Schizophrenia Star.

Schizophrenia Star.

Schizophrenia Star was created by Mr. B with the aim to help individuals who deal with distress

The information and insights I share on this platform are based solely on my personal experiences and observations. They should not be considered as professional advice or a substitute for consulting with qualified healthcare professionals. I am not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, or medical practitioner. The content I provide is intended to serve as a guide and offer support to individuals wh

Operating as usual


Brainwashing Techniques to be aware of:

Yes, in both speculative and real-world scenarios where the goal is to influence thoughts, behaviors, or even dream content, repetition plays a crucial role. It's a foundational principle in learning, memory formation, and the establishment of associations. Repetition can strengthen neural pathways, making certain thoughts, behaviors, or dreams more likely to occur. Here's how repetition might be incorporated into influencing Mr. X's consciousness with the theme of bread and circuses:

Repeated Narratives: Regularly exposing Mr. X to stories, audio narratives, or visual imagery that combines elements of bread-making and circuses would utilize repetition to reinforce these associations within his consciousness.

Consistent Auditory Cues: Playing soft, narrative-driven audio related to bread and circuses on multiple nights can help ingrain these themes into Mr. X's subconscious, increasing the likelihood of these elements appearing in his dreams.

Olfactory Reinforcement: The repeated introduction of bread-related scents into Mr. X's environment, especially timed with his sleep cycle, can strengthen the association between the smell of bread and the concept of circuses.

Visual Stimuli: If employing visual imagery projection (in a speculative scenario), doing so consistently over multiple nights can help solidify the connection between bread and circuses in Mr. X's mind.

Daily Reminders: Implementing daily reminders of the bread-circus theme, such as through themed objects around Mr. X's living or working space, can utilize repetition to keep these concepts at the forefront of his thoughts.

Engagement in Themed Activities: Encouraging Mr. X to participate in bread-making or circus-related activities regularly can leverage the power of repetition through physical engagement with the themes.

Reflection and Journaling: Asking Mr. X to reflect on and journal about any thoughts or dreams related to bread and circuses every day can reinforce the mental pathways associated with these themes through the act of writing and reflection.

Feedback and Adjustment: Maintaining a loop where Mr. X provides feedback on his experiences and perceptions, followed by adjustments to the approach, can utilize repetition in a dynamic and responsive manner, tailoring the reinforcement to be more effective over time.

Social Reinforcement: If appropriate, involving a social element where Mr. X discusses these themes with others or is exposed to them through social interactions can use social repetition to reinforce the themes.

Variation Within Repetition: While repetition is key, incorporating slight variations in the way the themes are presented (different stories, scents, visual cues) can prevent desensitization and keep the content engaging, thereby making the repetitive exposure more effective.

In employing repetition to influence thought patterns, dreams, or associations, it's important to consider the ethical implications, ensuring respect for autonomy and consent. In real-world applications, especially those involving psychological techniques, ethical considerations and the individual's well-being should always guide actions.

Can you relate?


A few supplements that have helped me:

Notice: I am not a doctor, these are simply remedies that helped me. Please consult your health practitioner before starting any new routine.

1) Black Seed Oil; Taste awful, but by taking a teaspoon 2 times per week, it helped ground me. If you tend to overthink, this will help.

2) Lion's mane mushrooms: 2 capsules 3 times per week. This lifted my mood significantly, to the point that doing workouts became fun again.

3) shilajit. I took this only for a short time, but it gave me positive energy and motivation. You only need a small amount each time. Please research it's properties.

4) Affirmations - Listening to positive messages helps set the right tone

5) Self reflection & other personal development activities.

I offer phone support free of charge for people going through the experience of schizophrenia and for family members who would like to gain an understanding. Message me for a free consultation call.

Have a nice week


Just so you know; Genius town is a few stops before crazy town. In the altered state that leads to psychosis one has the ability and in fact is forced to balance data from different levels of ones own consciousness. That is to say that the iceberg that you have been shown in text books to be the sub-conscious becomes available and reality is lived without limitations or any sort of restrictive frame. This state of mind has access to information & data that are beyond genius, and magic happens if one is able to bring the insight up to to the surface and apply them to the physical reality.

