Landie's Day & Night Care Centre

Landie's Day & Night Care Centre


Join our Mini Movers Hip Hop Dance Classes for pre-school students at Jacqueline's Academy of Dance Come join in the fun with Miles & Macy as they dance up a storm in our online dance classes in the comfort of your own home. Great interaction between the teacher and students. Helps build up their confidence, keep fit and a safe way to socialize with dance friends during this new normal. Teacher Jacqueline Van Tonder has over 18 years of teaching experience and Teacher Chanelle and Teacher Sarah are the best in the industry. Contact us on: 073 809 4789 or [email protected]. Remember your first lesson is free, so why not come and try it out. We cannot wait to have you join our dancing family. . . . . . #jacquelinesacademyofdance #InspireAgeneration #Support #Encourage #HipHop #MiniMovers #Miles&Macy #Dancingkids #KeepFit #HealthyBodyHealthyMind #LittleDancers #DancingFun
It's Time For Our 1st Rugga Roots RUGBY DAY For 2020 !!! 🏉 Boys & Girls Ages 3 - 9 Are Welcome To Register !!! 🏆 🔥 To Register, See Details Below ... 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Our Last RUGBY DAY For 2018 Has Arrived ! 🏆 Make Sure Not To Miss Out On The Fun. 😃 All You Have To Do Is To Follow The Instructions Below To Register👇👇👇 #ShapShapMieliePap 🏉🏉🏉
Zonika Stewart
Make Sure Not To Miss Our 1st Rugby Day Of 2018 In The Northern Suburbs. ANYONE Between 3-9 Years Old Are Welcome To Join In The Fun. 😃🏉

Creche in Brackenfell opening soon. Plus minus 1 August 2017. We will be offering a 24 hour service from Monday to Saturday to take care of your children.

Operating as usual

⭐Please LIKE our PAGE & SHARE this AD⭐ - Morgenster Heights - Brackenfell area ⭐

Enrollment for this year 2020 or 2021 / We still have a few spaces left. We have currently Age 1 to 5 years old. OUR BABY CLASS (3 Months TO 12 Months) starting January 2021. Limited space. Registered NURSE in Baby 👶 Class. For more info WhatsApp us anytime @ Landie's Day & Night Care Centre 084 582 6614.

Teaching Kids to Read and Write



Lees / Donate /Share asb die link 🇿🇦 🇬🇧🇺🇸 🌹 Yolande is the founder of a Pre-school in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town teaching 40 little ones. We are proud of our reputation to be like a family-type of

Moeder & Magie

View our Creche @ Brackenfell - Age 1 to 5 years & FROM 2021 we starting our Baby Class from 3 months old to 5 years old..For more info WhatsApp us anytime @ 084 582 6614.


Here is the link with details:

As parents and educators I think we’ve all felt the dreadful paint cup spill or the too much paint on the brush splatter 💨. You know, the slow motion noooooo 🏃🏻‍♀️and the paint still gets everywhere 😆. In collaboration with Tangi Videos, I made no mess paint cups using leftover party supplies 😃 #tangipartner . They help prevent spills and take off excess paint from the brushes to avoid splatter. They work so well!! I added an additional clip on @tangivideos to show how to seal and save the paint from drying up.

❣️I am loving being a part of @tangivideos #tangicreator. It is Google’s new short video platform with a really unique feature called “TRY IT” that allows you to share a picture of anything you’ve tried from my page. I love having the opportunity to see your attempts and appreciate the community we are building within that platform.

-Small hard plastic cups or small thick glass jars
-Paint brushes
#diy #Montessori #preschool #kidsactivities

Ons wenners van ons kompetisie tydens Locdown met die meeste "LIKES" was in die 1 tot 2 groepie was dit Jean Luc ( Monique Hougaard. In die 2 tot 3 groepie was dit Zené Brunette Nadine Brunette. In die 3 tot 5 groepie Nina Hamer Danique Hamer. Ons sal almal se pryse gee wanneer ons weer terug is by die skooltjie. Baie geluk aan julle almal en dankie aan almal wat deelgeneem het. Ons is trots op elkeen van julle.

