This last Saturday I finished the final Strength Workout of the Castle Fitness 21 Day program. My goal is to improve my strength, and so it begs the question - did all the iron pumping these last three weeks accomplish what it needed to? Here’s a look at the weights of the strength workout week 1 compared to that of week 3:

Barbell deadlift: Week 1 - 50 kg vs Week 3 - 60 kg
Bench press: Week 1 - 35 kg vs Week 3 - 40 kg
Barbell Row: Week 1 - 40 kg vs Week 3 - 50 kg
Barbell push press: Week 1 - 30 kg vs Week 3 - 35 kg
Back Squat: Week 1 - 60 kg vs Week 3 - 70 kg

The program is quite intense and during the last week my body did protest a bit. But I am happy with the results after only three weeks and am for sure feeling stronger. Together with an improved nutrition program, I picked up at least 1 - 1.2 kg of lean muscle - something I have never managed before!

I would definitely recommend the 21 Day program for anyone who wants so see quick gains. It takes hard work and one needs to stay focused, but the results are for sure satisfying.

Next up - I’m starting with the Castle Fitness 8 weeks program on Monday 23rd Sept - more feedback on that to follow.

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Castlefitness is an online personal training platform. I am here to help you reach your goals. Be it getting ready for an upcoming competition or if you are just getting started.

I am dedicated to your success.

Operating as usual


🤦‍♂️How do you handle struggles?? 🙍‍♂️

The picture above taken by @taitcharl perfectly captures a struggle I had last weekend. My struggle was physical but yours might be mental. Luckily there is a way we can deal with these struggles.

1.Take a step back assess the situation, see what needs to happen in order for you to overcome it.
2.What steps do you need to take to deal with or even eliminate the problem/struggle/obstacle?
3. Struggles are not final, you have to see yourself overcoming these things.
Fall down nine times get up 10 times.
Let them shape you into a better, stronger more resilient person.


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🍑Front squats = #LEGMEAT🦵🏻


Improve your front squat with a few simple coaching tips📚

1. Set up is important. Rack the bar with shoulder width apart. Keep your elbows up. Heals under your hips, toes slightly out.
2. Squat down, don't drop your elbows.
3. Keep the bar in line with the bridge of the foot, that's where your best balance will be aswell as your strength.
4. If you can let the bar travel in one straight line you got the best chance of getting the bar up. If it's not going up straight gravity does its thing and you will work harder than you need to.
#frontsquat for a round butt
Enjoy 🔥

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🧗‍♂️Obstacles are meant to be concoured🧗‍♂️#motivationmonday

🧗‍♂️You see where you need to go, you 🧗‍♂️know what you need to do, but there is 🧗‍♂️always something or someone in your 🧗‍♂️way. It's just not going your way so you 🧗‍♂️stop. At least you have some 🧗‍♂️justification for why you stop. There is 🧗‍♂️something or someone you can blame.

🧗‍♂️Can I tell you something? You don't 🧗‍♂️have to stop, by stopping your are 🧗‍♂️saying that you don't deserve to reach 🧗‍♂️your goals and dreams. Instead of 🧗‍♂️focusing why something won't work 🧗‍♂️look for why it will work.

🧗‍♂️I always feel having some support 🧗‍♂️structure helps me stay on track. 🧗‍♂️Accountibility is key for progress.
🧗‍♂️The road to success will never be linear 🧗‍♂️and without obstacles. However the 🧗‍♂️journey will be filled with valuable 🧗‍♂️lessons and experiences that will shape 🧗‍♂️and mold you if you let it.

If you would like to overcome some obstacles and need some guidance Send me a DM or click on the link in Bio 🔗

🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️YOU ARE CAPABLE. 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️

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⚡⚡ Improve your Bench press with some coaching tips⚡⚡


🛠️ Set up is important find something that let's you know you are ready.
1. Keep your lowerback flat on the bench as far as possible.
2. Whem I want to go heavy I put my hands on the bar just outside of shoulder width.
3. Before you unrack engage your lats.
4. Unrack turn your elbows in, it should feel like your triceps are resting on your lats.
5. Lower the bar just underneath the chest onto the sternum.
6. Breath in as you go down and Exhale as you press up.
7. The bar should always travel on the same straight line down.

8. Always have a spotter for safety and to spot when needed 😉 than

These steps have really helped me put some extra KGs onto my bench press.

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Everyone in a relationship 👫👨‍👩‍👦

We are looking for 20 highly motivated couples who are ready to take control of their health and fitness. We want to help you get into the best shape of your life and teach you how to do this as a couple. You plan to be together forever so why not take this step and invest your time to learn how to live the lifestyle you both deserve.