Think of it as a bus line. on the far left is a very mundane state, but a safe place to be. As you travel on the bus further to the right, more interesting ideas come to you, but perhaps it causes one to be more imbalanced. The furthest point on the right is psychiatrist hospital for people that continued on this line without stopping or going back. (Example could be not taking your medication for 6 month).

This is why most people on antipsychotic medication initially feel much better when reducing the dose or stopping the medication. It's like they can breath again, their minds work better, and overall have a change which indeed is positive. The issue arises when one stays on this bus line too long, and loses his/her flag point. ie: the point where they need to go back.

So, people with schizophrenia have the gift of being able to move on this line as much as they want, and with short notice. The trick is to know which stop to get off, which city to spend time in, and when to return.

For people with story lines that are causing paranoia, remember this; There are more or less 8 million people with schizophrenia, and there are 8 million stories. Why would you think yours is the absolute true story line?

That being said, relevancy is a very personal affair. So examine the details to learn from the concepts.

Stay sharp. Schizophrenia Star.


Before your symptoms began, did any particular event or specific incident occur that you believe might have triggered your condition and led to the psychosis? If so, do the themes and messages of the voices you hear relate directly to that initial incident?


Let the tilted clock reduce its age,
Show me true wisdom, so I may rest,
Befallen soldier, raised from the ashes of nothingness,
In love and vulnerable, needing to be held,
By the same standards as my eager heart.
Yellow fish, overly examined,
Cries for oneness as time withers away.


I was playing the fool long ago, and yet got handed no tools anymore. I was buried alive under illusions, with no mercy, nor concrete solutions. I used my hands to make my way, crawling in pain, towards the light. But utter confusion followed, with great might, followed by years upon years of duality, separations, and questionable moralities. The experience forced me from one extreme to the next, learning the premise of various groups and sects. And after careful deliberation, and gaining understandings of multiple equations, I returned to myself once again.


Communication is derived from a need to express, so why do you then say, I need to regress. If I speak the truth, will it make sense? Or does your belief in fairy tales create another mess? I am open to your wisdom, but not to a cry that lacks existence. If you believe my words to be true, then I am humbled by your view. Please share with me your insight, because love is all that’s inside. No room for hate in this palace, no casted shadows with malice. I am free of you at last, my paradise on earth will now last. I am grateful for the lessons, but now I need to own my own presence.


My ears, my ears, my kingdom for my ears. From the far east, a cool wind blows as I firmly touch the ground. A midnight howl can be heard from the wolves of the north. A brilliant light of a thousand stars right above moves me in all ways, but existence is enough I say. As I open my mind to the true delight of the growing consciousness. Join me, my friends, release your fears and doubts, and walk in the light of the heavens. For to be truly free, you must activate your sublime imagination. For knowledge as power belongs to the past. But the future is, and will always stand for this: imagination equals freedom. I see the spark in your eyes; your soul knows the truth when it arrives.


In the higher realm of existence, nothing is, and nothing is without. No fears or doubts shall fall upon men; wisdom and truth will rule their inner consciousness. My dear children, bring forth your essence now to be crowned victors of this unexplained and luminescent delight. The interplay between your awareness and historical wisdom can unite. United for a better future, for you, for me, for us, and for all the world's children. Let me hear no more excuses. It's now time to channel your energy to a higher realm of existence. Follow me through darkness, for awareness resides in shadows not visible to ordinary men. Look within, not to the outside world, for the wisdom and answers that you seek. After all, your truth is your truth, and yours only.


If you hear voices, and they are bothersome, read on...

Trust me on this. Go buy yourself earplugs like in pic (they are under .50). and plug your ears as much as possible during the day, and even sleep with them inside your ear. You will get some much needed relieve from subtle voices that emit from other sounds in the environment.