Life as a mommy & wife

Playroom ideas from super simply to very fancy !

*i do not own the rights to these images

Dr Willem Smit Paediatrician

Children’s Risk Of CoVid-19:

Children are at extremely low risk!
Children are also much less likely to contract or transmit CoVid-19 based on community studies.

Up-to-date there has been 8 million reported cases of CoVid-19 world wide.

There has been 440 thousand fatalities.

There has been less than 30 childhood fatalities reported.

That means the risk for children is extremely low.

Childhood CoVid-19:

Events by Jorika

Volgende week se kos vir die wat belangstel om te bestel... 083 489 2221

Cultura Colectiva +

And you only need a hula hoop 😱

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds - Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Great tip for teaching scissor skills!


Get the printable here:
Bring Bubble Guppies to life with this fun painting technique! (#ad) It is a really simple process that is AMAZING for practicing fine motor skills and hand control Nick Jr.. These Bubble Guppies printables make it really easy to create a beautiful project. Bubble Guppies has been a family favorite since my girls were babies. The adorable characters, stories and music really draw children in and entertain. I have a soft spot for the music but appreciate the educational lessons attached to each episode. 👀 Tune-in to catch a brand new Bubble Guppies episode tomorrow 5/29 at 10am/9c on Nickelodeon! You know I’ll be watching😉 #bubbleguppies.

🎨 You can find more fun and interactive Bubble Guppie activities on

-Bubble Guppies printables
-Food coloring
-Paint brush
1️⃣Print out the Bubble Guppies printables from
2️⃣Outline the Bubble Guppies using glue.
3️⃣ Add salt on top and carefully shake the paper to make sure all of the glue is covered in salt. Pour out any excess salt.
4️⃣ Create watercolors using a bit of water and food coloring. Alternatively, you can use prepackaged watercolor paint.
5️⃣ Lightly dab the salt outline with the watercolor filled paintbrush. You’ll notice the salt absorb the color and spread evenly, creating beautiful works of art.
6️⃣Let dry #mothercould
#kidscraft #crafts #crafty #kidsactivities #playmatters #kidsart #montessori #creativekids #preschool #prek #sensoryplay #invitationtoplay #diy #playbasedlearning #earlylearning #toddlerfun #playideas #playathome #earlychildhood #toddler #toddlerlife #actividades #homeschool #aprenderjugando #childhoodunpluggedu

Activities For Kids

Easy Craft Activities for Kids 🙂


I have been trying to make a good, easy and taste safe version of kinetic sand for the longest time 🤪. I’m so excited for you guys to try this out. It is almost identical to the DIY snow I shared a few months ago. This is just colored and pretty 🤩. It really does look and feel like kinetic sand 😃. Watch until the end 😍.

-1 cup baking soda
-1/2 cup sugar
-1/2 cup corn starch
-1 tbsp cream of tartar
-4 tbsp of water, separated
-Food coloring
-Medium bowl
1️⃣Pour the baking soda, sugar, corn starch and cream of tartar into a bowl. Mix well.
2️⃣Add a few drops of food coloring to 1/4 cup water
3️⃣Add 2 tbsp of water to the mixture and mix using a whisk
4️⃣Add another 2 tbsp of water and mix well using the whisk. You should have a snow like fluffy texture.
5️⃣Place in the refrigerator until cool.
6️⃣Remove from refrigerator and have fun in the snow ☃️.
💡Storage: Place in a zip close bag or air tight container with no air inside. Store in the refrigerator #mothercould #howto
#toddlerfun #kidscraft #crafts #crafty #kidsactivities #playmatters #kidsart #montessori #creativekids #familyfun #preschool #prek #sensoryplay #invitationtoplay #diy #playbasedlearning #earlylearning #toddlerfun #playideas #playathome #earlychildhood #everydayplayhacks #toddler #toddlerlife #actividades #homeschool #actividadesparaniños #childhoodunplugged

Dıy Ideas

Fruit design 😋

Cottontail Cottage Durbanville

Something to think about 🤔😉

Credit: All about Motherhood
PS dankie Tilanie 😍🍭

7 Voordele van speelklei vir jou kind se ontwikkeling. Speelklei het eindelose moontlihede vir speel en ontwikkeling!

Cottontail Cottage Durbanville

Did you know that PLAY DOUGH is not just for rolling & cutting out shapes 🤫🤫


SHARE this "secret" with your friends!!

