The Underprivileged Foundation

The Underprivileged Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation that invests in sustainable income producing assets for the benefit of the underprivileged

The Underprivileged Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation that invests in sustainable income producing assets for the benefit of the underprivileged in South Africa.

Operating as usual


The Myrical Group

G999 launches on Dec 15th!

Masternode = Passive income!
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The Myrical Group

BlackRock has $6.84 Trillion under management. Imagine what just 1% of that will do for the Crypto Market.

BlackRock Inc BLK.N Chief Executive Larry Fink on Monday said the world's largest asset manager has assembled a working group to look at blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies 29/08/2020

Garth Wilson on Twitter

Defi Portfolio Update Week 11
Nice consolidation period.
Weighted Average 146%; Monthly Average 61%.

Took opportunity to draw down 64% of Initial Capital Investment. “Defi Portfolio Update Week 11 Nice consolidation period. Weighted Average 146%; Monthly Average 61%. Took opportunity to draw down 64% of Initial Capital Investment.” 24/08/2020

Kraken Kraken is more than just a Bitcoin trading platform. Come see why our cryptocurrency exchange is the best place to buy, sell, trade and learn about crypto.


IMF on Twitter

While 99% of us are sleeping through the distraction of C-19, the IMF is promoting Crypto, JP Morgan has done a 180 on Bitcoin, US regulators have authorised banks to hold Crypto and Asset Management Funds (Greyscale et al) are acquiring colossal quantities of Crypto.
Are you still oblivious?

“What are cryptocurrencies?” 24/07/2020

South Africa Silgonex Exchange

First we brought you Gold;
Now we bring you Silver! The exchange for South Africa. Buy BTC at the lowest price using ZAR. Mining rewards daily. Stake and dividends daily. Matrix referral system for passive income.


The Myrical Group

Superior Benefits of Trusts:
Asset Preservation;
Protection from Creditors;
ZERO Death Taxes;
ZERO Income Tax!

Asset Protection with Trusts:


Ripples of Economic Destruction

Been talking about this eventuality for years!
Some joined and participated in the solutions;
Too many did not and the precipice is nigh!

Been talking about this eventuality for years! Some joined and participated in the solutions; Too many did not and the precipice is nigh! The Myrical Group h...


How to avoid being the BAG-HOLDER

Do you think South Africa is immune to this?
If you do, do nothing but if you do not, get with the program.
It's that simple!

The Myrical Group Don't miss our DeFi Webinar Become a Certified Blockchain Developer https:... 05/07/2020

Ivan on Tech Academy

Fascinating how Parents to this day send their kids to Varsity for 4+ YEARS to earn degrees plus 30 years of DEBT that will be OBSOLETE by the time they graduate!

Instead of just 6 MONTHS ONLINE anywhere in the World to Graduate as a BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPER (zero knowledge prerequisite) with Millionaire potential within 4 years coupled with ZERO DEBT.

60% Discount Special on the Go Right Now! How much personal and monetary success would have been at your feet if you were at the technological frontier at the dawn of the Internet?


SME Capital

PROJECT SME - "Let's REPAIR SA" If the government does not want to help you, we will! The Wealth Masters Club, South Africa's oldest and largest investor's c...


The Myrical Group

24kt Gold starting at c€6 for 0.1g!
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The Myrical Group

The industrial mining plant will be built in 2020 at the Brazil mine with mining potential of up to 3kg per day of gold by 2021. It's a joint venture operation.

A partnership concluded with Autonomous Flight Technologies will develop AI that runs on KaratNet blockchain as well as satellite launch capabilities to facilitate VOBP communications within the eco-system.

KaratNet KBC is a utility coin; the fuel of the blockchain. The more use of that blockchain, the higher the value of the coins.

Karatpay is having a face lift and is moving over to blockchain to create a bridge between gold and crypto.

The Gold Standard Bank is the vehicle that will consolidate all the blockchain products and is being listed in order to create a regulated vehicle which can bring greater confidence to the traditional market place as well. In layman's terms, the company is using the listing of the Gold Standard Bank to create a healthy narrative between the traditional and disruptive worlds.

The Gold Standard Bank will augment VOBP mobile banking technologies with traditional high-tech cards that can be loaded with spendable FIAT from crypto and gold holdings.

Impulse and Whim shop franchises can be sold to entrepreneurs to include traditionalists in the KB World.

A contract was concluded with Hollywood movie ASSET, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton, in which the Impulse K1 smartphone and WHIM laptops will be featured.


Use KCB through hardfork process into the KaratNet KBC (disruptive crypto space)


Use KCB to purchase IPO shares in Gold Standard Bank (regulated traditional space)


The Myrical Group


Hardfork update from Directors Chat Group:

* Pre-selling will be officially Closed (Finally!!!!) today, Dec 18 @4:00pm (Calgary Time)

* New Karatnet KBC rate official Announcement today, Dec 18 @4:00pm (Calgary Time)

* Next airdrop of all remaining KCB coins from our Karatbars Dashboard to Karatbit will take place shortly (provided that your Karatbit ID is linked to Karatbars Dashboard)

* For those ID that are not Linked during the next airdrop will have to wait for the next occurrence (provided that their Karatbit ID is linked during that time)

* No coins held by users will be BURNT 🔥

* Dec 21st: Additional features in Karatbit will enable us to swap (manually) our old KCB (ERC20)or the old KBC (ERC20) coins to the New Karatnet KBC. This can be done in at least 6months period.

It’s called ERC20 because the old KBC & KCB was created under Ethereum blockchain contract

New Karatnet KBC because it’s now running under our own Blockchain trading platform

* Stay connected between Dec 21st to Jan 4 (2weeks) for BIG incentives that will be announced in Madrid event this Saturday.

* Starting Jan 5, 2020...our New Karatnet KBC can be manipulated, transferred to other exchanges and freely traded in the market 💰 💴 💵


The Myrical Group

This is precisely why we have our own Unhackable 100% Private VOBP Smartphones & Laptops!


The Myrical Group

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Cape Town

General information

The Underprivileged Foundation was founded by Myric, Garth and Marlene Wilson, a compassionate capitalism family whose motto is “LiVe LiFe, LoVe LoTs” and who have a vision of genuine empowerment at grassroots level to counter the “Animal Farm” effect in South Africa.
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