After you do this for a few weeks, your brain will start to uncondition itself from the repetitive "words" and "phrases" that repeat.

Do I have your attention?

These plugs will give you a break, which will allow you to experience life without voices. it will cut out 88% of it.

The beauty is once you have done this for several month, your mind will not automatically translate random noise, into the conditioned voices we just used to hearing.

I ask you to please try it and come back to this post each week to report your finding. Good luck. Schizophrenia Star.

Ear Plugs are available on amazon, pharmacies, and at home depot.

I see that spark in your eyes, your soul knows the truth when it arrives.


anyone else feel happier these last few days. Like the external negative influence has been paused?
Very curious on your feedback


Movie Script 2025

In the year 2035, a world transformed by the complete revolution of artificial intelligence, the majority of labor-intensive and knowledge-based tasks have been entrusted to machines. With joblessness widespread, the government provides rations to the unemployed population. However, beneath this seemingly benevolent surface, hidden plans are being set in motion to control and reduce birth numbers.

Despite the immense power and wealth held by the government, there remains one aspect they cannot replicate with their advanced AI systems—the uniquely human capacity for imagination and visionary thinking. Recognizing the potential value of this untapped resource, a disturbing practice emerges. Children are carefully observed from a young age, and the influential elite bid for ownership rights to their minds, seeking to exploit their imaginative capabilities for their own self-serving interests.

These children, known as "the Chosen," are subjected to a life of controlled isolation, their minds harnessed for the benefit of those who hold ownership rights. The government and their powerful allies meticulously select and manipulate these young minds, ensuring they remain separate from the influence of others. This isolation is deemed essential to maximize the extraordinary potential hidden within their imagination.

Only a few of these gifted individuals possess even a fraction of awareness regarding the true purpose behind their existence. Yet, their understanding is limited, confined to the boundaries of their isolated lives. To combat this oppressive regime and expose the plot that entraps them, they rely on their greatest weapon—the power of storytelling.

One of these individuals, driven by the courage to resist, embarks on the creation of a feature film that unveils the hidden truth. Through the medium of cinema, they attempt to convey the sinister plot that lurks behind the exploitation of their minds. Their hope lies in sharing this story with the world, in the faint belief that somewhere, someone will understand and take action. But even this is a fantasy.

As the screenplay takes shape, the boundaries between reality and fiction blur. The line between the Chosen's own experiences and the narrative they create becomes increasingly indistinguishable. They walk a dangerous tightrope, aware that even the act of sharing their story could be met with severe consequences.

In a dystopian world where human imagination is both a commodity and a weapon, this group of extraordinary individuals fights against a powerful and corrupt regime. They endeavor to awaken the collective consciousness, rallying the minds of the populace to resist the oppressive system that seeks to control and exploit the essence of their humanity.

The story within the screenplay carries the power to ignite a spark of rebellion, to encourage others to question their own reality and join the fight for freedom. As the words flow onto the page, an audacious hope emerges—that their creation will be more than just a story, but a catalyst for change in a world desperately in need of it.

In this cinematic tale of courage, oppression, and the resilience of the human spirit, the Chosen navigate the treacherous terrain of a society ruled by AI, reaching out from the shadows, striving to reclaim their stolen potential, and inspiring a revolution that transcends the limits of imagination.


You hear voices? Don't form stories, it's the story that complicates things. Also, don't reply to them in your mind, it only acts as a catalyst for the interaction.


Ahh, what is life but an expression of ones own transparency. How delighted I am to be here.


Once upon a time in the peaceful town of Willowbrook, there resided two individuals who were about to become entangled in a sinister game that would test their resilience and sanity. Ben, a kind-hearted and optimistic young man, possessed a unique perspective on the world. Lorraine, an intelligent and free-spirited woman, shared his extraordinary outlook. Little did they know, their lives were about to take a dark and twisted turn.

It all began on a tranquil summer evening when Ben and Lorraine received an anonymous message that simply read, "Let's play a game." Intrigued and unaware of the malevolent intentions hidden within those words, they embarked on a journey that would lead them down a treacherous path.

