Brackenfell Tygerberg Children's Sickbay

Tygerberg Children’s Sickbay caters for all children that are too ill to attend school but not ill enough to be admitted to hospital. Our goal is to fulfill your child’s every need while under our care, physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Welcome to Brackenfell Tygerberg Children's Sickbay

Is your child or baby ill, recovering from injury or surgeory, a viral infection or just not feeling well?
Do you urgently need someone you can trust to take good care of him/her for a few days?

Why not give Brackenfell Tygerberg Children's Sickbay a try? We know leaving your child with strangers can be daunting - so we put this introduction video together to help make getting to know us and our services easier.

Now you don't have stress about letting someone unknown into your home or go through lists of nannies and baby sitters to find someone suitable. You simply need to book your child's bed for the day either online at or call/whatsapp me Emma Cremore on 0792141275.


“I know your child is the center of your universe …the apple of your eye …and it breaks your heart to leave them when they are ill!

I wish that I could take your place and go do your job for you so that you can stay at home with your little one but I can’t. The best I can do is open my heart and my home to them, comfort them, pamper them, keep them safe and ease their discomfort with the very best care I can.

From a mother of three, who has been where you are now.”

Emma Cremore (Owner of Brackenfell Children’s Sickbay) who is just a call away 079 214 1275.


Itchy-scratchy lumps and bumps - contagious conditions like measles, chicken pox and mumps - are not welcome in schools and crèches and can take days, if not weeks, to recover from.

But at Brackenfell Children’s Sickbay we can help ease your child’s discomfort with soothing treatments and lots of distractions.

Our quarantine rooms and stringent sanitizing routines help to contain the virus and protect others from infection.

Call now for more information 079 214 1275 or to book a bed.


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A big thank you to everyone for taking part in the Brackenfell Children's Sickbay competition and all the funny moments pictures were beautiful. As you all know the competition ended and our winner is Tanya Holtzhausen's Picture which was number 10. CONGRATULATIONS.


At Tygerberg Children’s Sickbay your child will be cared for by dedicated advanced home based care givers giving your child that home away from home feeling!

Contact us should your child get sick and you are not able to stay at home! We will take care of them!

Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275



We need your help to choose a winner.

To vote for your favourite Funny Moment photo, please comment below with the number of the photo you want most to win.

The entrant with the most votes wins!!

The winner will receive a voucher worth R 1,000.00 to use at Brackenfell Tygerberg Children's Sickbay!

Voting closes at midnight on: 30 September 2017.

Winner will be announced on: 1 October 2017

Funny Moments Competition - Sept 2017

Funny Moments Competition Finalists 28/09/2017

Funny Moments Competition - Sept 2017

Funny Moments Competition - Sept 2017


HELP IS HERE! Please contact us should you need any help with your little one, we will come and collect your child from school should they be in the Brackenfell area!

We currently have an opening special of R200 a day and are now offering vouchers that you can buy as a gift for a friend!

Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275


** Mommy discussion.

What cough syrup do you feel works best for your little one?

Comment below!


At Tygerberg Children’s Sickbay we want children and babies to feel at home, comfortable and loved!

We are based in Brackenfell and offer the following service to the parents in this suburb: If your child falls ill during the day at one of the schools in Brackenfell and you require our assistance, we will collect your child from the relevant school at no extra cost.

The daily rate will however apply.
Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275



Remember only a few days left to enter Brackenfell Children's Sickbay funny moments COMPETITION.

By entering you could stand a chance to WIN a voucher valued at a R1000.00 to use at Brackenfell Children's Sickbay.

How to enter you simply share a picture of a funny moment of your child, tag a friend and like our page.


Your child will be cared for by professional advanced home based carers who will monitor their vital signs as well as provide comfort to their emotional and physical needs. Our Carers are also qualified to administer medication to our little patients.

Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275


Hi moms, should your little one get sick we understand the importance of work and deadlines!

Don't despair book a bed for your precious one at Brackenfell Children's Sickbay where they can be monitored and cared for while you go to work.

Contact us 0792141275 and visit us @


Brackenfell Tygerberg Children's Sickbay


Brackenfell Tygerberg Children's Sickbay's cover photo


Struggling to get your little one to eat? Here are some fun ideas that will keep your family active and entertained, start now.