Cottontail Cottage Durbanville

Lianie du Toit Occupational Therapy

Some fine motor and perceptual fun to try at home

SA Childcare Association

Temperatures in babies, children and adults. We've heard from people who had their temperature taken to enter shops and they measured 32 degrees🥶😱 living person should be this cold. Make sure your equipent are working 100%

Hoe kan jy Kinders se Frustrasie Vlakke Bestuur? Hoe om jou kind se frustrasie vlakke te beheer

Mammas 24/7

Belangrik om te weet!!

(Deel Gerus)


HERFS Werkies projek 2 hieris Lisa-Marie se werkie: (2 TOT 3 Jarige klassie se deelname aan projek 2) Gaan in op die prentjie en *Like* die kindertjies se werkies asb die met die meeste likes van Projek 1 & 2 wen 'n prys. Eerste week in Junie sal ons die wenners aankondig. Jul moet op ons blad ingaan en jul gunsteling prentjie *Like* sodat dit tel. Dankie julle & mooi naweek🌹☕

Herfs Projek (4 tot 5 Klassie se kinders wat deelgeneem het) Like jou gunsteling ons kies wenner eerste week in Junie die met die meeste Likes van Projek 1 & 2 sal die wenners wees - onthou gaan op ons blad in en like jou gunsteling op die blad self. Mooi naweek🌹☕

Herfs (3 tot 4 Klassie) wat deelgeneem het aan ons Herfs Projek. Gaan like jou gunsteling prent die eerste week van Junie gaan ons Projek 1 en 2 saam tel en dié met die meeste likes wen 'n prys. Let wel jul moet op ons blad ingaan en op die prentjie gaan Like sodat die like tel. Dankie julle & Mooi naweek 🌹☕

HERFS Werkies projek 2: (2 TOT 3 Jarige klassie se deelname aan projek 2) Gaan in op die prentjie en *Like* die kindertjies se werkies asb die met die meeste likes van Projek 1 & 2 wen 'n prys. Eerste week in Junie sal ons die wenners aankondig. Jul moet op ons blad ingaan en jul gunsteling prentjie *Like* sodat dit tel. Dankie julle & mooi naweek🌹☕

HERFS Werkies projek 2: (1 tot 2 Jarige klassie se deelname aan Projek 2) Gaan in op die prentjie en *Like* die kindertjies se werkies asb die met die meeste likes van Projek 1 & 2 wen 'n prys. Eerste week in Junie sal ons die wenners aankondig. Jul moet op ons blad ingaan en jul gunsteling prentjie *Like* sodat dit tel. Dankie julle & mooi naweek🌹☕

Kieswetter Klaskamer

Alle krediet en waardering aan Adelle Swart vir die pragtige Geloofs Alfabet!


Maybe my favorite discovery this year 🤩. First of all, a HUGE shoutout to my friend Kim The Best Ideas for Kids . She made DIY sidewalk chalk paint that got me jumping with excitement! She colors hers a little bit differently so make sure to click on over to her page and check it out ❤️.

❣️That being said, how freaking cool is this? Made with taste safe items and all!! Can you feel my excitement? 😂. The colors dry really vibrant. My girls have been having the best time with this 🤗.

-2 tbsp corn starch
-4 tbsp water
-Food coloring (a little goes a long way)
1️⃣ add the cornstarch, water and food coloring to a small bowl or cupcake pan and mix well.
2️⃣Paint with it 🤩. Seriously so easy and simple ❤️ #mothercould
#kidscraft #kidscrafts101 #crafts #crafty #kidsactivities #playmatters #kidsart #montessori #creativekids #familyfun #preschool #prek #sensoryplay #invitationtoplay #diy #playbasedlearning #earlylearning #toddlerfun #playideas #playathome #earlychildhood #everydayplayhacks #toddler #toddlerlife #actividades #homeschool #aprenderjugando #childhoodunplugged #actividadesparaniños

Hough & Liebenberg Paediatricians

Facemasks for children?