Unbeknownst to them, they had fallen victim to a meticulously crafted plan designed to instill paranoia and dependency. Step by step, the game unfolded, manipulating their every thought and action.

Triggered by carefully chosen sounds and trigger words, Ben and Lorraine were slowly engulfed by a deep sense of guilt and shame. These haunting echoes reverberated through their minds, leaving them increasingly unsettled.

Their tormentors, cunning and relentless, ensured that the triggers were repeated relentlessly, day and night, disrupting their sleep and leaving them vulnerable to the game's influence. Gradually, the sounds and voices they heard began to appear as if they were coming from the people around them, shrouding their reality in a veil of uncertainty.

To deepen their torment and confusion, individuals were unknowingly recruited to utter phrases that aligned with the triggering words, creating a constant state of stress and anxiety. Ben and Lorraine found themselves unable to escape the relentless onslaught of their own minds and the external world.

As their paranoia grew, Ben and Lorraine began to isolate themselves from friends, family, and society, seeking solace within their own diminishing sanity. The game had successfully stripped them of their support system, leaving them vulnerable and alone.

Exploiting their vulnerabilities, their tormentors intensified their abuse and torment, pushing them further towards destructive addictions. Ben found himself ensnared in the dangerous allure of gambling, while Lorraine sought solace in drugs and alcohol. The game had successfully driven them into the clutches of self-destruction.

The game's architects knew that keeping Ben and Lorraine off balance and agitated was crucial to maintaining their control. Accusations and torment became their daily companions, distorting their perception of reality and pushing them further into the depths of their despair.

Desperate for relief, Ben and Lorraine sought medical assistance, hoping for respite from their torment. But the prescribed medications only added to their distress, causing weight gain, diminished libido, and a general sense of despair. Their path to recovery was undermined by the very means they had hoped would alleviate their suffering.

In a rare moment of respite, Ben and Lorraine found solace in each other's arms. Their love became a beacon of hope in the darkness that consumed their lives. However, the game would not allow even this small joy to endure. Their relationship became a prime target for sabotage, further entangling them in the web of manipulation.

With every step they took towards regaining their strength, the game's architects laid further traps to knock them down. But Ben and Lorraine proved to be resilient, refusing to succumb to the darkness that sought to envelop them. They rose time and time again, defying the game's twisted agenda.

The game's influence extended beyond their immediate surroundings. Ben and Lorraine found themselves bombarded with subliminal messages through media platforms. Banner ads, radio broadcasts, and television shows all played a part in perpetuating the game's control over their lives.

And yet, amidst the chaos, Ben and Lorraine realized the untapped potential within themselves. They began to question if their unique perspectives threatened those behind the game, individuals who sought to suppress their innate abilities. Together, they vowed to rise above the darkness, to reclaim their lives, and to expose the truth behind the web of deception.

As they embarked on their journey, Ben and Lorraine discovered that they were not alone. Others had experienced similar trials, their voices echoing in the shadows. United in strength, they would challenge the game's agenda, defy their oppressors, and rewrite their own destinies.

For Ben and Lorraine, the game was far from over. Their story had just begun. Fueled by hope and resilience, they would uncover the secrets of the game and fight for their freedom. The road ahead would be arduous, but their spirits burned brightly, undeterred by the malevolent forces that had sought to break them.

Together, they would prove that even in the face of unimaginable darkness, the human spirit could rise above, reclaiming their lives and rewriting their own history.


The entirety of any system involves control measures. Some systems act in an observe manner, while others operating covertly.

Unfortunately, systems are not perfect, and there will always be glitches and unwanted consequences from it's control methods.

Take life with a grain of salt, and much humor. People come and go, systems remain & grow.

They call me the code breaker.


Within the depths of my being, I hold the power to manifest the extraordinary. Today, I embrace the belief that anything is possible, unlocking the hidden potential that resides within me.