Me and my wives journey:
My wife and I were constantly starting Monday with clean eating and training daily. It would go great in the week then we would reward ourselves on the weekends, but the weekends quickly became our weak-ends. We had to make a plan to stop this behaviour and stay consistent and keep each other accountable. We began setting our individual goals together and then set goals for us as couple. Doing this gave us enough purpose to actually keep each other accountable. We want you to experience the same success we have enjoyed by using a few easy to use tools.

Sign up ⬇️


What does this include?

💪🏻5 x Bodyweight home workouts per week

🥗Easy to follow meal plan for men and woman

👨‍🏫Informative 101 Nutrition booklet

🔵Private FB group for Couples restart clients only

🔴1 x FB live discussions on struggles and victories of living a healthy lifestyle (real talk with me and my wife)

🦸‍♂️Price: R450 per couple


🎯The Main Goal:

Our goal for the next 21 days will be to better equip you and your partner to live a healthy lifestyle. We will be sharing the struggles we had and how we overcame them. You will have to find what works for you as a couple by ( wait for it)… Talking to each other. We are each other’s Kryptonite because we learn just what to say to get the result that we as an individual want, I know you know what I’m talking about. After the next 21 days we believe you will be able to better support each other in living the lifestyle you both deserve. Take the step today and register.


Important: We only want to work with couples who are serious about getting results. If you aren’t going to commit do not sign up.

Link in Bio


When you FOCUS on your past, you turn your back on your future.

I always use to do this. I would think no I can't motivate people, people won't take me serious about some events in my past. By dwelling in this limiting mindset I could not take the action I needed to succeed.
By accepting that God has forgiven me and Forgotten my past I to could forgive myself. I Can't change my past but I can surely be a better person today and tomorrow.
You are enough and capable of great things. God thought so much of you He gave His life so you could be here.

#godcaresbro #mindset #fitness #motivation #life #lifestyle #location #thrive #youareenough #relax #pool #nature #outdooren #outdoorliving

[02/25/21]   Hello Peeps, I will be joining a workout Winelands Obstacle Worx this Saturday @08:00 if you would like to join me send me a direct message. Drop in fee is R100 for the session. I'm excited to see you there.

I know what you're thinking, I can't do that. YES you can. Just show up that's all you need to do.

Send me a message or DM to @obstacleworx



Fix your deadlifts with 5 quick adjustments 🏋🏼‍♂️🏋️‍♀️🦵🏻🧠


DO'S ✔️
1. Setup: this is different for everyone, for me it's feet under the hips, toes slightly out, bar over the bridge of my foot. Arms outside my knees, chest up back straight. Hips as far back as possible (the bar will keep you upright) Heals loaded. Now you are ready to lift.
2. Drive up from heals, keep your core tight. KEEP your lats engaged and elbows locked. Full lockout at the top. Keep the bar close to the shins throughout the lift.
1. Start with bent elbows
2. Have a rounded back
3. Lockout the knees before you got the weight locked out at the top
4. Look down, if you look down your body will follow.
5. Lift with you're Ego.

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I also though I don't need a coach,
Here are the benefits in having one.

1. Accountibility: We all need someone that checks up if we are doing our workouts to the best of our ability. You need someone to believe in you and motivate you. If you want to take your training to your next level GET A COACH.
2. More affordable : compared to one on one coaching you get more value for money. A personal coach that creates and tracks your workouts and makes adjustments as needed. You get all the benefits of one on one at half the price.
3. Time saver: if you let your coach know you won't be able to make a session at the gym he or she can send a bodyweight session. You can do all the workouts on your own time. No need to be stuck with a time slot that only suits the trainer.
4. It's not a lonely yourney: you have someone that is experiencing the small victories with you. It might be from a distance but it's as real as in person.
All high performers have coaches, it's okey to ask for help. Be Teachable, once you feel you know everything you are at a dangerous place.

#onlinetrainer #musclebuilding #lifestyle #motivation #muscle #levelup #gym #gymtips #training #trainingtips #coach #onlinetraining #workout #cleans #leaneating #crossfit #weightlifting #powerlifting #weighttraining


What being fit and healthy means to me...

Being fit and healthy is me giving thanks to God. Living out His Glory on this earth by inspiring people and showing them what is possible when you put your mind to something.
Physically you have the ability to actually use your body to do some crazy cool things jumping, running, hanging and not just surviving but THRIVING. With all that movement it's natural to build some muscle aswell and with that comes the sexyness (not sure if that's a word)
Mentality: one has more confidence, when you work on yourself you know you are growing. When you have confidence in yourself and combine that with the Confidence that God has is YOU, nothing can stop you from Thriving.

Thanks to @obstaclefitnessct for the session.

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When I have..... I will be happy.