The wearing of a mask in public will be compulsory from 1 May in South Africa.
So from what age is it safe for your child to wear a facemask?
The CDC recommends that only children older than 2 years of age should wear facemasks.
The reason?
Babies and children younger than 2 have smaller airways so masks might make it too difficult to breath. If infants are having trouble to breath they are unable to take the mask off themselves. So using a mask on an infant can increase their risk of suffocation.
In addition, string and elastic bands on masks could pose an additional chocking and strangulation hazard.

So how can you protect your infant in public?

Stay at home as far as possible!
Rather use an infant carrier or a car seat with a cover when taking your infant out into the public.
Maintain strict social distancing with your infant.
Wash your hands religiously before touching your infant.

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10 Melchoir Street
Other Day Care & Preschools in Brackenfell (show all)
Jellybeanz Educare Jellybeanz Educare
1 Church Street
Brackenfell, 7560

Welcome to Jellybeanz Educare. As a dedicated pre-school we strive to provide a loving environment for your child – a home away from home.

Bambino Kleuterskool Bambino Kleuterskool
6 Goedehooplaan
Brackenfell, 7580

Veilige plek waar kinders vanaf 12 maande tot 6 jaar nog kind kan wees en deur speel kan leer. Kom loer gerus by ons in of kontak ons vir enige inligting. 6 Goedehooplaan Brackenfell 021 9812434/ 084 400 2957 / [email protected]

Rainbow Pikaninis Rainbow Pikaninis
6 Albie De Waalstr. Springbokpark, Brackenfell

WHY US: Family environment Creative activities and Educational games Experienced teachers Meals included Holiday care Convenient operating hours

Secret Garden Playschool Group Secret Garden Playschool Group
60 Gardener Street, Vredekloof
Brackenfell, 7560

We are a Christian based playschool. Caters for children aged 18 months - Grade RR. Small groups allow for individual attention. Teaching is our passion.

Emmanuel Montessori PRE School Emmanuel Montessori PRE School
Brackenfell, 7560

Emmanuel Montessor is a new and dynamic school that opened in Brackenfell that focus on your child's development through the montessori eduction system.

Brakkies Daycare Brakkies Daycare
42 Hibiscus Cresent
Brackenfell, 7560

Pepper Tree Kidz Pepper Tree Kidz
44 Pepper Tree Street, Sonkring
Brackenfell, 7560

Pepper Tree Kidz -We give them roots to grow and wings to fly- Sonkring,Brackenfell Contact: 0729749756 [email protected]

Protea Hoogte Kleuterskool/Nasorg Protea Hoogte Kleuterskool/Nasorg
Cnr Lelie & Dahlia Street
Brackenfell, 7560

Protea Heights Nursery School was established in 1989. To give every child the necessary love and knowledge, to lay an ever lasting foundation.

Selecta Succulents Selecta Succulents
Frontier Smallholding, Plot Nr.31/222 Kruis Rd.
Brackenfell, 7560

Welcome to the Facebook home of Selecta SucculentsWe are a wholesale nursery specialising in growing succulents and cacti. We are located in the suburb of Brackenfell, South Western Cape, South Africa. We are not open to the public.

Ghoempie Kleuterskool Ghoempie Kleuterskool
17 Demeter Street, Ferndale
Brackenfell, 7560

Daycare center established in 2007. At Ghoempie our teachers and assistants take pride in looking after your little ones.

Bubbalu Daycare Centre Bubbalu Daycare Centre
82/84 Buitekant Street
Brackenfell, 7560

Bubbalu Day Care Centre - Where Princes and Princesses come to play and learn.

The Pied Piper Preschool The Pied Piper Preschool
34 Jeanette St
Brackenfell, 7560

The Pied Piper Preschool is an educational facility located in Brackenfell, South Africa.

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