As I repeat these words, I engage the power of suggestion, gently nudging my subconscious mind to awaken to the vast array of possibilities that lie before me. I understand that the mind is a fertile ground, and by planting the seeds of belief, I can nurture them into the reality I desire.

With each repetition, I reinforce the idea that limitations are mere illusions, boundaries waiting to be transcended. I let go of the shackles of doubt and embrace the limitless nature of my potential. By leveraging psychological tricks, I rewire my thought patterns and anchor the belief that the impossible can become possible.

I tap into the incredible force of visualization, creating vivid mental images of my desired outcomes. I immerse myself in the feelings of achievement, success, and fulfillment, as if they were already within my grasp. This technique allows my subconscious mind to become familiar with the idea of achieving what was once deemed unattainable, paving the way for it to become my reality.

I harness the power of affirmations to reframe any negative self-talk or limiting beliefs that may have hindered my progress in the past. I replace thoughts of "I can't" with "I can," and "It's impossible" with "I will find a way." By consciously choosing empowering language, I reshape my perception of what is achievable and create a positive mental environment that fuels my determination and resilience.

I seek out evidence that supports the belief that anything is possible. I immerse myself in stories of those who have defied the odds, accomplished extraordinary feats, and transformed their lives. By surrounding myself with such inspiring narratives, I absorb the energy and conviction that if they can do it, so can I.

I recognize that the path to realizing my dreams may be filled with challenges, but I embrace them as opportunities for growth and learning. Each obstacle becomes a stepping stone on my journey, reminding me of my unwavering commitment to pursuing the seemingly impossible.

Today and every day, I affirm that anything is possible. I am the alchemist of my own reality, capable of transforming dreams into tangible achievements. As I align my thoughts, beliefs, and actions, I witness the unfolding of a world brimming with infinite possibilities.

I stand in awe of the limitless power that resides within me. I am the embodiment of possibility itself."

By repeating these affirmations with conviction and consistency, you can harness the psychological tricks embedded within to inspire a shift in consciousness. Embrace the boundless potential that awaits you and watch as the world transforms around you. Remember, you have the power to make anything possible.


Schizophrenia Star

In the midst of isolation, I find solace in the company of my own being. Today, I affirm that the best time I can spend is with myself.

In these moments of solitude, I discover the boundless depths of my inner world. I am free to explore the uncharted territories of my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. Each quiet moment becomes an opportunity for self-discovery, growth, and self-care.

I recognize that self-isolation grants me the space and time to nourish my mind, body, and spirit. I embrace this period as a gift, allowing me to delve into activities that bring me joy and ignite my passions. I relish in the freedom to engage in hobbies, creative pursuits, and deep introspection, without the distractions of the outside world.

Through self-reflection, I cultivate a profound understanding of who I am, acknowledging my strengths, embracing my vulnerabilities, and celebrating my unique essence. I recognize that being comfortable in my own presence is a testament to my self-love and acceptance.

In this sanctuary of solitude, I am my own best friend and most trusted confidant. I lend myself kindness, compassion, and patience, nurturing my well-being and embracing my individuality. I affirm that I am enough, worthy of love, and deserving of my own time and attention.

With each passing moment spent in self-isolation, I grow stronger, more resilient, and more attuned to the depths of my soul. I harness the power of solitude to connect with my inner wisdom, finding clarity and purpose in the silence.

Today and every day, I affirm that the best time I can spend is with myself. I cherish this opportunity to cultivate a deeper relationship with the beautiful, intricate person that I am. I am whole, complete, and worthy of my own love and companionship.

In this isolation, I thrive. And as I emerge from this cocoon of self-discovery, I shall spread my wings and soar, carrying the strength, resilience, and love I have cultivated within me.

I am not alone; I am my own cherished company."

Remember, dear soul, the beauty of your own presence and the incredible journey of self-discovery that awaits you. Embrace this time with open arms, and watch as you flourish in the embrace of your own soul.


