year! Welcome to Chabad Bochurim, Mendel, Mendel, Mendel and Yossi, and thank you to Chabad House for bringing them, and to Eitan and Uriah, and thank you to Yeshiva of Cape Town for bringing them!

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Guest Speaker - Rav Gav Friedman

It was a real treat to have internationally renowned speaker Rav Gav speak at CTTH on Monday morning. He was both absolutely hilarious and inspirational at the same time, and challenged the students to look inside themselves and realize their enormous G-d-given potential.


Mazal Tov Gun Runners!

Well done to our 10km Gun Runners, Matteo, Yali, Eitan RK, Jarred, and Eitan who all did exceptionally good times and completed the race in under 55 minutes. Moreh Martin ran it too! An extra shout out to Sasha who ran in under 1 hour 45 minutes, Yashar Koach to them all.


We wish a huge MAZAL TOV to CTTH alum Avi Opert (class of 2018) upon his engagement last Friday to Chen Basa! Mazal tov to the whole Opert Family, and siblings Tuvya and Noa. May the happy young couple build a beautiful Jewish Home on the foundations of Torah and Mitzvot with love and blessing. Chana Miriam Opert Bryan Opert


We wish a warm mazal tov to Nissim Brett upon his graduation, this past Wednesday. Nissim has graduated with an accelerated Bachelors Diploma with Honours 4 months early! He will be attending Yeshivas Birkas HaTorah in the Old City of Jerusalem with the new northern hemisphere school year in a bit over a week. Nissim spoke beautifully in his graduation speech about gratitude, and this was followed by heartwarming farewell talks from his friends, and siblings. We wish you Nissim much hatzlacha in your journey ahead! Mazal tov to CTTH Board member and teacher Rabbi Dani Brett and longtime teacher Morah Nechama Brett on this milestone!


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3 - 4 August
2.5 Million
Every donation will be tripled!


As an international WASC accredited school, CTTH strives to make sure our students are globally competent. This means making sure they have the skills, values, and behaviors that prepare young people to thrive in a more diverse, interconnected world.


As an internationally accredited school, a key focus is for students to have global competence,

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At CTTH each student’s academic trajectory is tailor-made for them, and no two students are the same! Each child is unique in their passions and talents. Shouldn't their education at school reflect that?!


Did you know: CTTH students are leading a spiritual revolution in Cape Town? Every Shul benefits from our energized and committed youth! From making minyanim to leining and leading children services, CTTH youth are at the forefront of the Yiddishkeit in our community.

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This Wednesday, we are raising 2.5m! Campaign - https://mailchi.mp/cttorahhigh.com/herewegrowagain-18m-in-30-hours-starting-in-24h-6158270


CTTH has partnered with Resolute Robotics to teach coding and robotics in a hands on method, where students build and program their own racecar in Grade 9! High school coding and IT subject choices are available throughout grade 10-12 as well.


CTTH is the only Jewish High School in South Africa to receive full international accreditation. The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC), a world-renowned accrediting association based in California, USA, granted this prestigious status for the maximum six-year period after a week-long visit and thorough inspection of the school by three senior WASC commissioners. CTTH applied, and was granted this accreditation together with the Sinai Academy primary school, under the umbrella name of “Jewish International Schools of Cape Town.”


Every Friday, our Girls have a designated "Chessed Period" to work on various projects to benefit the underprivileged, the community, or give back at school. This transforms our students from takers to givers!


Did you know? CTTH has already graduated 7 classes of matriculants who are in Yeshivot, Seminaries, the IDF, and top Universities around the world! Our graduates have enrolled in:

Ohr Somayach
Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi
Yeshivat Hesder Tekoa
Midresheshet Harova Yerushalayim
Yeshiva Gedolah of Johannesburg
BMC Seminary in Montreal
Chaya Aydel Seminary -Florida
Mirrer Yeshiva
Chabad Rabbinical College of Joburg
Yeshivas Achei Tmimim - Brooklyn
Yeshivas Toras Moshe - Jerusalem
Seminary Chaya Mushka - Tzfat
Bais Chana Seminary - Tzfat
Kerem BeYavneh

Afda Film School
Technion Haifa
IDC (Herzliya, Israel)
Jerusalem Institute of Technology
Yeshiva University (YU)
Vega College

IDF - Paratroopers Brigade and Officers Course


In Grade 9, all students take Coding and Robotics, and program and build their own remote control car. Students that want to take IT as a High School subject are encouraged to do so as well!


Did you know: CTTH now has both its own Boys and Girls Futsal teams with weekly practices at the Badgers Academy grounds!


CTTH boys love Daf Yomi! 12 boys completed the entire Masechet Megillah. Matric Sasha K. has already completed 14 (!!) tractates, Matric Sam G. finished 8, and Grade 8 Menny F. has now finished 4!


Did you know? The SAT is the leading college entrance exam worldwide and CTTH 2022 Matrics scored 20% above the global average!


Are you ready?? Starting next Wednesday, 3 Aug, at 9am! Let's do this!


Term 2 Recap from the Desk of Mrs. Conibear

As we wrap up our second term of the year we are filled with such gratitude for what has been crammed into an eventful few months. While this term has been incredibly short, our teachers and students have worked tirelessly to fit in what was needed and more.

We began this term by launching our wellness challenge as a part of our ESLR focused on healthy living. Teachers and students took on the challenge to prioritize exercise, healthy eating and sleep. Well done to everyone who managed to achieve their goals.

As is always the case with the second term, we honoured Yom Hashoah, and Yom Hazikaron and celebrated Yom Haatzmaut together. We are so grateful for the incredible guest speakers who joined us for these special days to share their experiences and learning. In addition, we also had the highlight of Lag BaOmer as we shared in the community concert with all the Torah schools in the City.

Academically, we have continued to excel and most notably, this term we celebrated some of our school’s most commendable SAT results to date. We want to celebrate each of our Matrics who made us so proud.

Outside of the classroom, our school has been active and engaged. We had two spirited Shabbatons, the election of two leadership committees and a special Youth Day soccer match to name a few highlights. Our term was then wrapped by a meaningful accelerated graduation celebration for our two matric girls.

We need to wish a special thank you to our dedicated teaching faculty for all that they have done to breathe life into the school in their own unique ways. From baking for Shabbatons to leading Conscious Education professional development, it is a privilege to work alongside such engaged and committed educators.

Next term we have a great deal to look forward to. We wish our CTTH family a safe and rested winter break. May you return to school refreshed and ready for all that we have in store.

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We are thrilled to share with you our first professional promo video, highlighting the growth of the school and the acti...
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