Make a schedule. Children need to eat every three to four hours: three meals, two snacks, and lots of fluids.
Make meals with little smiley faces

How do you get your little one to eat healthy snacks?

Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275


** Mommy discussion!

What type of rash is this?

Comment below if you know.


Have you seen our OPENING SPECIAL: R200 a day per child.
Tygerberg Children's Sickbay caters for babies from 0 months and children through to grade 12.

Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275

[09/17/17]   Is your baby teething, child got tonsillitis or your child just not feeling too well to go to school or crèche?

It's middle of the month and you have to reach your stats and you know your boss is not going to be happy with you taking another day's leave!

Then don't delay bring your little ones to Tygerberg Children's Sickbay which is located in BRACKENFELL AREA and is qualified to look after your precious ones while you peacefully go to work OR call us on 079 214 1275 for more details.


There are five simple ways for your family to lead a healthy lifestyle and get back on track:

Get active each day.
Choose water as a drink.
Eat more fruit and vegetables.

We care about your healthy lifestyle at Tygerberg Children’s Sickbay.

Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275


Should your little one get sick we understand the importance of work and deadlines! We are based in Brackenfell, we will collect your child from the relevant school and take them to our Tygerberg Children’s Sickbay to recover for the day!
Should your child need to go to the doctor, we will take them to the doctor!

Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275


How do you treat a baby with a cough? We’ve got the answer!
You can treat bronchiolitis at home once baby's breathing is under control. Give baby lots of fluids, plenty of rest, and a cool-mist humidifier.

Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275


If you haven’t already heard, we have some exciting news for you!

We have an opening special of just R200 a day per child until 30 September 2017. We take care of your child as if they were our own! Share the news with your friends and family! Comment below if you have mommy friends to spread the word!
Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275

[09/12/17]   Remember mom's and dad's to listen to BOK RADIO between 06H00 till 09H00 to listen to Tygerberg Children's Sickbay ad 😆

[09/11/17]   Hi mom's and dad's

Here is some exciting news!!

Listen to our radio ad between 06H00am till 09H00am on BOK RADIO and tell us what you think by commenting on our page.


Allow your little ones to start their day the healthy way!
Fruits and juice are high in vitamins and will fight those nasty colds and flu!

How do you fight the nasty flu? Share your remedies below.
Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275


Brackenfell Tygerberg Children's Sickbay's cover photo


Thank you so much Carla for sharing your experience of using our facility. Your child was a pleasure to have!


Tygerberg Children’s sickbay is now taking babies from birth to children in grade 12. We take the stress off you as a parent should your baby or child become ill and you cannot take off work. Drop your little one off at our facility and we’ll take the best care of them from as little as R250 a day which includes a meal.
For the month of September, we have an opening special for R200.

Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275


Kids give us joy, they make us feel young again and as a parent, it's never easy when your little one gets sick.

Tygerberg Children’s Sickbay is there to help!

Should your precious child become sick drop them off at Tygerberg Children’s Sickbay for the day. We offer the most caring assistance.

We offer a home away from home feeling!

Visit our site to find out more or contact us on 079 214 1275



Kids bring us joy, they light up our world and they give us a good laugh from time to time!

Share your child’s funny moment with us by commenting below with a picture, tag a mommy or daddy, and like our page to stand a chance of winning a voucher worth R1000.00 to use at Tygerberg Children's Sickbay – a home away from home - when your little ones are ill.

The winner will be announced the end of September! 06/09/2017


What does Tygerberg Children's Sickbay offer you as parents especially in today's hectic lifestyle and demands at work. We at TC Children's Sickbay give your child a medically endorsed orthopedic bed, medical care of qualified Advanced homebased Carers, a homely enviroment to recover in, healthy meals and entertainment to do for the day. Your child's emotional and physical needs is seen to so you don't need to worry at work whether they are okay. How to get your child a bed at TC Sickbay is simple, all you need to do is either book a bed online at or call 079 214 1275. That easy 😊

Tygerberg Children's Sickbay 04/09/2017

Photo's taken from the Sickbay while staff assisting the kids of all ages.

Photo's taken from the Sickbay while staff assisting the kids of all ages.

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Welcome to Brackenfell Tygerberg Children's Sickbay
How can I boost my child's immune system?We’ve got the tips! Serve more fruits and vegetables. Increase sleep time. Exer...




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