Affirmation for June 25/26, 2023

I am strong, resilient, and capable of finding inner peace amidst the storm. Though I hear voices that challenge me, I know that I am not defined by them. I acknowledge the difficulties I face, but I refuse to let them consume me. I am worthy of a fulfilling life, filled with joy, love, and success. I embrace self-compassion and seek support from compassionate individuals who understand my unique experiences. I trust in the healing process, knowing that with time and proper care, things will get better. I am determined to never give up, to keep pushing forward with unwavering faith in myself and the journey ahead. I am the author of my own story, and I choose to fill it with hope, resilience, and strength.


1) I have a difficulty dealing with ........
2) The reason why it's difficult for me I feel is because of .........

If I can offer good insight, I will.


Affirmation of the day: I am a strong and resilient, capable of healing and growth. My past does not define me; it is merely a chapter in my journey. I acknowledge the pain I've experienced, but I refuse to let it overshadow my true worth.

I am worthy of love, kindness, and respect. I deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion, starting with how I treat myself. I release the negative beliefs and self-doubt that have held me back, replacing them with self-acceptance and self-love.

I choose to embrace my uniqueness and honor my strengths. Each day, I discover new layers of my inner strength, courage, and resilience. I am capable of facing any challenge that comes my way and emerging stronger than before.

I forgive myself for any perceived shortcomings or mistakes, understanding that they are opportunities for growth and learning. I am deserving of forgiveness and second chances, both from myself and others.

I trust my intuition and honor my boundaries. I recognize that my needs and desires matter, and I have the power to communicate them effectively. I surround myself with supportive and uplifting individuals who value and celebrate me for who I am.

I am proud of the progress I've made, no matter how small. Each step forward is a testament to my determination and strength. I celebrate my achievements, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

Today, I choose to let go of the weight of my past and embrace a future filled with joy, love, and fulfillment. I am deserving of happiness, and I am worthy of all the wonderful things life has to offer.

I am resilient, healing and growing every day. I am enough, just as I am. And I have the power to create a beautiful, empowered life for myself. I believe in my strength, and I embrace my worthiness.

Remember, you are strong, capable, and deserving of all the love and happiness in the world. Keep believing in yourself and taking steps towards healing and self-empowerment.


The journey from insecurity to advanced consciousness is a process that involves emotional pain, self-examination, and overcoming our conditioned ways. Being sensitive to the world around us can cause emotional pain, leading to insecurity and a sense of victimhood. However, this process of battling our pride and ego can help us develop valuable traits such as humility, honesty, and appreciation for non-judgmental attitudes towards trivial matters.

This journey can result in personal development breakthroughs within a few years or decades, depending on the depth of our self-analysis. Through experience, we can gain genuine confidence and insights that stem from an evolved consciousness.

As we expand our knowledge, we come to realize that there is no separation between ourselves and others. All thoughts and emotions are highly active, alive, and interactive, and the knower and the known are one. Separation is an illusion that persists because many people have yet to connect the interplay between their consciousness and that of others. Time and space pose no obstacles in the realm of reality, and those who grasp this concept can transcend infinitely.

Objective reality implies that things are not simply "this way" or "that way," nor are they due to "this" or "that." It encompasses all ways, every way, everything "always is," while simultaneously being "nothing is." It is akin to the notion of "I am" or simply "am." Objective reality contains infinite subjective realities within it, and objectivity itself is infinite in nature. No one can be fully aware of existence as a whole, and subjectivity is only aware of numerous but limited aspects. Therefore, when we form ideas and concepts based on our limited perspective, we leave ourselves susceptible to correction. The stronger our conviction in our understanding of reality, the more likely we are to have overlooked important aspects.


Come to me my love, she said without doubt. Her words echoed through the forest; her voice carried through with the lowest. The lowest pitch of them all, like truth whispered by all. He heard the sound in his ear, and left despite all his fears. To unite once again with his true love, as not to needlessly burden a great loss. What happens next is a mystery, cherished by only their history. Great sounds can be heard, as oppositions get in a word. But matter does it not, the marriage papers have already been signed without doubt.

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