Veilige Vervoer

Safe reliable transport for Bastion, PHA, and Brackenfell High School. We also do sober driving for groups of 6.

Operating as usual

Photos from Veilige Vervoer's post 29/04/2021

Hi Alle mamma's met klein kindertjies, ondersteun asb vir Mike, een van ons matrikulante van laas jaar. Sy speel die rol van Ara, die waterfeetjie. Ons is Super trots op haar.


Baie geluk aan Peedre en Elanda wat Vrydag hulle laaste eksamen afgelê het by Westcliff. Julle het nie n lang pad met ons saam gestap nie, maar ons het dit regtig geniet om julle te leer ken in die kort tydtjie.Ons wens vir julle alles van die beste vir die toekoms en mag julle groot sukses behaal.


We are happy to announce that we now have a route from Brackenfell to Westcliff. Hurry and book your spot for 2021 as we only have 5 seats still available.


Dis hoe breed jy glimlag waneer dit jou Matriek uitstap dag is. Voorspoed met die eind eksamen aan al die Matrieks. Dit was n rowwe jaar vir julle maar ek weet sommer julle gaan baie goed doen.


Baie Geluk aan al die studente wat gekies is vir die graadraad. Ons is vir al baie trots op Cara Atkins wat soggens en middae saam met ons ry, pragtige, positiewe jong dame.


Ons twee pragtige graad 12 leerlinge, Miecke en BF by hulle matriek afskeid. ONS IS SO TROTS OP JULLE. Om te d**k julle verlaat ons aan die einde van die jaar maak hierdie bussie tannie veels te emotioneel, julle pragtige gesindheid het gemaak dat julle baie diep in ons harte gekruip het. Mamma Belinda en Mamma Madelein kan super trots wees om sulke oulike kinders die grootmens wêreld in te stuur.


We wish to express our sincere condolences to the family of Mrs Rademeyer from Protea Heights Academy as well as all the students and faculty members mourning the loss of this amazing woman. May you rest in peace.


Safety is always our priority. All kids are sanitised on the busses with a 70% alcohol sanitising spray. At the end of the day, all busses are also sanitised.


Nathan from Vredekloof primary loved that we had free hand sanitizer for all our kids. Doing our part to keep our precious cargo safe.


The new addition to the Veilige Vervoer family. New route opening from Bellville High to Brackenfell from term 2. To book a place for your Teen, what's app 0833207503


Geluk Shaylee met jou eerste stoei toernooi. Shaylee het Saterdag in die strand deel geneem aan King and Queen of the beach wrestling competition en het Goud gewen wat haar "Queen of the beach" kroon.


Veilige vervoer is omtrent gelukkig om al hierdie uitblinkers te vervoer. Baie Geluk BF von ABO. Soos jou ma se, dis al daai ses uur saans bussies wat darm ook bietjie help. Ons is baie trots op jou.


Dit is vir ons regtig n plesier om die pragtige meisie, Isabella, wat verkies is as Bastion hoof dogter te kan vervoer. Sy is voorwaar een van die mees opgewekte, respekvolle, jong dames wat ons al vervoer het en weet sy gaan dit nog baie ver maak in die lewe. Baie geluk.



Veilige Vervoer is BAIE trots OP BRACKENFELL Höer.

Brackenfell High’s Cheerleaders and opening sequence. Each school has 4 minutes to complete their sequence. Footage was shot from a similar position for each...


Thank you for all the support, the following schools are now fully booked:
Brackenfell High
Brackenfell Primary
Bastion higher grades.
SL academy
Very limited seats left for Bastion lower grades. Grd R to Grd 3 as well as PHA and 2 seats open for Vredekloof Primary.
Thank you.


Baie geluk aan Anelise Hattingh ( Justin en Kevin se mamma) jy het een maand gratis vervoer gewen in ons Desember kompetisie. Dankie vir julle deel name en dat julle altyd ons naam ver en wyd versprei.Sonder ouers soos jy sou veilige vervoer nie die sukses wees wat dit is nie.


I trust we have made contact with all the new requests for 2020. If you have not yet been contacted but still require assistance for 2020 please what's app 0833207503. Thank you🤗


Our offices will be open again Monday 9December2019.
Please what's app 0833207503 for your 2020 bookings.
Thank You.


Like and share our add and you could win one months free transport for any Brackenfell Scholar in the following schools, Bastion, PHA, Brackenfell Primary, Brackenfell High, Curio Brackenfell, Destinatus, One on One, Smart Learners, Bright Minds, Jelly Beans, Sonkring Day Care and Vredekloof Primary.


Gister het die BOK gees hoog geloop in al Veilige Vervoer se bussies. GO BOKKE


I'm so proud of our team. Over 90 kids were safely transported in today's down pour and terrible traffic, with not one child late for school or having to wait in the rain after school. Well done Jannie,Gerhard and Mary.


Sometimes kids can get a bit overwhelmed on the bus when they are sensory. Alshan has taken it upon himself to assist and truly befriend one such little boy. He keeps him calm and makes him feel in credibly special. To say thank you,Veilige Vervoer is giving Alshan one months free transport. Always stay the amazing young man that you are,your parents can be super proud.


Baie Geluk aan BF wat vandag sy 30ste wedstryd speel vir Brackenfell Höer en sy half ere kleure ontvang. Veilige vervoer is baie trots op jou. Sport and after school activities are very important for a child's development and that is why we are one of very few scholar tranport companies that accommodate these exceptional boys and girls so that they can achieve their dreams.


Please support two of our Brackenfell High boys, Dewald and BF, in raising funds for their cricket tour by Supporting McDonalds this evening where they will be working.


Found this and thought it's really something many parents can benefit from, we often mistake depression in teenagers as just hormones and believe that they will grow out of it. Please make use of this opportunity.


These two boys, Justin and Damion, jumped into action as they heard the girls screaming 😱. Turns out a rather large 8 legged friend decided to catch a ride with us on one of the kids suitcases. They safely captured it and released him, calming down the whole bus.


Yesterday Leana put everyone on the bus in Super Spring Spirit by decorating Shaylee's hair with our beautiful wild flowers.


Baie dankie Luke (grd 2 Brackenfell laer) vir die baie oulike prentjie van ons bussie. 💙


Dis altyd lekker om sulke pragtige terugvoering te ontvang.


So proud of this little man, well done Nathan on doing so well in your eistedfod. Thanks for sending the video, it really cheered me up. 💙


Full of energy and smiles after their concert at Bastion.


Our gorgeous Veilige Vervoer triplets looking beautiful in their make up and glitter after their school concert. I'm sure we'll see their names in lights one day.

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So proud of this little man, well done Nathan on doing so well in your eistedfod. Thanks for sending the video, it reall...





Joubert Straat De Oude Spruit
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