Have you said or thought this before?
When we base our happiness on some external factor that needs to happen. We are basically only then giving ourselves permission to be happy. That doesn't make much sense does it?
Decide to be happy give yourself permission Today. Yes it is a choice, choose to be happy regardless of circumstances. It won't always be easy, but most situations can be handled with a smile.
Your happiness is internal.
Your exterior is an reflection of your interior, not the other way around.
Having my beautiful wife by my side gives Me all the happiness in the world, and when ever I seem down because I haven't reached a goal yet she reminds me of these small things that truly do change the quality of your life.

#word #truth #motivation #listentolearn #fitness #coach #mentor
#livelife #happiness #thinkaboutit #like #agree #wisdom #quotes


This is not functional training...

Often times I see these crazy movements by trainers and gym goers that say add this to your next workout, without giving any explanation to why to do it or why it's effective. #trainwithpurpose

Just because an excersise looks cool does not mean it's effective or what you specifically need.

Here is three quick questions to ask yourself when choosing excersises for your workout?⬇️⬇️⬇️

☑️What is the primary muscle group being targeted?
☑️What do I want to improve by doing this?
☑️Does this serve my purpose

Before creating any program these are the questions I ask myself and only when I can answer them I can start creating world class programs.

#wednesdaywisdom #fitness #coach #coachtip #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #healthylifestyle #health #programming #onlinecoach #onlineprogram #musclebuilding

8 week Re-build registration link in Bio 📎


You might be squatting wrong...

I LOVE HEAVY SQUATS, therefore I have to make sure my form is correct if I want to squat forever. 🦵🏻🦵🏻

➡️Load the bar on your traps with your hands evenly spaced

➡️Feet positioned with heals under your hips, toes slightly pointed out, but still online with your knees

➡️Rack the bar and keep your elbows under the bar, this prevents the elbow moving the bar around on a heavy squat

➡️Squat down and focus on the weight being carried by the legs and keep your heels loaded.

➡️The bar should be traveling down in line with the bridge of your foot, there you have the most power and best balance

➡️Breath, Inhale on your way down and Exhale on your way up.

➡️Keep your core tight throughout the squat

There you go, perfect squats all around.

Link in Bio to sign up for YOUR 8 WEEK RE-BUILD PROGRAM 📎

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I also thought I would not like online training. Here is what I did to finally feel confident to do it on my own
I partnered up with the right online coach to keep me accountable. Having my programs sent to me with how to videos made the process easier. I want to be that online coach for you.

Click on the link to register ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I am looking for 10 motivated men and woman to join me for the next 8 WEEKS. In these 8 WEEKS you can expect to:
Burn fat🔥
Build lean muscle💪🏻
Get stronger🦵🏻
Make sustainable lifestyle changes🥬

The 8 week RE-BUILD includes:
5 workouts per week (Bodyweight and gym based option) of 45-60min.
◻️ Easy to follow meal plan Meal plan

◻️Informative Nutrition 101 booklet to learn about nutrition basics

◻️Access to my online training app where the workouts will be assigned and daily feedback will be given. You can also upload some videos so I can check your form and give some technique tips.

◻️Weekly accountability check ins

◻️Productivity success system
implementation, this made me a productivity ninja (life changing)

🔵Once off investment of R1400

Click on the link to register ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I want you to feel proud in making this decision today; making your health a priority is the only way to better serve others. I am ready to be your coach.
NB!!! Only register if you are committed.

DM to register or click on link in Bio 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️


Happy birthday to my beautiful wife 😍😍
Living a blessed life with you.


Sometimes you just have to lean on a cactus 🌵and enjoy the view.

What does that mean?
With all the craziness(wearing masks, no beaches, no social activities) one can easily feel out of control.
(that's the cactus)

However you do have control on your imidiate environment, focus on that. Make that the space where your growth takes place.
You might have some cacti thorns in your hands but that does not stop you from improving and getting better daily.

There is such beauty around you, choose to see that, yes it is a choice.
God has given you all you need to succeed, use it to reach and touch your fellow humans.

#2021 #people #inspire #livebetter #focus #environment #southafrica #montagu #getliving #nature #dailymotivation 07/01/2021

Registration Form 21 day RESTART


Click on the link below to register

Join us for the next 21 days to RESTART your fitness journey.
💥Bodyweight workout
💥Functional training methods
💥Private Facebook group to keep you accountable
💥Eating plan
💥Weekly check ins

Only R350 for TWO people 😀

Register now

🏁Starting 11/01/2021🏁 Turn data collection into an experience with Typeform. Create beautiful online forms, surveys, quizzes, and so much more. Try it for FREE. 06/01/2021

Registration Form 21 day all in


Click on the link below to register

Join us for the next 21 days to RESTART your fitness journey.
💥Bodyweight workout
💥Functional training methods
💥Private Facebook group to keep you accountable
💥Eating plan
💥Weekly check ins

Only R350 for TWO people 😀

Register now

🏁Starting 11/01/2021🏁 Turn data collection into an experience with Typeform. Create beautiful online forms, surveys, quizzes, and so much more. Try it for FREE.

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